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  1. Hi Guys, Monday morning Simon arrived at my place at 9am after an hours drive from his place further south. We headed back to the area where Simon found his old cool 23 gram silver ring deep down in an old prospectors throw out pile. Not that exact spot but in the general area. I took my GB2 & the Zed. I thought Simon would have brought his Gold Monster to have a go at finding whatever signal it was that he got from a crevice scrape of mine that I got a bit of gold out of the last time we were here. Only he lost it with his 4500 & 14x9 nugget finder Evo coil & couldn't re-find it. But he didn't. So with my GB2 I went to the spot to have a go. I couldnt find it but I did get half a dozen shotgun pellets. Bugger that, so I moved on to where I had left off that last time we were here. I stuck with the GB2 scouring the flat sheet schist bedrock cracks & crevices & the lichen that was growing on the schist. Just in case there was a crack or crevice hidden from view. Scanning over the lichen, nothing really looked that inviting, I got a sweet Zip Zip. Flicked in to discriminate & still a Zip Zip. So not ferrous. Scrapped at the lichen & nothing of a crack or anything that trapped gold, but the signal had moved. Oh, here we go, just going to be a pellet. But it wasn't. Note the lichen all over the bedrock. That was it for the GB2, at this stage, so I fired up the Zed. I just scanned over the lines of grasses that were growing out of the cracks & fractures in this sheet schist bedrock. Was making hard work of it with nothing. Simon had disappeared somewhere, couldn't see him anywhere. Couldn't even hear his detector nutting off. So I just kept at my grass filled cracks when I thought I heard a faint little hit. Backed up on it, & wasn't too sure. So I just hacked out the grasses down to the level of the bedrock schist & exposed the dirt filled crevice. Re scanned & yes, definite signal. I scrapped out the dirt & exposed a crack in the bedrock that I hacked out & it opened up into a bit of a hole. A small but solid little ball of gold. That was it for ages. nothing more. Simon had made an appearance by this time & he was detecting further over from me & he was getting heaps of rubbish, but no shotgun pellets. Not even one. That has to be a first. But then he sung out that he just got a bit of gold. Ye Ha. We went for a bit longer & I then said shall we stop for a bite to eat then head off down & up the next gully, I know of a spot. So we did. After our lunch stop we headed off. On our way I showed Simon an old make shift rock hut shelter from an early day miner. Doorway & window & just big enough to lay down & sleep in & to sit & cook a meal & get out of bad weather. Looking in through the doorway entrance opening. That was pretty cool. We got up to the old workings & sluiced out little gully. Simon had a hard time of it getting no more gold. I had a hard time with the Zed due to wild thyme bush growth over the old throw out piles. I had known this though as I have had the Zed here before & it was the main reason I took the GB2. There was a bit of bedrock too so I targeted that. While Simon hit some bedrock & the throw out piles I headed away from him to some other bedrock with the GB2. Within 2 minutes I had a sweet Zip Zip & my first piece of gold for the GB2 on these workings. This was followed by 6 more all in the same little spot. Choice. I then followed in Simons footsteps covering the bedrock he had been over. I got a Zip Zip over a small crack in the bedrock. Smashed into it with the pick until the signal had moved. A not too bad size piece of gold. Maybe even the Zed would have got that. I was surprised that Simon didnt get it with his 4500 & 14x9 Evo coil. It wasn't deep at all. Ended the day getting 10 bits with the GB2 for the day & one for the Zed. All up 11 bits for .71 of a gram. Bit at the top was the Zed's. Gold Bug 2 saved the day. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
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    Gb2 Saves The Day

    Thanks beatup, The old timers made use of any natural rock roof overhang. Just filling in the sides with stacked up schist slabs. Here are a few more. Note the doorway & to the left a small window opening. Inside Note the fireplace flue sticking out top right. inside Pretty cool aye. I have others I will find pics of & put them up but work beckons. Cheers Good luck out there JW
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    Gb2 Saves The Day

    Hi Mike, Thanks for dropping in & for your comment. Yes that is how I run all my VLF's. Just habit I guess. But I am of the believe that all metal mode has a bit more punch & sensitivity. So on getting a signal l then flick into discriminate. If it is ferrous then I still remove it by loosening & moving the signal & get it on my magnet. I have often done that & re-scanned & then got another faint little gold signal. I don't leave the ferrous in the ground either, or throw it away because as technology improves with new detectors I know I will be going back over the same grounds that have produced gold for me. This way I am eliminating all junk, making it so much more pleasurable for the next time. I am also so use to running a threshold when detecting. The discriminate mode is silent. Mind you the Gold Monster has no threshold & I have gotten use to that. But then I have no choice. I run it flat out & can't even get a bit of rattyness out of it in our insanely mild ground. Cheers Good luck out there JW
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    Abandoned Trails In Silver Country

    Hi Jim, Enjoyed it immenselyπŸ‘....again You are a master at putting pen to paper. Or should that be ...fingers to a keyboard? Thank you for the journey. Good luck out there JW
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    Adelaide Hills, Small Patch

    Nicely done Nenad.πŸ‘ Just goes to show....never judge a book by its cover. Good luck out there JW
  6. Hi guys, We had a beautiful fairly mild winters day today. A stunner. Phrunt, Simon, got conned into going skiing again today. Poor bugger skied all day yesterday & then did a night ski session as well. Said his legs were like jelly. I think he will end up doing the night ski session again tonight. He won't be much good for a detect tomorrow..... I went out for an afternoon detect to a local spot. Left home at 1pm & was home again by 4.30. It was a magic day. Conditions were just perfect. Not a breath of wind, not too cold, clear blue skies & a bit of dampness in the ground. I just took the Zed as I am getting a bit over this flyspeck size gold I have been getting with the GM & the GB2. I went to an area of old workings that I haven't been to for quite a while. I didn't think I would ever be going back again as I had done my dash on it. So I thought. I did well back with my GP 3000 & little 10 x 5 Coiltek joey Mono Coil combing the exposed schist bedrock. Then stepping it up with the 8" & 11" Commander Mono's to get a bit more depth. That paid off back then as well. On getting the 4500 it breathed a bit of new life back into the old workings for me. Especially when I got the 12 x 7 Nugget Finder Advantage coil. Man that was deadly. But of course all good things come to an end & the 4500 stopped getting gold there for me. The GB2 & Whites GMT snagged a few tiny bits for me. MMMM.....havnt had the Gold Monster in there. I had been in there with the Zed on a few occasions but only managed one bit. So due to the great conditions & despite those powerlines you can see in the above pic, the Zed was just purring. High Yield/Normal. Sensitivity on 18. Detecting very slowly & scrapping the ground I thought I heard a slight hiccup in the threshold. Wasn't 100% sure but had nothing to lose, so I scrapped a bit off the top. That improved things & it was a definite faint signal. Scrapped into the schist bedrock until I had moved the signal. Waved my magnet over the spot where the signal now was. Nothing leapt on to the magnet but it could have been a shotgun pellet. But it wasnt. Look how tiny that is for that 14" coil. Unbelievable.... Moving on slowly over the exposed schist bedrock I again imagined a very faint kick in the threshold. Only one way to make sure. So I scrapped a bit off the top. Yep....that sounds like a faint little signal so I got stuck into it until I had moved the signal. Note the schist bedrock up on edge. Just the perfect gold trap. Another tiny bit of gold Not long after I got another imagined signal but I dug down on it & it improved. The material seemed a bit of a mixed bag & not very encouraging to say the least. Wasn't really getting into schist bedrock but just top soil type loam & rocks mixed in with it. I wasn't holding my breath. But nothing was jumping up on the magnet. I ended up getting down in between a couple of crevices that seemed to be bedrock. The signal was still in there but screaming at me. Here is why. Just over half a gram. That is big for me these days. But it was down at quite a bit of depth. Then things dried up for me for a wee while. I had at this point got no rubbish but 3 bits of gold. Gosh...that was good averages. But I do know that I had cleaned up all the rubbish in here a while back. Obviously no one had been shooting in here as I hadn't even got one pellet. I eventually got another very faint signal. Scraped down to the bedrock until it had moved. Bingo. Ye Ha. I decided to go home after getting a 5th bit. That is if I got a 5th bit. On & on I went. Got a couple of bits of rubbish & I was heading back in the direction of my truck when I got a faint signal near the cliff edge above the river. Digging down on it, again it was just loamy topsoil. But then I got into the bedrock & a crevice. Signal still in there. Then it was out.Ye Ha...Just shy of one gram That was my fifth....so I was out of there. Home by 4.30. Five for 1.62 grams. What a fun afternoon, & I thought I had cleaned it out. I should know better. No one gets all the gold. Least of all me. Each & every time I believe I have given 110% but can go back on a different day, different conditions & conditions were just perfect today & bingo....more gold into the poke. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
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    My Finds So Far.....

    Wow...they are big coins. Congrats. Good luck out there JW
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    Chinese Opium Tins, What Do They Say?

    I wonder if this one contained viagra. πŸ˜‚ Sorry...couldn't help myself. I will run for cover now. Simon, Today might be your day. See you at 9. JW
  9. Ha..awesome. Cute little girl. Yep....they will never be the same now. You have done it..... Good luck out there JW
  10. kiwijw

    Steve Herschbach

    Hi Mac, I am sure I would have spoken for many of the great guys & gals from this forum in regards to your words on Steve H. We all think the same. No need to be hesitant in expressing yourself here. You are among friends here. They are a great bunch of people on here. Best of luck out there JW
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    A Fun Afternoon With The Zed

    I know all too well the drama snowboarders can cause. Being a surfer....Ex-surfer...one would think that I would have got into snowboarding. It never existed when I got into skiing but a mate & I made our own types of "snowboards" before snowboarding was even a concept on the world stage. Had our dramas, shits & giggles. But I put it in the too hard basket with gear failure & disappointment & time wasting & just went back to my skiing that I knew. When snowboarding became a world wide finonimun & I saw the carnage they were causing on the slopes, I thought...stuff that. Things have not changed. Just got worse as the numbers of snowboarders increased. They just don't think of anybody else on the slopes. I saw it all the time. Sorry...I am not generalising here. Not all snowboarders are like that but I just think it reflects the attitude of a lot of our younger citizens that are the ones who seem to get into snowboarding more so than skiing. I will duck for cover now that I have said that. Kids have no fear. When my eldest boy was 5, he was already a good skier at that age, he went for a run with his mum up to the top lift on Coronet. She said she would just follow behind him. So off he went. He stopped at a drop off from the main trail that dived off into black marker territory, that being off trail & for expert skiers. He just said real quick, follow me down here dad & I went down here last time, it was cool.....& he was gone...off over the edge. She just shat herself but had no choice. He was gone & she had to follow. It ended well, except for when she caught up with me & chewed my ear. I think I came off the worst. Still nursing that ear. JW
  12. kiwijw

    A Fun Afternoon With The Zed

    Hi Simon, Bummer mate....sorry to hear of the injury. Not good. Hope that doesn't rock her confidence. She must have progressed from the learners slopes & gone up the chair, hence the "pretty big speed". People cutting in front are the biggest cause of incidences. Snowboarders being the worst offenders. Hope she is ok. Don't suppose you are up for a detect then? Thanks Peg, yer....lately I have been on the fly poop myself with the GB2 & Gold monster & not even taking the Zed to this general location. But I thought ...bugger it...I will just take the Zed today & go to a different spot. Mind you...a few of those bits are getting down to fly poop statis. The Zed just blows me away with its power & depth on those tiny bits. Considering that I have had the GP 3000, GPX 4000, 4500 with all the small coils & slightly bigger coils. The GB2 & GMT & even the Zed a couple of times at this exact spot & was in the end getting nothing more. Different & perfect conditions...& bingo. That is why I go back over & over old ground. You just get those days when conditions are perfect. Winter is good because plant & bush growth is really retarded & you can get the coil into places that you normally can't. The ground is damp giving better conductivity....well so I tell myself as I know others believe wet damp ground can just bring ground minerals to life & play havoc. Maybe that is so but I swear it improves depth & sensitivity too. I can get a bit of extra chatter, just got to focus more on the "noises", but a true signal has that different sound/chatter. I have just proved it to myself too many times. This result just backing that up more to me. Cheers. Thanks beatup. Best of luck out there JW
  13. kiwijw

    Hand Held GPS

    Ha ha....Me too Fred. I am a techo retard. Just ask Simon (Phrunt) JW
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    Summer Fun

    Very nice finds πŸ‘....Just goes to show.....dig EVERYTHING. Not a truer word spoken. Got to love the Zed. Well done you. good luck out there JW
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    Equinox 6" Coil

    Thats from Nenad....have to be some truth in that then.πŸ‘ JW
  16. kiwijw

    Steve Herschbach

    Hi Mac, Couldnt agree with you more, re your comments on Steve H. πŸ‘ I have "stalked" Steve, in a nice way, since his AKMD's forum days. Nice to see you on here & welcome. Good luck out there JW
  17. Hi guys, I am going to start off with going back a few weekends when Mrs JW & I headed over to the West Coast to catch up with my mate. The weather was looking like being absolutely mint, which for the West Coast is a bit of a rarity. We took the jet boat of course as the rivers & scenery are stunning when the weather gods are smiling. I finished work at lunch time to get the boat sorted & to give us time to get there before dark. We encountered a bit of snow on the road heading over the pass from Otago to Westland but on getting to the coast it was just stunning. The next morning my mates mate wanted me to give him a hand with going out in his boat to pull up his crayfish (lobster) pots & to rebait them & chuck them back. I was there mostly just to make another person on board so he could legally take more crays. We did quite well. Yum. After that it was off to the river. Above pic looking up river & below, looking down back to the coast. Deer prints on the beach Grounded...Bummer. But how stunning is the scenery? And we were the only souls there. Sorry guys, Something has popped up & I have to bail. Will continue.......stay tuned. JW
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    A Bit Of A Mixed Bag. Hope You Enjoy.

    Hi Mac, Thanks for dropping by & for your comments. I see one of your interests is writing. You should write on here more often Be good to hear/see some of your adventures. Jet boating sure is fun & can get you into some amazing country. The Geography/geology of the south island in NZ is very similar to that of Alaska's. Glacial. All be that NZ is on a much smaller scale & many of the hundreds of glaciers are but just a tiny remnant of their once, I know many were more than just once, former selves & now restricted to way up in the heads of the mountain valleys. In there death throws, but when you get up among them still an awesome sight. Getting back to the jet boating & the river in the above boating pics. Being a hunters & fishermans paradise. They commercially shoot deer from helicopters & cart them out by the truck load. Still can't get rid of them. Here are a couple of red deer that a couple of guys got from jet boating up the river in my pics. Sorry if it is a bit graphic for some of you. But just stunning scenery. Sorry there is no gold content but when I first started the thread I had every intention of putting some in there. I got interrupted when I first started the post & when I got back to it to carry on & add some gold content my train of thought of that had gone. My main reason for boating this river is looking for gold. Many many side feeder creeks coming into it. In my above pics my mate & I dropped Mrs JW off on a nice sheltered from the wind beach while we went further up to a creek to explore. We left her there with my little boat & she had her camp chair, book, magazine to do her crossword puzzle & the thermas & lunch. So she was sweet while we buggered off & did our thing. We were gone a few hours, found buggered all. Came back for a late lunch & a coffee. Couldn't see Mrs JW in her camp chair or on the beach. Oh no. WTF. Hope she hasnt wandered off into the bush. As we got closer & were pulling up by my little red boat, there she was sitting in it. What are you doing I said. She told us that she was sitting in her chair just on the beach/bush line when she thought she heard something in the bush behind her. She couldnt see anything but then a stag let out a roar right behind her. She screamed, the stag bolted & she bolted to the boat. What a crack up. OOpps, got a bit carried away again. Good luck out there JW
  19. As Simon has already stated in his post, he picked me up on tuesday morning & we headed off to our destination. On parking his wagon we started the slog up the hill to our spot up there somewhere. Our first area wasn't kind to us on the gold front so I moved on to some old timer throw out piles. I got a faint signal right in tight at the base of a bush. I have detected his pile numerous times but due to this time of the year, our winter, the bush & grass growth is a lot retarded & I was able to poke the Zeds coil in further. Hence getting this signal now & not getting it when the bush would have had a lot more growth. I at first thought it may have been a bit of falsing from pushing the coil into the bish. But it did have that signal sound to it. Gold it was. My first piece for the day. I then targeted that bedrock just in front of me with the shallow alluvial gravels sitting on top. In behind that is all washed out workings. Ended up with my 2nd piece I then got another signal from a throw out pile. But on digging into it it was just top soil & no gravels, & then after a bit of depth the signal was out. Not thinking for a second that it was going to be gold. But it was. At this point I went to find Simon & to have a sit down & a bite to eat. He had just found rubbish. I pointed him in the direction of some other old throw out piles & told him to try there. He ended up getting 3 bits & I just ended up with one more. Making my total for the day 4. For a total of .53 of a gram. We ended up heading back to the same area on thursday but tried a different spot initially. We went in my wagon this time & negotiated a bit of a slippery track that in the end I thought I should not have gone down. But too late...we were there now. We arrived amid heavy fog & a pretty gloomy looking day seemed to be in store for us. Luckily for us the fog lifted. Our first area turned up no gold but Simon found that big heavy silver ring deep down in an old timers throw out pile. What a great find that was. There were a few little creek run offs coming down of the hill that are usually bone dry but they had a bit of water in them due to snow melt. The old timers had worked some of these quite heavily right down to bedrock. Stacking the slabs of schist they had pulled out of them into very neat rock walls to get them out of their way. Came across the remains of some low rock walls that look like they would have been the bottom walls of a canvas tent set up. Didn't look to have been enough rock to have been a complete stone hut. The schist face at the back being the back wall. We worked our way up to the area where we had our success on tuesday. Simon headed back to the throw out piles where he had scored his 3 bits on tuesday. I targeted the schist sheet bedrock more. For no reason I pulled a slab of schist out of the way after scanning over it & getting nothing. On moving it & rescanning I got a faint signal. You can see the shape of where the slab of schist had been. I scraped the shallow dirt off the bedrock & the signal was coming from a little crack in the schist. Raked it out with the pointy end of the pick & it moved. No way I thought this was going to be a shotgun pellet. And it wasn't. But look how small. I then got a signal scanning over a fair size slad of schist. Turned it over & out of the way. The signal was still there but a lot stronger. Again it ended up being in a crack in the schist bedrock. But gold again Things went dry for quite a while after that. It was getting time to think about heading back to the truck. We had a bit of a walk to get back to it. I was in a spot where I had got three bits the last time we were in here from the one dig hole. I slowly scanned the area but nothing. I then turned around & I just happened to push my coil tight into the base of a tussock grass growing out of a biggish crevice in the schist bedrock. Again due to the retarded growth of winter I was able to get the coil further into the base of this tussock grass from other previous times. Bang...got a nice mellow signal. I hacked the tussock out & the signal was living down to a bit of depth but I was into nice gravely schist. All at once the signal was out. My best bit for quite a while. So with that one I called it a day. Rounded up Simon who unfortunately had got a skunk on the gold but had that awesome silver ring. Three for 1.15 grams After a horrible crap weather day this morning, I thought it was a right off for the day & I was not going to be going detecting today. But by 1.30pm it had fined up & the sun was out. I decided to go for a quick late afternoon detect to a local spot. Forgot my phone in my rush out the door. I took the GM 1000 & the GB2 but pretty much just stuck with the GB2. I did get the smallest piece of the day with the GM 1000. The rest were with the GB2. Ended up with 6 little tiddlers for .24 of a gram. Two weighed together wouldn't even register on my scales. Cheers. Best of luck out there JW
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    The Forum Like Limit

    Thanks Mike.My thoughts on the "like" button as well. I got to thinking after Steve posted this thread that maybe I was over abusing the "like" button. I read a lot of the posts, more so the gold detecting related ones, & I appreciate lots of the post too, as I know the effort required that can go into doing some of them. It is nice to recognise people for that effort & to show them you appreciate their effort. It is also nice to be recognised in return. Makes you feel you haven't wasted your time & at least one or two people read it. Good luck out there JW
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    Adventure Awaits - Forum Absence

    Awesome forum Steve & A job well done πŸ‘. You absolutely certainly do deserve some fun time-out. Good for you. Look forward to your return & your report on your adventures & finds. Wish you all the very best of luck out there. Take care. Stay safe. Enjoy. JW
  22. How Coins, Relics Etc Work Their Way Down Into The Earth?? Pirates, Bushrangers & general public who didn't trust banks.. Or Miners who buried their loot & then passed away. JW
  23. A prospectors yarn from the West Coast of New Zealand. 1881. Enjoy. https://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/newspapers/OW18810115.2.50?query=lost gold in the cascade JW
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    The Forum Like Limit

    Yep....20 is fine. Thanks Steve. JW