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  1. Hi Rick, Thank you for dropping by & for your comments. I am grateful to Simon for those two pics as I had left my phone at a home.....Again . I haven't found a replacement 4 x 4 yet. I have looked at one myself & have had inspections done for me on two others in Christchurch, which is a good 5 hours plus drive from where I live. I have one more getting looked at on thursday & then it is decision time. I am looking at VX Toyota Landcruisers. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  2. My 4 x 4 has packed a sad & I have been looking around for a replacement. So being car less I am dependent on others. Mrs JW had a wedding to video & was going to drop me off at a close local spot & pick me up after her wedding. It meant spending a long day out there at the mercy of the heat, which I wasn't that keen on. With the grass & weed growth being crazy I didn't fancy being stuck out there if things weren't going to well detecting wise. I had phoned Simon on the Saturday but he was already in Queenstown & doing a family thing. He didn't even bring a detector. Shock horror. So Mrs JW & I headed off down country to look at a 4 x 4. I emailed Simon on sunday to see what he was up to & he said he was at lose ends. I asked he would be keen for a detect at a close local spot & maybe when the day heated up too much we could go for a spin in the jet boat. He was keen for both & said he would be here in an hour. The time of day he drove through he got caught up in tourist traffic, but he finally arrived & after a quick coffee we headed off. Simon chose to swing his EQ 800 & 6" coil. I stuck with the Zed although I was very tempted to take a high frequency VLF myself. I didn't really know where to go with this crazy grass growth but made a choice thinking it may better suit Simon with his EQ than me with the Zed. We walked to a spot of exposed bedrock that wasn't too bad with this crazy growth. It still looked better suited to Simon's set up than mine. I of course had left my phone on charge back at home. I put Simon onto some juicy looking bedrock that he had a better chance of getting his little 6" coil into than I did with the Zed. I wandered off not to far from him. Straight away he was onto signals. Shot gun pellets. His favourite. I got a few junk signals but no pellets at all, which surprised me. I then got a signal that lived on down into some bedrock that I was having to smash out. The deeper I got & the signal was still in there the more confident I was that it was going to be gold as I continued to peel out schist bedrock. Gold it was. I had no camera & Simon wasn't far away so I went to show him. He asked where I found it so I showed him & he took a couple of pics. Back filling the hole I carried on scrubbing the bedrock & nothing for over an hour of very careful & slow detecting. I then came back to the spot of my find & continued from it in the other direction. An American couple were walking past & I said hello to them. They said hi back. That is how I knew they were Americans. The guy said to me, Do you find anything worth while? I said Yes. He said, Like what? Gold I said. Really, he replied quite surprised. I said, Yes & I found a piece just there. Pointing to my back filled hole. Would you like to see it? His girlfriend had walked on a bit but then came racing over. So I showed them & they were like....Wow.....cool. Oh well...good luck & off they went. As I turned around to carry on I got a signal in a gutter at the edge of the track. Thinking this was just going to be rubbish I halfheartedly scrapped at it & it was just lose crumbly schist. I was soon down a bit when the signal was out. Thinking nothing of it I waved my magnet through the dirt pile. Nothing leaped up onto it. Still thinking nothing of it I ended up with a dirty rusty looking thing in my hand. Looked like an old boot tack but was not magnetic. Gave it a rub between my fingers & it was still dirty rusty looking. Scratched it with my fingernail & saw the glint of gold. Ha...you beauty. Simon had disappeared so I just put it in my bottle & carried on. Ended up with two more smaller bits before the heat was getting a bit much. I saw Simon walking back up the track towards me. He had been to the creek & had drowned himself in water to cool himself down. I said, Have you had enough? To which he replied, Yes to bloody hot. He asked if I had found any more so I showed him. Unfortunately he had got skunked on the gold but had a field day getting pellets & I never got one. We shot back to my place & hooked up the jet boat to his wagon & took off down to the lake & on down the river. that was a bit of fun. My end result was 4 bits for 1.17 grams. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  3. Ha ha.....just high on life I guess. I get that. Just being out in the hills & doing what we do is all we need for a "rush." Thank you Lanny. I was bad enough, emotionally, with this kind of thing happening around the world, let alone in my own "backyard." Little old NZ.... Geographically isolated from the rest of the world tucked up down in the bottom corner of the South Pacific Ocean. No threat to any one, strategically no use to any one. Who would have thought it would come to our shores. But that of course is their message. Nowhere is "safe." Just horrific.😥 Take care...stay safe & thanks for your thoughts. JW
  4. Good on you Sourdough Moe👍 Strick......That would have made your day after all those years.....and you didnt charge her interest? JW (I won't put up a smiley as I am in mourning) Sad day for New Zealand.
  5. I am in the same boat.My "trusty" Hilux has a head cracked in 4 places, a cracked manifold, pretty stuffed turbo, & a leaking rear axle oil seal.🤬 The head was courtesy of towing a caravan before xmas. I am on the lookout now for a Land Cruiser. $$$$$$ Good luck out there JW
  6. Hi Gerry, I am a big fan of "you can't have enough coils" Simon can vouch for that after seeing my coil cupboard. I am with you. Every individual coil has its own personality & signature on certain size, shape, makeup, orientation in the ground & depths of gold. Each one can be a game changer going over the same ground. I have proved this to myself countless times when swinging my GP/GPX machines. The flat wound coils just being the latest & have proved themselves to me as well.👍 The GPZ is just such a weapon in its own right.....& of course..... being the latest in technology & so does the business. Love it. Good luck out there JW
  7. I absolutely agree with that comment.👍 There will be no debate from me on that matter. Lovely speci Dave. Good luck out there JW
  8. Oh Lanny.....what else can I say. You are the master when it comes to the written word. Love it & love your gold finds. Thank you for the journey. I was with you every step of the way. I needed a rest & a lay down to after that chocolate pudding. Very best of luck to you my friend. JW
  9. Not a truer word spoken & why it pays to dig all signals. Especially when they are non ferrous if running discrimination. More so if out in the goldfields. Every piece of lead, no matter how big or small could be gold. Not always & mostly they won't be.....but sometimes they are & it is the "sometimes" we are after. You just have to dig them. If you are getting those small bits of lead Julie, that is a tremendous sign that nobody else has been over that spot or they weren't very proficient because any one of those could well have been a small bit of gold. It is just a numbers game. Good effort. Keep it up Your next dig could well be a bit of sassy gold. Good luck out there JW
  10. Yes.....I can vouch for Simons uncanny ability, I don't know how he does it, to be totally lost by just blinking & turning in a circle & reopening his eyes. That's because he hadn't turned them on & was trying some new brail coils. Great looking country Mitchel.👍 Thanks for the pics. JW
  11. What about New Zealand? Brother Norvic. I think you will find "they" came to New Zealand in 1861...... after Aussie. Along with half of Victoria. 😜 Best of luck to you. JW
  12. Hi there Trevor, Thank you for chiming in. Nothing quite like getting it from the horse's mouth. I meant that in a nice way. Very best of luck to you out there JW
  13. 😂🤣 Yes Simon....you are correct. It is that very plant. They still got me, I don't even know how as I avoid touching them as much as possible. I certainly don't pull them out by hand. Not unless I have my leather gloves with me, which I didn't that day. There were heaps of thistles too that had done their full cycle & were spreading their seed everywhere. Look out next year. The thistles got me to as in some places I just had to walk through them. JW
  14. There will be gold in California. You have been given good advice already. Even if you are already an expert (ex, for unknown quantity & spurt, for a drip under pressure) Just swing your coil fairly slowly & even sweeps. Get it down on the ground & listen intensely for any crackle in the audio that is outside of the usual threshold. Don't rely on what your screen is telling you.... or not telling you. Rely on your ears. I generally always detect in Multi IQ. Preferably detect with no discrimination, if there isn't too much trash around. That is the best for sensitivity. Like Simon said....even tiny gold will flicker all over the place in the negatives on the screen. In my experience there will be no reading at all on the screen on real tiny gold. Just a crackle in the threshold. If you haven't, fit a strong rare earth magnet to the heel of your pick handle. You can wave this through the dirt when you suspect you have a signal. If it is iron trash it will leap up on to the magnet, if not then the chances of it being gold will increase dramatically. What size coil are you swinging & what settings & sensitivity levels are you able to run? We are lucky in NZ that our ground is insanely mild & we can run the sensitivity flat out. Even the standard 11" coil is deadly on small/tiny gold. You just have to be able to get it right down on the ground. Preferably bedrock or very shallow ground. Then there is the 6" coil. That is pretty small Good luck out there JW
  15. Hi guys, Headed out to a local spot for a quick detect on Sunday afternoon to kill a few hours. I just still cant believe how crazy the grass & weed growth has been this summer. It has made detecting very difficult. How am I supposed to get the Zeds coil in among all this in the old timers workings? Usually they are bald, barren open rocky areas. Making for easy coil to ground detecting. Not this summer....anywhere. The below pic is how it was last year, Same bit of ground as the above pic. Slightly different angle. So much more open. So naturally I struggled among the strong stalks as they just didn't cave in with the coil sweeping through them. I couldn't get a clean even sweep or get the coil on the ground. Things weren't looking good, and it was hot and I was getting a bit frazzled by it all. I just couldn't find a spot that was going to give me a break. So I just hunted for any small open bits of ground. Came across a small run of exposed schist bedrock that I was able to run the detector down its edge where it dived off into deeper ground. Hoping for a deeper signal on that edge. Well I got a faint signal. Dug down on it. The signal lived on down but it didn't have that definite gold signature to it And the ground was very loamy with no gravely wash type material. So I wasn't holding my breath. I then hit the bedrock and it didn't look promising. But the signal was still down there. I then ended up breaking into the schist & pulling out slabs of it as you will see in the above pic. The signal moved. Waved the magnet through the dirt & bottom of the dig. Signal still down there. So it wasn't iron. Got it in the scoop. And....... Ye Ha That was the only piece though. I spent another couple of hours searching out & trying other areas but the growth was just too much. It beat me. So I called it quits. Happy to get what I did. 👍 Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  16. Hi guys. Last Sunday Simon & I went back to his Mr Pocket spot. Simon was fizzing to get back there. Unfortunately for Simon he came up goldless. He was getting a hard time with EMI on his 4500 from nearby power lines. The week before he was all good but not today. So he used his Gold Bug Pro. Of course that loved the shotgun pellets so he got his share of those. Poor bugger. Later in the day the EMI backed off & he was back on his 4500. But still no joy on the gold. We had a dusting of snow on the hills during the week. But it didnt last long as we are still having hot days. Even though it is officially the start of autumn, fall, for you guys. As we headed to Mr Pocket so I was surprised to still see snow in the deeper parts up on the tops. The weekend before there was nothing. I carried on detecting the schist bedrock & over all the lichen that was covering most of the bedrock to see if I could snag anything hidden beneath the lichen in a crack or crevice. Got a few pellets initially but I kept on checking all signals. Another signal came along. Bit of a scrape until the signal had moved. Then a gentle blow & bingo... Just along from that scrape, another signal. Same deal as above. Another gentle blow....and piece number two. I then headed up to the bedrock where the week before I had got a few bits & where I had turned over that slab of schist that was hidden on the actual bedrock by the lichen. There were a few signals I got that I did end up ignoring as it appeared to just be a shotgun pellet graveyard. Due to the heat I just couldn't be bothered digging another bloody pellet. As happens, my conscience got the better of me so I headed up there before it got too hot again & decided to dig them. Note the turned over slab of schist from the weekend before. First signal scraped down on. Well...bugger me...It was gold. But the rest were pellets. I moved over to where Simon had first started the weekend before on some old timer throw out heaps. I got nothing on those so I dropped down to the base of them where there was exposed rotten schist bedrock, & where I had got quite a few bits back in my GP 3000 days. I was on a bit of a drop off point of the bedrock where it went into a bit deeper ground. The grass made it quite difficult but I thought I got a very faint blemish in the threshold. More of an imagined signal. I had nothing to lose so I scraped at it. I was straight on the bedrock & there did seem to be something there. So I hacked at the bedrock peeling out the rotten schist. Signal improved but still real faint. So either real small or still deeper into the bedrock. Smashing & hacking at the bedrock, peeling more out the signal was still in there. I couldn't believe the signal was still in the bedrock but was absolutely positive now that it was going to be gold. But how big. As usual the Zed always gives the impression it sounds & behaves like it is going to be a reasonable bit. Only to reveal a much smaller bit. This time be any different? No...but it was a quite solid bit. The day really heated up so I made a short trip down to the creek & the shade of the willow trees. Got myself a drink & boy...was the water cold from that snow melt. Ice cream headache stuff. But very refreshing when I threw some over my head & face. That rejuvenated me. So I headed back up & carried on. Long story short. I just managed one more small bit for the day. Simon & I headed further up . But no joy. So we called an end to what turned out a hot day. KFC on the way home. 👍 So 5 small bits again from Mr Pocket area for .6 of a gram. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  17. Might be that the 10 x 5 coil is actually waterproof, but maybe not so there connection point into the detector housing. A lot safer for Coiltek to say it is not waterproof so people dont go submerging the housing. But then if the coils were waterproof but not the housing then you would think coiltek would say that they are ok in water as long as you don't submerge the housing. Depending if the coils are foam filled, as the coils get bigger then flotation becomes an issue under water. It does beg the question as to why they didnt do a platypus type coil for shallow underwater use. I wonder how many people have actually used the SDC completely submerged under water. There is always the EQ 800. Ok....it isn't a PI....but those coils are how an underwater coil should be made. The GB2 gets away with it as it is solid epoxy filled locking its windings, not foam, & its small size makes it less affected by water flow & pressure exerted on it. Same as the EQ 800's open web design under water. Less coil body to get knocked around by water flow. Same as the Coiltek platypus open design. JW
  18. Very nice Gerry. Lovely speci. Thanks for the photos. 👍 1st pic......looks like you were a little gobsmacked. 3rd pic.....the 15 x 12 commander, if I am not correct. ls a heavyish coil for its size but was a very good coil IMHO. An underrated coil, due to its weight factor. But I liked it a lot. Found me a few biggish, for NZ, bits of gold at good depth that I missed with the 11" commander mono. Wasn't too shabby at small shallow bits either. Best of luck out there JW
  19. You would have to wonder, since Minelab have pre set the settings internally in the SDC, that they didn't optomise its performance to the 8" coil. Time will tell I guess. JW
  20. Hi Simon, Good post & nice to have Dan confirm my thoughts. Guess he learnt as I did re the 2300 & the 4500 in our mild soils. You are spot on with what you said regarding VLF's in highly mineralised ground & why the 2300 is so loved in Aussie & other highly mineralised gold fields around the world. Just not in NZ. Cheers. JW
  21. Hi Chuck. The sadie has been a very kind coil to me. It took over from the Coiltek 10 x 5 mono, which I loved & also found me a lot of gold in those tight spots. With using the sadie in the above post, it was a bit like painting a house with an artists brush. The ground was wide open but I was trying to use a coil of similar size to the SDC one only 8" coil. I have a Commander 8" mono but it was playing up & has since died. I don't think voltage would have anything to do with what I experienced. I put it down to our insanely mild ground & that I was able to run the 4500 cranked right up. I believe that the SDC was purposely made to handle higher levels of ground mineralisation with much improved sensitivity levels which Minelab pre set the settings internally with very little available adjustment by the operator with external controls. It is basically a switch on & go detector. Where as the GP/GPX series has many controls at the users fingertips to adjust & really fine tune. That alone is a very big learning curve. Before the three year warranty was up I sent the 2300 back to Minelab & told them of my experiences. It came back with a fine bill of health, no explanation to confirm or deny my thinking of our insanely mild ground being a factor. All they said was it was operator error. I didn't take that too well. I know I aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, a tool yes , but I don't consider myself that thick as the SDC is so simple to operate. I loved the concept of the SDC with it fold up ability for my backpack excursions up into the hills & its waterproof ability. Not so much for in water but in the rain if I got caught out by the weather. So I was very disappointed with Minelabs outcome to me & not expanding on or giving their opinion on my thoughts of our insanely mild ground conditions. Considering I love & endorse all their other detectors & coils I have used over the years. They work for me bar the 2300. It is still a sore point at how the dealt with me. There is another sore point with Minelab...but I won't go into that. I love the Zed & can't praise it enough. Just the want of a smaller coil. All the best of luck to you out there JW
  22. ......and the photos to please Gerry. Gosh .....Jack Lange.....That name brings back some fond memories. I have a few of his videos & it was his forum that was my very first ever that I joined when I was learning the ways of a computer back in my early gold detecting days. I bought a bit of stuff off him to & spoke to him on the phone a few times. He put me on to some spots here in NZ. He was a good person, but I have found most people in the gold detecting world are.🍺 Cheers. Hi WesD, The Zed is a totally different beast to an SDC or a GPX, I know.....I have them all. The Zed is in a league of its own, even when it comes to small gold at depth. One piece I got at Simons Mr Pocket spot was .03 of a gram. Simon is my witness as he had a small piece as well & we had shared the gold bottle so when we didn't recognise who's small piece was who's, Simon got out his phone to compare photos. They both weighed .03 of a gram. So it didn't matter. 👍 I wouldn't want a smaller coil for my Zed for more sensitivity, as I get my share of shotgun pellets with the 14", but just want it to get into tighter places that the 14" cant. With my GP & GPX before I got a platypus coil, which came with my 4500 when I purchased it, I had two 6" round coiltek mono's. So I "sacrificed" one to use under water & if I stuffed it, well I had another. I never did stuff it & it was still purring when I last used it. Found some nice gold with it to underwater to.👍 In my ground & in my experience that is what the higher frequency VLF's are all about. Small/tiny gold just like those pieces. My other detectors take care of the slightly bigger to bigger pieces at much better depth than the VLF's. Good luck out there JW
  23. Thanks Dave. Tell you what mate....just for you I will take the 2300 to this spot & give it a run. These days I mostly use the EQ 800, GB2 or the Gold Monster for this tiny bedrock surface stuff. Most of the gold I have found with the 2300 was on this type of ground. Very shallow, exposed bedrock. But on going back over it with the GB2 I got gold the 2300 didn't. Back in the day when I was using the 2300 in conjunction with my 4500 & sadie coil. The 4500 blitzed it for gold & at a bit of depth to. That is what shocked me. The 2300 didn't see half of it until quite a bit of dirt was taken off. I was able to run the 2300 flat out & the 4500 pretty flat out too. Bering in mind that the sadie is a smaller coil than the 2300's 8" round. So the 8" round should have detected deeper. I now believe that the fact I can run my detectors right up at the top end due to our insanely mild ground has taken away the advantage the 2300 has in your much higher mineralised ground. Here is a brand new untried 2300 alongside the 4500/sadie I went detecting at this spot with the 4500 first, marking all signals I got with orange dazzle paint. Over a 2.5 hour period I got 22 signals. Here are some of the first few. I did scuff the ground with my boot before I put the spot of paint on the ground. I then fired up the 2300 & went over the same ground. Getting no further signals I then hit the paint spots with the 2300. It picked up on some but less than half of them. This surprised me. So I dug the signals that the 2300 did get. Close up. Notice that the gold is rough reef gold & with quartz. From the above dig got this piece. Was the biggest bit for the 2300. I would like to draw your attention at how reasonably shallow the 2300 gold pieces were. Ok. So the next lot of pics are what the 2300 didn't hit on from the surface so if I was just using the 2300 I would not have got any of the following signals. I dug them running the 4500 again. The first few I just scraped a bit of dirt off & then tried the 2300 to see at what stage it picked up a signal. I was shocked at how deep on some of them I had to go before it got a hit. So much so that after the first few I didn't even bother comparing the 2300 on the depth to save time in digging the targets. I again would like to draw your attention to how much deeper the 4500/sadie signals were. And how much bigger the gold was compared to what the 2300 hit on. Not forgetting that all the signals were first got with the 4500/sadie. Notice to how worn down the pick is. This was all from one patch area in an afternoon. The gold at the top was what the 2300 didn't hit on from the surface. The bottom row is what the 2300 did get. Again, all signals were got first with the 4500/sadie. The gold is rough reef gold which is what the 2300 is supposed to be very good at & why I chose this location. This was my 2300's maiden voyage but by no means its last. But I was not impressed to say the least. Cheers JW
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