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  1. Thanks Dave, How's things in WA? Can't wait to see how the X coils do for you over there. Best of luck mate. JW 🤠
  2. Last Saturday Simon & I headed back to the location of my recent success with the X coils for the third time. This time it was third time lucky for Simon scoring three pieces & getting a personal best as well. I was very happy for him as it had been a while between drinks for him & he certainly puts the effort in. All three found with the EQ 800 & 11" coil. Using the EQ to combat the hot rocks. Worked for him. I ended up carrying on from where I left off last time with the X coil 10 x 9. I dropped Simon further up & headed back to my spot. Still using the 10 x 9. Again I was playing mountain goat & detecting steep banks & rock faces. Straight off I got a nice little hit. Turned into a shot gun pellet. gosh, hadn't got many of those here. Climbing a steep bank detecting up an old tailing race I got another sweet little hit just to the side of the race in the bedrock. Tailing race is the gap at top center coming down to the left bottom corner. First signal was bottom right just to the left of that clump of grass. Signal lived on down into that crevice. Bing go Working my way up the tailing race & the banks either side I got nothing more. Bloody hard on the legs & ankles. Got up to the top & a bit of flat ground. Sticking the coil over & down the edge of the drop off I got a faint signal. This is going to be difficult to dig. Using the pick I just scooped a blade load of material at a time lifting & dumping it up on top until the signal was no longer in the hole. Number 2 Ended up getting another signal in the same hole. Piece number 3 Ended up dropping down the bank & traversing along it. Another nice little signal. Piece number 4 Along a bit further, yet another signal. Another piece of gold. Then things dried up on me. 5 pieces of gold & only the one bit of rubbish. Gosh, I was liking those odds. I then decided to head up the gully to where I had found a few bits with the Zed & ML 14" coil. On my way I passed Simon who had crossed the creek & was detecting a flat bedrock shelf that looked very promising. I had got gold off it back with my GP 3000 but nothing with the 4500 or Zed * ML 14" coil. Simon was using the EQ 800. I stopped & asked how he was doing. One piece he said. Cool I replied. Skunk broken. Good on you. Where abouts? Over there, he pointed to an area behind me. How about you? He asked. Five I said. FIVE Simon exclaimed, surprised. I wandered over to where Simon had found his bit. I saw his dig hole & had a bit of a wave around in the area. Bloody hot rocks. The X coils love these hot rocks. I gave up on that & carried on to where I wanted to go. Another thing these X coils love is concentrations of iron sand. Another spot I had to move on from. Heading towards an outcrop of bedrock where I had got a couple of pieces with the ML 14 " coil I detected at the base of this outcrop before working my way up on to it & where I had got the two with the ML 14" coil. I got a sweet signal in the dirt. No bedrock & the signal had moved. Not liking the looks of that I was prepared for a boot tack or some other bit of crap. But no. gold it was. Re scanned the hole & another signal. Another bit of gold I ended up getting another two pieces from this area & none were on bedrock but just in among the dirt. The last two just came from me digging deeper hoping to get down to some more, & did. It is probably going to be worth while to go back & dig some more. I then worked my way up to where I had got the two bits with the ML 14 " coil. I saw the old opened crevice of one of those finds & scanned over it. Nothing. Just below it though I got a faint little blemish in the threshold. No way I thought. Digging down on to it the signal improved. Top open crevice is the old dig from the ML 14" coil find. The one just above the X coil, & down pretty deep was this I was gobsmacked. The ML 14" didn't get this. Then a few feet lower down another very faint but positive hit. I thought this was just going to be a hot rock as there was a bit of depth of gravels. The previous find is just behind the detector. I ended up getting down to the schist bedrock & the signal was still in the rock. Had to smash into it & chip it out. Still the signal was in there. Finally I had moved it from that hole in the rock diagonally down to the left from the scoop. I couldn't believe it, but there it was. Another one missed by the ML 14" coil. Working up another bank I got another very positive hit. Bedrock to the right & left & a bit deeper ground where I got the signal. Down to the bedrock & the signal moved. That was my lot. I headed down to have a late lunch & a bit of a break. Caught up with Simon to tell him I was heading back to the wagon for a drink & a bite to eat. He said he had had lunch as he had his pack with him. He stopped detecting & was going to come back to the wagon with me. I told him to keep detecting & I will go get the wagon & drive it up to here. I did just that & when I pulled up & started having my lunch, Simon came walking over to me with his gold jar in his hand & a big smile on his face. I wound the window down & he said, "I'll show you what a consistent 15 on the Nox is". He handed me the jar. Bloody hell. It was a good chunk of gold. The biggest of the day & ended up being a personal best for Simon. I was so happy for him. After my lunch I headed to the bedrock shelf that Simon had finished with & had got nothing. I ended up getting driven nuts by hot rocks so gave up on that. Decided I had had enough & walked back to the wagon. Simon followed my lead & we both met back at the wagon. Simon had found a third piece not far from his big bit. Well & truly broke his skunk, & with the EQ 800 & 11" coil. 👍 My total was 13 For just over 3 grams. Loving this X coil. Cheers Good luck out there JW 🤠
  3. Gezzzz Simon. Ease up a bit mate. 😉 JW 🤠
  4. I don't pay any attention to the sound of a signal, strange signal or not, high/low low/high. Any blemish in the threshold gets my full attention & is investigated. That was a boomer signal in my ears. No mistaking that one. Glad I aren't the only one that "struggles" at times in pinpointing with the Zed. And that was a 3.8 oz piece. Nice score. Got me all fizzed up now so I am out there.👍 Ye Ha JW 🤠
  5. Sorry to digress, Talking of dogs, read this the other day in a local paper. Blew me away. The dog was lost just with winter coming on, which up there is hazardous, there is snow up there now as it is that time of the year again. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12228854 Chasing pussy is the downfall of many a male. I know 😥 Happy ending though. 👍 JW 🤠
  6. My exact reasons for loving night detecting when I ran PI's. I just found out by experience over time the benefits, no one told me. I just "worked" it out as I found the detectors just ran way smoother at night. It is not often I come across someone who mentions solar influence, but it is a fact. So thanks Busho. I usually timed it with a coming full moon. You could get in quite a few nights before, during & after the full moon. That way I only used a head lamp when digging & retrieving a target. Good luck out there JW 🤠
  7. Very nice Condor 👍 Congrats. Of course a lot of hard work, time & effort goes in to it. So extra rewarding. Good luck to you & your fellow country men on that island off the west coast of New Zealand, Stralia. JW 🤠
  8. Good for you Gold Seeker 5000. 👍 I echo Lanny's words. Best of luck out there & with your book. JW 🤠
  9. The golds just an excuse Mitchel. Enjoy yourself regardless. JW 🤠
  10. I was going to say Mitch, "Get off the bloody keyboard & get the hell out there. Times ticking." I was all set to head out but the weather is crap so will be hanging around the keyboard myself today. May even catch up on my last two detecting outings & do some posts. JW 🤠
  11. Mitchel...you won't see the forest for the trees. Too much to do in such a short time. Like a kid in a candy store. Pat is right. But hey.....enjoy yourself..... & I hope you find some gold. My fingers are crossed for you. Very best of luck to you out there. JW 🤠
  12. Hi Reg, Just seen your posts on here. They are gold in themselves. Very very well put together information & nothing truer said. I love the challenge, the research, the time out in the field chasing up on it all, the discovery of a long forgotten corner that has been lost in time, or the discovery of an area that wasn't discovered & I was the one to discover it & the elation of when it all comes together & I find gold where possibly no other man has trod. Your few posts here should be archived. Priceless. Thank you Good luck out there JW 🤠
  13. Lucky I don't do social media then. This forum is about as close as I get. JP, I think you & I are a bit touch sensitive at the moment. I mean no harm or malic. It isn't in my nature. I obviously aren't up to speed like you are with all the electronic magic under the hood of detectors or inside of coils that make them do what they do. So I can't report as a "tester"(which I don't pretend to be) on their technical why's & where fores. By no means am I making this all about me, but only sharing what is happening & working for me out in the field to fellow like minded people out there. Hopefully others can see that & read into it what they will & whether they may see a benefit of these coils for there individual use. I have no financial involvement/benefit or affiliation with the company/person making these coils. Minelab let us down with the mention of a smaller coil being made that never developed. Take care & best of luck out there. JW 🤠
  14. You have got to do what you have got to do. That is true prospecting. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Exciting. Good luck. JW 🤠
  15. Can the last American gold detectorist please turn out the lights & close all windows & lock the doors before leaving "home" to cross the pond to Aussie. Thanks Good luck over there JW 🤠
  16. Again...😉 Good luck JW🤠 Hope that mischief makers comment wasn't directed at me, (it kind of rings a bell) as I don't have too much time on my hands at all. Just report on what is happening for me out in the field in the weekends in regards to these X coils. It is hard not to notice the increase in my gold take numbers since using them. Not so much there size but just the number of individual pieces, from old flogged ground using these coils. Just has to be something in that one would have to think. I take no notice of any preconceived hype & rants on what may be "rumoured" to be coming out in the far/near future. That is just time wasting IMHO. Show me the real deal, when it is physical. Good luck out there JW 🤠
  17. Good advice Jason. DD's are such a distant memory for me I didn't even consider those suggestions to Simon. I have with cancel mode but that was more for EMI from power lines at some places we detect. I am out of likes. I have used them all up on Simon's bloody post . Cheers. JW 🤠
  18. Hi there strick. I will take Simon's lead here & answer on his behalf. Naturally these gully workings go back to the initial gold rush days & for this location was 1862-63. So the first method was just all by hand. Turning the floor of the gully over by pick, shovel & wheelbarrow from one side to the other. Diverting the creek in the process. Then came ground sluicing to work higher up the banks & spurs. You will notice in Simon's 3rd pic a couple of horizontal lines cut into the hillside. These where water races & they are on both sides of this valley picking up what ever water they could from little side creeks. The material we are finding the gold in is from virgin ground that they didn't sluice away. You can tell by the look of the material itself that it hasn't been sorted by water & has all the natural fine gravels & silts undisturbed & mixed in still. The slope of the ground gives the impression that they are piles but that is just where the old timers stopped. Probably because they couldn't get their water up to that height or they thought it not worth their while to do so. Their method of sluicing was ground sluicing & not the high pressure monitors. Other gold I am finding is what is still jammed up down in the schist bed rock cracks & crevices that the old timers water didn't wash out & they didn't see but their sluicing took away the over burden down to the bed rock. God bless them. This little coil is blowing me away with the gold it is finding me as I know how many times I have been over these grounds with my GP 3000 & 4500 with many different coils & the Zed with the ML 14. To be fair to the ML 14 coil there are some places that I just couldn't easily get that coil into, but they weren't many. I was still in for a few surprises with this little coil verses the ML 14. But that is my post yet to come. Cheers Good luck out there JW 🤠
  19. Well deserved & well overdue.👍 Nice one Simon. Happy for you. JW 🤠
  20. Thank you flakmagnet. A picture tells a thousand words, so you can see the terrain I am in. Pictures don't often do justice to the depth of some digs or the awkwardness of some of them. But they help give some perspective. Cheers. Best of luck out there JW🤠
  21. Simon has one coming his way for his 4500. He had a good day today. About time for the poor bugger too. I was so happy for him. He certainly puts in the effort. I am sure you will hear all about it in a couple of hours when he gets home. JW 🤠
  22. No, just sand shoes, but tight fitting.👍 Thanks beatup.
  23. SDC 2300. I have used a coiltek 6" round on my 4500 for in creek detecting. I had two of them & if I stuffed one using it in water I had a back up. But it has survived many a dunking & finding gold as well with no ill effects on the coil. JW 🤠
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