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  1. Ain't that the truth. Not that I would know personally but fame & fortune for many certainly comes at a price to living a "normal" everyday life. JW 🀠
  2. Prevention is better than cure. IMHO. Foam filled coils, to my tiny mind, are not the best for using under water. They need to be of an open spider web construction & epoxy filled to lock the wires in place, protecting the windings from any water that may get in & give the coil a bit of solid weight to lessen flotation ability & to lessen the impact of flowing water. Just like the platypus coil that Coiltek made for the Minelab PI's for using under water. JW 🀠
  3. If you have a mothball in one hand & another mothball in the other hand....what do you have? Answer....A bloody BIG moth. πŸ˜‚ JW 🀠
  4. Hi there Lanny, Same goes for detecting too. I have found many a piece by flipping rocks over. Always enjoy your yarns my friend & always packed with hints & tips. Take care & all the very best of luck to you out there. JW 🀠
  5. GPZ plug...not GPX 😁 But your comment is why I bang on about wrapping it up good with heaps of tape to give it that added extra strength & support. My adapter is so stiff that I can't even flex it. Best of luck out there JW 🀠
  6. That is obvious that you can't refind nuggets that have already been found because they aren't there any more, but in your poke. 😁 What you can do with the X coil is find gold that was not seen by previous detector/coils. But having said that....the gold does need to be there....somewhere.... in the first place. The X coil can't find gold that isn't there. I have a few areas that I have been back to numerous times with a number of X coils & found no more gold. I have also been to numerous places that were dry to me but the X coils have done their magic & coughed up more gold for me. Some times quite a bit more as Simon is my witness. You have but tried just one place. I am sure you will hit an old haunt that will please you no end. Yes I did say that. But I had been over areas there with my first 10x9 X coil that did me pretty well & have been there twice with the "new" 10" X coil. The last time was with Simon & while I got gold it probably wasn't worth it for the effort required getting in there. There are some spots there I haven't had the 10" X coil into & I have yet to use the 12" X coil there. So maybe the 12" will give me that bit more depth than the 10" & may surprise me. I know I will go back in there, I won't be able to help myself 😁 Better luck on your next mission. JW 🀠
  7. Bad luck Mitchel, But the amount of rubbish you got tells you something. I don't see any BB's. Any one of those could well have been gold. Better "luck" next time. JW 🀠
  8. Nice Manny. I am not knocking the 4500. I loved mine & it found me lots of that kind of gold. I in fact I have two of them. A standard one & a modded one. I hung onto then knowing there were places I wouldn't be able to use the Zed & its 14" coil. I have a large range of coils for the 4500's. The modded one I only used once before getting the Zed & it found me a piece of gold in probably one of the most thrashed West Coast public fossicking areas in the country. Directly down the track from the carpark to the creek & its bedrock that every man & his dog would have swung a detector over the years. Came across someones homemade wooden sluicebox stashed in the bushes beside the track Down to the creek Into the crevice Modded 4500 & nugget finder advantage 14 x 9 coil. I was gobsmacked. It was jammed tight deep down in a crevice. So had been there for a long time. Not just the last flood. Of which the West Coast rivers have frequently. The Zed just opened up my old haunts all over again & now with the 10" X coil, yet again. Despite me thinking I would still use the 4500 with the smaller coils, once I got swinging the Zed & it 14" coil I didn't go back to the 4500. It got small gold at depths the 4500 didn't stand a chance of getting. I know because I had thrashed those same spots with the 4500 & all combinations of coils over the years. I will repeat here that I am re detecting all my old haunts & finding gold missed by my earlier detectors & coils. I haven't detected "new" ground for years. I still have a lot of my old haunts to go over. JW 🀠
  9. Yep...prevention is better than cure. Especially when out of warranty. I had the same samsung phone. Even had it in a "lifeproof case" for added water proof. Went jet boating. Forgot I had it in my pocket. Went out in the lake over my waste. Suddenly remembered the phone was in my pocket. Wouldn't have been 30 seconds. It was toast. 🀬 Luck it was insured. Didn't save my data though. lost all my photos etc. JW 🀠
  10. Not trying to be a smart ass Trent but just trying to be helpful to others with what I have come to learn over the years with my own experiences using coils under water & what happened to the guy I purchased my Zed off. He was lucky that it was still under warranty & that because minelab state it as being waterproof they replaced it under warranty. Now Craig (nugget hunter nz) drowning his ML 14" coil. He too lives & detects on the West Coast as does the guy I got my Zed off. Not sure if Craigs is still under warranty. So what the machine is meant to do & what it actually does do are two different things...can be an expensive "mistake" for someone who drowns their coil when it is out of warranty. Hopefully Simon (Phrunt) will learn & not put his coil under water like I have warned not to do. So thanks for your concern. Appreciated. JW 🀭
  11. I thought I would have already proved that to you. JW 🀠
  12. I often say the gold is just a bonus & an excuse for getting out there, that the real gold is in the adventures, discoveries & what mother nature puts on show for us throughout the four seasons. So I know where you are coming from. Like minded people. Best of luck JW 🀠
  13. You are only human & it is through our mistakes that we learn. It can help to learn from other people's mistakes so that we don't repeat them. This is where the forum comes into it own & people like you sharing what happened to you so others can hopefully take note & learn from you. That makes a very long day for you. 10 hours driving & 6 hours walking. Thats a bloody good effort on your behalf. You deserve all the gold you can find without leaving any behind. Good luck out there JW 🀠
  14. Even more reason to do it. Now you are in for that drive & hike again to know for sure. JW 🀠
  15. Yes....they are not waterproof. I did make mention of this as a warning to nugget hunter nz (Craig) on his post on making his own adapter for the X coil/Zed. I repeat it here. "On a personal note....I will never be putting my Zed coils in water, but the areas where I mostly detect there is no water up in the hills any way. I even hate using my detector out in the rain, of which the other day out with Simon it was raining most of the time. I shouldn't have gone. I wouldn't have normally but knew that Simon was eager to try his "new" set up. After a few hours & 4 bits of recovered gold & two lost ones I had had enough & called it quits as I reckoned the detector was starting to act a bit weird. I didn't know at the time that Simon had text me to say his back was giving him grief & he had had enough to. I didn't take my phone with me but must have timed it right when I caught up with him. I put it down to the coil getting drowned as I have a good cover on the actual detector control box & the handle pod. I honestly don't know how the coil can be waterproof with that pressure vent valve. The guy I got my Zed off is from the West (wet) Coast & he killed his ML 14" coil detecting in West Coast creeks. It was warranted as being waterproof so Minelab replaced it under warranty. The West Coast & its weather is not very detector friendly. I am not prepared to risk it. My thoughts always were that the ML or any 14" size coil of that type construction & design ( foam filled) is a beast of a coil to try to subject to using underwater with fighting the buoyancy & water flow." End of quote. But what would I know?? Hopefully Craigs coils will dry out with no ill effects. He now knows not to put them in water. Learnt the hard way. Warning for others so thanks Craig for bringing it to peoples attention.πŸ‘ Good luck out there JW 🀠
  16. Not for gold detecting I bet.... Not with a Zed & 10" X coil it isn't.....How can it be?? JW 🀠
  17. Always, ALWays, ALWAYS!!! after retrieving a gold target scan your dig out pile, the hole & rescan after back filling the hole. Many a piece of gold, & often more than one, I have got after retrieving the initial signal. Or what I thought was the initial signal. Often after digging down to a signal & getting it out it has taken you down in depth that brings other maybe smaller pieces into "view" that were out of reach from the surface. Or maybe you dug out smaller ones that end up in your dig out pile as you got down to a bigger deeper target. Hence scanning your dig out pile, maybe even flattening it out a bit to get the coil closer to any smaller bits that may be in it & also after back filling the hole. I have also found many bits of gold from a dig that was junk from the initial signal but after rescanning the hole before backfilling have got a sweet faint gold signal. Chasing the junk got me down deep enough to hit a faint gold signal. Lost count of how many times that has happened to me. Good luck out there JW 🀠
  18. Who are you kidding.....You won't even touch your 4500 again now that you have a Zed & X coils. JW 🀠
  19. Hi there Mitchel. I just got in from a quick afternoon detect with the Zed & 10" X coil. I matched your 12 in a day count. But I bet your 12 weighed more than my 12. My smallest there is .03 & biggest .29 of a gram. You are going to love your X coil. I just know it. I can't wait to see how you do. Best of luck out there with it JW 🀠
  20. Have there been some posts taken down from this thread?? JW 🀠
  21. Virgin patches exist on the fringes of old workings where gold has been found before that were missed. Here is an example. The area wouldn't have been any bigger than 5m x 5m Day one late in the afternoon with a 4500 & Coiltek 11" Elite coil Day two with the Zed & ML 14" as X coils didn't exist then. Day three was a combination of the Zed & GB2 to clean up the tinier bits left. When conditions have been favourable I have been back a couple of times since with the Zed & got the occasional bit but it has now dried up. MMMMmmm....haven't had an X coil in there but conditions are way from favourable at the moment. When first found the ground was dry & barren of any grass. So perfect for detecting. Lately, the last couple of years, it has been so lush with grass I have just given it a miss. But one day..... Good luck out there JW 🀠
  22. I think a lot of us that chase that yellow metal are Northeast. You have to be....forever the optimist. Best of luck out there JW 🀠
  23. Yes....ain't that the truth Norvic. Mums the word these days hey.... Best of luck out there JW 🀠
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