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  1. Yes I realise that. You only partially quoted me. ( Even if it does break through that figure is it really an all time high? Maybe for gold, but not in buying power?) You know what I meant. Gold & its monetary value go hand in hand regardless. That is what it is all about. Isn't it? Gold only has a value in dollar terms. Even as jewellery. Try going to the supermarket & paying for your groceries with it. Having said that it would have got you a lot more groceries back in August 2011 than today if you cashed the gold in. On another note, because I can see it starting here. (Please Note...I am not referring to anybody in particular here just commenting in general) I have never understood the mind games people play with themselves about selling or not selling gold they have at a certain time. Like, Geee glad I didn't sell yesterday as today gold is worth $100 more an ounce. ETC. Nothing is real or realised until it IS sold. Just their own mind games. Weather it goes up or down, so what. You generally can't buy anything with gold. Like in shops or the gas station. You need the $$$$$. What's the point of hauding gold all your life because you are too scared to sell it incase it goes up tomorrow & you might have missed making a few more $$$$?? What is the point of going to your grave & not living a life you could have, or a life you could have shared with loved ones, because you never sold your gold. Your kids will be rubbing their hands together smiling quietly to themselves. Said tongue in cheek, but your loss will be there gain unless that was your intention to leave them a little "gift". Once this virus thing is over & things get back to "normal", which may take a while, Gold will plummet. Nothing surer. So a good time to sell. Just a matter of when you decide to or if you decide to at all. Or just want to keep on playing mind games with ones self. I have never dwelt on the monetary value of gold with my detecting. I know it has a value & it is nice to know I have it in the background for a rainy day. But I don't live & breath its value on a daily basis & play mind games with myself about the what if's of me selling it & how much I may or may not have made on any given day. I just love getting out there on the adventures in nature in the search of it. JW 🀠
  2. HA HA πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ That is something I would like to see.....Wow...imagine the size of the Easter Eggs it would bring you.πŸ˜† JW 🀠
  3. Hi Flak, Yes that is the thing about those real subtle, faint, almost imagined type signals. There is always that "something" that stopped you in your tracks in the first place. Often when you re- sweep there is nothing. Well that has happened to me many times. But you just "knew" something" got your attention initially. Bit of a poke & a prod & a scrape & it is there.πŸ‘ Many a time with the Zed & ML 14" coil I have got a really faint signal & on scrapping at it lightly I have lost it totally. Knowing there was definitely a signal there in the first place. No matter how carefully I go over the spot & the scrape pile....nothing. Off I go & get either the Gold Monster or GB2 & bingo. A tiny bit of gold. I believe in the "halo" effect on a piece of gold buried for eons & impurities over time leaching out into the surrounding ground cocooning that piece of gold. Hence creating a larger "object" initially for that first signal. Once the ground is disturbed & broken up after the first scrape & movement of the gold the size of the "target" is reduced & not visible now to the detector due to the "halo" in the surrounding ground being broken up & destroyed. JW 🀠
  4. And I bet that is YOU πŸ˜‚ Cute but....No bull. Or is that a bull you are sitting on?πŸ˜‰ I like the hand brake. JW 🀠
  5. Hi there 1515Art, Was that a bush fix on the swing arm? You can get replacement ends for that squiggly flexi bit, I know because mine broke & I got one. & you can get replacement skid plates tooπŸ˜‰. That one you are showing is beyond belief 😲 What I did on my first skid plate on the ML 14" coil was when it showed signs of wearing through I took the skid plate off & turned it 180 degrees. I guess that is obvious...but just thought I would mention it. I have found that all my skid plates that I have gone through always wore in the same place, no matter the size coil. Must just be the way I "favour" the coil when I scrub the ground. I use the detector in my right hand & the top left, on the underside of course, is where the coil covers wear. I wouldn't want to be carrying that pick in my hip holster...unless I was 8 foot tallπŸ˜† That would send me off many a cliff face/edge😬 Happy hunting. Hi Flak, We had our second death yesterday. A 90 year old women. The first was a 75 year old women. As they say, it seems to affect the elderly a lot more so than the younger. Yes Queenstown is a ghost town, (being that it is a tourist town & they of course are just not here now) as I would believe the rest of NZ is & now most of the world. I am just so glad that our "leader" acted as swiftly (aggressively) & as early as she did. Putting people before profit. Amen to her πŸ˜‡ πŸ™ Happy Easter all πŸ₯šπŸ‡ JW 🀠
  6. I am sure the buying power of the dollar back then would have been far greater than what it is today. So gold will have to go a lot higher than that today to be anywhere near the worth of $1,917.90 per ounce back then. Even if it does break through that figure is it really an all time high? Maybe for gold, but not in buying power? JW 🀠
  7. Here is one for you PeterInSa. You can probably imagine how very faint it was when he first got a hint of it being there before scraping away the rocks. It is still pretty faint after scraping the rocks away. Needs that real slow low sweep to pick that out. JW 🀠
  8. I don't believe you. πŸ˜‚ But don't let the truth get in the way of a good yarn. JW 🀠
  9. Things to do if you can't go metal detecting: Watch Youtube videos on gold. Here is one about the Macrae's hard rock gold mine operated by Oceana Gold here in Otago, New Zealand. Enjoy. JW 🀠
  10. Welcome aboard. 4.92 grams ain't too shabby. Looks HUGE to us Kiwi'sπŸ‘ You have the same red cutting board as me πŸ˜‚ Good luck out there JW 🀠
  11. Hi Peter, Yes me too. Those are the signals that I prey on & work very hard on when going back over my old thrashed grounds that I have got gold off before, as they usually turn out to be gold. The louder ones just really stand out & on thrashed ground they tend to be "fresh" shallow pellets, .22 shells or their lead bullet heads. Some of the faint signals can be older deep buck shot that is bigger than 12 gauge shotgun pellets &/or older buried .22 shells or lead bullet heads at the fringe of being detected. I was hoping he would have showed the result of some of those real faint ones. JW 🀠
  12. Ha ha....can you get much sense out her before a bottle or two? Imagine after a few πŸ˜‚ I am stewing some of Simons apples as I tap these keysπŸ‘. Cheers Simon. JW 🀠
  13. Have to agree with that Simon....in our insanely mild grounds. 🀭 We are just so lucky. JW 🀠
  14. Hi guys, Came across this footage re getting the coil as close to the ground as you can to be as close to any gold as you can get. It is in Aussie, so I assume the ground isn't as mild as my ground is & so that has its own issues for him. He got past the rocky uneven ground by raking it so he could maintain a good low, scrubbing the ground, even motion sweep without the need to lift, tilt or bump the coil. It isn't a Zed but I would say a GPX 5000. He had already detected this ground prior to raking it, raking allowed him to get his coil on the ground. Note the VERY faint signals he is talking about & how slowly he sweeps over a "signal". He also ground balances quite often so I would say the ground was giving him a bit of grief. Enjoy & take it on board. You will find more gold. JW 🀠
  15. Hi Simon, It is amazing how much fruit just goes to waste & ruin around gardens in NZ. Such a waste. People just seem too lazy these days as they just get what they want from the supermarket & here it is just rotting on the ground. Could save themselves a bit of money too & nothing quite like fresh picked & naturally ripe from there own trees. Supermarket fruit is not a patch on off the tree & naturally ripened. Just sour & generally yuk. Picked far too soon for shelf life than actually being at its nutritional & tasting best. What ever happened to the bottling & preserving days? My parents were old school & had the hell vege & fruit tree garden on their quarter acre Auckland City suburban property. Dad was a keen as gardner & my parents were into bottling & preserving all kinds of fruit. Also making sauces, chutneys, jams & pickles. As a kid on the weekends of bottling & preserving days it just paid to keep well out of their way. A dying & dead "art" these days. Mums pickles, chutneys & stuff were always the best. God I miss those. Supermarket ones don't come close. So good on you for making that effort. I am not a fan of apple cider, so please don't feel the need of wasting any on me πŸ˜‰ JW 🀠
  16. Hello Simon....I will put my hand up....pick me ...pick me...πŸ˜‚ JW 🀠
  17. Time will tell, but now.......just how much time with what is going on in the world? πŸ™„ JW 🀠
  18. Or do you mean this puppy? 🀣 Which is actually that rock in the background from the photo in my above post. Can you tell I am bored??πŸ™„ JW 🀠
  19. Only it isn't a puppy it was a sheep.πŸ˜…You just wait until tomorrow........& your thought might just become a reality 🀭 JW 🀠
  20. Oh....I don't know about that. You seem to pounce on anything new that they release.πŸ˜‚ 😜 Where abouts is the new warehouse? On another note to get this thread back on topic to "Things to do if you can't go metal detecting". I have got back into "learning" to play the guitar. Had one since I was 16. Still the same one. I rescued it from its corner in the garage below my detector rack. Went to tune it & the bottom thin "E" string promptly snapped. Guess I shouldn't have been surprised. I knew I had some spare strings somewhere. Just wasn't sure which strings they would have been. I was fairing the worst & thinking that the string I wanted was the string that wouldn't be there as I was sure I had already, years ago, replaced that same string. It always seems to be that one that snaps. I of course had no idea where the strings were stashed away. I was fairing they were in a box buried deep in our storage container & which box I had no idea. That was a daunting proposition to even attempt a search. Then something in my tiny brain nagged at me that they were in a bucket with a lid on it up in the roof attic above the garage with some very old photos of my life from back in my 20's, before I even met my first wife. Unbelievably.....they were. And better still it was a complete new set of strings. So I literally pulled the guitar apart, gave it a good clean & oil, & changed all the strings. Re tightened the neck thread bolt to pull the strings closer to the frets & so lesson the gap between the metal fret bars & strings so I didn't have to push the strings so hard to make contact & so make a chord note. Nothing quite like steel strings to give the tips of your fingers a hard time. Going to take a bit of time to build calissis up on those after the million years it has been since I played it. Naturally there was no way I was going to attempt to look for my primitive tuning whistle. I seem to remember loaning it to someone & never got it back. Now with modern technology & computers & the internet, which of course didn't exist back when I "tried" to play before. I did a google search & discovered you can get a guitar tuning phone app for free. So I promptly found one & went to download it & I didn't have enough memory left on my phone to do it. So I had to delete some videos to get some room back. There went two videos I took when I went to see Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) in concert a couple of years ago. I have them saved on my computer anyway. So that was ok. This app blew me away. It comes up with a needle graph on it that is like a clock face showing from 9 o'clock on the left through to 12 o'clock in the center at the top & on to 3 o'clock on the right. You have your 6 string notes starting with the top fat string E & on down A, D, G, B & the bottom thin E string. The one that snapped on me. With your phone on your knee you pluck whatever sting you want & if it is out of tune the needle will tell you. So if it is too low the needle will be between 9 & 12. It is then just a matter of tightening it up until it is bang on 12 & it is tuned. If the needle is between 12 & 3 then it is too high & you need to back it off down to the 9 side of 12 & the tension it back up until it is bang on the 12. It always pays to tune the string on the up tension than the down tension as the string will give to stretch on the down tension & lose its tune. With guitar tuned perfectly I was away. I actually got it pretty good in the first place from ear so I was tickled with that. I have the basics of chords & what is what. So on doing a google search I have ended up with Keith Urban giving me guitar lessons. That's pretty cool. 🀭 Just got the sore fingertips to get over now. Sorry about all that, but I am bored with this lockdown....Can only watch so much on Youtube. JW 🀠
  21. Isn't that the Nox 800? Which we already have, & with three coils. With the 6" coil on the Nox I find it very hard to seperate the two machines on tiny/small gold. Only the Nox gives way more options & is waterproof to 3 meters. Or is supposed to be. I haven't dared to try that though. JW 🀠
  22. I took my pet merino sheep for a walk. Must have scrubbed the ground too much. Wore the poor bugger down to the bone.πŸ˜‚ Actually, that photo was taken back in my early GPX 4500 days & just out of coincidence was almost the exact same spot that I hadn't been back to for 4 years. Until one of my very last detecting missions a couple of weekends ago, before we went into lockdown with this bloody virus thing, when I found that 7 grammer with the GPZ & 10" coil. You will notice how much shorter the grass was in that photo from 4 years ago compared to the next photo that was taken two weekends ago🀬& really messed with my detecting. JW 🀠
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