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  1. 44 minutes ago, phrunt said:

    No, I haven't taken it to be looked at yet, there isn't anywhere around here to take it, I'll have to take it with me next time I go to the big smoke which isn't often.  I think because it's slightly lighter than it should be from the weights I found on internet it's possibly a fake.  It's just so strange a fake would be there in among all these old coins.

    I do know an old local lost two sovereigns in the town many years ago, he doesn't know where he lost them, for all I know they could be lost in his house somewhere but it means it's a possibility it was one of his.

    Going by the weight & its colour it has to be a fake. Genuine full sovs dont vary much off 8 grams. From memory I think your one was about 2 grams lighter. A genuine one wouldn't have that much variance.  But very odd to find it where you did & the depth it was at.


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  2. On 8/9/2019 at 12:26 AM, PG-Prospecting said:

    6) Your favourite detector of all time

     I cant say that i really have a favorite, each detecor i have serves a different purpose and they serve them well.  But if forced to i would say the equinox 800 just due to its versatility, going to the beach no problem, detecting around my sisters house, worked amazing, nugget shooting in the creek, why not, picks up tiny gold, going dredging on the river bring the equinox and go snorkling and relic hunting.  

    Its just an awesome all purpose machine.  


    JW 🤠

  3. 12 hours ago, phrunt said:

    Kiwi is easy to understand, we speak the same language as Americans, although we speak it properly.  🙂

    Yerbuttheysaywespeaktoofast. Maybetheyjustneedtolistenquicker. 😂 IknowIspeakfast. Evenkiwistellmethat. AnditsnotlikeIhavealottosaymostofthetime. MaybeIshouldhavebeenarapper. :rolleyes:

    JW 🤠

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  4. 13 hours ago, jasong said:

    I received my replacement 12" X Coil this morning and I'm happy to report the cable inserts with no problems now, drops right into the shaft with no friction, same as the stock cable does. 👍

    From what I understand, all the cables now are being wound into a tighter wrap like this, so that's good as it should eliminate the shaft binding. I have not had a chance to get out and use the coil yet though to see how it does.

    That is good news Jason. I hope your faith has been restored. Look forward to how it performs for you.

    Best of luck out there

    JW 🤠

  5. 6 hours ago, jrbeatty said:

    Moral of the story, don't rely heavily on discriminators when prospecting.

    I second that JR 👍 I dig everything.

    Hey JR...Do you follow the rugby? All Blacks play your Aussie Wallabies tonight in Perth. First Bledisloe Cup match. Should be a good trans tasman hit up. Your guys Wallabies are showing some improvement. So should make a game of it. 😜

    Here is a pre match Haka, War challenge, from the All Blacks Game 3 of last years Bledisloe cup game.

    JW 🤠


  6. On 8/9/2019 at 6:12 AM, jrbeatty said:

    PS: Howard has made a simple modification to the internal electronics of the "Kwed" to enable it to run these coils.

    Hey JR, haven't you made a spelling mistake there? Shouldn't that be "Kiwied"? 😂🤣:laugh:

    Best of luck out there

    JW 🤠

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  7. 1 hour ago, phrunt said:

    Exchange rates have been very kind to me over the years.

    Don't get me started on overseas people coming to New Zealand, falling in love with the place. Especially places like Queenstown. Doubling their money due to the exchange rate & our piss weak dollar, buying up real estate, usually just as a holiday home. Inflating prices that your average young working class Kiwi family cant afford in the first place & the gap just keeps getting bigger. The dream now of many young Kiwi families owning their own home is now just that. A dream. Only they are now punished with high rents as well. Money...the root of all evil. The high rolling powers that be are killing New Zealand at the expense of the hard working tax payer. And it isn't our Government. Our Government is just a puppet playing to the pulled strings of the power mungers from overseas. And I wont say from whom or were that is from. Our Government needs to grow some balls & cut lose those strings.

    The last I looked our Kiwi dollar was 65c US. Making for our Hawaii/Vegas trip going to be a pretty expensive exercise.:rolleyes:That cup of coffee Steve better be bloody worth it.:laugh:

    When it comes to the cost of detectors & associated items no where in the world are they as expensive as they are here in NZ. ( I could be wrong & probably are) Due to our weak $$$. Even from across the ditch to that big island to the left of us. Postage itself is a killer. But regardless, the prices are what they are & you just have to pay if you want it. People buy boats to go fishing. Wouldn't it be way cheaper to just buy the fish at a shop. Already gutted, fillited & ready to cook. But as we know it isn't always about just catching a fish for the table. It is the whole journey of the exercise, adventure, the natural beauty nature has to offer, fun with your mates etc. Food for the soul. An escape from your usual daily grind. The cost becomes irrelevant if you are enjoying it. To a point. Same with detecting. It is usually just a hobby. If you are doing it for a living then it just becomes another job & it loses that adventure & fun aspect as you have to find a certain amount to satisfy yourself that it is worth it for you. What's worth it to you?? 

    To me, I just love being out there & any gold is just a bonus. The icing on the cake. Or like Keith Urban has said, The whipped cream on the ice cream. I don't dwell on finding gold & don't get beat up with a skunk but I seem to do ok. Small, but I find it. Maybe the gold gods just smile upon me with my attitude. I believe that is a big part of it. Attitude & mental ground balance.    

    Best of luck out there

    JW 🤠

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  8. 16 hours ago, Jin said:

    more time digging those pain in the rear shotgun pellets.

    Yes....I know that all too well. :rolleyes:

    16 hours ago, Jin said:

    My overall impression is im happy with the 10" and found it awesome at getting into areas the 14" just doesnt fit. I weaved it in and around thick clumps of grass/weeds. I can see this coil as being my everyday go to coil due to the lightness and ease of use around thick bush.

    👍 Yes yes yes.

    16 hours ago, Jin said:

    so far thumbs up for the little 10".  

    I can't argue with that. Awesome...Happy for you Jin.

    Good luck out there

    JW 🤠

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  9. 8 hours ago, SteelPhase said:

     well I can't test the coils before or after the mods so no. Although if someone want to donate a 7000 to me....😁



    Hi Pat....I see you have a GPZ 7000 you could test the coils & adapter leads on. :laugh:

    Good luck out there

    JW 🤠



  10. 2 hours ago, mn90403 said:

    Is there a 'trick' to putting the connector back on the original Minelab coil?

    Hi Mitchel, No more so than doing the adapter plug. It is just a mirror image as to where the wires go. It still comes down to doing it correctly, having the skill, knowledge & preciseness required with soldering etc. A lot of us will he a bit gun ho thinking oh yer...piece of piss...I can solder. Yer....right?? As we have seen a few f__k ups.

    2 hours ago, mn90403 said:

    A lot of money could be saved if someone cut the end off the coil and sent that to Pat to make the adapter.  Then an amateur could replace the coil end without harm to the Z or the boards.  It would save a lot on shipping costs if that is a factor after you have spent $1300 plus on a coil.


    Not as much money as would be required if the motherboard & chip get nuked. Peace of mind should prevail & Pat seems to have had no malfunctions. Does he guarantee them? I don't know. But if someone isn't confident in doing it themselves then Pat would be a no brainer IMHO. For both coil & the adapter. At over 3k for a motherboard replacement sending it to Pat I reckon is money well spent for that peace of mind.

    Good luck out there

    JW. 🤠

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  11. 10 hours ago, Jonathan Porter said:

    Every time you shorten and extend the GPZ shaft the risk is there, like a time bomb waiting to go off. I have had a number of genuine lead ends fail over the past few years, one of them was my own personal coil (no damage to detector just the coil not connected warning then shutdown) That’s why they overmold the connector to prevent shorting out if something fails.


    Hi there JP, I take it by your comment that you are talking about the genuine ML lead ends failing & not the X coils. It is not good that the X coil spiral curls are unwinding & getting bigger in the shaft to the point that it jambs up causing stress on the X coil adapter, & in Jason's case breaking a wire. He was lucky it didn't short out & blow the chip &/or blow his mother board.

    My X coil adapter plug had extra precaution taken by winding it with tape to give it way more strength which hopefully will work in my favor should my X coils curly cords tighten up in the shaft. They haven't shown any sign of doing that yet.  Maybe I should tape the coil end plug as well.






    Good luck out there

    JW 🤠

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  12. 9 hours ago, IdahoPeg said:

    Hi JW! Last season I traded my old GP3500(great detector!)for a new Nox 800 and some odds and ends from Gerry. I am VERY embarrassed to say it hasn’t even gotten out of the box yet! I use my 600 on the Florida beaches and just love the ease of the Monster dinking around on my claim here in Idaho. But I’ll get it out eventually....it does get the little bits too! 😄

    Hi Peg. It sure does get the little bits too.








    Crazy small




    Even the stock 11" coil isn't too shabby.


    About time you broke it out. 👍

    Best of luck out there

    JW 🤠 

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  13. Hi Sturt, When you have the best equipment & the gold eventually dries up but you know there just has to be more still there. Because no one gets all the gold & as technology improves so to does the gold take, even on old flogged ground. IMHO the GPZ is the best gold detector out there but the days come when it too stops getting gold from old producing areas. The want for many was for a smaller coil for the Zed to get into places that the 14" ML coil just couldn't get. Ok...you can go down the GPX with a smaller coil path. Many of us have been there & done that until that gold has "dried" up. While the 10" X coil on the Zed allows us to get the Zed into areas we just couldn't with the ML 14" coil, it is finding gold that the smaller coils on the GPX didn't get either. The 10 x 5 elliptical coils are the bees knees for those tight places but maybe the windings for the Zed coils can't get that small & that shape. Those of us hungry enough for an edge in performance & to find more gold off old known gold producing areas are prepared to take the "risk" with making or having made the lead adapter for the Zed to take these Russian made X coils. Why? Because they are proving to be just that. An edge in performance. That edge is all you need to get more gold. Sure there have been some fails, & that is unfortunate & the risk, but there is a real reason why they failed. It will all come down to the adaptor not being done correctly & shorting out & blowing the chip, & if really unlucky, the detectors circuit board.

    Good luck out there

    JW 🤠 

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  14. 6 hours ago, IdahoPeg said:

    I too was a diehard GB2 fan when I got my Monster from Gerry when they came out....now the poor Bug sits lonely in the shed while the Monster gets out to play! Great little detector.....and a VERY nice collection of nuggets you got there! 

    Hi Peg, Nice to see you. Have you tried the Nox 800 with the little coil? Just to throw another cat among the pigeons. :rolleyes: I still have a soft spot for the GB2 but I have to admit that it doesn't get a lot of air time these days.

    Good luck out there

    JW 🤠

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  15. Thanks Dave. It is the one & only signal I have ever had off a tree root. There are generally no trees where I detect. This root actually belonged to a briar rose bush. I had to make sure that it was  not a metallic signal by digging completely around & under the root. I went back at a later time with the GB2, & no metal present.

    Good luck out there

    JW 🤠

  16. 2 hours ago, phoenix said:

    So THAT`s why I get signals on some tree roots with the 7000 😲

    I never got a signal off a tree root while swinging the Zed & ML 14" coil. But did with the X coil 15 x 14 coil. My first one ever on a tree root & it sure sounded liker a good signal. Even broke my swing arm in the process. I had been over this area heaps with the 14" coil too. It was an area that was kind to me back in my 3000 & 4500 days. But alas...there was no gold forth coming this day.



    JW 🤠

  17. 8 hours ago, mn90403 said:

    Looking back at this it all seems rather 'obvious and I feel like deleting all of it but maybe this will trigger something in someone out there and allow you to relate to the 'time machine concept of metal detecting.

    A Metal Detector Is A Time Machine. You hit the nail on the head Mitchel.


    JW 🤠

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