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  1. Yes, I second that. ? Awesome Jasong & thank you for the effort of putting all that together & getting that across. I am lucky both with our insanely mild ground & that gold is literally all around me where I live & I dont depend on having to find a certain amount at any given time to make it have to pay. Albeit that the bigger bits are long gone. I absolutely get your point. Very best of luck to you out there. JW ?
  2. Thats cool. The kids are the future of this "hobby" & its continued success for all parties involved. Best of luck out there JW ?
  3. I have told him to tie his shoelaces together, to hobble him.? In all honesty though, finding gold does not generally equate to covering as much ground as quickly as you can. More so when the gold is small or the bigger bits are at depth & on the very fringe of detection in known gold producing areas. I like your tiddlers JR. Nice ? I too am glad the "ugly" days of the QED fallout are past. High five guys. The QED being the result of a good Aussie battler. Well done Howard for sticking with it through thick & thin & also to your "testers" who believed & stuck with you. Good luck out there JW ?
  4. I have fitted the 10" & the 15" x 14" X coils onto my 14" ML & 19" ML lower coil shafts. The ML 14 & 19 coils are just gathering dust in the meantime. JW ?
  5. Speed & coil control are related to finding gold. Low & slow is the go..... There must be something in the 30 minute barrier...... Very good post Steve. Detecting for gold is a slow patient game. Especially when the gold is small like ours is & the areas have been done over....even before I got involved those years ago. Any bigger bits are long gone. Fast & erratic detecting just won't deliver anything. Unless you are very lucky. I do pride myself on being very thorough & methodical. Covering every inch of ground starting at one end of an area & getting to a point that when we knock off for the day, & I/we return at a later time I just pick up where I left off the time before. Detecting very slowly when I feel the need, which is most of the times as I know I am on ground that has produced gold in the past. Even by me. Bring on newer technology eg, GP 3000, GPX 4000, 4500 & not to forget all the aftermarket coils that came on board for those detectors that were interchangeable between them changing the game yet again, GPZ 7000 & now the X coils available for the GPZ. Time, experience & success does teach you the more logical places to look but gold has the ability to be where you just wouldn't expect it to be at all. What isn't easy to learn & comprehend is the geology & geography of the land & how it has changed since the gold was laid down, eroded, re-deposited. Glaciation, Rivers, land upheaval, land subsidence etc. Can do your head in. The old timers did a marvelous job in finding a lot of these areas, & they didn't get all the gold. Thanks you old buggers.? Good luck out there JW ?
  6. No. You are still bent......? The Moa were gone centuries before the rabbit. Now you are just being silly.You need to get out for a detect. Good luck out there JW ?
  7. Years ago JP did a video clip of a gold nugget taped to a coil to show that the detector did not register a signal (you can do this for yourself to prove the point) due to the metal of the nugget moving with the coil motion. Not stationary & the coil moving independant to the nugget which of course will register a signal & is how we detect for gold with a detector & get signals. So the coils field does not see the gold because the metal is moving in sequence with the metal windings & field of the coil. But maybe the the detector does know the gold nugget, or something, is there on the coil but as it is in motion with the field it doesn't register a signal but maybe the detector compensates for it some other way internally which may impact a bit on max performance. Maybe the metal connectors on the curly cord could behave in a similar way if they are not allowed to move inside the coil shaft. If this may be the case then the connectors are probably better to be as close to the coil as possible. One way to find out. ?? Who's game? I am more than happy with my set up & getting gold all over again from old patches, so it won't be me. Good luck out there JW ?
  8. Yep....a gold nugget sun bathing. Getting baked by the sun. Ala natural, put there or left there by mother nature. Or dropped by some poor sod. Maybe Paul ? Good luck out there JW ?
  9. In light of what happened to Jasong with his curly cord expanding/unwinding & getting tight in the detector shaft putting undue stress on his patch lead adapter & what Paul said above. Why not make the adapter patch lead below the ML curly cord & have it attach at the straight cable from the coil? Here are some pics of my adapter patch lead. First pic it is separated from the coil lead with the plastic shielding tube removed & sitting above it. 2nd pic shows it assembled & the shielding tube fitted over the metal connectors. You will note it is wrapped in tape for extra strength & support. Where I have positioned the two connectors besides the ML coil lead. Why not cut & make the join there, or even further down towards the coil? That way you are using the tight curl of the ML lead with the chip still at the top end & will have no issue with the X coil curly cord unwinding & causing any jamming issues. You will see that the X coil curly lead on my 10 x 9 coil , while not as tight together as the ML cord it is very similar in diameter. I have no issue with it going up inside the shaft or removing it. Cheers Good luck out there JW ?
  10. People who get into gold will usually develop an interest in geology & geography to learn the hows, whys & wherefores of gold & it occurrences. Certain rock types & there making are much more related to gold & its occurrence than other types of rocks. From a very early age I always had a fascination about how the earth was made & what all the different rocks that made it up came from & how they formed. From volcanoes, faulting & folding, earthquakes, erosion etc & all the different coloured rocks, different hardnesses etc etc. It just all fascinated me. The gold came a bit later. I was a rockhound long before gold hooked me. New Zealand probably has every rock type known to man, & some unique to NZ, in a relatively small land mass. The Coromandel area, where I have spent a lot of my life, was rich in gold & semi precious gemstones due to its violent volcanic & faulting land upheaval origins. The semi precious gemstones had me hooked for a long time. My mother was in to rock tumbling & making her own jewelry items. The booklets above & the different colours on the maps represent the different rock types. The types that favour gold & those that don't. Between those colours are usually fault fractures at the contact zones of the different rock types. Tis a fascinating subject, as many of you will know. Good luck out there JW ?
  11. The gold they find in the Nelson area is actually Otago gold, same as we get, that has traveled up the alpine fault line after it fractured of that large mass of Otago schist transporting it nearly 500 k's in 20 million years.And still moving northwards. You must have got a bit more out of it than what you are saying.... surely. You wont be surprised then that I have quite a few of those booklets on the areas that have gold occurrences. The rocks, their makeup & the fault lines tell a story. Welcome to geology. Welcome to finding gold. JW ?
  12. Agree 100%. Also being mentally ground balanced is as important as your detector being ground balanced. If your head space isn't right then the day wont go well for you. JW ?
  13. Ha ha ? I too go along with the scorched earth policy.? As to sensitivity, when I first started swinging the Zed I started off with JP's 'conservative' settings. This reasoning was two fold. First off, I was very use to running my GPX's & the GP 3000 as high as I could but with a very smooth & even threshold. 2ndly....with the Zed it was all very new to me & to get to learn its personality I started off with what I was comfortable with & that was a smooth even threshold. The Zed did have its Zed warble which took me a bit of getting my head around. But to tame that it came down to careful slow & even coil sweep, & keeping the coil at a consistent height to the ground. In my case as close as possible & even skimming the ground. The coil didn't like to be lifted & lowered. This isn't the case with the X coils. Well not for me in my conditions any way. The power & depth of the Zed rewarded me with going back over a lot of my old ground & snagging gold all over again. Ok...not big bits, thay had long gone. But I was, as many of you will recall, blown away with the depth I was getting small gold at with that 14" coil & in the conservative settings. I was happy & so stayed it these settings. Blissful. Then Steve H comes along with his insanely 'hot' settings. I tried this but it drove me nuts. No thanks mate....not for me. But detecting is a strange thing & after a while I revisited these high end insane settings of Steve's & persevered with them. It is weird how your ear & headspace changes its perspective on all that noise & racket going on in your head from what the detector is telling you. Somehow it just filters it all out & you find the signals leap out at you & the background noises become just that. Background noises that just don't seem to bother you like they used to. And the gold finds go up yet another notch. Now with the X coils it is game on again but for me in my conditions & they are just running that much quieter again than the ML 14" coil. Sensitivity levels are a very personal choice & it comes down to physiologically what you feel 'works' for you. If you feel more confident & comfortable in lower sensitivity levels, then so be it & they are the levels for you. I know I will be staying in the high end levels. Looks like we are in for a crap weather weekend as I was working in sleet & snow showers today & they are forecast through to monday. The ski fields definitely needed it. Coronet Peak was thinking of closing. They won't be now. So it doesn't look like I will be getting out there this weekend. This was yesterday. This today. Sleet & snow showers. Sorry to digress. We had the concrete floors ground & polished on the house I am building. They finished them yesterday & they came up mint. There is a black oxide added to the concrete to darken it up a bit. Close up. The white stone is quartz. Local river stone. Imagine if they were streaked with gold. ? Good luck out there JW ?
  14. Same here strick. I can detect for two days, probably not full days these days, but never had the detector or WM12 die on me. Providing they were both charged prior to heading out for the weekend. Cheers. Best of luck out there JW ?
  15. Nothing truer. Jin, The 10" X coil I can run at 20 & it is as quiet as a church mouse. Guess it all depends on your ground as to how high you are comfortable with running it. As I bang on about, or ground is insanely mild. I now generally run all coils at 20 & even if a little ratty a signal still really stands out. If for some strange reason it is too ratty & I feel I could be missing those real faint whispers I will go down to 18. Of course the 10" at 20 loves the bloody shotgun pellets? Good luck out there JW ?
  16. Nuggetfinder 8" x 6" Sadie coil. Not Coiltek.? Personally I never risked dunking it in water. A brilliant little coil. Good luck out there JW ?
  17. Ha ha...freaks us out any way. Nice score JR. Hope they continue for you. ? Paying attention is paramount. Tis those very very faint whispers that are your hope these days. The loud near surface large gold is long gone. Good luck out there JW ?
  18. Those patch lead adaptors look the bees knees. Very nice job. Personally I would still wrap them with tape to give them added strength in light of what our American friends are experiencing with the curly cord unwinding & tightening up in the shaft causing pulling pressure on the connections. In Jasong's case, pulling the fine wire to breaking point. Someone mentioned that the taping of the adaptor didn't look very flash, but hey does it really matter for the extra peace of mind. Besides, you can't see it when it is inside the detector shaft. Good luck out there guys. JW ?
  19. I have hung on to two 4500's & a 4000. So here is hoping.? Nice gold you guys. Makes me jelly arse.? Best of luck out there JW ?
  20. Time will tell Jin but I am sure you will be VERY happy. Look forward to your success, & hearing about it. Good luck out there JW ?
  21. You have lost me. What's this this 'old man' bit? I don't feel a day over 59 winters.? JW ?
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