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  1. Hi the RR, You are not wrong. I feel that many of my posts are just the same old repetition of small gold finds & even same detector/coil & settings. Even the ground doesn't really change from the bed rock schist nature of where I have been detecting lately. I was starting to feel bored posting them & was one of the reasons why I stopped posting for a bit. Good luck out there JW 🤠
  2. I don't see a swing arm attached. You will surely need one. Simon....you are a hopeless case 😂 Be careful of what you wish for....😉 JW 🤠
  3. Hi Dave, Stayed home & isolated for most of the day, even mowed the lawns, then I isolated at 4pm this arvo to a local detecting spot for 4 hours. Same location that Simon & I have been going to but a different spot. I had every intention of taking my phone for photos but left the bloody thing at home. I managed to get 7 of the little blighters. Only the last one required me to spend about 45 minutes with the screwdrivers & hammer to free it from its entombment down from in the schist bedrock. The rest were freed with the use of your pick.👍 Hi Lunk, Yes it made for a long day & a lot of walking to try to find a bit of bare ground to swing the coil. The frustration was that any one of the old worked gullies had a very good chance of coughing up gold to me, only to be beaten time & again by the grass. I guess in hindsight that big one in weight would have been more than maybe the multitude of small ones that I may have got. Cheers guys & best of luck out there JW 🤠
  4. Thank you JR.....I was on your page....but for me that is a BIG one.😀 But I live in hope that bigger ones are around. Our big ones seem to be on the West Coast. I have not heard of a big one being found by any means of gold recovery methods in Otago for many years. I don't believe there are any digger & screen operations currently operating in the Otago region. The last big nugget I saw a photo of was an 8 ouncer that was detected but that was on ground that a digger & screen operation had uncovered. That was probably about 6 years ago. Good luck out there & stay safe in these crazy times. I guess being a farmer that won't be hard for you to keep isolated. JW 🤠
  5. Thanks Dave,👍 Surprised the heck out of me. That is for sure. Are you one of those caravans lined up heading over the WA border?? Best of luck to you out there. JW 🤠
  6. Hi Guys. I made a comment on Jason's post that I was going to an area that I have been wanting to get into for a while. At 5000 feet above sea level & needing to be able to spend a few days up there to have a good look around. Mrs JW was away & we had a long weekend so I thought this was my opportunity. Checking the weather forecast Saturday morning before heading off it wasnt looking too good. With a high of just 3 degrees celcius for saturday & 10mm of rain. That didn't encourage me at all. The glacial silt up there turns to grease with any hint of moisture & even with a 4X4 & being by myself with no other assistance I gave it a miss. I decided I had to get away & so I hooked up the caravan went to an area I hadn't been to since november. Reason being the grass growth has just been crazy here the last couple of years making detecting non viable. I have been so spoilt in the past with billiard table like conditions so any grass now is just a hindrance to my cause knowing how good I have had it. I phoned the farmer when I got my caravan all set up to let him know I was around. I didn't want to go & see him in person due to this virus situation. He informed me that there were rabbit shooters lower down on his property. So I told him I would go up the top end & well away from them. I wasn't wanting to go there as that was where I went in november & the grass growth was mental. I used the 10" coil that time & did manage a few bits. When I got in there this time the grass was even worse. BUGGER. It was mid afternoon by this time so I ended up putting on the 12" coil to get a tad more depth through the grass. Thought I was on to a good signal here on one of the very few bald spots on one of the old timers turned over piles. You will note the grass covering the piles & prospect holes going up the gully towards my wagon parked center background. Turned out to be a deeper shotgun pellet 🤬 Further down the turned over gully some more bald areas & I got another faint hit. Down 4-5 inches. 12 inch coil Down the gully a bit further another very similar signal from in the grass. So had to dig out the grass & the signal really improved. Down 10 inches That was it for the saturday. Just the two small ones. Zoomed up on the one on the right looks like a mouse without a tail 😄 Sunday I decided to go on a long walk into an area I hadn't been in to for about four years. The grass growth here was even crazier. If I hadn't of detected these old workings back then I would have struggled to recognise them today. It was unbelievable. They were quite substantial workings too but you wouldn't think so today. I just couldn't detect any where in them at all. I had elected to put back on the 10" coil for this days mission. Numerous gullies were all the same. Just 2-3 feet of grass. In some places it was up to my neck. This photo shows the grass growth & a bit of a bald spot on the top edge of a sluiced gully. The main workings are to the left they weren't even worth a photo. I detected that bald spot & down the bank face & nothing. Note that rock formation in the background. I nicknamed it Doggy Rock. Wonder why?😄 Gully after gully of old workings were all the same. Just too longer grass. The day wasn't looking promising & I had got gold before in all these gullies. I just couldn't get the coil to the ground. Came across a ruin of an old timers stone hut. I am thinking it was more of a rock base & probably had canvas sides & roof. Coming to a small area of exposed stony tailings or throw out pile where the grass hadn't got a hold, I made a vee line for it. Got a very faint signal after scanning most of it. Getting deeper & deeper down the signal getting better & better. So much so I was sure it was going to be a big bit of crap. But nothing lept up on to my magnet. Down 400-500mm it was screaming. Got to be rubbish for sure. Pick handle is 700mm Well stone the crows & tickle my arse with a feather.🤣 Not to forget that is just a 10 inch coil on the Zed. High Yield/Normal & full max sensitivity of 20 purring along nicely in my ground conditions. It must have been laying on its flat for sure. My biggest piece in a Longgggg time. Ye Ha.🙏 To be continued..... Cheers & Good luck out there JW 🤠
  7. They are all trash signals until you prove they are not. That is how I look at it.😄 JW 🤠
  8. That in itself is the money ticket. I am sure you have tried many settings & what you have found works for you is the answer. JW 🤠
  9. Jason, From what I have seen from you over the years on this forum you have my respect as to someone that knows what they are on about & you call a spade a spade & with no agenda equipment wise. I appreciate that & relate to it as a person that shares your same passion. Didn't mean to make you blush but just giving you credit where credit is due. I like your no nonsense & straight up honest opinion & approach. We have a long weekend this weekend & I am planning & three day mission to a place I have long been meaning to get into for an overnighter. There are a couple of huts up there at over 5000 feet above sea level, or I will be prepared to just camp out in my wagon. Mrs JW is away up north & I need to take this opportunity & also before our winter kicks in. The days are really starting to draw in & the mornings getting crisp. Best of luck to you. JW 🤠
  10. Awesome Jason.👍 You are so reflecting what my experiences have been with these coils on old flogged patches that had 'dried' up for me & why the ML 14" hasn't been back on my Zed. Glad to hear & see it from someone of your caliber & respect in the detecting community. Thank you. Best of luck out there JW 🤠
  11. Great post Jason. 👍 Thanks for the effort & the info. I have to admit that this small tiny gold I have been getting lately, with many of them being .03 of a gram, are quite solid little bits of gold. No quartz or any other type matrix attached & not porous, & as you have stated, & like Andy, I am getting them at crazy depths. Its VLF type gold but at depths my VLF's (Gold Monster, Nox 800, GMT & GB2) have not got & I have had them all over this latest area over the years. As much as I like the GM & the Nox for the very shallow fly poop gold I still have a very soft spot for the GB2. Not that I have used a VLF so far this year. The Zed & 10" coil for me in my conditions & gold type is like a VLF on steroids. Loving it. Best of luck out there JW 🤠
  12. Chur bro....😂 Good to be back among friends. JW 🤠
  13. Thank you Mitchel. I will not stray, nothing surer. 👍 Best of luck to you out there JW 🤠
  14. Thank you Simon. No one was more sick of it than me & hence my getting off colour & going silent over it all. I won't rise to the bait if cast at me again. That is for sure. Thank you to you all for your kind words & comments. They are heartening. I thought that I may have burnt a bridge. Thanks Fred, but I tell you what. This is the hardest fought for gold I have ever won. The time spent in chiseling it out of the schist. The skinned knuckles, the blood blisters,....& all for small gold. But it does all add up. I have not been to any other location since the New Year & it is only 10 minutes down the road from home. I had detected a lot here in my early days with the GP 3000 & the 4500 & many different coils. I did well. But it eventually dried up for me. The Zed & ML 14" coil gave me a bit more success until that too dried up for me. The Gold monster, Nox 800 & GB2 gave me a bit of entertainment on fly poop very shallow bedrock gold until that too dried up. I then more or less stopped coming here. Simon & I went a few times & as he has said, this place was his nemausus. He never did any good here with his 4500 & struggled like hell with his VLF's. I think the piece of gold he found in this location with his 4500, he lost his gold bottle with the gold in it. What was that saying of your Simon? Photo or it didn't happen.😂 Any way, with this little 10" coil things have come back to life for me, & being so close to home I often just pop down the road for a quick 3-4 hour detect on a weekend day in the cool of the late afternoon, early evening. Always the best time to detect, IMHO. This has been the results. My last time with Simon on tuesday just gone, when he got his three. The three times prior to that. Each row being each of those days. Total since the new year. 114 pieces Bundled into bunches of 20 & one of 14. Small but it all adds up & is a bunch of fun & I am not breaking the bank in travel & time to do it. Total weight. Over half an ounce. I don't have a lot of photos from out in the field as I stopped taking them. But I will find a few I do have & put them up in another post. Cheers all. Good to be back. Best of luck out there JW 🤠
  15. Ha ha, Grasshopper, I am not far off looking like that at the moment. Just had a number 2 all over. 😂 JW 🤠
  16. Any noise change in the threshold should pull you up. There are many un normal situations involved with noise change that need investigating. Like Lunk said, Now you're on to something. I have noticed recently, like I said in my post, that you are starting to 'click' to a few things now. The other day when you watched me find those two bits of gold on that ground that you had gone over with the Nox, you commented on how very slowly I swept the coil & how I scraped the ground. I had always been telling you that you sweep too fast & cover ground too quickly. Especially in the known gold areas that we detect. Gold could & can be anywhere. As you saw with those two bits I found in front of you. Slow, low & careful coil control is key. That first piece you found was very close to those two that I had found. Your piece was even deeper but bigger. Slowing down has helped you. JW 🤠
  17. I just saw a white coil sticking out of your backpack & assumed it was still the 12". You never made mention that you had stuck on the 10".😜 As to the picks, I was gobsmacked at how much the point of mine had worn down. I knew the point was getting a bit dull & wasn't getting into the tight crevices to rake them out like it used to. Time to put the grinder on to it. JW 🤠
  18. It has been a wee while since I have posted on my adventures & finds due to losing heart from the flogging I took for defending myself using a certain coil & the agro that seemed to stir up from a few people. I don't know why or how, but I somehow seemed to have ended up coming off as the bad guy. All I have ever done on this forum over the years is share my experiences out in the field with like minded people, & what equipment I use & works for me in my conditions. If what I post & people can read between the lines & pick up on any tips & hints, & it helps or encourages them then that is what it is all about to me. That is how I learnt & I am just passing it forward. I don't want to get into battles over equipment used. That is not the person I am or the point of my posts. My heart is not truly back in its right place, but we will see how it goes for now. As Simon has mentioned & done a great job in his posts on describing the area of where we have been detecting lately & the nature of the gold being buried & entombed down inside the basement schist bedrock, I can only fill in my side of it, as Simon says, that is my story to tell. I think very recently, since having the Zed, that Simon has suddenly clicked inside his head with things out in the field that I take for granted. Things I have spoken to him about many times but I feel now that he gets it & he is away. 👍 His gold results of lately & how he came to get them is the experiences he needed & will now start to form the knowledge database in his head from now onwards. I think one of my last posts I mentioned taking a cold chisel & hammer with me on the E bike into one of the spots in this large area. There are gold spots within this large area of gold spots.😀 I had taken to hiding the cold chisel & hammer in a rabbit hole covered over with a rock. This saved me having to cart them in every time on the E bike & so saving on the weight. I had been into this spot a few times since the new year & I think it was about three missions ago that Simon came along & witnessed first hand me using the cold chisel & hammer to smash deeply into the schist bedrock to free up a piece of entombed gold. I don't think he quite believed what he was seeing. He learnt something that day. Using the cold chisel & hammer I ended up losing a few pieces of gold that flew out with the shards of schist & they were unfindable. I have now resorted to a couple of screwdrivers & a smaller hammer. Staying a lot more in control in carving into the schist & not having chips of schist fly everywhere & the odd bit of gold go flying off with them. Some digs resulted in numerous bits of gold coming to light as I carved down into a dig hole. Here are a few pictures of a 4 hour late afternoon hunt. Most of the time taken up smashing into the schist. Simon wasn't on this mission. Four pieces ended up coming out of this dig The photos don't really do justice to how deep this hole ended up being. The pick is lying across the original ground height before I started carving into it. The dig ended up in a narrow crevice opening up that was full of dirt material & I was able to use the smaller screwdriver to rake it out until the piece of gold flicked out. This mission ended up with 10 bits for .9 of a gram To be continued.... Best of luck out there JW 🤠
  19. Pellets are still a target signal & not a false signal like I was referring to. False signals can be any number of things, only when you chase them there is nothing tangible there. A ghost signal. Like EMI, which comes from many sources. Could be your cellphone if it isn't turned off, an airplane flying overhead, powerlines, electric fence, cars driving past. Yes I have been detecting that close to roads that that is a problem. I guess it is there alternators. Solar influence used to be a problem with my PI's but not the Zed. EMI & electrical interference is usually pretty easy to pic as it has a rhythmic pulse & can be worked with if not too severe. A target signal can still be picked out among it with careful & precise coil control over the target area. I guess the most common false signal is ground noise, which we don't generally suffer from or coil bump sensitivity. Pellets for us is just all part of chasing the small tiny gold & all part of the territory. Good luck out there JW 🤠
  20. That is the same no matter what detector/coil combination one uses. You can not get any closer to buried gold than scrubbing the ground. More so with our small gold on the fringe of detection that has been missed by previous equipment. That is what your skid plates are for. If you are getting erratic false signals continuously that you are audibly unable to handle, driving you nuts, or distinguish from a target signal, then something needs to be adjusted or toned down. JW 🤠
  21. And here I was thinking you were still running your 12" coil . Might be something in using the 10" in this shallowish bedrock area . 12" coil has equaled one piece of gold for you on each of the previous 3 missions at this spot, where as the first time you used the 10" you get three pieces of gold. I think that is telling you something. I know we have been told that the 12" being spiral wound is as sensitive, if not more so, & gets better depth than the 10". I have used the 12" on occasions but always end up back with the 10". So what are your thoughts now on 12" versus 10"? These are my thoughts. Deeper ground maybe for the 12" but I am picking that because the areas we are going to have been thrashed with all makes & models of detectors over the years that the bigger deeper gold has long gone to detectors & coils that were good already at doing that. The difference I feel is that the combination we are using now is like a good VLF gold detector on steroids. Getting this smaller gold at insane depths that was beyond earlier equipment. Good luck out there JW 🤠
  22. Hi Fred, All this gold coming out from within this schist is all very smooth & water/glacial worn. No host rock or quartz attached to any of it. That has long been eroded out as this gold has traveled a great distance from its source & would have been ripped out of the mountain side reefs by glacial action & the gold bearing quartz rolled, bowled & arseholed & transported by glacial action grinding & freeing the gold from its matrix to be deposited way further down country to where it has ended up in this schist. But like you say from Chris Ralph, A lot of the very fine gold, I believe, in the Otago region has come from quartz bands & thin stringers that impregnate the Schist rocks throughout the region that has been eroded out from the schist basement rock that makes up the Otago landscape. Simon & I got back from our afternoons detecting a couple of hours ago. Simon managed 3 bits with his Zed & 12" coil & I ended up with 12 with the Zed & 10" coil for 1.88 grams. Again it was all smashed out of the schist bedrock. 4 pieces ended up coming out of one dig that just kept on going chasing the next signal. Good luck out there JW 🤠
  23. Hi there 2Valen, No need to be sorry.😉 I was just getting the point across that the gold is "inside" the schist & not loosely down in a crack or crevice. It can take up to a good hour to release them from their entombment being careful not to have the target fly off with the shards of schist when I get impatient & get too aggressive in my attack on the schist, as has happened numerous times Example: That hole was literally carved out of what appears to be solid schist with hammer, screwdriver & occasionally the pick. The detector is hanging on the steep cliff face hooked on to a piece of jagged schist to stop it tumbling on down. I am hanging on with my teeth & fingernails 😂 The piece of gold found Simon is on his way for another mission & due any minute. Hopefully he brought his harness this time....& gold bottle 🤭 Best of luck out there JW 🤠
  24. I don't think you guys are getting the point. The gold is inside the schist, closed up & solid. Not in a weak crack or crevice that can peel out easily with the pick. Needing the schist to be smashed open with cold chisel & hammer, or as I have found out, better with a screwdriver & hammer to free the gold from its entombment. I found the screwdriver easier to be more in control as I have lost a few bits of gold, similar to what happened to Simon, only I was unable to re find a couple my bits. So a crevice sucker is of no use. I know what you mean though as I have made PVC ones for sniping & even used them for sucking up gold found detecting in creeks in fast flowing water. I will do a follow up post to Simons. Good luck out there JW 🤠
  25. Does that mean you would walk out with them holding their hand? 😂 JW 🤠
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