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  1. Trent, it isn't about X coils at all. You are just assuming. A few asked what was used in finding this gold. Like I said, it doesn't matter what found it. It is just a detector & coil finding gold. Nothing more nothing less. It was just weird to me how JP went to lengths, editing his photos, & avoid answering what people asked. Most of us are on here due to our passion in detecting for gold & what equipment is used in doing so. Other people are blowing this X coil thing totally out of context & making mountains out of mole hills. I do use them....yes....& I do like them....yes. They work for me. I am not holding a gun to people's heads stating they must use them. I have also stopped doing posts on my adventures & finds because invariably the gold I am finding is through the use of my Zed & X coils & I am sick & tired of the negative energy that seems to develop from some because of this & the posts become a war zone. Which isn't who I am. I don't actually recall a recent post from you that had anything to do with gold but just stirring the pot like you are now. Sorry JP for the hijack. JW
  2. Fair enough, but a few people did ask the question as they were obviously interested & wanted to know. It doesn't matter what equipment was used. It doesn't have to turn all ugly & doesn't have to go any further than what gear you were using, unless you have something to hide. You hadn't answered them which is why I made mention of a NF coil for the Zed. Simon made mention of a white coil in a couple of your pics, which I hadn't seen, of which you then obviously edited out. I thought that was a bit odd, like you do have something to hide. We have all heard about NF & a supposed coil they are working on for the Zed & it could well be that you may have been trialing it. Weather it was the Zed & ML 14" coil or an X coil or NF coil....it doesn't matter, does it? It is just a detector & coil finding gold which it why we are all here. People are always going to wonder what gear was used just out of interest when you show a post of gold you have found. Most people share that info or have photos showing it. You seem to have gone to great lengths to conceal it. I just find that all a bit weird & sure others do as well. Nice gold too by the way. Good luck out there JW 🀠
  3. Mitchel, You seem to have done very well in finding what you did as some of those meteorite fragments are pretty small. The fact is that you found them when many others before you didnt, so you must be happy with the coil for that. The gold will come....surely there are pieces out there with your name on them.πŸ™πŸ€ž Better luck out there....next time. JW 🀠
  4. NF coil on the Zed perhaps.πŸ€”πŸ€­ JW 🀠
  5. Hi Simon, Did you find out if it was a genuine Full Sovereign? πŸ€”The weight wasn't making it look promising at a couple of grams shy of what it should have been. Nice haul Erik.πŸ‘
  6. Maybe you have.....& threw it away as a hot rock.πŸ˜„ Nice finds Mitchel......I guess. For some reason meteorites don't excite me like gold does. Maybe it is because they aren't that nice to look at (to me).....like gold is. JW🀠
  7. The point I have always made & tried to maintain without sounding like a broken record is that our ground here in NZ is insanely mild & why I/we can run our detectors at full max sensitivity & hot settings. We just don't have that "lot more surface ground mineral variation". When the ground is wet/damp it just improves things even more. I know a lot of you find that hard to come to terms with, but it just is for us. Likewise, I would be a fish out of water if plonked onto hot mineralised grounds. That would be a whole new learning curve for me, but it doesn't mean I don't understand or disbelieve the issues a lot of you have in hot ground. I know I am blessed to have the grounds I detect in. JW 🀠
  8. No....maybe not, but I know I have missed them with my GP 3000 & the multitude of coils I ran over the same grounds & same cracks & crevices many times, 4500 also. Coils from the little 10 x 5 coiltek joey mono & its little brother the 6" mono coil. Commander 8" & 11". NF 12 x 7, 14 x 9 & 17 x 11. Coiltek 11" & 14" Elite & the GPZ with ML 14" coil. OK, in some fairness the ML 14" coil wasn't very suitable to a lot of those cracks & crevices & why we wanted a smaller coil for the Zed. The areas I knew where hot for me back in my GP 3000 days are the same areas producing for me again now. Blows me away when I very first went to a few of these same places with that little 10" Russian made white coil & the results I got straight away & are still getting when these areas had stopped producing for me. There are areas of course that while hot back in my earlier years detecting have not given up any more gold to this 10" Russian coil. This was what I was trying to get across when Mitchel and his three outings skunk. Sometimes the ground may just have played out. Good luck out there JW 🀠
  9. I think you most certainly have a very good point there Jason. New Zealand's total population is just over 4 million. Out of that the number that detect for gold is almost not even a spit in the ocean. So while the goldfields have been detected for many years they would not have had anywhere near the volume your goldfields have had. Or the consistency. I very very very rarely see anybody when I am out detecting, let alone another detectorist. I can count on one hand the number of times I have crossed paths with another detectorist. The last time was when Simon & I were out up in the hills well over a year ago & we saw three other operators. Two were detecting together like Simon & I do. They were on E- mountain bikes & the other guy was just a loner wandering up higher & by the looks of it was doing an over nighter as it was about 4pm when he walked past us. He baled Simon up & got talking & talking & talking. Poor Simon was trying to get away from him to carry on detecting but the guy kept Simon baled up. I had come across him before so I kept my distance as I knew he could keep on spinning a yarn or two or three. One thing he did tell Simon that made Simons ears prick up was that he was going up because it had rained the night before, & he reiterated what I have always maintained, & that was that the wet/damp ground gives better results. While that seems very true for our insanely mild ground I get the impression that it might not be the same for a lot of you guys in mineralised soils. Good luck out there JW 🀠
  10. What....no photos of you smashing into the schist bedrock to free it from its entombment. Or is that post yet to come? I won't say anything more if that is the case except that JP may not get much of a taste with one grain of KFC seasoning salt on his popcorn chicken nuggets. Better add the 10 that I found with the Zed & a certain little 10 inch Russian made white coil.πŸ˜‰ Sorry Mitchel. Your post has been around the world & back from its original thread. Hope you have some good news for us.πŸ™ 🀞 JW 🀠
  11. Only you will know for sure that it won't be popcorn chicken gold, but smooth as water/glacial worn clean gold as all gold is in this area. JW 🀠
  12. And Simon Gets a bit peeved at finding a pocket full of pellets. You have paled that into insignificance Chet You have the patience of a saint digging all that & keeping your sanity. At least you weren't skunked. Congrats on the gold finds. I am so hoping that Mitchel can share a success story too with his 15 x 10 coil. I managed three littilies today .23 .13 & a .06 as well. That was using the 12" Spiral. It gave a bit of a flutter on hot rocks, which are bad in this area, but I soon got used to recognising those with a slow coil sweep & man it banged on that .13 piece down about 6 inches. There was no mistaking it.πŸ‘ Best of luck out there JW 🀠
  13. Couldn't agree more Steve. Thanks for being so sensible. Gee...Mitchel is going to get a shock when he is back & visits his post.πŸ˜„ You will hear nothing more from me regarding X coils. Thats a promise. Best of luck out there JW 🀠
  14. Good post Mike & I couldn't agree more. Funny thing is I have both those detectors & the tracker IV did me proud on many a beach hunt in my early detecting years. It was my 2nd (store bought) detector that I purchased & my first from brand new. For the price I was pleasantly surprised in its ability. My very first detector was one I made from a kitset which included winding & making the coil, a DD. That was an interesting learning curve. While the detector worked it was very basic & found me quite a few lead sinkers that beach fisherman had lost in the sands & a few coins but didn't go very deep at all. My first real detector was 2nd hand & was the older Garrett Treasure Ace 300 but was still a current detector when I got it. That was a fun learning machine & while still pretty basic found me jars full of coins & quite a bit of lost jewellery. On getting the tracker IV it did things the Garrett didn't. From memory I think it had three different tones & behaved a little differently than the Garrett. Sometimes that had it advantages but over all the Garrett was the better detector. It was my introduction that no two detectors are the same & that has carried on through to today, & I have built up quite the arsenal of detectors & coils over the years. Simons posts on his coin finds & the detectors he has been using, & now him comparing the Vanquish with the much more costly bigger brother Nox 800 with its extra bells & whistles & how well the cheaper Vanquish is doing for him just shows that in certain conditions & circumstances more expensive isn't always going to be the outright winner. Best of luck to you out there JW 🀠
  15. JP, You are like a broken record. You just keep on going on & on.... You are again partially quoting & miss quoting as Simon pointed out. What part of leave me alone didn't you understand in my last post. I am not participating in this crap any more. Get off the roundabout.
  16. The GPX & the QED is not a GPZ JP. It is the Zed factor that makes all the difference. It is not for me to answer for Reg. But I am sure Reg is praising the X coil/coils that he is using on his QED because they are performing better for him than any other coil he has used on his QED. I thought that was rather obvious if you have followed his posts on that matter. Reg is not a fan of the weight of the Zed, again if you have followed his posts you would know that too. I don't know why you are picking on me because of my success using the X coils. They work well for me in my conditions. Just as they appear to be for a few of your fellow country men. What part of that cant you understand or want to accept? If you have things to say about X coils, good or bad, leave me out of it & leave me alone & stop partially quoting me to fuel your fire. I am happy doing what I am doing. I have always only shared what I love doing & the gear I am using that is working for me out in the field. I was of the opinion others on the forum quite liked my posts. I have stopped doing my posts on my adventures & finds mostly thanks to you jumping down my throat about X coils & souring it all. So thanks. You & you alone are the one who has created the "mood" on X coils on the forum. I don't see why anybody would be heartily sick of the X coil subject if you didn't keep stirring the pot.
  17. Simon & I have just got back from a detect & he got two bits with his Zed & 12" spiral X coil. That is three times in a row now that he has gone home with a rattle in his gold bottle swing the Zed & his 12" X coil. He certainly didn't do that with his 4500 & 14 x 9 Evo coil. I don't recall him going home with gold three times in a row with any of his other detectors. He is now smiling. I with the Zed & 10" X coil managed 6 pieces. Happy days. Good luck out there JW 🀠
  18. So why can't you call the coil an X coil, as that is what it is called? I think most of us are adults here. Maybe you should also put some tape over the "X-Coils" when you show a photo of it if that is the case. I find all this X coils drama pathetic when all it is is just another coil. I don't see NF, Coiltek & all other aftermarket coils getting the same pathetic treatment as X coils. JW 🀠
  19. Hi Simon, It is pretty easy really. I keep a little black book that every time I go out detecting I record the date, where I went, what detector/detectors & coils I used, the weight of each individual piece of gold so that also gives me the number of bits I have found & the total weight for that days detecting. Doing this on a daily basis on getting home from a detecting mission & weighing the gold only takes a few minutes. I have done this since my GP 3000 days. I used to take note of what the weather conditions were too, but I stopped doing that a while back. I very soon realised that I did quite a bit better when the ground was damp/wet, as I have banged on about. From doing this you build up a great database of info that adds up to some pretty interesting stuff when you look back on it. For example: Back in my GP & GPX days with the multitude of coils one could use, & I recorded what coils I used, you can see what ones were getting the most gold etc on certain grounds & certain types of gold. Same now with the Zed & the X coils & how I came up with what I showed. What I did not mention is that all this Zed & X coil detected gold is all over old ground that I have thrashed many times on many days with all my previous gold detectors & coils. Including the Zed & ML 14"coil, GMT, GM 1000, Nox 800 & GB2 until I was just not getting any more gold off them. Admittedly with the VLF's I just targeted very shallow bedrock areas that I had done well on with the GP 3000 & the little coiltek joey mono. The VLF's getting there share of tiny flyspeck gold within the now exposed schist bedrock. Good luck out there JW 🀠
  20. That is absolutely correct. It is not a magic wand, Just another coil, but bloody good ones at that. If the gold is not there anymore it ain't going to find it.....Buttercup. JW 🀠
  21. You will never know that for sure unless you waved the ML 14" over it before disturbing the ground. How deep was it? JW 🀠
  22. Hi Fred, that was my point too. In reality all I was trying to do with my comment was console Mitchel's obvious disappointment in coming home goldless on his first three occasions of using his new X coil. The fact he found quite a lot of small/tiny junk, like you said missed by all others, on thrashed ground told me his X coil was doing its thing & that maybe the gold just isn't there now to be had like it used to be or in view of his 15" x 10" X coil. Who knows what a 15" X coil may have done, or even the 10". Time will tell if & when someone does try those combinations. It sounds like gold is very hard to find now with any detector & coil combination in the places where Mitchel went. The X coils are not magic wands & cant make gold appear if the gold isn't presenting itself to be found. I wasn't expecting or felt it necessary for JP to jump down my throat like he did when all I was trying to do was justify maybe why Mitchel got no gold. X coil or not. JP obviously doesn't like me & has made that obvious in a few "attacks" & digs at me from out of the blue. Every now & then he seems to like poking me with a stick. Sometimes I ignore them but if he feels the need to spit in my face & humiliate me for trying to help or be sympathetic as to maybe why Mitchel came home goldless on his first three occasions using his X coil then I will defend myself & will spit back. Good luck out there Mitchel. JW 🀠
  23. Amen to that. Thank you Simon for saying such a sensible thing πŸ‘ I hope the gold gods smile down on you Mitchel. JW 🀠
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