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  1. And here I was expecting some video footage from the drone.? Best of luck out there Dave. JW ?
  2. ??......? Oh sorry....you are talking Australian English. I better stop there.? Good luck out there JW ?
  3. Ha ha.....Love you Fred. Keep rambling...... Best of luck out there. JW ?
  4. Ha ha. Come on Simon...it aint that big. My biggest was .16 ? The time before, that you & I went there, my biggest was also .16. My 2nd time there with the X 10x 9 coil the biggest was .21 & the first time with the 10 x 9 coil the biggest was .19. So nothing to be too proud of really. But gold is gold & it all adds up. Gosh, where are the 1 gram & up pieces hiding? I think you will be pushing s..t up hill there Klunker. But I know where you are coming from. Good luck out there JW ?
  5. I don't have a dog any more. Haven't for a long time. Just too painful when you lose them. I struggled to find some photos of my Tegan. My ex wife has them. A black & tan hunter way bitch. That young lad is now nearly thirty. This photo was taken on his first day to school at the age of 5. Ha...just noticed his sweet shirt. I will be in LA next april/may. Tegan mooching on the porch of the old family home. Mum, dad & my four sons. Beautiful old Villa until "mum" decided she didnt love me any more. Kicked me out of my own home & her new boyfriend, whom she had been having a 2 year affair with that no one knew about, moved straight in. Broke my heart...& my boys. I am still recovering. Will I ever?? Maybe this will help. Good luck out there JW ?
  6. Nice Dave. After seeing the video I was saying to myself. Dave...show us the bloody gold you tease. Next minute.....? Got 7 little tiddlers, out with Simon today, with the 10 x 9 X coil. this coil. Best of luck out there JW ?
  7. The first thing you need to do to a new steel pan before you use it that has been oiled, is to "blue" it. That is to light a fire, get the embers glowing red hot & chuck the gold pan upside down on them. The idea is to burn off all the oil as gold & oil just don't go together. Bye bye any fine gold floating off on the surface tension of the water as the gold gets coated in oil & of it floats. This can happen with the natural oil from your hands & fingers as well. Especially if you had a fried sausage for lunch. The pan needs to get red hot & then left to cool down naturally. Force cooling it by chucking it in water will end up warping & distorting the pan from the rapid shock of force cooling it. By letting the pan get red hot it actual turns the metal blue/black, hence the term bluing a pan, which makes the gold stand out better in the pan. ? Good luck out there JW ?
  8. Awesome Jasong.? Sounds like you were lucky, but you managed to pull it off. I know you will be impressed. Can't wait to hear what you have to say. How exciting. We have a bit of a crap day here today in my neck of the woods so have been housebound. Tomorrow is looking better to get out there. Best of luck out there. JW ?
  9. Hi Jin, The original mention in this post of this leaf being used for toilet paper was from the plant that grows in the old sluiced working that Simon & I were detecting. The plants were planted & used for toilet paper by the gold rush day Chinese miners. As was tobacco plants. And many different plum trees that are still producing fruit today. Also the bloody briar rose bushes that are just a menace weed plant today that the Chinese planted & used to make rose hip tea to drink for its vitamin C properties. Wilding thyme is also another massive invasive weed now. Although not in these old workings. Good luck out there JW ?
  10. So it isn't from a hoe that gave you a hickey? JW ?
  11. ? I can vouch a big fat yes in agreement to all that Jasong, in our insanely mild ground. Many of you will know my thoughts on the SDC in our insanely mild ground up against my 4500 & NF Sadie coil. The SDC just didn't shine for me. In bad ground (highly mineralised), maybe.The 10" X coil is just next level again. Getting smaller gold at crazy depths. Any gold is good gold to me & considering our gold is mostly small any way, why wouldn't I be happy being able to go back over my old grounds & glean more out of it. Especially in known "hot" spots. The enjoyment is still there in it for me. So why not? Maybe again just in our insanely mild ground. But that is the only ground type I know. Lucky me I guess. I always wanted a smaller coil for my Zed because I absolutely knew there was a lot of small gold & possibly bigger gold in areas I just couldn't get the ML 14" coil into. I bet we all have places like those. And it is proving to be. But I just knew it was a no brainer. The X coils are even getting gold off ground the ML 14" wasnt out in open ground. So when the opportunity came along I was all over it. No hesitation in chopping A ML coil to get the chip for the patch lead. Because I can still use that ML coil anyway by putting a plug back on to it. So not destroying or making the doner ML coil worthless or unuseable at all. So it doesn't become a throw away or sacrificial coil like people are thinking. I dont know why people keep pushing that point. It is false. Obviously things can go wrong with making the patch lead, as some have found out, but they shouldn't if all is followed to the letter. We may think it is easy to do but if in doubt get it done by a professional in that field. Good luck out there JW ?
  12. What is a Doohickie.? Is that similar to a Thingy-ma-who-dacky-ma-whats-it? JW ?
  13. Leave your knob alone. No wonder it got to 24.4 C ?? Hope you didn't get any splinters. We had a high of 6 C today which is very mild for this time of the year. The ski fields can definitely do with some natural snow. JW ?
  14. Geezzz...I just used my last like on you.
  15. Hi Jasong, you have hit the nail fair & square on the head in all that you said. So many times I just seem to imagine there was a signal. It is uncanny though how many of those type imagined signals turn out to be gold & how the imagined signal comes to life with a bit of a scrape, taking all doubt away. In all fairness to Simon I have been detecting in these areas for quite a few years now. Starting with my GP 3000 & many different coil options. Personally, my best day in this location for sizeable gold & number of finds & total weight was my very first day here with the GP 3000 & 11" ML commander mono coil. Nothing since has equaled that in this location. Even after the 4500 & GPZ & ML 14" coil. The gold just got smaller but at better depths. Until that too dried up for me with the Zed & ML 14"coil as Simon has said. We had actually stopped coming here but as Simon had his QED & his new X coil & I the smaller 10 x 9 X coil on the Zed we gave it another go. A bonus for me is that I know where I have found gold here before. Hot spots I guess you could call them. I generally put Simon onto these areas first hoping he gets a score. But generally there can be gold just anywhere. This day was no different. I followed behind Simon after he had gone over an area. I am still surprised at how quickly he covers ground. This may be his downfall & despite me telling him to slow down, it is something he is going to have to work out for himself as it was where I got most of that days finds. Even though I had got nothing off here that last few times with the Zed & ML 14" coil. Ok, the damp conditions may have helped as well as I so firmly believe they do. Or it could just be the brilliance of the Zed & X coil combinations as well as a tuned & mentally ground balanced ear. There is still a lot of this area to keep going over, so no reason why it shouldn't keep giving with the Zed & X coil combinations. @ strick. I do get my share of shotgun pellets. It is a judgement call on digging them. I do usually dig all signals but in well known pellet infested areas & I definitely can't tell by signal sound & depending on just what the ground is like or the location of the faint signal I am now in the habit of if it has moved after a boot scrape or one pick blade scrape & it hasn't stuck onto my magnet, then I will walk on. The pellets I do get are the deeper ones that suck me in. The gold, even tiny pellet size ones like in the above pics, are usually still down a wee bit. Cheers Good luck out there JW ?
  16. If he told you Mitchel he would have to kill you. Careful Norvic, he's trying to claim jump you. It is winter downunder & Aussie does get frosts as well. Even in the WA desert. JW ?
  17. Yes you must be....couldnt handle a wee frost. You need to take some cement & toughen up.? If you had a half decent detector & coil set up you should have been able to detect your pick. Don't get too soft & show too many photos Just taking the piss...but I am sure you realised that. Gezzzz....I haven't even tried the 12" spiral yet. I just can't take the 10 x 9 off since putting it on. It is doing the business for me.? Nice finds Vic. Gotta love the X coils. Best of luck out there JW ?
  18. 4 Sundays ago Simon & I headed off to an old haunt. Simon with his QED & me with the Zed & 10 x 9 X coil. I had been here once previously with the same set up & had got 8 bits of gold. This time the ground was quite moist from frost conditions & thawing out. So I liked my chances of getting some more as I always maintain that these moist conditions improve sensitivity & depth. I was running High Yield/Normal. Full max sensitivity of 20. Going extra slow, rubbing the ground & over areas I had got gold off before. It took a while to get a faint little hit on an old timers throw out pile. Down about 4 inches the signal had moved so I was convinced it wasn't going to be a pellet . Gosh...wasn't much bigger than one. Got another signal in the same throw out pile just above the first. I had flattened some grasses that were quite weak & folded down easily. Bang. Got a good hit. you will see the first dig to the lower left. Out popped this. Then above that dig I got another hit. Crazy. So three bit in very short succession off this one pile. For no reason I flipped over this flat schist slab & bugger me, I got a signal A beautiful sweet mellow gold signal. And gold it was. Then on another old throw out pile I get another sweet little hit. Wasn't too deep but for the size of the gold I was stunned. Thats Gold Monster size gold. It didn't end there. On the same pile. A couple of scrapes. Another tiny bit On top of some schist bed rock another faint but positive signal. Another small bit of gold. Prior to this Simon's QED batteries had died. Bugger. Then I remembered that I had the GB2 & the Gold Monster back in my wagon, which wasn't too far away. So off Simon went & came back with the GM 1000. We then had a coffee & lunch break. My last bit for the day was down a bit of a gut. Notice Simon at the top waving the GM 1000. He didn't fair too well this day on the gold. I was surprised at the depth of this dig & the very good signal. Thinking it was going to be a reasonable piece. Wrong. But still gold. no catch & release. All up 11 pieces for 1.08 grams. Another successful X coil day out there on ground that had given up producing with the standard 14" Zed ML coil. Loving these coils Cheers. Best of luck out there JW ?
  19. Bit like the Irish magician. He couldn't pull a rabbit out of his hat. So he bent over & pulled a hare, hair, out of his arse. Sorry...couldn't help myself. The devil made me do it. JW ?
  20. Ha ha....very similar Paul.? But you have been around some Aussies for a while now. Kiwi/Aussie sayings & slangs are all very much the same. They would have rubbed off on you. You may even recognise the significance of that world cup cricket match between England & NZ. Best of luck out there JW ?
  21. Cool Simon. You took heaps of photos, I didn't take one. They will never believe you panned some gold with no photos. But I know. I dont get too excited over flour gold. The penny I found I thought was going to be an old british one but it was a 1958 kiwi penny. Seemed a very strange dated coin to be in there. Way after the gold days. Maybe someone just like us back in the 1960 wandering around the old workings. I did show the lady & it turned out to be her birth year. I was going to give it to her before we left but it did the vanishing act on me. I just didn't know where it went to. I tried looking for it but no joy. It was my 2nd signal among millions of the usual shotgun pellets, .22 shells & their lead bullet heads. Was as Simon said, a cool spot & what a backyard to have. Needs a highbanker. The other time I was in that area was on the other side of the creek that flows down out of the hills. A mate of mine had dredged 8 ounces just downstream from where an old timers tailings race emptied into the creek. The gold being very fine they lost a lot with their inadequate recovery methods & probably the volume of water going down their boxes to wash on the bigger waste material. We did some detecting back then & got nothing. There was no bedrock. Just clays & gravels. Good luck out there JW ?
  22. Damn...I am out of likes. The X coil is killing it for you Coota. Good for you mate. You just seem to be echoing what other X coil users have experienced & continue to experience. Keep up the good work. Gotta love the X coils. Best of luck out there JW ?
  23. Oh Vic....what a game. What can I say. Who would have thought. So so so close. It just couldn't have got any closer. The real winner was cricket in general. Even people who weren't into cricket were on their feet. Our lads did themselves proud regardless. I still wish it was an Aussie/Kiwi final. Just like it was the world cup before. The Poms hadn't been in a final since 1992. Any way. It is done & dusted now. At least the Kiwi womens rugby team beat England. ? I will scarper now..... Best of luck out there JW ?
  24. There is only 4 million of us. Let's keep it that way.? JW ?
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