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  1. Thanks for the back up & for your company Simon & sorry for your skunk. You did get more pellets than me. Good luck out there JW ?
  2. Of course there is no way in hell ML is going to warranty or service one of their coils that has had the chip cut off it. I think the coils only have a 12 month warranty in the first place. I could be wrong there. So after 12 months & the coil is still all good & proved itself, why would it need to be serviced? I am assuming you would put a female connector back on the coil cable so you could still use it. The reality is that you will most likely never put that ML coil back on your Zed once you are hooked up with some X coils. Just my opinion & findings using these X coils. JW ?
  3. Hi Mitchel, I have the 12" round spiral wound, the 10 x 9 & the 15 x 14. Truth is I have not even used the 12" coil as yet. I have just walked in the door from a day out with Simon. I have a rattle in my bottle of 11 pieces of small gold got with the X coil 10 x 9. Got from ground that hasn't given me any gold for a long time with the ML 14" coil. As Simon is my witness. So I would have to say I consider the 10 x 9 a favourite for the shallow bedrock nature & old timer throw out piles of where I was detecting today. As to the why.....RESULTS. I will repeat. It found me 11 pieces of gold, not just one or two, but 11 pieces off ground the ML 14" was no longer. Is that a good enough why? ? Plus it is nice & light, runs rock solid. No falsing, no Zed warble, AND.... I can poke & prod it in places I haven't got a hope with the ML 14" coil. The 15 x 14 is also a favourite for deeper ground but it also very good on small stuff at depth as well as bigger bits at deeper depths. Again..... this coil has got me many more bits of gold off ground the ML 14" wasn't any more. Both small gold at reasonable depths & bigger gold at depth that the ML 14" coil didn't. So another favourite X coil. The 10 x 9 hasn't come off the zed since I put it on. Targeting the shallower grounds at the moment. Oh....I better mention that because of our INSANELY mild ground, & having absolutely no ferrite issues & no hot rocks in this location I am able to run in High Yield/Normal & FULL max sensitivity of 20 without even a sparrows fart of ground noise or any other form of interference. Just a rock solid steady smooth threshold until a target signal. Those of you that have mineralised ground to deal with will know that you can most probably not run these same settings & expect to get similar results. My settings & my results are based currently on using the X coil 10 x 9 in our insanely mild ground. The coil ran as quiet as a church mouse. When using the ML 14" coil in the same location I could run in High Yield/Normal & sensitivity at 18. It was ratty but I was able to cope, picking a target signal among the background commotion. A few weekends back I actually got 8 small pieces off this same location, & that was the first time I had used the X coil 10 x 9 here. Conditions then were very dry. Today there was quite a bit of moisture in the ground due to cold frosty & in places, frozen ground. I have always maintained that damp, moist ground gives me an edge in my detecting & results. Today proved no different with the 11 bits I found. Cheers Good luck out there JW ?
  4. Yes, But I wasn't not a fan of the SDC. I just put it down to our insanely mild ground & it gave me no advantage over my 4500 & small coils I used on it. Won't go into that again. I have thrown that broken record away. Good luck out there JW ?
  5. Bloody awesome Dave. Good for you mate. I am loving my 10 x 9. Best of luck to you out there JW ?
  6. Especially with that nugget on it. JW ?
  7. If that is the case why wouldn't Minelab say they are working on something. Be a lot more transparent about it & then people would most likely hold off on getting these Russian coils knowing something was coming from Minelab? Doesn't make any sense....does it? look at all the pre release talk on the Equinox before it came out & the feverish buzz that caused in the detecting world. I am sure that same buzz would have been generated with the talk of minelab working on something with coils for the Zed. Not even a dangled carrot. Maybe JP & Minelab will get the last laugh. Maybe the Russians have twisted their arm. Which is good. Either way....time WILL tell. Best of luck out there in the meantime. JW ?
  8. And I thought they were called garbage lid coils because they looked exactly like the old galvanized tin lids on those garbage cans. I still have one stashed away. Maybe I bought your one. JW ?
  9. I am absolutely NOT assuming every one else will have my same experiences. This is why I always bang on about our mild ground, until I sound like a broken record, & repeatedly state for others in mineralised ground they quite possibly wont have the same experiences as I have. Even going back to my very early days with the GP 3000. I am sure people have recognized that fact over the years I have been posting. For those lucky enough as me to have very mild ground then they & I are probably on the same understanding. Those that are understanding of mineralised & highly mineralised grounds, such as yourself, then you guys too will of course know the limitations & know you cant use the same settings as I use. Ok...that comes with experience. For those who are knew to the hobby & see my post will hopefully take on board what I say about our insanely mild ground & mineralised grounds & look further into advice from people such as yourself in regards to highly mineralised ground detecting conditions & appropriate settings. So I don't see me hiding behind anything or colouring things with what ever brush. I can see we, or more you, are always going to have this conflict with me. I don't know how much more transparent I can be. Lets just put it down to me detecting in insanely mild ground & you in highly mineralised ground & the opinions & differences in settings required for you to do so that are way different to mine. End of story. Should be no conflict at all IMHO as we are from different ends of the detecting spectrum. So I repeat: as I am of this same opinion I appologise if you feel scare mongering was a bit harsh. But the fact is a coil end needs to be chopped to get the chip to make the adapter.It may sound daunting to do this & even Steve H has shown horror at having to do such a thing to a perfectly good coil. Just a matter, like I said, to reconnect a female plug back on the chopped coil lead & it is all good to go again. Condor did have a bad experience in the making of his adapter plug but it will get sorted. Ok...you talk of an extra connection now inline that can be detrimental to the detectors ability. I dont know how finer line this is as I have noticed nothing but just getting more gold of old flogged ground. Which seems to be the experiences of others out there using the X coils with a chopped & made adapter plug. Even I assume in mineralised grounds over in WA as we speak. The other side of the 10 x 9 coil that I am using at the moment is that I can put it in places I never had a hope of getting the ML 14" coil in to. Knowing there is gold there. The very reason we all wanted a smaller coil that Minelab did say they were going to make but didn't. Or haven't to date. The fact I have found gold with the 10 x 9 over a lot of ground that the 14" ML coil was no longer producing for me is just another feather in my cap. So I have to be very happy with that. Wouldnt you think? I do believe you are possibly hamstrung by your association with Minelab so it is very likely detrimental to your business & Minelab agency & relationship with them. That stands to reason. Which is unfortunate. I bet on the side, you are loving these X coils hey.? Why should your experiences be any different to the growing number of people getting & using these coils & loving them? All differences aside. I wish you all the best of luck in your search & hold no malice. I aren't that type of person. Love, peace & happiness. Just enjoy your time out there detecting. JW ?
  10. Me too. I do keep on banging on about our insanely mild ground & how that has always been of benefit to me. I know many of you probably find it hard to believe the high end setting I use & the tiny gold I am finding with a detector running as quiet as a church mouse. The Ferrite is of no concern to me as it isn't an issue in our ground...obviously....otherwise I would be reporting the issue if I had it. In mineralised ground it obviously is an issue of which I am totally ignorant of. Lucky me. I thought I made my posts as transparent as I could regarding my detecting conditions, setting I was using & how these coils where performing for ME out in MY ground. I have stopped posting on my finds due to sounding like a broken record & just the usual small/tiny finds. But they are still coming in, at the moment, every time I go out. Total of 4 not even .25 of a gram Crazy. The two tiny bits in the below pic the x coil gave me a signal that had me investigating "something" but I could not isolate them. I went back the next day with the gold Monster & The two tiny bits together didn't register on the scales. But the 10 x 9 X coil got a sniff of them to make me investigate. The bigger bit was actually in an old Zed & ML 14" coil hole that I got a piece of gold out of a while ago in schist bedrock. As I always do I re checked the hole & the smashed out rubble pile with the 14" ML coil back then & nothing more. I stuck the 10 x 9 down flat into the hole, something I couldn't do with the ML 14" coil. BANG...got a good hit. These coils are finding me gold again on ground that was no longer. Got to be happy with that. @JP: I don't know why you say "Sacrificing a coil" to make an adapter plug. There is no sacrificing a coil at all. You cut the chip end off & wack back on a female microphone plug on the end of the cut off coil lead & by using the adapter plug, that now has the chip in it, you can still use the "sacrificial" coil just the same as any of the X coils. Or are you just trying to be a scare mongerer? Unfortunately for Condor, he just had a bad experience. Shit happens, but he will get on top of it & wont look back. Good luck Condor. I know you will love your X coil/coils. JP...on another note. When you say you found gold straight away with the x coil/coils, was it on ground you had already been over with the ML 14" coil that was no longer producing for you? That has been my experiences, & it seems every body else's swinging these coils. Best of luck out there JW?
  11. Kiwi's are the same...if not more so. The old number 8 fencing wire & baling twine mentality has fixed many a thing. When you are geographically isolated & out in the middle of nowhere you just have to improvise with what you have at hand. Not like you can drive to the nearest little hick town & expect they have what you "really" need. JW ?
  12. No. Had a poor sleep. Things on my mind. No better way to clear the head & those thoughts than getting into a post. I have been real slack in my posts of late. Even the X coil 10 x 9 finds that are still dribbling in but I just feel I am like a broken record as the gold is always pretty small & just the same old same old. So haven't bothered. You skiing all weekend? Mrs JW has a friend coming down to stay so I would be keen for a mission. Good luck out there JW ?
  13. That is good news.? Time will sort it but that is a bastard when time is ticking for some. Good luck. JW ?
  14. Hi Trent. Have you tried a ML coil back on the Zed with its own original chip. If so....did it work.? If not then worse case scenario the mother board of the detector could well be cooked as well as the adapter plug chip. I wouldn't be using that adapter plug on any other Zed in case it is blowing mother boards & it is sorted out. Bugger. Good luck JW ?
  15. Yes....I think mums the word on the bigger gold finds. As you found out. I can but imagine your excitement of course. As to the government red tape & hoops you have to jump through to get & operate a claim ? Don't get me started on that, I am best to just ? or I will get myself all worked up. I did quite well at Goldsborough numerous times back in my sluice boxing days. Wasn't bad for a public fossicking area. Here is a bit of a photo pictorial of a few hours on my last time in there when I was just passing through heading back to the North Island (when I lived there) after a gold mission for a couple of weeks in Queenstown (before I lived here). I love it down here. This photo taken from a house I am currently building. Back to Goldsborough. Glacial moraine deposits, as most gold on the West Coast is. Showing a bucket classifier that I made & used for breaking down the material taken to the sluice box for final processing. Sluice box I used to make & sell. Sniffing up the odd flake & speck that would get trapped in the ribbed matting Clean up time after a few bucket loads down the box End result So no wonder digger & screens have been going through the area. Good luck out there JW ?
  16. I guess as soon as you went to the Hokitika Gold Shop the word was out. Even posting it on here, you have no idea how many kiwi's may graze this site. You would be surprised. People are always trying to glean info & locations for their own gain but never put their hand up themselves. Secret squirrel society. What I don't understand about these arseholes is that stealing gold from a plant....well I can understand that, but it is the willful deliberate damage & vandalism. What is the point of that? All that is going to do is stop the operators from finding more gold that these arseholes could have come back & steal again. Idiots. I jest. I just shake my head in disbelief. JW ?
  17. I always loved my ML 11" commander mono coils on my GP 3000 & 4500. Ended up going through a few of them. Wore out quite a few skid plates but they had a habit of becoming touch sensitive.? & I wasnt hard on my coils, but they found me quite a lot of gold.? Good luck out there. JW ?
  18. Does it stick to your magnet, or does your magnet slightly influence it? Could just be red stained quartz from mineralisation processes. JW?
  19. Loose lips sink ships. If I ever find a big nugget I now know not to say diddly squat. Personally though, I don't see how you finding a decent nugget can in any way have any bearing on these arseholes doing what they are doing. Arseholes are just aresholes & they will get their just deserves. Probably end up as crayfish (lobster) bait. JW ?
  20. You will know now for next time Guess you had to say you found it in a public fossicking area? Good luck out there JW ?
  21. Yer, Bastards....I contacted a mate of mine over on the coast who is heavily involved with a bunch of guys who operate these type digger & screen operations chasing gold when I first was made aware of this. (Thanks Simon). He was well aware of it & said West Coast justice will take care of these people. ( they don't muck around) Don't be surprised if some missing people reports come out. Serve them right though IMHO. Good luck out there JW ?
  22. I guess we can wonder all we like but Minelab are very good at ? So we may never know & most likely never will. We can only do what we can do with what is on offer to us. Right now it is what is happening with these X coils & doing the adapter plug. People will always buy the latest in detectors no matter the cost to get that edge to be first in best dressed before they become mainstream. That is the addiction with gold fever. Until that "new" gold detector comes out from Minelab, or whoever, then X coils & adapter plugs it is. They obviously are doing the trick to scratch that itch.? Good luck out there JW ?
  23. Ha ha....I like that one too.? & I pushed the pram 4 times. Slow learner, & I thought it was something in the water, so I cut the pipeline. That seemed to end it. Good fun trying though. JW ?
  24. Or get some X coils......and go back over your old ground. The results will astound you. Unless some else beats you there with their X coils. Early bird gets the worm.... Good luck out there JW ?
  25. Welcome back Peg. Great photos & some nice gold to reward your efforts. Sounds like you had a great time with some great friends. Awesome. Thanks for sharing? Very best of luck out there JW ?
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