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  1. Me neither Mitchel. πŸ‘ JW 🀠
  2. Yes....just look at what happened to Lasseter. He perished after his camels bolted on him. Read the 1930's expedition. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lasseter's_Reef Good luck out there JW 🀠
  3. Sore back from sluice boxing?? I know it kills my back so I don't do it anymore. Hope you recover quickly. You must be very anxious to play with your new toy.πŸ˜‰ Good luck out there JW 🀠
  4. There is a lesson in this for all of us. "What if it isn't another ring pull?" JW 🀠
  5. Detectorists are time travellers. JW 🀠
  6. That's why I don't sluice box anymore. Wrestling rocks & all that bending over kills my back. For the flood gold recovered....not worth it to me for the graft. JW 🀠
  7. Yep....& that can be the same with gold too. I have my theories but the fact remains on gold that I never found more or bigger than I did on the first day of finding a patch. Good luck out there JW 🀠
  8. Yes....but they are very few & far between these days. If they now exist at all. JW 🀠
  9. Just wait until your X coil arrives & you will be getting gold again off your old patches that the Zed & ML 14" coil didnt. πŸ‘ Good luck out there JW. 🀠
  10. Hi Mad Fish, You are so right. I sort of have a golden rule now that if a very obvious signal has moved after a couple of light scrapes then I write it off as a surface pellet & move on. If it lives on down a bit more then I will recover it. But just like you said, you will get a signal that sounds like all the rest (pellets) & has moved after a couple of scrapes but something in your mind tells you to dig it...and it is gold. Yep...why is that? Intuition, gold gods just smiling down on you? Sometimes for me it is the type of ground that makes me investigate. By type of ground I mean cracks in bedrock or bedrock that suddenly drops off to deeper ground where gold may have got caught on the edge of the bedrock & the drop to deeper ground, like a riffle. It doesn't have to be much of a drop to 'catch' & trap gold. It could be just the structure & make up of the ground that makes me investigate. A lot of ground can just have that horny gold bearing look to it. After a couple of scrapes you recognise that type of ground & recover the target. But then of course I can guarantee that some signals I walked away from that had moved after a couple of scrapes & thinking they are just pellets would have been small gold. Maybe sometimes there is just a very slight different sound that makes you take more notice. Another thing that gobsmacks me is the number of signals that I have got that I wasn't even sure was a signal. It just seems like a hunch that it was a signal. But there is something that pulls you up. You check, re check, no nothing. A ghost signal? But you know something made you stop in that very first instant but no still nothing. So I scrape a bit of dirt away to get a bit more depth & bingo. Yes...that is something but ever so faint. Those ones always seem to turn out to be gold. In my case small gold but down quite deep. That has happened to me more times than I can remember. I think the subconscious is a very powerful thing & works for us in ways that we don't even recognise or think about or understand. Stuff just happens & we think WTF in amazement but can't explain it. Maybe it is karma. Good luck out there JW 🀠
  11. I had doing the same thing in mind. So I collected all my lead finds & brass casings. Even those bloody shotgun pellets. I still have a couple of jars full of them but have now for a long time just got home & thrown them in the bin. I thought about making fishing sinkers from the lead, which is something I used to do when I lived on the coast & did a lot of fishing. Both off the land & out in boats. But not living near the coast now I dont have the use for the sinkers. I then thought I could make dive weights for dredging but haven't taken the dredge out for years. Too much red tape to go through with the powers to be for dredging these days. So that didn't happen as well. All goes in the bin now. But every one of those targets 'could' have been gold. Good luck out there JW 🀠
  12. Took the words out of my mouth.....or should I say....fingers πŸ˜‚ Unless you see the recovered target you never know for sure. In my early days with my GP 3000 I got so sick & tired of digging .22 shells & there lead bullet heads I started to ignore those loud, in your face, signals that were always a very close to surface target. Some were on a couple of patch areas that gave up some nice amounts of gold to me. The ones I ignored played on my mind that night. So next morning I went straight back. I was fresh, bright eyed & bushy tailed. So I dug them. The day before I was over the heat & getting lazy & that is a habit I have today. Start to ignore those signals that I just can't be bothered digging due to the heat & 'feeling' it is just crap any way. Some of those ones I had ignored the day before, one was a 9 gram slug of gold, one was a 5 gram slug & one was 13.75 grams. They all moved after just two scrapes with the pick. So very shallow & hence the day before thinking...oh yer...just another bloody .22 casing & walking away from it. Ok...some were .22 casings but I learnt a very valuable lesson that day. You just can't tell what a signal is until it is in your hand. FACT. I still shake my head today in disbelieve when I dig a crap sounding target & it morphes into gold. I think to myself....thank god I dug that 'crap' signal. Those that bang on about, I can tell by the sound, are kidding themselves. The ones they leave behind....they will never know for sure. Ok....the majority may well be crap, but, just take my experience from the three I used in my above comment. Nearly one ounce of gold in three pieces, & that is big gold for here, that I so nearly walked away from. When chasing gold....dig all signals! Best of luck out there JW 🀠
  13. Have to agree with that Rob. The number of times I have dug a crap sounding target thinking for sure it is crap & it has turned out to be gold is staggering. That is why we dig all targets when chasing gold nuggets. You just can't tell until it is in your hand. Of course the opposite happens to. You do get those smooth mellow soft signals that does have gold written all over it & you are 100% sure it is gold from the start & often it is. But of course, again, it may be a deeply buried on the fringe of detection piece of lead or crap. 100% agree with that too. There are always more favourable spots, places, locations that gold is more likely to be. Especially if you are in a known gold deposit location. Good luck out there JW 🀠
  14. Amen to that flakmagnet. I have always considered the gold to be just an excuse for getting out there & enjoying the great outdoors & all it has to offer in the four seasons, the adventures & thrills (sometimes) of just getting out there & back home. Any gold found is just a bonus & the icing on the cake. Having just said that....best of luck out there. πŸ˜„ JW 🀠
  15. The kid....or the detector....?πŸ˜‚ I think Mitchel said it (the detector) had an orange coil. JW 🀠
  16. Very nice, very impressive, very well earnt. Beautiful piecesπŸ‘ Best of luck out there JW 🀠
  17. Mrs JW is well aware of my antics on cliff faces & steep long drop offs. She has seen me doing it too often. It is nice to know that she does really care about my well being. My ex wife would probably have pushed me.πŸ€” So when she is present now I am a bit more mindful not to push the limits. She always says to me when I go off by myself to keep away from the edges. Yes honey.πŸ˜‰ Trouble is...I guess that is why the gold is still there. Or was....πŸ˜„ Good luck out there JW 🀠
  18. And how have they got past the chip. Any mention of that. What sizes & what prices?? So when is actual release? Without confirmation of that it must still be very early stages. Still speculation? 2020-2021??Are they just dangling the carrot? Meanwhile.... just keep on waiting & waiting & waiting. JW
  19. Dear I suggest an X coil for your Zed??😱 Then go back over the same ground. I will run for cover now.πŸ˜‰ JW 🀠
  20. I agree RedDirtDigger. Like your vehicle & set up πŸ‘ Best of luck out there JW🀠
  21. You're on to it Lacky. Shut up SimonπŸ˜‚πŸ€£. I am pretty safe. Mrs JW doesn't check up on me on the forum. Just twitter & instagram when it concerns Shania Twain But that is harmless. Well I think so anyway. JW 🀠
  22. Hi flakmagnet. I always wanted a smaller coil for my Zed. It wouldn't have mattered who made & released it I would have got one. Minelab obviously weren't going to come to the party with there talk of a smaller coil & what NF are going to do....who really knows? Talk is cheap & means nothing until it happens & is on the shelf....if it really ever will. How are they going to get passed the chip? Nothing has been set in concrete about that, just talk. How much longer do people have to wait or want to wait? I couldn't wait & took the risk. That was my choice. If people are not happy about taking the risk because of bricking there expensive machine that is there choice. It is repairable.....at a cost. Again that is there choice. I do understand that many won't take that risk due to the cost involved if things go wrong, again, that is there choice & fair enough. So if they don't take the risk they have no choice but to wait & wait & wait & see what happens. If any thing.....In the meantime those who have taken the risk are enjoying the fruits of using these coils on their Zeds finding gold on ground that wasn't picked up by previous makes & models of detectors & coils. Gold is getting harder to find by the day & if NF or anybody else does get in to making aftermarket coils for the Zed they are going to have to be on par or better than the present X coils. Comes down to the the early bird gets the worm. Especially on old grounds that gold is know to have been found & hammered with all other detectors & coils. If an X coil has been over that ground...well it just makes it that much harder again for "future" makers of aftermarket Zed coils unless they are a step up on the presently available X coils. X coils have just given people a Zed aftermarket coil opportunity. Nothing more nothing less. No one else has. Take it or leave it. That is the choice along with the risk.... if taken....but for those waiting.....there is getting less & less gold to find by the day. Good luck out there regardless of your choice. I wish you the best. JW🀠
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