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  1. Beautiful eye candy Chris. Very nice finds. Congrats. Good luck out there. JW.
  2. Nice finds. Well done. Congrats. Good luck out there. JW
  3. Hi there Keith, Thanks for dropping bye & for your comments. . House is still a long way off moving in as I am building it by myself. I have got it to the stage of ready for roof. It has been a bit of a mission & ended up starting it just on winter......so that wasnt much fun with the ice & snow & frozen conditions & short day light hours. Was supposed to have started it in summer but with a few architect errors on the plans etc....it dragged on. Yes you are correct. I am in the Queenstown area of Central Otago NZ. Cheers. Good luck out there. JW
  4. Hi guys, It has been a while since I last got out for a detect due to the building of our new house. I had been at it seven days a week for ages & was well over due for a gold finding adventure. The weather has got a bit more mild & the ground thawed out a bit & with an ok looking weekend weather wise, Mrs JW & I decided to get away for the weekend. By the time we got away saturday morning & got up in to the hills & to a spot that I had snagged a few small bits last time I was out, it was after midday. A few months ago I got an interference filter from Woody at Detector Mods. I reckon this gadget works a treat & gets the 4500 humming along hot & smooth. I had on the NF 14 x 9 & managed to get 6 bits of gold that afternoon with the biggest being 3.5 grams. I had been over this area many times before & with the same set up but not the interference filter. The next day I spent the morning continuing along this area but didnt get anything else. MMMmmm.....where to now. There was an area I had done quite well on in the past that wasnt too far away. I wasnt holding much hope but thought...what the heck. I got heaps of .22 shells & lead bullet heads. The odd lead pellet......& a 600mm dig for an old square nail. Man I thought that was going to be gold as I was in to some pretty solid schist rock. But not to be. I was also getting sick of digging up .22 shells & had just got another signal that had .22 shell written all over it. Dug down on it. To my utmost suprise. A slug of gold. Mrs JW had a go with the 2300 but after 10 minutes with no gold & more shot gun pellets than she cared to dig....gave up. I didnt get too carried away on the pics but ended up with 16 bits for just over half an ounce. Biggest was 4.7 grams Even got a nice little quartz specimen bit. My best result for a long time. Ye Ha. Good luck out there. JW
  5. I hope the run of gold continues for you. Keep us posted with some more of your wonderful video footage. Cheers. Good luck out there. JW
  6. Very, very nice. Well done guys. Congrats. Good luck out there. JW
  7. Stunning mate.......wicked. And you ask....Where are the big pieces.....Mate....those are BIG compared to the tiddlers that I find. Where's the vid???? I'm hanging out for a fix. Best of luck out there. JW
  8. G'day Dale, Mate....you deserve all the success you get. Always a pleasure to read your posts, watch your vids, & thanks for all the bits of advice & tips you share, & for your honest & unbiased opinions on gear that you feel is doing the best of the business for you. Cheers. Best of luck to you out there. JW
  9. Nice going Dale. Well done mate. Thats a good payday. Good luck to you guys out there. JW
  10. Nothing quite beats the feeling like your first detected gold. For some reason the first one is always the hardest to find then they seem to get easier. The small gold is the hardest to nab so well done. The bigger ones take care of themselves....if they are there. Good luck out there JW
  11. Oh mate.....you will have to throw it away....It doesnt fit you. Nice find. Well done Good luck out there JW
  12. Hi there Rege-PA, How you doing? Good simple & sound advice from Steve there for you. Put in a manner that even I can understand it. LOL It is a lot to digest but when you get your head around it & with a bit of time under your belt it becomes 2nd nature. Like most things. A bit daunting at first but practise makes perfect. Hope you do well & find some gold. Remember....keep your coil as low to the ground as you can (scrapping it, thats what the skid plate is for & you cant get any closer to the gold than that) & keep a slow coil sweep spead. Low & slow is the go. Best of luck out there JW
  13. Being only in to gold dectecting these days I will be sticking with my faithfull 4500 & the multitude coils that I have for it. The occasional fling with the 2300. The GMT, Gold Bug 2 & Infinium havnt had a run since I got the 2300. Best of luck out there. JW
  14. Hi there Aussie Matt, Thanks again for you comments. I used to run my GP 3000 on the hot side & put up with a lot of chatter & noise. The 3000 had such a sweet audio on gold targets that they really stuck out when you came across them that it was no problem to hear them through the chatter. It is funny how in those days I always used head phones & never liked external speaker set ups. I tried them a few times but just didnt like them. When I got the 4500 something changed about that & now I havnt used head phones for ages. Except on the 2300, gold bug 2 & GMT & that is only as I dont have an external speaker booster system for them. With the GMT & gold bug 2 they have an audio boost switch on them any way but I sure do dig a lot of shot gun pellets with those two machines. I dont think there will be much problem with that though where I am going today. It is pretty hard access & I dont think quail or rabbit shooters would have bothered to go to the extremes to get there. I just have the ferrous junk to deal with. Cheers & good luck out there JW
  15. Hi there Steve & AussieMatt. Firstly Steve, Thank you for the welcome & for your quick reply. I was quite a regular poster back in the days on your old AMDS forum when I was using my GP 3000. I also started a post on gravity suction dredging which gained a bit of interest & momentum. But back to the 2300. The thought did cross my mind that maybe the 2300 wasnt performing to the best of its ability, & maybe it isnt, but I am favouring more on the side that it performs better in the mineralized ground conditions than it does in mild ground compared to a GPX series detector. When I did my comparison tests between the 2300 & 4500 I did detect the whole ground with the 2300 that I had detected with the 4500. I didnt just go straight to the signals with the 2300 that I got & marked with the 4500. I got no other signals with the 2300 going all over the same ground but it did miss 3 out of the 20 signals that I had found & marked with the 4500. In the 2300's defence I did find 2 bits on ground that I hadnt been over on that day with the 4500. On two other seperate occassions & two different gold fields in mild ground I had similar results. One signal that I got with the 4500 I had to take 3" off before the 2300 got a signal. With the 3" taken off the 4500 was screaming. It was a piece of gold. The area I chose to do my first comparison was a gold/quartz specimen location & that is why I chose it to see if there was some wirey, hollow, pourous gold that the 2300 would shine on over the 4500. Even though it was mild ground. Turned out not to be. As the other two areas I did comparisons on turned out not to be either. The 4500/sadie found more gold on all occasions than the 2300 so it is hard for me to have faith & confidence in the 2300 knowing these results. I am not knocking the 2300, but just think now that it isnt ideal in our mild ground conditions compared to the combination of the 4500 & sadie coil & even the 14 x 9 when I can set the 4500 to such sensitive settings. The 2300 will still have its use for taking for a swim in a few gold bearing creeks that have a lot of iron sands. So not all is lost. As we know the 2300 wasnt a replacement detector to the GPX's but to compliment them in certain conditions. It's just that our mild ground wasnt & isnt one of them. AussieMatt, Thank you for your reply & comments. Yes I was very hesitant in getting a 2300 in the first place. Mostly due to our very mild ground. But as no one here in NZ had given up any info & results that they had with their 2300's, & I know there are a few out there that have them, I took the plunge to find out for myself. A forum friend of mine who has a 2300 was coming down to where I am & I told him I would take him to one of my spots. I was going to see what his results were before getting one myself but ended up having mine in transit to me by the time he arrived here. I was hoping it would be here when he was here but it arrived the week after he left. I took him to a spot that I had thrashed to see what he might come up with. After a couple of hours he had found 2 little pieces & I had found none, so I thought hey choice, there is something in this 2300. But to cut a long story short that was all he got & I ended up with 8 pieces with the 4500/sadie. One piece I found on ground he had been over & missed so I wasnt so sure at this stage now about the 2300. Here are some pics of recent finds with the 4500/sadie. Two of these were just .03 of a gram & one .04 & one .05 of a gram This was my result for a days outing after xmas day. 33 bits for just over 8 grams. Biggest .81 of a gram & smallest was two at .06 of a gram. I am off to some old sluiced workings tomorrow. There is a lot of ferrous rubbish from the old riffle plates & bars & old rusty metal piping. I was going to take the MXT but have decided to take the GMT & 4500. I wont be taking the 2300. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  16. Hi there Steve & Chris, What depths are you finding these small pieces at? I am struggling to like my 2300 detecting here in New Zealand. Our soils are very mild & I am able to run my 4500 in the most sensitive setting possible most of the time. Special sensitive extra, Deep or Normal on the front end cap, Deep or boost in the audio, Very slow motion mode, Gain on factory preset of 8 or any where between that & 15. If I get a bit of EMI or solar influence I will put the audio in to quiet & crank the gain up to 15. Works well for me & with the Nugget Finder Sadie coil I am finding small gold (.03, .04 & .05 of a gram at shallow depth) & bigger bits at 8" depth the 2300 doest even pick up on. Even with an inch or two of material scraped off on some of the signals the 2300 wasnt making a squeak. So is there no advantage with the 2300 in mild soils? You may like to have a look at a couple of posts I did on an Aussie forum. One was asking the question of how small a coil guys were using on there GPX's to find the small shallow gold that the 2300 is hot at. Bearing in mind that the 2300 only has the one 8" coil. I was suprised that not many used the smallest coils possible on their GPX's to try to find the small gold. Here is the link. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t20312-coil-size-used-on-gpx-before-the-2300-cleaned-up-old-patches The other post is my comparison test between the 4500 & sadie coil & the 2300. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t20324-my-comparison-test-between-2300-4500-sadie You guys are finding some great amounts of gold which is what twisted my arm to get a 2300. Cheers & good luck out there JW
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