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  1. I have the orx that I'm trying to learn now. I hadn't planned on getting a deus. George suggested getting the ws4's to make a deus lite. I just wondered if there would be some kind of advantage over the orx in doing that. Thanks!
  2. Ok George, now you got me to thinking...lol I thought the coil did the work and just sent the signal to the headphones and controller or in the case of the deus lite.. coil to headphones. I know there are some adjustments with the headphones you can make but what is the advantage in doing that. Thanks, Tom
  3. Hmm never thought about that.
  4. Got my first Indian with the orx along with a toasted wheatie and a few other treasures.
  5. Looks liked the x35 it is.lol..Thanks Tom I guess I hadn't got that far into my research.
  6. Tom, I'm feeling the same way. Those are my only two detectors. I've owned a bunch but I fell like these two will take care of all my hunting needs as well. I love my 800 but the ORX sure is fun to use. In the next month or so I'll be getting an 11" coil... either the HF or X35. I haven't decided for sure which one yet. Tom
  7. Well I've got to take the ORX out some and I'm liking it fine. Like any new machine it'll take time but the im6 pinpointer is awesome. I just got it and have only used it once but I love it! If minelab could come up with a pinpointer that paired with the Equinox I would have one.
  8. I went hunting this evening with a friend who was using his Equinox while I was trying out the orx. Yikes!! The orx doesn't like being near the Equinox at all. Is there something I can do besides turn my sensitivity down. That seemed to work but I was hoping there was another option. Thanks!
  9. Cool find! Yep, that 6" coil will certainly pick out a keeper that's been hiding.
  10. Hey Joe! Congrats on the bucket lister!! It's always a good day to get one of those!
  11. Thanks Joe! Hit a couple places where a church used to be. Not a bad pay off.
  12. First hunt six indians and a barber quarter with a few treasures. Second hunt 36 Washington, 1901s barber dime and what I believe to be an early Indian. (they are usually brown like a nickel) it's wore pretty smooth but the numbers reflected an early Indian. Still pk1 ib3 rec7...Thanks for looking! HH!!
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