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  1. Yes, hopefully it’s just an oversight. You wouldn’t think a water proof machine would have that written like that in the warranty.
  2. Deus2 warranty. Hmmm I hope I don’t get any water ingress…appears it’s not covered under the warranty. Maybe I need that explained better.
  3. Very nice hunt! Congratulations on the old wheat and v-nickel. It’s a great feeling finding something you’ve never found before. You’re doing what you need to do to learn a machine and that’s dig a lot of targets to see what it’s saying. Good job!
  4. I use lavender oil spray on our dog all the time and on me when I go into the woods. It’s a little more expensive but it seems to work very well and there are no toxic chemicals. One of God’s natural repellents for ticks and fleas.
  5. Nice relic day! The watch fob is cool. They’re fun to find.
  6. I like the nine and the thirteen combo till at some point (age/health) the thirteen gets to heavy for me. In my soil the thirteen although maybe only a couple inches is deeper. No air tests just the finds on deeper coins found in the wild. Two inches is paramount in some locations between finding nothing or having a fun day.
  7. I got my Deus2 with the nine inch. I had the nine and thirteen x-35’s for my deus1. I’ll probably pick up the D2 thirteen at some point. I had no problem swinging the large coil so that combo worked well for me.
  8. Aaron, thanks for the video. My D2 is supposed to be here Sat. I was wondering when I watched the results of the nickel under the bottle cap. The tarasacci didn’t change much and the D2 didn’t get it at all. After you lowered the bc reject the d2 started hitting it. I noticed you mentioned the ferrous meter in the caption on the d2. I’m assuming it was giving a non ferrous reading? Also I was wondering what the d2 would do at the setting of bc1 with out the nickel there. Just curious. Thanks again for taking the time to do the tests and sharing the video. HH, Tom
  9. Congrats on getting into the 1800’s and with a barber no less! You have some nice finds as well.
  10. Thanks! I was very happy with the two key barbers I found but you found “the key barber” !! That was an awesome find for sure!! I would for sure have a value written down for that so in the future family will know what it’s worth. Coins like that don’t come along very often. Happy for ya!!
  11. Commonwealthdetector, I have a friend that’s a dealer and he said the same thing about the environmental damage. I took a 92s and a 76cc dime to him to give me a value on them. That’s when I found out these guys so worried about rubbing the dirt off were just fooling themselves. The coins already damaged from being in the ground a hundred years or more. Rubbing the dirt off isn’t really going to make much if any difference at all. I did also find an 01s barber last year. We don’t get to choose what we’re gonna find so congratulations on a key barber dime! Awesome find!! HH!! Tom
  12. Ok Jeff, here’s a thought. If you look at the locations that the most gold targets fall in. What would you say to playing an odds game and notching the other numbers out and digging those numbers that it seems a lot of gold falls into? You would leave a lot out.. dig less holes but perhaps increase your odds of digging gold. Thinking bout trying that sometime.😁
  13. I ran the coil backwards on the AT pro I used to have and it made a difference. I didn’t think the equinox or legend were bad enough to do it. But it sure helped the pro so I would think it would make some difference. The coil doesn’t know it’s on backwards. lol
  14. Nice review Captian Jeff! I would be interested in setting up that disc pattern you are using if you wouldn’t mind posting it. Thanks! Tom
  15. cjc ,exactly! There are a lot of clues given that when you pick up on them will sure help out. You’re absolutely right about the to wide a sweep. When I’m working a target the sweep widths get smaller and smaller till I can zero in on the location of the target. The old minelab wiggle so to speak lol. Normally I like to wiggle off the target. There’s info there too when the coil comes off the target. You have to do that with the deus1 or you’ll dig a ton of bottle caps. Thanks for the info. Good luck and HH!
  16. That’s awesome Jeff! I’m really enjoying learning the Legend. I will most likely never use it on the beach or in the gold fields so for my hunting locations it’s proving to be a great machine.
  17. Very nice write up Tahts! Looking forward to hearing about more of your ferro check thoughts and thoughts in general using the information the legend is providing. Thanks!
  18. What I’m really wanting to see is someone else post where they’ve found something good with a little two way wiggle one spot ferro check nonferrous signal. I’m starting to loose count and liking the Legend more every time I dig one.
  19. Thanks! I think it likes non ferrous. lol Only two barber dimes so far but a lot of wheats. Indians are kinda a higher mid conductor and it’s found me a handful of those. I’m hoping for something gold but I’ve not found much of that anyway… but I’m at least digging more possible gold signals now. 🤔 maybe I’ll get lucky!😁
  20. I finally made it to the park here in town where the last fighting was done before the Union headed on to the next town by night fall back in 1861. It’s given up a lot of relics over the years but finding one there now is a rarity. Today was a special day for me and although it’s not much the guys who still hunt it know what kind of day I had. I’m gonna say it again that ferro check is awesome!! Found the carbine bullet first then the Buffalo. Little farther along under a big rock out comes the round ball. Heading back towards the car and it was one of those only in one spot signals but the ferro check said non ferrous so I dug it and wow! A nice eagle button! I was stoked! Three civil war relics and a Buffalo. Happy day for me.😁
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