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  1. Great headphones, great sound. Have had my Pelsos over a year now and no complaints. Too bad they're out of stock at Kellyco where I purchased mine.
  2. Just a thought on removing the coil cover and coating the bottom surface of the coil with epoxy... I had removed the coil cover on my AT Pro for beach / water detecting. I inadvertently hit a rock underwater with the side of my coil and chipped and cracked the plastic which led to a leak and a new coil. Coating the bottom surface of the coil isn't enough depending on where and how you are detecting. Like Dew said above, I'd sooner replace a coil cover than a costly coil. I've detected fresh and saltwater beaches in FL and New England and never found it difficult to remove the coil cover after each outing while cleaning my Nox. I also keep a spare coil cover just in case. GL&HH
  3. Geez, what a day! Congrats and thanks for sharing, Steve.
  4. LS Pelso WP phones First of all, I've been using these phones on fresh and saltwater hunts and am very impressed with the sound. I have not hunted with the phones submerged and would expect the sound to suffer a bit when submerged, but out of the water they are great. Second, we are vacationing in FL on the Gulf and it's been very windy. The drain hole on the non-corded side is susceptible to wind noise when that hole catches the wind. Turning your head a bit helps with that issue as does a small piece of electrical tape which solves it. The cable tie on the corded side mitigates the wind noise on that side to acceptable levels. Third, I had applied a liberal coating of sunscreen to my ears (not thinking about them being covered by the phones 😗 ). Big (dumb) mistake. The sunscreen reacts with the black paint that covers the inner plastic grill piece with the sound holes over the top of the speakers. Not good. The sunscreen softens the black paint making a gummy mess where ear contact is made. A little baby powder firmed up the gumminess and seems to have dried it out. Bottom line, don't put sunscreen on your ears when using the Pelsos. The No Ad brand carried by big W label lists dozens of unpronounceable chemical ingredients that should have been a clue.
  5. Great writeups Chase and Steve! Nice details and nice job.
  6. Congrats! You really took a bite out of that park. Bet you're chomping at the bit for another visit there.
  7. Good point, Jeff. Using a good quality charger capable of providing 2 amps minimum is a must. That said, it does sound like a case of infant mortality failure. Call Minelab Customer service in Illinois and Jamie will take care of you quickly.
  8. Following up on my post above, I bought the LS Pelso WP headphones. I don't ever expect to dive and only wanted a good set of WP headphones for fresh and saltwater wading where I may have to dip my head under water to scoop a find or possibly rainy day detecting. The Pelsos have excellent sound, the cord length is good for me, they are comfortable to wear for long periods and the price is reasonable.
  9. Depends. Are you going to be using them under water at max depth or just want a pair for use while wading that can take a few waves? Speaker types may not work well (sound) under water at max depth, but work great above water - better sound quality in my estimation than piezos. Piezo types are probably better underwater. Next step, decide on your use then read reviews - many on this forum.
  10. I agree with using Park 1 as many here have suggested. Minelab suggests starting in Park 1 when you are getting to know your new Equinox. Sticking with the default settings is also a good idea when getting started with your new machine as they wok well. You will probably be finding a lot of iron around the old home site and the constant low tone beeping (if you have All Metal mode - the horseshoe - turned on) will start to wear on you after a bit. If that's the case, go into Settings and turn the Tone Volume for t1 down from 12 to 4 (or whatever works for you). This will quiet the iron tones down a bit, possibly making them more tolerable when in All Metal mode while still letting you know there's iron under the coil. In heavy iron environments I'll usually hunt with All Metal turned off the enable it to check a questionable target signal. My personal preference is hunting in 5 tones (Target Tone setting) for both Park and both Field modes. One thing that drove me a bit nutty when hunting in areas where zinc pennies could be found was the toggling between 19, 20 and 21 signals, which most zincs produce, which also causes the tone to toggle between a lower frequency for 19 and 20 and the next higher frequency for 21 as the default tone break is between 20 and 21. I moved the t3 tone break from 20 to 22 in order to keep zincs from toggling between frequencies. I did the same for quarters with the new firmware, moved the t4 tone break from 30 to 31. I made these changes for both Park modes and both Field modes. Don't get too carried away with the target depth scale on the detector. Depth accuracy is going to vary with target size, shape and metal type. Use the depth scale as a rough indication. Jeff mentioned the pinpointing issues. My pinpointer is dead on right under the coil knuckle and it's deadly accurate. Don't forget to turn the pinpointer function off before you move on to the next target. You usually only make that mistake once😀 GL &HH
  11. Just a quick reminder for those of us living in areas where old man winter is bringing our detecting season to a close. Page 8 in the Equinox manual has a “Battery maintenance” note indicating the lithium batteries should be charged every 3 or 4 months when the equipment is not being used for long periods of time in order to keep battery performance from declining. Don't forget to charge the WM-08 module and the Bluetooth headphones as well. Click for larger version....
  12. Re my earlier post in this thread, for clarification. I have only hunted fresh water and dry land in parks and playgrounds since updating to 1.75, using Park 1 in both the fresh water and on dry land. Where I noticed the nickel / pop top readings being essentially the same was on the dry land (dirt & grass). Same for copper pennies and clad dimes reading essentially the same. I used to see pop tops run 13, 14, maybe 15 and nickels run 12, 13 with the old firmware. This was enough to give a pretty good idea of what the target was. Copper pennies typically ran 24, 25 depending on depth and condition while clad dimes used to read 25, 26, again depending on depth and condition. Now it's a toss up, just dig it. Just wanted to add this clarification for anyone trying to interpret my results while they hunt saltwater, saltwater beach dry or wet sand, etc. I can live with this and will be sticking with 1.75 even though a couple of things in the update didn't go in a positive direction, IMHO.
  13. I'm only about 10 hours into retuning my brain to the new firmware on my 800. I wouldn't revert back to the old version. I like most of what ML did, but there's still room for improvement. I'm disappointed that the small nickel/pop top spread is gone and the copper penny/clad dime spread is also gone. The weak/strong pinpoint “ghost” issue is better, but definitely not fixed. The pinpointer is still super deadly accurate. It's too bad there are only 50 display segments, but I knew that when I moved up from the ATPro's 100 segments which would probably make the nickel/pop top and copper penny/clad dime dig questions easier to answer. Maybe a little more time with what appears to be a hotter machine with the new firmware will make it easier to discern those targets.
  14. Stealth scoop. Stealth.com. Bought the 7” one with the smaller holes in the back to trap the smaller targets. Bought a replacement hoe handle at Home Depot for the handle for about $9 plus a few bucks for some spray spar varnish. Did some minor belt sanding to fit the handle to the scoop. Have used it in fresh & saltwater, dry & wet sand & small gravel. Wouldn'trecommend using it (or any other scoop) in rocks. It's holding up very well.
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