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  1. Great tip, Simon. Will give it a shot. You'd think there would be a simple firmware fix for this though.
  2. Hopefully, if this isn't a hoax, the update will also fix the flakey button pinpointing where the sound sometimes doesn't come on and requires turning pinpointing off then back on again before it works. Yes, I do pinpoint with the coil method, but there are instances where the button pinpointer helps.
  3. Steel is probably not the best choice for those of us who venture into the water, especially saltwater. There must be a reasonably priced alternative to the stock cuff which is pretty fragile and offers the “legs” Simon is looking for.
  4. Thanks for the video Calabash. Are you anticipating that you will have to burp your Nox after each underwater hunt? Did ML indicate this procedure might need to be repeated following each water hunt?
  5. Just had to give Jamie the serial number of my Equinox and they sent the replacement shaft pieces. They are very aware that the first machines had a shaft problem. I have 2 friends who bought their Equinoxes at least 6 months after I bought mine and they do not have the wobbly shaft problem.
  6. I think many of us who received the early release of the Nox have had this problem, which Minelab service acknowledges. I had the best success in solving the wobbly shaft problem by using aluminum tape that has a sticky adhesive on one side. The “softer” tape materials loosened up after a while and the wobble came back. The aluminum tape is used for taping furnace ducts or for “temporary” body work on cars and trucks. I eventually ended up contacting Minelab (Jamie) and the early edition shaft parts were promptly replaced and the replacement parts don't wobble after a year of use. I bought a carbon fiber shaft for use in saltwater. I can't say enough about how great Minelab service in backing their products' warranty.
  7. Just had this problem. Twice in a row. Charging started out with usual slow blinking of LED then LED went out after about 1 hour. Checked contacts, they were clean, cleaned them anyway with eraser, reconnected charger and it started charging again as usual. About an hour later I walked by and saw LED blinking rapidly. Then it started blinking rapidly, but erratically and eventually returned to normal blinking patter for a few minutes. I tried 3 different iPad chargers, an iClever charging strip and both cables that came with the 800. This blinking sequence repeated for over 7 hours and never did indicate charge was complete. I disconnected charger overnight. Plugged it back in the next day and the LED finally lit solid green after an hour or two of crazy blinking. I recorded a video of the blinking sequence for emailing to Customer Service. I had used the detector for about 5 hours. Next time it happened was after 3 hours of detecting a couple of days later. Same LED blinking pattern repeating. Tried same chargers and cables. Finally reached full charge after 7 or 8 hours. Called Jamie, got RMA right away, sent coil & pod to PA service center. Emailed them the video. Service center said battery checked good. I figured it was a charging circuit problem because battery eventually fully charged both times. New pod should arrive today. Minelab service is the best. John & Dan in PA are tops.
  8. Great headphones, great sound. Have had my Pelsos over a year now and no complaints. Too bad they're out of stock at Kellyco where I purchased mine.
  9. Just a thought on removing the coil cover and coating the bottom surface of the coil with epoxy... I had removed the coil cover on my AT Pro for beach / water detecting. I inadvertently hit a rock underwater with the side of my coil and chipped and cracked the plastic which led to a leak and a new coil. Coating the bottom surface of the coil isn't enough depending on where and how you are detecting. Like Dew said above, I'd sooner replace a coil cover than a costly coil. I've detected fresh and saltwater beaches in FL and New England and never found it difficult to remove the coil cover after each outing while cleaning my Nox. I also keep a spare coil cover just in case. GL&HH
  10. Geez, what a day! Congrats and thanks for sharing, Steve.
  11. LS Pelso WP phones First of all, I've been using these phones on fresh and saltwater hunts and am very impressed with the sound. I have not hunted with the phones submerged and would expect the sound to suffer a bit when submerged, but out of the water they are great. Second, we are vacationing in FL on the Gulf and it's been very windy. The drain hole on the non-corded side is susceptible to wind noise when that hole catches the wind. Turning your head a bit helps with that issue as does a small piece of electrical tape which solves it. The cable tie on the corded side mitigates the wind noise on that side to acceptable levels. Third, I had applied a liberal coating of sunscreen to my ears (not thinking about them being covered by the phones ? ). Big (dumb) mistake. The sunscreen reacts with the black paint that covers the inner plastic grill piece with the sound holes over the top of the speakers. Not good. The sunscreen softens the black paint making a gummy mess where ear contact is made. A little baby powder firmed up the gumminess and seems to have dried it out. Bottom line, don't put sunscreen on your ears when using the Pelsos. The No Ad brand carried by big W label lists dozens of unpronounceable chemical ingredients that should have been a clue.
  12. Great writeups Chase and Steve! Nice details and nice job.
  13. Congrats! You really took a bite out of that park. Bet you're chomping at the bit for another visit there.
  14. Good point, Jeff. Using a good quality charger capable of providing 2 amps minimum is a must. That said, it does sound like a case of infant mortality failure. Call Minelab Customer service in Illinois and Jamie will take care of you quickly.
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