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  1. As much as I prefer to hunt alone....that area sounds like it might be wise to definitely start using the (armed) Buddy System...????
  2. No doubt the wifey has to pay rental on that tector with greater portion of gold she finds per hunt....?????
  3. I added an SDC last season and glad I did so now I always pack 2 detectors as long as I'm not too far from the quad. If I have to pack straight up the mtn on foot then maybe only take one depending on the site and and/or how much trash? What's important to me is how I can best manage my time per hunt. Sometimes I use the Monster in an area and follow up with the SDC and sometimes vice-versa. When I use the SDC I "usually" find a target first and flag it until I've flagged approximately 10 targets, then I'll grab the Monster and work the 10 targets. It's a real time saver imo. Always
  4. Take this advice to heart...especially if you also hunt turf.
  5. Not sure if an SD is the same as an SDC? If it is, so far I've had no trouble finding gold while wearing these boots alongside the SDC as long as I keep the coil out front?
  6. I also started a magnificent quest for a different kind of gold in Dayton NV at age 18...... namely the Kit Kat ranch, Starlight & Moonlight Ranch....lol😇
  7. Not sure if these would be considered "detecting boots" but I'm partial to my Whites Smokejumpers. https://whitesboots.com/firefighter/the-original-smokejumper/
  8. I somewhat agree. When I must use headphones I currently use Sennhauser 280 pro (I think that's the one) for my Etrac and they'll also fit the Goldmonster with the adaptor that comes standard with the phones. They'll fit both 1/4 and 1/8" plug. I also use the long corded, noise canceling, audiophile phones for my drum practice. Phones are about $100 if I remember right, and have been using the one pair for at least 11 yrs now. Never had a pair of Minelab equipted Koss phones I liked?
  9. Hmmmm? I guess the two I currently use for gold as I quit coin shooting...but still can't seem to part with my beloved coin shooter the Etrac. Swung a Tesoro Golden Sabre for coins for 22yrs and I was very happy with it. The old coins were starting to disappear after the 22yr run so I bought a Tesoro Tejon that had better depth. The Tejon had good depth but no real info and I noticed real quick I was digging a lot of deep trash, I NEEDED INFO. Sold the Tejon and bought the Etrac and trash/ treasure ratio did a total 180. Good bye Tesoro and Hello MINELAB!!!!! Got tired of old coins and
  10. Ditto Lunk...!!!! It's ALL GOOD and you just gotta take whatever kind of gold you have to work with? Be glad you have access to any gold areas as many don't. Keep on em!!!!!!
  11. Love the Monster and have learned to adjust to most of it's short comings. With that said....the improvement I'd really enjoy is a two tone machine so I don't have to spend as much time watching the screen. jmo
  12. Quit watching it along with all the other "treasure" shows years ago... Oak Island just kept on repeating "Could it be...????" over and over again....lol
  13. Nice pics and writeup.... that hog nugget and it's friends are impressive...good job!!!! Keep the pics coming to help us northern boys get thru winter....
  14. Is this intended to be used or a wall hanger? Either way...only thing I can think of is to firmly smack head down on cement to force head on handle as best you can then soak in a light oil like hydraulic oil to expand what little the old shot handle has left? Doubt it'll be usable but who knows? Soaking in oil it won't dry out and shrink back as fast as water does and any petroleum product eventually rots out wood but the handle is toast anyways? My falling axe handle has shrunk and the head has been loose for years now. Being I'm cheap, no longer fall timber for a living, and only fi
  15. Last week I was looking at 14" of the white crap and below zero temps. This week snow all gone, sun shinning, and 60+ degrees so I headed out for more cleanup work on some gold. Anyways...had fun, got some sun, and outta the shack!!!! The big 6 had a whopping weight of .270g...!!! Big or small...I love em all.
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