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  1. On 6/20/2023 at 4:04 PM, Gold Catcher said:

    Also, for best performance the sdc should be used with the SP01. Assuming all settings are adjustes properly, the SP01 gets about 20-30% more performance out of the sdc.

    Just my 2 c


    This SP01....????  Know nothing about this gizmo, does it just enhance volume or does it actually increase sensitivity and hopefully more depth?  Outside of the ergonomics issues with the SDC the only thing "I" would like to see is a tad more depth with the SDC....

    PS.... Currently run the Coiltek 10x5 and best I can tell from just an air test is the 10x5 and stock coil were equal as far as depth goes....


  2. Coin shooter for many years before I switched to nugget hunting last 5 yrs but I've used most these tactics for nuggets and old coins.  Swing along at a moderate speed and when I find a nugget I start to slow down, find another and slow down even more. When nuggets start to pop up less and less I slow down even more and then I might swap machines (vlf to PI or vice-versa) and re-hunt the area. If the patch has all but dried up I'll hit the patch from a different angle like 90 degrees and CRAWL thru the area digging even more "iffies" than before until I'm satisfied I've done the best I can with the skill and gear I've got.....

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  3. Gerry Said "Yes the Rocky Mountains are certainly earning their name this winter with all the snow records."

    Pretty normal (but loooong) winter here.  Don't expect any major runoff in my area plus I'm not anywhere near any rivers so won't affect my searching any.  There's snow higher up (pic) and still snow patches limiting where a guy can go as of today.  I hit 2 places today, one was a bust so moved and picked up 3 little guys for 1.4g.  Also grabbed 9-10 pieces of float for the geo's from a new spot for them to eyeball? So first hunt of 2023 season and we're on board.....  It was good to get out FINALLY......


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  4. 52 minutes ago, dogodog said:

     Oddly I dig a lot of silver half's but rarely these. 






    Noticed the exact same thing from my coin shooting days (26yrs worth)...  Have dug quite a few Barbers, Seated, Walkers, Kens and only 2 Bens.  Most likely a total mintage thing... I've never checked?  One of my favorite coins!

    Cool finds!

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  5. LMAO!   Sorry Reese, you know me and how I love to see others not having any fun if I'm also not having any fun for the same reasons......  Thanks for the laugh and remember "it'll feel better when it quits hurting".

    Seriously tho.... it be over soon enough, good luck over there!!!!!!

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  6. On 4/12/2023 at 11:31 AM, SwiftSword said:

    I confess I know nothing about prospecting, but that doesn't seem to be a lot of gold for a whole summer's worth of detecting. Is this par for the course, or do you need better them thar hills? 

    It really depends on many things like time spent in the field, experience, quality of the location(s), limiting physical conditions, weather, and how serious one takes the hobby? The man found gold and obviously had some fun, that's probably what 99% of us "hobby" guys are after?  Simple math: 9.5g @ approx $65/gram is $617.50 minus 20% if you sell is still $494.....  One well known member here told me he went 6yrs before 1st nugg, My first ever trip out for gold I popped a 2.3g nugg then 2nd day out another 2.3g nugg.  First thought was "there's nothing to this, I'm gonna be RICH!"  Things went south after those first 2 days...lol  Main thing is... he didn't get skunked and had fun and came home with some nice nuggies!!!!!


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  7. 3 hours ago, dsb said:

      Got to looking at my home town park list and found a few small ones in 1850's neighborhoods that i never knew about.  Just small parcels but surrounded by historical homes.  And a divided street with 12 foot wide by 60 green strip down the middle that got me looking at the area to start.  

    BEWARE the nice divided street with a big strip in the middle with nice old homes in neighborhood!!!  Found out the hard way yrs ago that the beautiful green dividing strip is where EVERBODY shits their damned dogs.....lol

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  8. On 4/5/2023 at 11:58 AM, schoolofhardNox said:

    That was me 😄 Gorgeous 3 leg Buffalo. Thanks again for that. I want to move to Montana and detect there. Come on down to MA if you want to dig corroded nickels 😄. Your area produces pristine nickels compared to anywhere around me. Great looking coins! Nice collection of nickels.

    Yeah...that 3- legger came out in pretty nice shape?  Did you ever run it to the coin shop to see what it may be worth despite the slight cleaning and environmental condition? Country I live in is very "young" so not many real old coins compared to back east. It breaks my heart to see OLD coins from back east totally shot like many are?  I do clean all my nickels except war nickels with a hard rub with steel wool as they all come out of the ground looking like a brown turd. Generally speaking they are all worth only a nickel anyways unless you find that one rare coin in good condition....

    I just left Missoula today (chemo sessions again) and was noticing quite a few of the areas I used to hunt when in town and it brought back some fond memories of many of the great finds I made from the coin shooting days.....

    Take care SofHK and glad you're happy with the coin...!!!!!!!

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  9. Your story reminded me of back in my coinshooting days where I had a dog attack me from across the street.  Dog comes full bore at me and dog owner enjoying seeing her dog go after me.  I was packing my 31" ball handled Lesche shovel and after the first swing trying hit her dog THEN she tries to call him off and also saying "he doesn't bite" (they all say that).  I never did connect as my movement was limited because my headphones were still attached to me, detector on the ground, and that dog was fast. She got over there in a big hurry once the shovel swinging came into play....lmao!!!!

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  10. jmo....go with the 6.  Had a 5000 and swung it for about 10-12hrs and quickly decided to sell it.  All the stupid cords, batteries, harness, bungee, headphones, etc. always getting hung up in the brush constantly drove me batty. The 5 definitely has the smoother threshold over the 6 imo.  The light weight 6 is a pleasure to swing compared to the 5 and you don't have to be tethered to the thing.  One other thing.... With all the multitude of different settings available on the 5 it would be my guess that quite a bit of learning time would be needed to fully get the most out of the 5...????  Didn't have mine long enough to find out...lol   JMO's

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