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  1. Richard you are 100% correct in what you say about the Vanquish being brought to the market to compete with and supersede the low end Garrett detectors with two models priced just as you say. The Vanquish to compete with the lower end detectors is much the same as what Minelab did when bringing out the Equinox to compete against the XP Deus. There was a recent Europian Minelab distributor meeting in the Netherlands where the Minelab Vanquish was the purpose of the meeting and general discussion and although all attendees were sworn to secrecy it looks like a few are singing like canaries.
  2. The idea of having longer battery life for the Equinox or for that matter any other metal detector for use here in the UK is because unlike the USA we have 3 & 4 day metal detecting rallies and at it for 8 -9 hours each day and most of the participants do not have any means of charging their batteries. Steve has been over here detecting in these events and will most likely appreciate the battery charging nightmare.
  3. For the guys looking for extra battery life for the Equinox, I have copied a post from the MLO forum where my good friend Tony Hunt here in the UK is financing the production of a new RNB double life lithium battery for the Equinox, see his comments below. He intends to ship this battery worldwide. ============================================================================= Extra battery life for the Equinox. There is something very exciting coming from RNB concerning extra battery life for the NOX guys. I cannot divulge too much at present but its imminent and will be available throughout the UK and Europe from myself at www.detecting-innovations.co.uk Think small and water resistant and double life lithium battery.
  4. Almost all Celtic and Bronze-age bronze artifacts found in the UK are found in excellent condition especially the Bronze-age axe and spearhead hoards. A few months back I posted an artifact of mine from the Celtic / Romano British period which is a Celtic Horse Harness Attachment. Here below is another of my Bronze-age finds it is a Socketed Spearhead which has not been finished or sharpened I found this along with the bronze ingot which had been previously attached to the spearhead, both found together.
  5. Bronze as in the " it is a 1st Century B.C. Celtic bronze "Eye type" toggle cloak fastener".
  6. Please don't panic as what you are describing may be caused by your own settings and very dependent to what Mode you are using and one of your settings which I believe may not help is you are using "Tracking Ground Balance" this has caused me to be concerned in the past when I was tempted to use it and one thing which I had noticed was my Equinox 800 would give off a slight spitting signal and the VDI numbers would move all over the show and then I would lose all audio but when I moved away then returned of the previous signal zone I would go through the same annoyance again and it was only after I had started to dig in the area of the dubious signal and using my pinpointer probe I actually found a hammered silver cut quarter penny and this was identical when trying to gain a repeat signal from very small hammered silver coins, it was my own perseverance to eliminate this audio problem that I realised all of the misbehaving cured when I reverted to "Manual Ground Balance" with the head away from the signal source and remaining in "Manual GB" and all of the problems were coming about through my detector being in the "Tracking GB" setting as the more i moved the coil over the weak signal the more the Equinox was Ground Balancing out the signal and eventually no audio. Hope you get the Equinox sorted soon and it is worth trying Manual GB.
  7. I have had my Equinox 800 1 year this week and yesterday Sunday 10th February I celebrated with an extremely rare Celtic find from the period 100 BC (Over 2,000 years old) it is a 1st Century B.C. Celtic bronze "Eye type" toggle cloak fastener. Main body shaped like a human eye with a large bulbous pupil, the loop on the back would have once been stitched to the garment, It would function much in the same way that toggle fasteners on duffle jackets do.
  8. To all of the Happy Equinox users I wish you all A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year from the UK. I hope you all get the Christmas Presents which you all are hoping for. Good Hunting Randy Dee
  9. With your current settings your Equinox will for ever give falsing on iron as first of all you don't have any BIAS against iron set your "Iron Bias" to 3 or 4 and back off a bit on your "Recovery Speed" to 3 or 4 and work your coil sweeps slightly slower you should then be able to have a higher "Sensitivity" setting of 18 - 20. And unless you want to hunt for small iron relics and nails whilst using 5 tones, in "Tone Break 1" which is -9 to 2 turn down the " Tone Volume" to 1 and the "Tone Pitch" to 1. Hope this solves your 6" coil problem.
  10. Myself and my Equinox user friend David Hopper and his son Kevin went onto one of my Roman field permissions on Sunday 4th November with both David and myself using the new 15" coils, we were both very impressed with the performance of this coil and the results were very much like what Gordon Heritage had stated in this months Searcher magazine we were impressed with both the depth and signal quality from deep extremely small finds and we had Roman Minims around the 6" - 8" depth mark, I had 22 and David had 8 and these coins were as thin as paper and the size of your little finger nail. The highlight of the day was when Kevin and myself watched David digging a pit to recover his signal from his very rare Roman Vesparsian silver Denarius 69 - 79AD, I said to him are you digging for a grave we had tried both machines over the signal and David recovered his find at around a foot deep (His Pinpointer + 4"). One thing which we both noticed was that we had to turn down the "Sensitivity" 2 or 3 notches to quieten down the ground chatter even though we were carrying out manual "Ground Balancing" it could have been caused by the sheer volume of ground coverage and feedback with a large coil very similar to the CTX-3030 17" coil and the wet soil conditions wouldn't have helped. The weight is very light for a big coil that I didn’t give it much thought all day and that is from an almost 76 year old. It pinpoints with the greatest of ease. To my experience, the 15” Coil is a great addition to the Equinox coil armoury. It is a a great coil to turn to if you have large open fields especially pasture to hunt with moderate trash and just like we proved it is very capable to find the small items at a great depth, on my Roman fields there is next to nothing other than Roman coins and artifacts to be found but on my other permissions where I find the abundance of Medieval hammered silvers I can see this 15" coil hitting the small hammered silver farthings, half pennies, whole hammered silvers and cut quarters & cut halves. Myself and David were detecting close together and using Kevins coil photographs I believe there is a lesson to be learnt why I am hitting more signals and resulting finds than David and I have mentioned the cause to David in the past and for the uninitiated take a look at Davids coil it is dry and clean whereas mine is muddy and wet and following advice from Neil Jones ( Slow & Low ) always keep your coil flat on the ground like ironing the soil because detectors don't like air between the coil and the soil, David always swings his coil 2" - 3" inches above ground level, on the previous visit to this field with David we both worked the same area and again I had 22 Roman coins and David had 10, like Neil has said before if you are not going through 2 - 3 coil covers a year it shows you are not utilizing the coil sweep correctly to achieve maximum detection depth, which makes sense. That will have to do for my observations of the 15" coil. Good Hunting Randy
  11. Today I got a delivery of mine and friend David H 15" X 12" Equinox coils, I will be out detecting tomorrow and giving mine a bash.
  12. Steve What a great article which is a complete account of your detecting enjoyment armed with the Equinox 800. Thanks for sharing your wonderful detecting holiday experience in our Gods country England, what you encountered is the type of detecting I do twice a week here in the UK and have done for the past 42 years. Don't get over disappointed with not finding a Gold Stater because it is one coin which I have not found myself, I have found the Celtic Silver units and the Celtic bronze core type but the gold ones have eluded me. Good Hunting Randy Dee Durham, UK.
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