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  1. Randy Dee

    Equinox 6" Coil

    Phoned our UK distributor Crawfords today and I was told that he expected the 6" coils next week. As I am top of the list for the 15" X 12" coil I asked when they are expecting the large coils and I was told towards the back-end of this month (July) I also asked if the coil comes with the bottom shaft the answer was No but they have only 2 on stock now and I placed my order for one. The spare bottom shafts are £29-99 at Crawfords
  2. Randy Dee

    Mirror Mirror

    A glass mirror is manufactured by coating silver and two layers of protective paint on the back surface of glass. Looks like your mirror find has been coated with extra thick silver, it is the silver coating which makes the glass reflective.
  3. On Monday 9th July I invited my good friend David Hopper to accompany me on one of my festival field permission and it was quite pleasurable in the cooler weather, we spent 8 hours filling our pockets. We were both using the Minelab Equinox 800 with my "Coin Shooting Program" which was discriminating 10,000's ring pulls, we never got a single signal from them and although we had crown caps discriminated out we both had the odd twisted and misshaped caps showing through. I had discriminated out all copper coins as there would be 100's of them as in the past using the CTX-3030 I didn't want to dig hundreds of holes for a couple of quid so there will be a hell of a lot left in the ground and as the small 5p coins were rejected due to falling into the same conductive range as the rejected pull tabs but all of the 5p and copper coins that I got were eyes only with them laid on the surface. Along with the coins I also had a iPad power bank, a iPad charging plug, a iPad power adapter cable, 6 ear rings, a couple of pairs of sunglasses, 4 new discarded folding chairs, a full roll of Duck Tape. David also had some extra amusing finds. The dark coloured coins are all what I have missed in the past using the CTX & Deus. These coins below are what I found yesterday David had a similar amount using the same coin shooting program.
  4. Randy Dee

    Another Method To Eliminate Iron?

    Here below is a link to where this procedure to check out for a signal being of a iron nature. In fact Steve has already put a link to Gordon Heritages suggestion way back in May. Gordon was one of our UK Equinox testers. http://www.minelabowners.com/forum/showthread.php?32553-Ghost-program-for-the-Equinox&highlight=Checking+10khz .
  5. Yes Richard this pattern isn't to search for hammered coins I need it for a Music Festival site where I don't even want to spend any precious time digging for small change I will be searching for 100's of £2 & £1 coins, Gold & Silver rings and the Gold Necklaces lost by the younguns jumping about, as Steve would say "Cherry Picking". I will be taking the CTX-3030 with me just in case I have Equinox problems, I already have a coin shooting program in it and over the past few years of this annual music festival the ££££££££+£££££££ finds have more than paid for the CTX. I have tried all of rejection and the wanted accepted items with the Equinox and it is spot on and I am thinking it might be much better than the CTX with it being lighter and allowing me to whiz about.
  6. I have now sorted out my problem after gaining help from a local friend with the Equinox 800 he could carryout selective signal discriminations as per Equinox manual so it was a simple matter for myself to carryout (Twice) a full "Factory Reset" this procedure not only cured my problem of being able to create a discrimination pattern but I had previously lost my " User Profile Selections" on the User Profile Button when switching the machine off even though I had switched away to another Detect Mode. Now my "User Profile Button" is now very active once more and spot on.
  7. Hello RR Are you still detecting the Thames foreshore, a photograph of that Roman Brothel Token which you found would be well appreciated on this forum. Good Hunting Randy Dee
  8. Hello Sinclair Here in the UK we find many different flour bag seals from various country's but most originate from Germany and the Kiel one's date as far back as the mid 1600's. I have posted a photograph of the front and back of the one I found on Sunday, over the years I have found many "Flour Bag Seals" also here below is an article about the same seal which I found, you might be able to relate the location of the flour millers. http://www.bagseals.org/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=31&g2_page=65 German, Flour Bag Seal, Baltische Mühlehn Gesellschaft One side has a raised circular border with NEW PROCESS curved around the top inside of the border and FLOUR straight across the centre and a diamond at the bottom. The other side can be found on other seals and consists of a continuous raised line circular border with the following German words around the inner edge: BALTISCHE MUHLEHN GESELLSCHAFT . with NEUMüHLEN curved above a dash dot dash centre piece and KIEL straight across below it. A flour bag seal from Neumühlen (= New mills), a suburb of Kiel in Northern Germany.
  9. I had another full session out detecting on Sunday 17th June I used the Equinox I had a decent session with some nice finds but the best was an eyes only it is a Neolithic Flint Arrowhead I also had a hammered silver cut half penny a spindle whorl a bit of Saxon chip carving, a flour bag seal and a poor woman's brooch which when I first saw it I thought it was gold. The Neolithic British Isles refers to the period of British history that spanned from circa 4000 BC to circa 2,500 BC, I also had a lead Spindle Whorl these were used for hand spinning wool and can date as far back as Roman times, I also had a Edward II Hammered Silver Cut Half Penny Edward II (25 April 1284 – 21 September 1327)
  10. Hello Tom The "All Metal" selection is is as it states and will accept all metals signals and to negotiate to the Accept / Reject segment of a £2, £1, 50 & 20 Pence coins also some gold and silver rings using the +/- buttons makes no difference as these signal VDI's are already accepted. What I was looking to do is have a full signal VDI spectrum in "Reject" then have the wanted signals "Accepted" using the \//X button but now I think I am barking up the wrong tree after further digesting on page 49 of the Equinox Manual which states " Accepting a rejected Target ID is not possible directly from the DETECT SCREEN" . To do this on the CTX3030 is very simple to carryout so it now looks like I will have to stick with the CTX on the "Music Festival Field"
  11. Well guys it isn't often that I can't figure out and find a solution to a metal detector problem myself but this time I must admit defeat. I have a permission where there is an annual outdoors 3 days music festival and over the past five years I have used my CTX-3030 with my home made "Coin Shooting" program whereby on the CTX VDU I blacked out (Discriminated) the whole screen then I took the signals from our £2, £1, 50 & 20 Pence coins also some gold and silver rings and accepted them on the VDU the reason I did this was because this festival field was covered in thousands of ring pulls, crown caps and wine bottle tops and when I used my coin shooting program I wouldn't find a single one of these discriminated junk finds but I would end up with £100's & £100's as all of the good losses were in the top grass and I used a small hand rake. Now here is my problem and although there is a vague guidance in the Equinox Manual I just cannot achieve a similar program with the Equinox 800, I have rejected the whole signal spectrum using "One & Two Tone Break" then tried to get a signal from my selected coins and rings but it is a case of nothing happening on the screen when I press the Accept / Reject (\//+) button, I know how to reject a find on the open default Equinox VDU screen but I need to operate the other way around I need to accept the good find signals on a fully rejected screen as the only other method is I would have to take hundreds of different types and twisted /bent pull tabs and crown caps and twist caps off wine bottles and carryout individual rejections. Another thing which I must consider is that these ring pulls can show up as different conductive numbers for similar pull tabs when on edge. If I can't find a remedy to do the same with my Equinox 800 I will revert back to using the CTX which is much heavier on this festival field with thousands of fresh losses. Your thoughts on this matter would be gratefully received. Good Hunting Randy Dee ( IN UK )
  12. Out detecting on Sunday 10th June in roasting hot weather making it very uncomfortable and on the way home a horrendous thunderstorm. I had plenty of finds some very deep but only two or three of interest the best find was a Charles II of Scotland 1677 Bawbee ( Sixpence ) these are roughly the size of a pre decimal halfpenny and are quite rare.
  13. This post is mainly directed to UK field detecting where we have had social open air gatherings since Medieval times and on fields littered with coke. I used these settings yesterday and I was hopeful of finding at least one gold necklace / chain but alas none, better luck next time. As most of us know it is almost impossible to find a fine gold chain with any metal detector and as it is a long story why but mainly due to Eddy Currents and the metal detector rejecting coke which fits into the same frequency range as thin and fine gold and as here in the UK we find our permission fields littered with coke which mostly emanates from the days of steam engines powering farm equipment and the spreading of night soil as a crop fertilizer and which was collected from house middens and where the ashes from the household coal fires was used to cover the stinking human excrement, these ashes contained large cinders which survive for donkeys years in the soil and give off wonderful signals for metal detectors. This information on how to adjust the Tone Breaks to enhance the chances of finding gold chains during field detecting is only applicable to the Minelab Equinox 800 as it has the advanced settings capability. To alter the "Tone Breaks" it involves making changes to three "Target Tone Dependencies" which are "Number Of Target Tones", "Target Pitch" & "Target Volume". Here is my effort to change the settings to cover the frequency conductive range to give off a signal from thin gold chains in the discrimination zones, at present the default Discrimination zone is -9 to +2 and it is the Zero to +2 segment where gold chains show. So first of all select either "Field 1 or 2" your choice. Then go to "Target Tone" choose 5 tones. Then go to "Tone Breaks" and set the 5 tones as thus T1 = -9 to 0, T2 = 1 to 2, T3 = 3 to 28, T4 = 29 to 38, T5 = 39 to 40. Then go back to "Tone Volume" and set tone segments to T1 = 1, T2 = 15, T3 = 25, T4 = 25, T5 = 15. Then go to "Tone Pitch" and set the tone segments to T1 = 1, T2 = 15, T3 = 25, T4 = 20, T5 = 16. To move from from one tone segment to the next segment use the "Accept / Reject" button ( \//x ). These settings are working for me but then again they may not be every-bodies cup of tea.
  14. Randy Dee

    Still On Cloud 9

    I know exactly where you are coming from Steve as I am much like yourself I am truly smitten with the my Equinox 800 and every time out detecting with it I can't stop being amazed at the capabilities and achievements of this machine, since I got it mid February this year I am having some great finds with very small cut hammered silver coins at incredible depths and mostly on fields which I had presumed I had detected to death. My armory of CTX-3030, Deus and Explorer II is gathering dust as I just can't keep my hands off the Nox, and coming up to 76 I can still make sure I put in at least one 8 hour session each week. I first started metal detecting in 1976 and in my 42 years at this great hobby I can truly say I have never been so smitten as I am with the Equinox and I hope it will long last.
  15. Randy Dee

    Noxie's First Hammy

    Hello David I have looked up your cut quarter and it is a short cross of either Richard I or Henry II and the ROB on the reverse legend is the moneyer ROBERT or ROBERD. Henry 2nd moneyer ROBERT was at the mints of Oxford, Wilton & Winchester. King 1133 AD . Richard 1st moneyer ROBERD was at the mints of Canterbury & Northampton. King 1157 AD.