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  1. Yes I have experienced this phenomenon and I have explained the phenomena in a thread dated back in February 12th 2019 in post 4 in exposed in the link below. Many other UK detectorists have suffered the same issue and reported on our local detector forums. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/8706-problem-with-equinox-600/
  2. Hello Dave here below is a link to an excellent article on the disadvantages of detecting using the "Tracking" Ground Balance, there is a lot of input from current members of this forum and well worth a read through. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,140280,140289
  3. Hello Dave If you use the "Tracking" Ground Balance it is possible to alter the tonal and total loss of the signal on thin Non-ferrous objects the likes of weathered shot gun cartridge cases and hammered silvers if you dwell too long on sweeping the coil over the signal whilst in "Tracking", on a hammered silver you can literally loose the signal altogether as the procedure of GB adjustment not only eliminates the ground noise it will eliminate the signal from the thin hammered silver, here in the UK it is best to either set the GB at 0 (Zero) or myself I prefer to every now and then carry-out a ground balance. You may find that the blurp noise is a result of when lifting the coil away from the signal is because of the "Tracking" attempting to hang onto the remnants of the poor signal. On some of the forums people say auto tracking GB will discriminate out good targets. Here below is a link to an excellent youtube video of how to set the different Ground Balancing settings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWiPIqaIOHU&t=49s Good Hunting Randy Dee
  4. Hi you not by any chance running your Equinox in "Tracking" Ground Balance.
  5. I use the Bluetooth APTX Low Latency connection 100% of times for my Avantree Low Latency headphones, absolutely perfect.
  6. Hello Steve I have no reason to be curious but. I was just wondering why Coiltek are only concentrating on Minelab coils only even their second-hand detector sales are all focused on Minelab makes only, I remember when there was the squabble of Coiltek releasing the SDC coils without Minelab knowledge of what was taking place, I think Minelab chipped all their coils after that. Are you coping well with this virus situation, here in the UK we are all imprisoned with LOCKDOWN but our vaccination program is going well, Take Care.
  7. I don't know if there is any relevance to the Coiltek coils release but Steve may have a better idea than me. I do believe that Coiltek are owned by Minelab and manufacture the coils within the same premises as Minelab in Malaysia and Australia. Take a look at the Coiltek web site everything is for and connected to Minelab detectors only and it looks like they now don't make coils for any other detectors than Minelab, I think I remember when Minelab baled out Coiltek when it was rumoured they were going to the wall. But on the other hand I might be wrong. https://www.marybroughgoldcentre.com.au/ https://www.marybroughgoldcentre.com.au/pages/second-hand-detectors
  8. As the Phonak Roger FM wireless transmitter transmits FM wireless to the hearing aids there in No delay and is an instant transmission, be aware that the Phonak Roger FM wireless transmitter only works with the Phonak Hearing Aids and none others that I know of.
  9. Never heard of any metal detector that vibrates on the discovery of a find, but the easiest way to quieten the signal sound is to turn your headphones volume right down and all signals register on the control display screen. .
  10. Hi Even though you asked for the settings I use on my Roman sites, please be aware that your land will be totally different to that where I detect and it would be best for you to practice and use your Equinox on your own soil type and ground balance and noise cancel regularly. My threshold volume and pitch are a bit high for normal hearing but I am deaf so use the threshold nulling over iron as my preference. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Minelab Equinox 800 Settings. One of my best programs on the Equinox 800 has been based on five tones. It is very sensitive and has found me many hammered silvers and Roman coins. Here are the settings which I use but possibly no use on other peoples land, good luck if you use them. Mode: Field; 1 Menu Sensitivity; 20-22 (Too high and you will get iron falsing) try to keep high without chattering if field is noisy don’t be afraid to lower the “Sensitivity” even down to 16. All Metal; (horseshoe button) just leave it switched off. Tone Breaks Audio Pitch: 5 Tone; You can set the bin scope to suit yourself= Tone 1 ( -9 to +2 Iron ) @ 1 which is a very low tone for iron, Tones 2, 3, 4 & 5 set to your own level to suit what tone pitch is best for you to understand and for your hearing. Noise Cancel; Often Ground Balance; Manual Pump Coil Up & Down About 2” to 8” Above A Spot Of Clear Ground.; Ground Balance if you start to get chattering. Volume: 25; Tone Break Volumes; Tone 1 Volume @ 1 no audible sound for iron, The Remaining Tones Volumes 2, 3, 4 & 5 All @ 25 Threshold Volume; 4 Threshold Pitch; 8 Discrimination; Reject all minus segments -9 and + “1” & “2”. Recovery Speed; 4 Iron Bias; 3 set at 4 if large iron starts to bleed through.
  11. To me your find is a adjustment keep off a gents trouser braces. You American guys must call braces suspenders, here in the UK we class suspenders what used to be used to keep womens nylon stockings up and were half the breadth of your find so I will go for it being off Gents Braces.
  12. I couldn't do with the coil cable dangling in front of my legs like that, it is a trip hazard just waiting to put you flat on the deck.
  13. Well done looks like a very good session. Hope you find more on your next visit. .
  14. Looks like SidTheKid isn't going to respond to any of the good advise offered above. My first thoughts are that he is running with too high a "Sensitivity" setting resulting in falsing. I suggest do a "Noise Cancel" drop the "Sensitivity" a bit at a time and "Ground Balance" then another "Noise Cancel".
  15. Enjoy your experience with the Equinox 800, Happy Hunting.
  16. I have often seen serial numbers on other equipment not being recognised due to the serial number itself being the cause with the LETTER "O" being punched in when in fact it should have been NUMBER "0" or vice versa. .
  17. Pleased you have got the problem sorted. Good Hunting with an excellent detector. .
  18. How true Steve, I could certainly put a 9" coil to good use among the stubble.
  19. Your scroll message above, seems to me that you have sussed the inadvertent problem yourself and if you start to thrash the coil about when in the "Ground Balance" procedure you are bound to get provoked noise. To me it looks like you have a great deal to learn about your Equinox and a good reading of the User Manual should prove a benefit in using one of the best detectors around.
  20. The Equinox has its own built in Low Latency transmitter and the detector is supplied with the Bluetooth Low Latemcy Headphones.
  21. I managed to weigh through the first couple of pages and then realized it was all about Minelab taking control of all matters and even to locate my private info onto any other media they wish to use the collected information on and only for a neck wrap, I did a quick about turn and deleted my information.
  22. About 5 years back I managed to snap off one of the lugs on my Etrac 11" coil right across the bolt hole but still had the snapped off piece so decided to do the repair myself as the coil was out of warranty and I did a similar job to that on the video above, I used Araldite and bought black nylon - plastic M8 Penny Washers off ebay these are a perfect replacement fit and after applying a coating of Araldite to the outer side of the snapped lug and a thin coat to the roughened surface of the M8 Penny Washer and making sure that the bolt holes married up I used sprung clothes pegs to hold secure the joint until the bonding had set. The resulting repair lasted for years and remained secure for ever after even swinging the coil among tough stubble. If you can't find your snapped off part of the lug you can easily form a replica of the lost bit using one of the Penny Washers grinding it down with a Dremel. The link below is for Ebay here in the UK but I am sure if you type in Black Nylon - Plastic M8 Penny Washers you will be successful. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BLACK-Nylon-Plastic-M8-PENNY-WASHERS-OD-24-0mm-ID-8-4mm-T-2-0mm-Pack-of-25/301722703799?epid=1888089412&hash=item46401317b7:g:S6YAAOSwDk5UBGkk .
  23. And wishing you "All The Very Best".
  24. Here's wishing all of you Equinox users and site members from both sides of the big pond "A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year". Happy Hunting From Randy Dee in the UK.
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