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  1. And there is of course the easy way: if you can scrape the target off with your boots don't even bother. Simple but effective in many grounds. Relieves about 50% of the frustration. GC
  2. The alternative would be to change the detector settings such that surface targets become less visible, and dig all the rest. Like an inverse 6000 so to speak. This would probably increase the gold/trash ratio quite significantly for areas that have a lot of surface trash (which doesn't). The settings that JR described for the 7000 seem to fit that purpose. GC
  3. Thanks, Chet. This is the most comprehensive and best description I have seen on ZVT. I will have a few dozen reads of it to try to fully understand it 😆🙃 GC
  4. I often think the same. Amazing what the old-timers have accomplished without any advanced machinery and in often brutal conditions. Whenever I see those hand stacked large boulder piles along the river canyons in gold country I feel embarrassed when complaining about the weight of the 7000....But I wonder if they were just in general more enduring people with more physical strength, and most of all with more will-power and determination. GC
  5. Nice set up, Norvic! I thought of doing something similar but I am worried that if I take a dive during hiking the detector might get a brutal beating. Where I hike at times dives are not uncommon 🤪 GC
  6. Could not agree more! Just the weight sucks.
  7. chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/254716/KBA%2024-1%20Basics%20of%20the%20GPZ%207000%20Technology%20Zero%20Voltage%20Transmission%20(ZVT).pdf Sorry, long URL....
  8. "A more complete definition actually would be Zero Reactive Voltage Transmission. The transmit coil Reactive Voltage refers to voltage associated with the transmit coil winding that is proportional to changes in the transmitted magnetic field. Signals detected directly from the transmit coil are given the same name ‘reactive‘ because they are directly proportional to the transmit coil reactive voltage. The ZVT transmitted field is designed to be as constant (unchanging) as possible during the receive periods; this means that the transmit coil’s reactive voltage must be zero during these constant field periods, and thus too is a receive signal directly from the transmit coil’s field. Hence Zero Reactive Voltage Transmission (ZVT) refers to this ultra‑stable transmitted magnetic field period during which receiving occurs."
  9. That would certainly be a good strategy. The question is just how good a detector really could be at this price range and whether it would truly be competitive in the gold fields. It is already so hard to find decent gold here in the US, despite using rather expensive high tech machines and despite having many years of experience. So, I am not sure if a lower end tech package in the hands of mostly less experienced operators, who quickly want to find gold, would pay off. Now, for coin and relic hunting this is a different story and lower-end detectors are certainly available in good variety. But for gold prospecting in particular we need high tech improvements that will (unfortunately) have their price. And we also need those Gerrys, Robs and JPs of this world who provide field training to make this investment worthwhile (and to really give newcomers a chance to actually find gold!). I totally understand why many dealers make such a strong sales pitch for the 6000, because it will produce gold quicker for the newcomer (hence positive feedback) than the 7000 which is much harder to learn. This will result in much better sale figures which of course is in every dealers interest. But technology wise ZVT has a bright future (perhaps the brightest?), the question is just at what price. As stated before, competition would really come in handy for better pricing/product quality. So, perhaps this could make the entire gold detecting market look more promising. However, I suspect the GPZ successor will more likely be a GPZ 12000 than a GPZ 8000 (let alone a GPZ 2500......).😔 GC
  10. Many thanks, JR. Yes these settings are probably ideal when using a big CC coil. I don't have access to these coils, so I will try this with the regular DOD including the smaller NF-Zsearch. Far away from ideal (due to much smaller size and DOD configuration), but I am curious to see what difference it might make, regardless. Thanks again! GC
  11. Very interesting, JR. I have not tried "Bogene's type" settings with Xtra Deep. What volume setting did you use (not threshold volume)? Does that really eliminate most small surface targets? Thanks, and awesome finds! GC
  12. Conventional PIs receive in off time, the GPZ does'nt. Conventional PIs transmit with voltage, the GPZ does'nt. To me this is a very different duck. 😁 But hey, it really does'nt matter how you call it and we are probably all right, nobody is wrong. Let's just call it an awesome machine, and with a modern design and some tweaks this should be the next king (in it's own kingdom). 👍 GC
  13. Hey Lunk, finally tried the 6k/14DD in hot rock infested grounds (volcanic tuff). It is indeed an improvement over the 11 inch coil, however, not as much as I thought (perhaps 10% better overall). However, after some experimentation I found that the 7000 in general/ difficult gives a vast improvement, 80% or better. Neither HY/ normal (worse than the 6k), HY/difficult nor general/normal worked. Only general/ difficult. I can highly recommend these settings for everyone struggeling with hot rocks and it allowed smooth detecting in the worst hot rock conditions that I have ever encountered. Despite the tamed down machine I managed to recover a few small pickers in the 0.1 g range (not worthwile showing). This is a good example of how the 7000 with its settings can save the day. Here my exact settings: NF-Zsearch, general/difficult, sens 11, smoothing off, gb semi auto, other settings are default. GC
  14. Good discussion guys. I think there is big difference in what "pulse" means for both PI and ZVT. For regular PI machines there is an "off time" for receiving (hence the word pulse) whereas for ZVT the term "pulse" refers to just switching the pole of the magnetic field while continuously transmitting (no off-time). Hence, in my view the 7000 is not a PI machine in it's conventional definition and should not be called as such. In contrast, the 6000 is still a "conventional" PI (with off times in between pulses for receiving), so the same advantages (or shall I say differences) that ZVT has over PI will remain in effect when comparing the 7000 with the 6000. This is the reason why I don't think the king trophy discussion makes much sense, both detectors are really so different. Now, when it comes to all the other stuff (weight, ergonomics, coil variety, easiness of use for beginners, etc.) then you can call the 6000 a king. You can also call it king (or god...!) if your primary focus is super fast timing gold in shallow to medium depth ground. However, the ZVT technology will always have distinct advantages that will not be reached by any conventional PI machine and the 7000 could equally be called king, just in a different kingdom. Even with a newer GPZ version released the differences between PI and ZVT will remain fundamental, hence the 6000 will likely remain king in it's kingdom, even after the "GPZ 8000" has been released. In summary, ZVT is not an old obsolete technology and calling it outdated is simply not accurate (IMHO). Just my 2 ct. GC
  15. As much as I enjoy the 6000 for all the reasons stated, I still very much like the versatility the 7000 has to offer. GB-modes, gold-modes, filtering, threshold volume/volume, etc, all of it is missing on the 6000. Of course, the easiness of use comes in handy in particular for detecting beginners. However, I at times prefer to choose the settings for a given location and not let the machine pick for me. This reminds me a bit of cameras. They have fantastic point and shoot cameras nowadays, but does it really make the advanced high end Nikon (or Canon...) models obsolete? "GPX-6000 NEWEST TECHNOLOGY – Who wants to use a 7 yr old cell phone (GPZ-7000)." Gerry, as for ZVT, do you really think this is old stuff from yesterday and obsolete? As smart as geosense is, I still think ZVT has a lot to offer and should not be completed dismissed. After all, the 7000 is still ML's flagship detector. IMHO, I don't think it makes much sense to compare the 6000 with the 7000. Both are different machines with different underlying technologies, each having their strengths and weaknesses. I can see why advanced users still continue to value the 7000, me included. Assuming the 7000 would be as ergonomically advanced and as light as the 6000, and would have the desired coil versatility, would that alone not make the 7000 a much better match, even though using the "7 year old technology"? All this being said, if I today had to award a king trophy it would for sure go to the 6000. This detector is an absolute delight and would absolutely earn this title, all things considered. GC
  16. Completely agree. Actually, I would have preferred a 12 inch DD in the box, not a 14 one. But for sure a smaller DD would be the best selling after market 6k coil. I am actually surprised that neither NF nor Coiltek seem to have it on top of their list (unless I am mistaken). Some technical issues perhaps? GC
  17. I have tried several different models and none of the plastic tactical boots were up for the rough terrain where I hunt. Practically all of them, including those that I bought on respected prospecting websites and that were advertised as robust, disintegrated after a few weeks in rocky mountain terrain (cracked plastic, glue comes off the soles, etc...) My friend Bill Southern recommended these ones to me and indeed they are the only ones that are up for the task from at least a half dozen models I tried. (at least IMO). They are 99% metal free including zipper, the only metal part is the little zipper pull tab (for whatever reason). But this has no impact on the 6000 nor the 7000 even when run super hot. They are comfy and provide excellent ankle support. I can highly recommend them. Sourdough Scott, what Reebok boot model did you have? Mine are absolutely fine and I have not the problems that you are describing. GC https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BFAC3O0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_image?ie=UTF8&th=1&psc=1
  18. RP is a world on its own. Either you hate it or you love it. It is a very impressive and intense landscape but can be unforgiving. I have done the best there with the 7000. It's a vast open land, so unless you know exactly where to look a very small coil might not be something I would personally recommend. GC
  19. Great post, Randy, and congrats to your beautiful collection. 100-105 deg F is my limit too. I still try to do some detecting under these conditions but I will remain very close to my truck with frequent breaks. Let me know when you come up here and I will take you to the high Sierra's. Looking forward to catch up my friend! Best, GC
  20. Bill is a good friend of mine. He and Tammy are genuinely honest and good people and their channels are the real deal. Bill is not only a very fine detectorist with decades of experience and mentored by then man himself (Jim Straight), but he also loves the desert just as much as I do. Always fun to hang out with him and whenever he brings me to his secret spots the gold goddess is smiling. GC
  21. And don't forget the most important thing: start your prospecting day with a good espresso 😍 GC
  22. Thanks, GotAu. The 14 inch is pretty big for small washes, I even had a struggle with the 12 NF. But as you say, let's hope smaller DDs will be on the upcomimg coil list. I will definitly try it out however. Good to know that it works for you. GC
  23. Hi Lunk, no unfortunately i did not have the 14DD with me. But for sure I will try next time, good advice. I vaguely remember that you suggested that before. My bad that I haven't tried it yet 😁. GC
  24. Ty Norvic. I have been in the 6k/scraps business for quite some time now, so that little bigger one I found with the 6k was a welcomed distraction (trend I hope....). GC
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