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  1. Wow, every other target gold. Never had anything close. I am there with Phrunt. If I am super lucky it's more like 1/10 to 1/15. GC
  2. Looking forward to it, Gerry. The 6k is my every day detector and the best overall product, all things considered, that ML has ever made (IMHO). My 7000 is long out of warranty but since the NF Zsearch is a ML endorsed coil I speculate ML would still honor the detector warranty, even if I still had one. Interesting question though. I suppose the same will be true for the 6000 when the Coiltek and NF coils come out. Because they will be ML approved ML should still cover the detector warranties, even though you would then be using after market coils. The NF Zsearch is a huge upgrade for the 7000, I am in Rob's camp in this regard. Well, for that price it better be. 😉 Best, GC
  3. Awesome write up, Gerry. Always inspiring! I agree with your comments about the 6k being the RP king, but to be fair it all depends on how you are using the 7000 and on how experienced you are with this machine. An expert 7000 user who knows all the settings inside out will be equally successful at RP IMO, especially with the NF Zsearch coil, unless in wet saturated conditions where the 6k/14DD will steel the show. GC
  4. That happened to me several times. Slow scoop sweep and shaking the scoop before sweeping (so the heavies go to the bottom) usually always does the trick. Every scoop I repeatedly sweep slowly over the coil edge and also from different directions before I toss it. It takes a bit more time, but I have lost several targets by not being as careful like this. I also noticed at times an audio delay, which combined with sweep speed could contribute to loosing targets. It does not happen often though. GC
  5. For me the 17 inch coil with the 6000 is more about ground coverage than depth. The nice thing is that the 17 inch is almost as sensitive as the 11 inch for small gold. But when it comes to outright depth I prefer the 7000 any day. The SDC with a bigger coil is a head scratcher to me. The MPF tech. is aimed for shallow small gold/mineralized ground. The 8 inch is perfect for that. So, why a big coil? I totally agree with you on that. The 6k, as it being called a super PI-GM, is also designed for shallow/medium depth (also as judged by the ML star chart). Hence, sensitivity to small gold at medium depth is one of it's biggest strength and no other detector can compete here. So, very large coils for depth would not make much sense (IMO). No doubt it can punch deeper too, but there it looses it's leading edge when compared with the 7000. Just my 2 c. GC
  6. Sounds great! I wonder though whether they will be able to meet the huge demand. These coils might be really hard to get once they become available. I just remember how long it took for the NF Zsearch to reach the US market and that was just 1 coil. GC
  7. Not for me. The SDC can handle dificult terrain including hot rocks exceedingly well. With all my enthusiasm for the 6k it is kind of sensitive to hotrocks, more so than the SDC (IMHO). There are also other reasons, i.e. foldability. GC
  8. I bet the 10x5 will have the biggest demand. What a bomb this will be. GC
  9. Thanks for sharing. I heard the O-ring on the battery compartment seal needs to be checked frequently. I have the first gen. SDC which has a lot of mileage since I bought it years back, so I hesitate a bit to submerge it. I am very sentimental with this machine as it has been my companion for countless expeditions and adventures. And it has found me good gold. It will take courage to submerge it, like pushing an old dog into the water who has never swam. GC
  10. Thanks, my friend. I am not quite there yet but am thinking about it. I have never dredged or done anything more than just sluicing or panning. But I know some snipers who are quite successful in the rivers up here. But hunting with a metal detector fully submerged is something else that I would need to learn and practice. Who knows, I might hate it. ðŸĪŠ Also, I wonder how waterproof the SDC really is and whether it would actually survive fully submerged for longer periods of time. I still remember what happened to my first "waterproof" Samsung smartphone when I took it into the pool... GC
  11. How many of you have done underwater gold prospecting with the SDC2300 or other water proof detectors? I have never done this but I start entertaining the idea. I am curious to know what experiences you guys have had. As an inspiration I have attached the Youtube clip below. Although he was not metal detecting this video is well done and entertaining. GC
  12. The 6000 is a birdshot monster! Unfortunately, it just sounds exactly like small gold. GC
  13. I have several times observed disapearance of fast timing gold after disturbance. Either you treck it out (wish the 6k had a manual GB option like the 7k), or the timing constants change in relation to the ground mineralization as the small nugget gets moved and change position in the soil. This happens less likely with the SDC due to MPF. GC
  14. Good to know that the 6k coils are nothing special (other than chip). This makes me hope of low cost high performance coils to come. On the coil size, I wonder how small the Geosense technology can be pushed to and whether a super small coil would even make sense, given how extremely sensitive the 6k already is with the 11 inch round. A 10X6 elliptical seems to be on everybody's wish list. I would for sure get one . GC
  15. That would mean that ML approves both Coiltek and NF for aftermarket 6000 coils. Interesting news. Perhaps the coil versatility for the 5000 is something that will eventually come for the 6000 as well? Based on what was discussed before this move appears to be rather unexpected, given the delicate electronics of the 6000 and how it is synchronized with the current ML coil offerings. But I have no doubt Coiltek and NF will make superb coils. A big win for 6000 owners. I love my NF 12 inch for the GPZ, an absolute fantastic coil. But for the longest time it was really hard to get here in the US and only at a very steep price tag ($1200). The demand for 6000 coils will be huge, so it will be interesting to see who will be the winner when it comes to performance, availability and price. GC
  16. One thing to remember is that it is not just about weight but also about ergonomics. The GPZ weighs 1.5 lbs more than the SDC but I can swing the GPZ much easier/longer than the SDC. The 6000 shows how weight and ergonomics can be dramatically improved and my guess is that the next GPZ will follow this trend. GC
  17. Well done, Condor. You are a fine example of our honorable brotherhood. However, you find dishonesty not only with claim sellers but also with other detectorists at times. I was once hunting on an expired claim in an area not too familiar to me and met a fellow local detectorist who told me that 10 miles east they were finding multi-oz nuggets. I found good gold that day, of course I staid where I was. People just try everything. I was a bit shocked though that he even tried to pull that, seeing me with my 7000 in my hands. Just like in your case, some people don't seem to care what they see in the mirror every morning. GC
  18. California: $6.1 /gallon (SF Bay Area) Germany: EU 8.3, US $ 9.1 / gallon (!) (now you know why cars like the 4Runner are not being sold in Europe...) https://www.globalpetrolprices.com/Germany/gasoline_prices/ Reese, do you have a solar panel for your Jackery? Next time you buy a solar generator get the Ecoflow Delta. It's about the same price but 1800W with 3300 W surge (1200 Wh). Charges from 0-100 in less than 2h and you can run microwave and coffee machine with it. GC
  19. Great report, thanks Reese, and beautiful gold. 0.6 g in 15 inch depth with the 17 inch coil is impressive. It is such a great coil in the open field, also because it remains almost as sensitive as the 11 inch coil to fast surface targets. I admire your endurance. I don't know of many detectorists here in the US who live from what they find under their coil. Looking forward to catch up again soon, and good luck! GC PS: I always have a little body cam with me when I am out there. You want to make sure you have video evidence in case of a self defense encounter. This can make a big difference in where you will be spending the next decades of your life. Hope this will never happen to you though, nor to anyone for that matter.
  20. It's out of stock, unfortunately. ML should have done a better job with the GM shaft and at least provide some sort of useable stand for it. Same is true for the SDC (albeit slightly better) which most of the time only stands up with an aftermarket stand screwed onto the shaft, unless the ground is completely flat (when is it ever in SDC terrain). GC
  21. Great write up, Gerry. On the gold size issue, I sometimes find myself going back to the 7000 just to not get stuck all day digging up the super tiny stuff with the 6000. In particular, because the 6000 is so sensitive that often times I can't estimate the target size from the signal strength, not even for shallow targets (every shallow target screams). So, it can go the other way as well. GC
  22. He said he can make a lower shaft. The upper shaft where the control box sits might be more difficult. But I let him answer.
  23. Guys, I just wanted to share with you my new three-piece GM shaft, custom made by "Steve's Detector Rods". Absolutely superb craftmanship with perfect fit and easy assembly. Ideal for backpacking and traveling (longest piece is just 24 inch). The rod is super light (much lighter than the stock rod) but yet very sturdy. The clamps are high quality, something I would love to see on the 6000.... I am very happy with it and can highly recommend it. Steve is also a super nice guy, one of the few guys left who you would say is a true craftsman. http://www.stevesdetectorrods.com/ GC
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