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  1. Gerry! The ground here is full of poisonous nematodes, Juanta virus, bubonic plague, and alien flesh eating bacteria. But there are a few nuggets that you wouldn't choke on in your traditional mug shot.
  2. If you saw my ugly mug you'd know a mask won't fit me anyway.
  3. I would like to place an "item wanted" in the classified add section but it is requested that you have 10 posts within the last 30 days to use the classifieds. Well, there isn't much going on here in the Northern Sierras. The ground is mostly covered with snow, the Jeep is out back full of fallen leaves and ice and I haven't gotten Sourdough Scott into any trouble for a couple of months. So to make an interesting post I would have to cross that fuzzy grey line that squiggles between a good prospecting story and a blatant lie. So I'm going to try to sneak my "item wanted" add in here. Wanted; 1 plastic Groucho Marks. disguise. You know, The the one with the big bushy eyebrows, the oversized spectacles and huge nose with the push-broom mustache. Please contact Klunker. Thank you. This item is Detector Prospector related. We had a 1 million acre (yup, that's 1,000,000) fire burn through here last summer and it exposed unlimited shallow bedrock that would be perfect for detecting with a VLF detector so I bought one from a DP forum member (thanks John) but I don't want to get caught using a VLF detector for nugget hunting and loose my local status as Exalted Grand Wizard Poobah of Nugget Hunting by not using a PI detector. Thus the need for a disguise.
  4. What the heck is this "you tube" thing? And could someone explain to me what "social media" is. Am I missing something?
  5. R CM; You have a good point. I know Strick has High moral standards so I am sure he went in to get permission before detecting.
  6. Buy some soup. I can't figure why I find more spoons than forks or knives.
  7. Sorry, but your's is just a cheep replica..... I bought it.
  8. An old one. I think a guy named Tommy Edison built it in his attic.
  9. I have detected for metal in thousands of logs. The best I have found is a danged old Fisher bold bug. It's light, inexpensive, batteries are cheap and after decades it has never failed. It's depth is better in wood than in the ground so you will be amazed at how deep you will be chopping out nails. HINT-do your detecting while the log in still on the stump. Unless there were overhead wires through the logging site, rarely will you find metal above what you can reach above you with the Gold Bug. And tell your customer not to get distracted looking for gold. He has work to get done!
  10. If any of you will send me $45,792.75 I will send you something that works better than any of the above detectors. I promise. Cash please.
  11. What can I say? Hard rain predicted for 40 days and 40 nights so I'm stuck inside so the forum better be ware. But I've started working on a plan. Anybody have a pair of Aardvarks?
  12. Wow! If that thing had hit me in the head it would have busted up a good meteorite.
  13. Mr. Reno Bob; The guy that posted the above seems to know a little bit about what he is writing about so read it twice and ask question. the GPX4000 has been and still is my trusted battle ax with nugget blood all over it. I like the 4500 but I like the 5000 more better. If buying used the price difference is not that much.
  14. With me it's genetic so I am absolved of any personal responsibility. My fathers family mined here in California before it was California.
  15. give me a call. I can show you some amazing places for detecting---- but then I have to kill you.
  16. If you get angry with being skunked you ought not be prospecting. if an extraordinary find makes you do something stupid you ought not be prospecting. I consider any nugget find as a gift. A visiting detectorist foolishly left his new GPX 6000 unattended so I pilfered it and I'm beating the hell out of it to see if it is up to all the hype. But I still have a hard time setting aside the 5000 or the 7000 thinking I might be passing over large deep gold. I'll give an honest report after I return the remains of the 6000 to it's owner.
  17. It's Priceless! So you'll have to put a price on it. I love finding weird, out of place rocks when I'm excavating and you've found yourself a dandy. It's value is in the dreaming.
  18. Prospectors. Where the heck do ya think the gold came from to make the jewelry?
  19. Now I understand why I get so many adds for snow white wings, halos and harps. Thanks again Mr. H for keeping this forum the absolute best.
  20. Valuable for the gold but priceless for the history. Mr. Norvic. There is an old family story handed down through many generations of great, great, great ,great, great, great, grampa Sven getting blown slightly off course and landing in Australia. Your treasure is coming soon. Please post photos here first.
  21. Loan me the money for the 6000 then I'll loan the detector to you. But let's hold off until Mr. H. gets it all figured out.
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