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  1. Might I suggest a stout pick, a high quality #2 shovel with wooden handle, 3 different sizes of steel gold pans and a damned good minerals attorney. If a plan approval for sampling is that difficult to obtain do you think you could ever get approved for a mining project should your samples have a positive showing?
  2. But will I still be able to download updates for my 7000? Thanks again for keeping D.P. the best one.
  3. I have had 2 plans approved in 2022 and one still active from 2020. They are all "dig and detect" operations which is a very sloppy way to mine but mentioning water in any plan complicates the process 10 fold. Jim; When I was told this and also told that "ANY depression in the ground that might hold or carry water cannot be disturbed" I demanded that the restriction be presented to me in writing. That seemed to put an end to it (for now) and the plan was approved. This thread and this post could easily devolve into U.S.F.S. bashing so I'll leave it ant that.
  4. I was saying it was due in 2017 but I'm still waiting for the magic detector.
  5. Dang it! Here we have another "comparison" test with planted known targets. How did the coils compare while searching for a target? I have been seeing these nearly meaningless test for years and I have about the same opinion of them as Mr. Herschbach has of air tests. That is not to say I don't have an appreciation for the time and effort involved in making a video that some may find useful. And thanks to Mr. Phrunt for posting it.
  6. I would very much like to hear from him or anyone who has.
  7. But won't your toes still hang out over the front?
  8. Then why don't you put tire chains on your 4 wheel drive and come visit? Nope. Not me. you can tell by the lack of miners mud in the wheel openings.
  9. Wasn't it kind of creepy finding the human foot shown in your last photo?
  10. I pasted little gold stars all over your post.
  11. Frozen ground, no problem. Frozen me, now that's a matter of concern.
  12. Got the excavator off the hill wit 30 minutes to spare.
  13. A recent nocturnal atmospheric event caused ethereal aqueous particles to change there physical state and loose the ability to remain in suspension thus, by the force of gravity, declined in altitude until reaching an impermeable layer and forming a cryogenically unpleasant layer over the local auriferous matrix, which complicates the use of digitally controlled induction of an electro-magnetic field used to obtain relatively pure elemental mineral particles thereby causing me to retreat to my laboratory where I will be evaluating the thermal convective distribution of controlled carbonization of organic cellular compounds. Or----- It snowed last night and I can't go detecting so I'm sitting by the wood stove.
  14. Thanks for the photo of the two kangaroos. I didn't know what hey looked like and now I do.
  15. There is a gold chain nearby. Might I suggest you take the day off?
  16. GPX 4000 with DD coil. Guaranteed if there is detectable sized gold. Do it at night so no one sees you took a giant step backwards with technology.
  17. With a good detector the rest of the car shouldn't be that difficult to find.
  18. My phone camera has had a tough life. Only the front camera works anymore and my android phone and mac computer refuse to speak to each other so I have to text my photos to Sourdough Scott then he Emails them back to me so that I can post them therefore my silly post are actually Sourdough Scott's fault.
  19. A few of us camped out near an old mining town because it is central to a lot of good detecting both relics and nuggets. In the past the Grand Pubah of relic hunting (Strick) has found several ladies items - buttons, garter clips, a beautiful woman's buckle and such. When he posted photos of some of these items a forum member here suggested there may have been a brothel at this site. the name stuck (lady members please forgive us, its a guy thing). So while relic detecting, Strick, being the quintessential relic hunter that he is, spotted this cute ceramic dolls head. I had found the ceramic arms to this doll on two previous outings and knowing it wouldn't be right to keep the doll parts separated Strick and I had a wrestling match in the dirt to see who would part with there pieces and it only took a small bribe for the referee (Sourdough Scott) to declare me the winner.
  20. I will have to be more aware and be careful no to make contact with the ground with my coil while detecting. Silly me. I should have known this as I know my excavator buckets last much longer if I don't allow them to scrape on the ground. However, the stock 6000coil cover is made from the softest material I have ever found for a "skid plate". It can easily be scratched with your thumbnail.
  21. Detecting is his tranquilizer, thus the impatience for better equipment.
  22. I happen to be the epitome of preparation and organization. I have never forgotten my boots, lunch, water, backpack, batteries, gold bottle, power cords, headphones, dog or detector. At least I don't remember ever having done so. Any post by Strick or Sourdough Scott on this topic which mentions my name is not to be believed. I would have submitted this post sooner but I forgot to push the "submit reply" button.
  23. I just can't comprehend why a popular detecting forum would be discontinued. They are so easy to set up and maintain, there are millions of dollars to be made, they take very little personal time, the members are always appreciative and thankful for what little work that the owner must do to keep it popular and for the valuable information they get, and detectorists and prospectors rarely need their posts to be monitored or edited. Maybe Mr. H. could explain how this could happen.
  24. But wouldn't it be a little less risky to just go out with my detector and pick up a few bits here and there?
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