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  1. I guess you'll have to stop by and detect here when you get back to get back on track financially. BUT you must promise to speak only when spoken to. That Tennessee-Australian accent just drives me nuts.
  2. You'll have to poke around here to find the rest of the story about my dog license (titled "A True Story") If you need a tale for your license I'll be glade to help. got photos?
  3. Hope today was better and the tomorrows better yet
  4. This is a true story regarding my find of an 1891 San Francisco dog license. My information was obtained through research at the Wil Di Magi National archives. In 1890 a larcenous scoundrel narrowly escaped being hung in Australia and fled to California to continue in his nefarious activities. when he came ashore in San Francisco He stole a families beloved dog. He proceeded to a northern sierra mining camp and advertised the dog for sale as a gold sniffing hound. He then stole a large gold nugget and slathered it with bacon grease and buried it near the camp. the next day he brought the dog out to demonstrate it to 47 eager buyers. he turned the dog loose and, sure enough, the dog went and dug up the nugget (which he then licked clean of bacon grease). There was an immediate bidding war for the amazing gold sniffing dog which sold for an astounding $152.75. The scoundrel from San Francisco couldn't help himself and started laughing at all the foolish prospectors and miners. but while he was laughing the dog disappeared, but soon returned with a huge nugget and gave it to it's new owner. the dogs owner was then offered $842.63 for the dog which he accepted. This same thing happened several more times throughout he coming days resulting in a very joyous, prosperous and happy mining camp, except for the scoundrel who returned to Australia and begged them to hang him. No one Knows what became of the famous gold sniffing dog though rumor has it that he became the leader of the (now extinct) Sierra Dingos. And there are those that claim to have one of his descendants, such as a dog named Wilson out of Reno Nevada one named Buddy near Oakly, California, one named Rooster from the North East Sierras but the only convincing one is an dog named Danny, owned by me and not for sale. The only known photo of the famous gold sniffing hound taken in 1896
  5. Ha! Don't come running to me when you need a bit of ice to cool your evening beverage after the end of a hot day of relic hunting!
  6. San Francisco. results of my research are soon to be revealed.
  7. Danged zipper tabs sound like a nugget and then I can't ground balance the dirt under my toe nails.
  8. I prefer to have my coil shaft rotate with a little pressure with the coil on the ground. much better than rotating your wrist when you are detecting the sides of a gulch.
  9. Metal lace hooks won't work when detecting on extremely steep ground where he coil is often near your feet.
  10. But obviously not steep enough. It is a fearful endeavor to race ahead of SS when I might have a high speed blowout from poor quality metal free boots. This topic comes up at least a couple of times a year but I have yet to find a good quality high top boot suitable for the terrain that we detect here in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  11. Which is a danged shame. The big dog needs to get nipped by a little dog.
  12. Nope. But keep the dream alive.
  13. To all our Australian friends. Be warned! VA Paul does is not representative of most American detectorists! He has incurable gold fever, he wants to be shown where there is lots of big easy gold, he eats like a horse, his accent makes him hard to converse with, he is dangerous with any tool and can break anything (such as an anvil). No Sir! VA Paul is not representative of the typical American detectorist. Most of us are much worse.
  14. GO DAMMIT! Or I will never push the like button on one of your post again.
  15. I always enjoy you reports. If I tried writing a report like that it would be full of mespelings and, puntuation. errors/
  16. This is all I know. The Plumas National Forest minerals officer told me any operation "near" a water course needs to be reviewed by the Regional Water Control Board even if it only carries water a few days per year. I have ask repeatedly for that statement in writing. haven't seen it yet. The California Dept. of Fishy wildlife says that when you pump water out of a steam course you are diverting the stream and a stream diversion permit is required. there is also the Corps of Engineers to deal with. Your claims are in such a visible area and close to town I personally wouldn't try it. You might sneak by using an in-stream sluice. I'll lend you a good detector.
  17. I found the program to be unrealistic with twisted British humor and everyone had a funny accent. And I loved it.
  18. Geof; Could you ship me a couple dozen of them alligator things and maybe a few drop bears. I would like to discourage Phrunt from even thinking about coming to my neighbor hood with his new 6000. After all gold is a finite resource.
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