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  1. Same shaft just be careful of the coil ears you do not want to break them
  2. No problem as I would hate to see the WM08 ruined as I am using mine for the first time tomorrow morning.
  3. the WM08 is not waterproof. The connector would be better suited for the headphone connector on the control head. Also the wireless signal will not work when the EQ is submerged under water.
  4. I used a anderson at-pro shaft and had to drill a alignment hole for the eq pod and add some duck tape under it as it was a little loose. Dew i talk to cliff pretty much daily on the headphone connector. I used a mono headphone plug to the male ctx m12 connector but it is not waterproof
  5. You might be able to find something like it by searching for a plastic gun bipod... I think the inside diameter is 22-24 mm
  6. I ordered the bipod from metaldetector.com it is listed as makro racer series stand.
  7. ordered.... pm me for more info as i do not know if i can post non sponsored vendors
  8. Here is my completed EQ800 on a carbon fiber shaft project finally done. Now all I have left to do is finish my waterproof connector.
  9. I use (It is what it is) a lot in this hobby. Thanks Steve for the link to the other thread.
  10. I tried some air testing with the EQ600 this morning on some of my silver and gold rings. Something very interesting happened on a large silver ring as I was testing different orientations. First laying flat solid high TID then on its end when sweeping it horizontally TID was a bit lower but when sweeping vertically NO TID??? Did same test with gold ring 14k 8g flat good TID of 18. Then on end horizontally a TID of 12 and finally vertically a TID of 8-9 with a very low tone in the middle of the coil. I may have missed a few diggable targets because i was thinking pop tab when I heard that type of signal but wont make that assumption again. HMMMM
  11. I hunted just the dry and wet sand. lots of getting out my carrot stick pin pointer. The beach is pretty clean as every day at least 2 to 10 detectorist hit it.
  12. I firmly believe that in our hobby there are just some things you cannot get away from as targets with the technology at hand. like pull/pop tabs, can slaw , bottle caps, aluminum foil and small lead. It is what it is. Happy hunting
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