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  1. 1.20am means low tide will also be around 2pm that afternoon. Be a warm road trip though this weekend. Lots of people will head that way to the beach. Due to hit about 37C (98F) today and 34C (93F) tomorrow. I live within walking distance of the beach at Ocean Grove so will probably head to the water myself.
  2. Not sure where you are parking but around my way the parking is terrible. Same as infrastructure. We have issues where developers are allowed to build big estates on old farm land but then the roads, shops etc can't cope with the extra people. But I suppose its all relative to what you're used to. We are nice though (unless you take all our gold....)👿
  3. Australia is full of things that bite and sting but all jokes aside, if you got worried about every little thing , you'd never leave the house. You have more chance of being hit by a car than getting seriously hurt out in the bush (as long as you use common sense). I wear snake gaitors sometimes, especially if wearing shorts. Not only for the snakes but they give protection against some of the undergrowth.
  4. You forgot the 'soul destroying' bit 😐😐
  5. Cane toads are nothing. Probably the only thing that freaks me a little while out in the bush is walking into a golden orb weavers web. They're not a little spider and their web is fairly strong so you tend to spend the next 10 minutes looking to make sure the spiders not in your hair or on your shirt. Although I do think they are relatively harmless. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_silk_orb-weaver The big inch ants are the other thing to watch out for. The suckers have big nippers that they use to hold on while they sting you with their tail. And they really hurt! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrmecia_forficata
  6. You mean to say I wasn't supposed to mention them????? I don't want to be held responsible for any US injuries on Aussie soil so I was just giving a PSA. For those that don't know - drop bear: https://australianmuseum.net.au/learn/animals/mammals/drop-bear/
  7. Most of the time its from the added weight of the drop bears waiting to pounce....😉
  8. Congrats Simon. I love it that you tell a story that makes us feel like we are with you.
  9. I drove a 2wd Mercedes Vito Van around the goldfields for a few years without issue. You just have to be aware of the cars limitations with regard to ground clearance etc. and use common sense. Nearly all the tracks I go on are suitable for 2wd cars. Of course if we get a lot of rain some tracks may become difficult but not impossible.
  10. I have a DJI Phantom 4 Pro - is there a small Lidar unit I can fit to that?
  11. I've been looking for coverage of the Victorian Goldfields for ages but haven't found any available publicly. I had been watching a doco on people surveying South America years ago and thought it would be a great tool to use. Many need to get a few people together and fund some private surveying
  12. Nerrina is ok but its close to Ballarat so gets hammered. Despite what he says, most are accessible using 2wd as long as you use common sense. Plus I never feel safe being too far from my car when near Ballarat. Too many idiots who love to steal stuff. The maps don't really give a feel of how big and diverse the goldfields are. This is just a small selection of different goldfields all easy driving from Melbourne
  13. The audio design isn't bad. It just not as good as I think it can be. I dare say that Minelab probably have several engineers working on the project with each assigned a particular area. Plus the focus is probably on the detection side of things as well as cost vs overall advantage. Like with the auto industry, there are plenty of add ons that manufacturers don't have on their vehicles that can, and do, increase performance and usability.
  14. Not really. An EQ just either amplifies or cuts a set of frequencies. My idea is to basically squeeze a broad faint signal from the sides making it more pronounced and having more of an edge. More of a compression style of circuit rather than EQ.
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