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  1. There is a big difference between inside the case and a flexible adapter cable. Inside the case the wires have no movement from the other end. There is no pulling or flexing. This isn't the case with the adapter cables. There can be stresses and movement on the adapter cable every time the coil is changed. Any added material to stop the stresses on the joints can only prolong the life of the connection.
  2. I use the hot glue gun because it dries solid and fills the inner part of the socket between the wires so they can not move at all. It gives a similar effect as a molded plug. I think the liquid tape will still allow for movement of the wires within the socket.
  3. If he had done a noise cancel it probably would have achieved exactly the same thing. I haven't tested one myself but I am a little dubious. I dont like the idea of adding a passive device to the input of the detector as it will also be reducing the signal slightly which will mean those faint signals will no longer be available.
  4. I'm sorry but unless this 'shield' is connected electrically to the ground of the detector, its useless (in fact it may actually act as an antenna for EMI) and you will get ground loops. The inside of the GPX is already shielded although I have seen a few that have been opened by others and they have not re-fitted the shielding wire correctly. As for some of the statements in that write up especially well the reason they have that case and not a plastic one is so they can be shielded by connecting the case to ground. AND Magnets are NOT EMI. The effect of the earths magnetic field are handled with part of the circuitry that does EF rejection. I gather they are trying to make it look like a Faraday shield - this cant work in this scenario as there are cables coming out both ends. For a Faraday shield to work, it has to be totally enclosed. Sorry its snake oil.
  5. I have the 17x11 and it was my go to coil for quite a while. Punches deep, easy to pin point and is sensitive on small bits. That being said, the 14 will punch a little deeper but isnt as easy to pinpoint and maneuver in between grasses/bushes/rocks. There isnt one coil that will do everything so you have to decide what feature gives the most advantage and go for that coil. I also have the 14x9 Evo (as mentioned by Nenad) and its great for smaller prickly bits.
  6. When I make the patch leads I also put another plug on to the original coil. That way it can still be used. Have you tried the original coil with the patch lead? If it works then the fault is with the x coil. If not then either the patch lead is wired incorrectly or the ic in the plug has been damaged. regards Pat
  7. Most are aware of the goldfields of Western Australia and Victoria but there are more throughout Australia. NSW and QLD also have their fair share of gold and I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few days up in NSW with some friends. We only managed a few days detecting ( I still had to squeeze in some business commitments as well as some well needed down time) but I still came away with just under 1/2 an oz. It's beautiful country and well worth a visit if you get a chance.
  8. Sorry I missed your adventure Mitchel as I was out of phone reception for most of the time. It's a shame you didn't get more gold but I really hope you enjoyed your time here regardless. regards Pat
  9. Well done Mitchel. I knew you'd get something. Sorry I haven't been able to catch up with you but this week has been so busy with work and next week I am away. Good luck and I look forward to seeing more of the yellow from you. regards Pat
  10. Its a bit hard to say without looking at the circuit. Some audio has a floating outputs where none are grounded. You'll really need to look at the board and see if you can spot some sort of ground. It will probably be a wider track, connected to some of the negative pins on electros, go to the ground pin on some of the ic's etc.
  11. As long as you are enjoying yourself Mitchel. I have to admit that I'd probably be doing the same as you. Lets face it, with any adventure, the journey is often as good as the destination. Enjoy and good luck.
  12. Check the cases of the pots I have circled. Check and see if there is continuity between them. Often they are grounded - you may find its a multilayer board and the ground connections may be on an alternate layer. If they are connected then the odds are they are grounded. I'd just solder a wire to one of them if thats the case. Otherwise look for a common connection between things like the ground of the headphone socket, negative of electro caps etc.
  13. Rather than the battery, look on the circuit board for a ground plane of some sort. Only reason being is that some detectors dont use the negative of the battery as a ground. regards Pat
  14. Holy crap, you're all over the place. You have to decide if you are prospecting or sight seeing. You'll need at least a couple of days in each of those spots just to get your head around what is going on. Spend the first part of the day looking around and trying to understand the ground and what is going on. Then in the afternoon go for a swing and get the excitement out of your blood. Then the following day, slow down and concentrate on working the area properly. Gold has had millions of years to learn how to hide from us. Cant expect to find it in one day. Ok lecture over - looks like your having fun though. If I didn't have so many backorders to get through before the weekend, I'd join you (and maybe hobble you a little to slow you down lol). Good luck for todays adventure and I do hope you get on to some yellow. regards Pat
  15. Mitchel did send me a message but I wasnt on my computer all day so I missed it until it was too late. Bell is great for surfers (none take anything valuable near the water except for their boards) and generally tourists only get as far as the carpark . As for the gold - you'd be better off picking a spot and giving yourself at least a few days. The first day you'll be buzzing from spot to spot not really covering the ground properly. On the second day you will have gotten over the initial excitement and slowed down. The gold here isnt that easy to find and it takes time and patience (unless your that kid who tripped over a nugget in Bendigo).
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