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  1. My first impression of FE-2 0 is that I see no going back to FE 0 unless needed for a specific situation. This view could change since it was only a 3 hour hunt. Everyone’s experience might be different depending on location and the way you hunt. I am an audio hunter and was impressed with what I experienced yesterday. From what I read before going out, I was expecting a difficult hunt where I would have to ease into the new more aggressive settings.. I generally hunt with very aggressive settings and am used to lots of noise. The new more aggressive FE-2 0 setting actually seemed to tame my detector audio. Dig decisions were much easier and more clear to me. Bryan
  2. My experience today running the new firmware was not what I expected.. It was a short hunt and I didn’t do any settings to settings comparison.. Just hunted as usual but with the new FE-2 settings. Started in FE-2 2 but quickly dropped to F-2 -0 when I realized how well my Nox was running with the new settings.. Falsing seemed much easier to understand audibly and the Detector seemed to be able to analyze targets much faster and better, making dig decisions easier. two of the coins I found, (one Wheat and one V)were with iron and the detector locked on with a tight ID in both cases once they were isolated.. so far I’m happy Bryan
  3. You can try using a pink eraser on it but your Indian is already about as good as its ever going to get. I like them green myself. Nice find! Bryan
  4. I tried Recovery Speed 3 the other day with good success.. I hated pretty much every minute of it because of the drawn out audio but it did produce, even in the heavy trash areas. I purposely hunted the same area that I had the week before using Recovery Speed 5 and 6 where I only pulled 3 old Nickels in 6 hours of hunting. My friend and I have been pounding this area since last fall and it had started to feel cleaned out.. When I went through on RS 3 this time I got 7 old coins. 3 Wheats, a Buffalo, a V Nickel and 2 Mercury Dimes. The 2 dimes came from a section my friend and I have both gridded from multiple directions more the once, so they were definitely a surprise. Not a scientific test by any means but my friend didn’t get a single old coin out of the area while hunting with me running his MX Sport. It could have been that the drawn out audio was forcing me to slow down. Nothing was any deeper then usual. One of the Wheats had a large nail directly above it which was interesting given the signal was so good.. My take on this experiment is just mix things up a bit when the area stops producing and see what happens.. Bryan
  5. I’m definitely guilty of not doing as much testing as I should have with both iron bias which I run at 0 all the time and Recovery Speed which I didn’t give the extreme ends of the range 1-3 and 7,8 any chance at all. Hopefully I don’t make myself look too stupid here, but I think what surprised me the most about Tom D’s Recover Speed explanation that hit me between the eyes was that the settings don’t actually change the actual recovery speed of the detector at all.. just the audio which either gets clipped or elongated.. I knew the audio is different at each setting but maybe I was thinking the detector was actually working differently. Now I know it’s more about understanding the audio at these different settings and probably the swing speeds that go with them. Sometimes you just think you know something until it gets explained to you differently and then it clicks.. Now I can revisit this Mode and look at it differently.. I would have never thought to try ultra low speed in a heavy target situation. Bryan
  6. Its Hard to hunt above 22 sensitivity in most of my areas but I do everything I can to not drop below 20 if possible. I normally run wide open but will start using discrimination to quiet the detector down before I drop below 20. If coin hunting I will notch out 1-11 and 14-17 which helps quiet the detector down noticeably. I also noise cancel and ground balance frequently.. sometimes manually selecting my channel if I’m not happy with the Auto choice, although most of the time it seems to pick the best channel. I have learned to hunt through quite bit of noise over the years. It’s taken myself a long time but I now trust my brain to sort out the noise.. it’s amazing how a certain tone amongst a sea of noise can stop you in your tracks.. Bryan
  7. I love small Cabins. I was living in one when I came up with the name and am working on another now. Bryan
  8. The Recovery Speed info was an eyebrow raiser for me. I pretty much run my detector exactly how he describes with great success except for the 2-3 Recovery Speed. I hang out from 4-6 but never really gave much of a thought to trying anything lower. It was interesting to see the EQ is tuned at RS 3 for ultimate performance if your soil will cooperate at that speed.. I will be doing some testing with that and maybe pushing my sensitivity a bit more to see if I can eke out some additional performance.. Hard to imagine it getting much better then it already is.. Bryan
  9. As an old coin hunter, I prefer the Equinox.. I was running an E-Trac at the time I purchased my Equinox and a CTX before that. I never did run my E-Trac again after my 800 arrived and I finally sold It. The Equinox is faster and deeper on all conductors in my soil and it’s light weight and wireless capabilities just make it a no-brainer for me. The Equinox is sparky so if you like a more refined, smooth hunt you may prefer an E-Trac or CTX. Bryan
  10. Not yet.. What started off as a mild winter in January turned in to record snows in February, so I’m just now starting up again.. Rain and soggy ground is making it tough. Probably be May before I get any serious time in detecting.. Good to see others scoring some silver on the forum. Bryan
  11. Nice find for sure. The lower then normal ID for that half was probably because it was on edge.
  12. Awesome coin! Even with the scratch which looks old, the value should be high considering it’s Details being at least Extra Fine. Bryan
  13. I can’t really add much to what others have said because it’s almost impossible to explain.. It just comes with many hours of experience, but the information in full tones can help you identify some falsing for example. There can be a harshness to the tones that give it away.. It’s not 100% all the time but when you add that information to the way the target reacts to your swing and pinpoint, it will help you make better dig decisions.. There is also a gratification that comes from finding a deeper coin using 50 Tones. Some can sound so good you would bet a decent sum of money that it is for sure a coin. The tone can literally put a smile on your face. It’s not just one tone. It’s a tight smooth blend of a tone that is hard to explain. Sometimes Im amazed at how my brain can grab a certain tone out of barrage of other tones and stop me in my tracks. It happens subconsciously and no doubt came from years of using full tones on other FBS detectors. Theres no going back now. I would feel greatly handicapped without the full tones. Bryan
  14. Nice hunt Cal! Thanks for sharing your adventure. Gives us who are stuck home buried in snow a chance to go along on a hunt. Bryan
  15. Yes, great report! Appreciate the details of the hunt. Congratulations on your well earned gold nuggets.
  16. I might be confusing things because I don’t run any of the factory settings on any of the modes. I went in and set them up for my style of hunting and I just tweak things as needed. All my Park and Field Modes are the same. Sometimes I go over to a different mode and mess with the settings for testing but rarely come out of Park 1. It might be easier if I just show you how I run my detector for old coin hunting. I run 50 Tones wide open most of the time. If I get in to very heavy aluminum, or EMI I will use my discrimination pattern which notches OUT 1-11 and 14-16. I have the ferrous region -9 through 0 Notched IN and always on. Volume is 25. Tone Volume is T1=5 and T2=25... Threshold=12... Threshold pitch 1... Tones=50.. T1=2... Recovery Speed =4-7...Iron Bias 0... Running this way I can hear all ferrous, but it is very quiet and is a low tone. I can listen to it all day with no bother. I like to hear everything under the ground and the ground itself. A silent detector is unnerving to me. Hope this helps. Bryan
  17. If you run in 50 Tones you can notch out any number including those within ferrous range. Bryan
  18. Ground noise shows up in the Park and Field 2 Modes a lot more then the 1 modes. Run 50 Tones and setup your iron range volume real low and the puttering shouldn’t bother you. If so, notch out a few of the lowest numbers like -6 through -9. That way you can still hear most of the iron. Bryan
  19. Macro Gold Racer is an awesome Detector. I’m not a micro jewelry hunter but I did witness its ability to be one. Check out this photo of small finds that were made while coin hunting with the big 15” coil. The thing I remember about it was the sea of tiny signals you could hear. The good stuff just really jumped out at you so you were able to ignore the tiny pieces of foil and such. Great audio detector. The ability to punch deep on Coins was surprising too considering it’s frequency. Both of these coins were very deep. Bryan
  20. Just make sure you have the latest firmware update and you should be fine in any mode. It fixed the big silver on edge problem some were having. I primarily run Park 1 for coin hunting and have no trouble finding coins on edge. Bryan
  21. Higher end treasure detector, be it a Equinox 1000 or faster CTX in an Equinox body is high on my wish list as well as an ultra light PI Detector.. Waterproof, Wireless and light. Bryan
  22. Hopefully some of those “new, improved metal detectors” make it to market this year. It’s good to see Minelab is doing so well. Bryan
  23. Found one of those oddball War Nickels that read high today. It’s a 43 S and rang up 17-18. It has a black corrosion on it that is real hard to chip off. Feels like a crusty Zinc.. definitely not a normal type of corrosion I’m used to seeing on a War Nickel which tend to come out nice and bright or with a slight yellow tinge . Also found a decent 23 S Buffalo that came in the usual 12-13. Bryan
  24. The Equinox is setup for easy use right out of the box. If your hunting for coins in the park, press Park 1 or 2. If your at the saltwater beach, press beach 1 or 2. Relic hunting a field? Press Field 1 or 2. I maybe over simplified the process a little, but any of those factory settings used where they were intended will get you great performance.. When you get more experienced you can start tweaking for even better performance and set it up the way that fits your hunting style. If you don’t catch on to detecting like you thought you would, the Equinox should be easy to sell. The hardest part of learning to detect for someone new is probably target Recovery. Bryan
  25. There is a lot of talk about modes and which is deeper.. you have to factor in that these modes are all set up different from the factory. My Park 1 setup looks nothing like how it’s setup from the factory. To test these you need to have them setup the same, as in same Recovery speeds, tones, Iron Bias etc. Someone might be getting deeper in one mode because of different Recovery speeds thinking it’s the frequency weighting of the mode. For example factory Park 1 runs a high Iron Bias which will affect depth, where as Park 2 runs on 0. I have not done any detailed depth testing between the Two modes but they both punch deep on coins. I have mineralized ground here in the Pacific NW and Use Park 1 for most of my hunting. It’s not setup like the factory Park 1. All of my modes are setup the same and I just tweak as needed on the fly. Full 50 Tones, Recovery 5 to start. Always 0 Iron Bias. Same discrimination pattern across the board, only used when things get ugly or my brain gets tired. I like to keep things simple yet optimized for top performance. Bryan
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