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  1. One more thing I am hunting areas previously pounded. Every location. I have a new saying for myself, an area isn't hunted out until I hunt it a good month with the 6000. And too my surprise the 6000 is still pulling gold out.
  2. I am starting to think that some of why the 6000 is so touchy with emi is what they had to do to expand the sensitivity upwards to hit gold other detectors miss including the 7000. As Oneguy used to call it "The Wild 6000" is fitting. Every day at my claim "Smaug's Gold" emi will usually cut your day short around 2-3 pm because it gets so bad. Oftentimes we just hunt right on through it. We are still hitting the gold, dispite the emi. We have 4 Gpx6000's running at different times and some days all 4 at same time. We have to take turns digging and detecting as we are digging in an area 90 feet/4 6000's. The 6000 is a beast and dispite my early hipe against it in January/February 2021 and my defective detector and coil, this is by far the most amazing gold getting detector I have ever seen or used. I will be starting a Channel on YouTube called Smaug's Gold Adventures and there will be plenty of feedback on the amazing skill and pedigree of the 6000. I am a firm believer in the 6000. I would not have near the gold I have if it weren't for the 6000. The little pile with the bright white quartz in the center is gold found with the 5000/Gold Monster and Equinox and all the other piles are the Wild 6000. Over 300 nuggets with my 6000 just since March.
  3. Got 5 nuggets yesterday for 2.3 grams. 35 grams for here so far. Got 49 days left to reach my goal of 2 oz for here.
  4. Thanks Lanny. I forgot about bear boards. I might have to give that a try.
  5. The day before yesterday I found out the bear was a juvenile grizzly. I gave a training to a guy who is a very experienced hunter and tracker and he found some tracks by the wall of the tent that were a smaller grizzly. He described the direction it came in to the tent and how it wheeled around and took off. I said that is exactly what I recall what happened. Amazing he was able to describe the scenario from the tracks. He said knowing it was a griz, you really should get an electric fence. He also said the shots you fired off from your gun will bring grizzlies in unlike blacks. He said if a griz comes into your camp, they will get more and more bold to keep doing it. Got 10 nuggets yesterday at the Utopia claim we are working. Not as good of gold as Smaug's Gold but gold none the less.
  6. Last night was a drama heart pounding night. I climbed into my cot to go to sleep and I heard something walking on other side of the creek and then standing in the creek. Then I heard foot steps on a tarp I have bunches up next to one side of the tent. I eventually went to sleep and at 1:50 in the morning my 16' diameter 10' tall tent started shaking big time on one side of it. I jumpy up out of my sleep and grabbed my Judge and thought, "well here we go! It's go time." A bear was trying to go through the side of my tent. Not sure if a griz or black. Not tracks outside as I am camped on tailing piles pushed out flat with a pile to one side of the tent. My trip alarm is going back up in a few minutes. Tonight will be interesting to say the least.
  7. My book was written to benefit gold hunters everwhere around the world. Here is a review from Australia. I have things in my book you won't find in any other book, such as The Townes Theory. Also I don't know anyone else talking about learning the characterizations of Mass Wasting either. From The U.S.A., Australia, Africa, Turkey, etc.... My book will apply.
  8. Damn! I hope so! Im kinda feeling cursed. 😜 🤣
  9. Me and a claim partner were at our claim today. I got 3 small pieces and Jamie got his first big nugget. I am the last one of the four of us, still waiting to hit on one. It is just a matter of time and alot of digging.
  10. Rob, from top of old tailings all the way down and past native material and into the bedrock. Working a second claim as well. These 29 pieces came from 3 days of detecting. Some areas I am just walking and detecting.
  11. Got 9 today. On another claim I got exclusive permission to hunt.
  12. Getting the gold of all sizes is the bottom line! The one that gets the gold gets my money.
  13. So Steve, I am a skeptic of Garretts gold machines being able to hit on gold as tiny as what Minelab's can hit on and as deep as Minelab's can reach the gold. Years ago I used to be a Garrett fan but their so called technology advancements have seemed to me at least to be little more than a shell make-over. I also have seen first hand the electronic components seem low end and cheap compared to Minelab, such as the wiring on the coils. Every Garrett I have owned started falsing and developing cracks in the coil wiring exposing the copper wires. Have they upgraded the electronic components on the Axiom? For roughly $4000 I certainly hope so. I had bought the Infinitum L/S many years ago and was pissed when I got it in the mail and it was visibly cheap. Every time you swung the coil the lower shaft would slop back and forth because they didn't seem to see the need for a twist lock knob between the lower and upper shaft. After that it started falsing constantly before a year was up. Then the atx came out and it was essentially the Infinium in a new shell. The cord coming out of the control box on the Axiom as far out as it does I think will eventually become a problem getting caught on all kinds of stuff and weakening the coil plug housing. Can it hit on gold as tiny as the 6000 or 7000 can and as deep
  14. Geof_junk, I have done that before as well. I have also used a small board or Plexi glass, but with this claim we need to be mindful of backfilling. I got a lot to do regarding this. I am detecting on fairly flat rotten bedrock and keeping amount to detect between digging small to keep as many nuggets coming as possible and to backfill as I progress with very little added work. Two birds with one stone.
  15. Got 7 today. Flies weren't too bad. 1.3 grams. Big one is .9 g. The tiniest one is amazingly small- good signal though.
  16. Gold Seeker, no there is no fines. It is all nuggets.
  17. So far in roughly a month of detecting at my claim I have 23.2 grams of gold. If today is another good day, I should get the few grams for an ounce.
  18. It is a dry gulch. The old timers had to transport the dirt and gravels in wagons down to the bottom of our gulch where there is a spring, to process.
  19. Jasong, To the side of my hole is where the old timers dug and got their gold. They pile the tailings in long windrows where my hole is, in the side of the piles. There is bedrock under where they piled the tailings that has gold all through it. There is also still alot of gold in the piles as well. The old timers missed alot. Good for me and my claim buddies. My hands completely and totally hurt. But I will keep at it despite the pain. Gotta get that gold.
  20. My buddy Chuck pulled a 2.3 grammer out of his hole today. There has gotta be a bigger one lurking near my hole. Tomorrow is a new day.
  21. Had a good day today lost track of how many nuggets I found. That's always a good thing, I suppose. 5.1 g. New hole is paying off.
  22. I got 1 piece of gold in that hole. Not good enough to stay in it. I moved below where my buddy is digging and started a new hole. Got three right off the bat. I'll get pics tomorrow after tomorrows tally of gold.
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