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  1. Got to play with the Nox some more and I think it will be good 👍. Getting it figured out. You know for all the monster's short comings, I sure miss it. But, the Nox does in fact run quieter. This will be nice. What is the depth comparison between the two? Anyone have an accurate assessment of it.?
  2. Jeff, I have not read it yet. I will try to remember to do so. I have been really focusing on the Gpx6000.
  3. I'm still learning the Nox 800 and so far, I am not impressed by it. I have run the X-terra 705 for both gold nuggets and coins and treasure and I ran my Monster with great success. I have issues with the Monster being it is top heavy and constantly tips over when running a scoop over coil. The handle is long which I like, but is not easily adjusted which I don't like. It would be nice to have a threshold on it. I really like that it barks out the signal on gold and all other targets. Hunting in areas that require you to be alert of hazards around you such as bears, lions and rattlesnakes, the Monster shines in this case with no headphones required. The Monster is a real Skunk Buster gold machine. Now for the Nox, I have not used it for coins and jewelry but I have for gold. I am still trying to pull a nugget out of the ground with it and this is what I definitely do not like about it. The Nox shaft seems too short for my liking and the 6" coil does not glide on the ground conforming to the contour of the ground as good as the Monster. I find I tend to get the coil caught up on rocks all the time which is ticking me off. Didn't have that problem with the Monster or any other detector. It is very light, lighter than the Monster but it doesn't feel as comfortable to swing as the Monster. The Nox handles mineralized ground way better but the response on targets is chirpy and not as sharp and definite as the Monster. I don't like this about it. I don't like the open coil design. Quite frankly it sucks. The Monster has a better coil for rough terrain and hugs the ground far better. I still have some learning to do with regards to the response time and the iron bias. I already want to sell it or trade it off for another Monster, but my girlfriend is currently using it and it is the only detector I have that she can swing because of the weight. She wants a Monster and so we may keep the Nox for underwater gold nugget hunting in Montana and a backup machine only. So I will be buying her a Monster down the road. For me the 6000 is like having a Monster on steroids and covers my bases as a skunk busting detector, I just wish there was a smaller coil. I really would like to see an 8x12 for it. If I could do it over, I would have bought another Monster when I bought the Nox. I bought the Nox to replace the Monster and the 705. So far I don't see it to be superior to either the Monster or the 705.
  4. Well weather was bad for awhile and now it is awesome 😎 for detecting. I have been skunked for several days and that really messes t your mind and your thought process. Got a late start yesterday, headed out detecting around 2:00 pm. Worked several washes and nothing, nada, zilch. I ended up at the mouth at a wash dumping into a wash that looked familiar and it was one I found a nugget in back in November the weekend Bill Southern was up here. I noticed the rains blew out a bunch of gavels and sediments and bedrock that used to be exposed was now covered and some new bedrock was exposed. I started detecting at upper end of this buried bedrock where the new best was exposed and bam! Right off the bat the trusty 6 breaks my skunk. It was in or ontop if the bedrock and a few scraps with a crevice to and it was out and then in my hand. Five minutes later I had another signal in the side of the wash and I kicked material down into the wash and then again and again. Now I was into the packed layer and it was still there. I knew this was going to be gold as I have only found one piece of trash in it. I got the second one on video so that will eventually be on YouTube.
  5. This is not what I was hoping to find but at least I was able to get out and hunt for the very short time I had for 2021.
  6. Got five nuggets today but I gave 2 nuggets to my buddy for the right to hunt on his ground. I ended up with 1.3 g
  7. Hawkeye, I found all ten nuggets with the 6000. Tomorrow I am detecting on ground that was part of the King Tut Placer mine. Private invite on property real close to Jennifer's place.
  8. I hear ya lostcoast, My Taco is still running. I hope it gets me back to Montana in May with a layover in Rye patch and another area in between the GPAA gold show and heading back to Big sky. Countertop is working out awesome.
  9. I'm up at Gold Basin now for another 1-2 week stint. I was told this morning that a newbie with a Gpx 4500 just found a four ounce nugget up here a few days ago. I think I am going to need a longer lower shaft for my 5000 when running that 25"NF DDX coil. Everything on me was setting it off. Even my glasses.
  10. Hey GotAU, I see it is a 12v. I only have one 12v outlet on my Jackery which is used for the Iceco fridge/freezer. It has to run 24-7. I do have three AC outlets and 3-4 USB outlets. I like the idea. Can you post pics of your setup?
  11. Yah I'm sure. I heard Cody (the dog) getting into something on this side of the truck below my stove counter. It instantly made me think of Walter Matthau in Grumpier Old Men, with the cat.
  12. I got skunked today! Actually all I got today was another prospectors dog pissed on my food tote this morning to welcome me back up here at Gold Basin. 😆
  13. Nice to hear from you Justin, the pick is working out very well. Very nice weight, well balanced, diggs like a badger. Down the road here come summer, I will be getting back ahold of you to purchase another walco for a backup. Do they make them with a longer handle? I think mine is a 28" or 29". The solid swinger handle is amazing to swing with.
  14. RVPopeye, if you are able to get an ICECO, then I would highly recommend it. I have been running mine 24/7 for a month, driving over rough roads and through washes, never a problem. These things were built for our kind of use. My Jackery will be at 100% charge when I hit the sack and when I wake up it will typically be down to 73%-80% charge left. By 3:00 pm it will be back up to 100% capacity.
  15. I will be swinging the 5000 for the next week straight with the nf 25" ddx
  16. Sounds like a challenge. Come on Gerry you can do it. Nice gold with the Gold Strike by the way.
  17. It is nice waking up to views of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon each morning.
  18. Since I am now a snowbird full time and will be living out of my 1995 4 cylinder Tacoma, I had to get creative to deal with everything from foul, rainy weather, wind, cooking, computer work station for editing my YouTube videos, sleeping, storing food for weeks, even months on end, showering, accessing my detecting gear, powering my ICECO 60Ltr. Fridge/Freezer, batteries for everything from detector, phone, computer, power tools and anything else I get that consumes power, my bases are covered. I utilized a ladder rack and added 1x8 and 1x3 boards to the sides, and then outfitted the top with a 4x7 ft sheet of 5/8" plywood. I then stained it with solid base olive drab stain. Next came taking a large military canvas tarp, cutting it down to four sections according to the measurements of each side inside the truck bed. I then got some 1"x 1.5" boards and fitted them to the top edges, folded the boards over the canvas and screwed them in place. Everything is a tight fit and the canvas is sandwiched between the interior boards and the exterior boards. The bottom edge is long enough to hang over the top edge of the truck bed when I am at camp. They will be tucked inside when driving, unless it is raining to shed water outside the truck bed. I have a tie down screwed down to the ceiling to hang a lantern for light and heat. On the driver's side I added three vertical boards to the exterior horizontal boards and put hinges on them to attach a counter top to accommodate my camp stove as well as space to work at the computer. My inspiration for this was a dream I had about a fold down bed attached to the ladder rack and it evolved into the work counter. I hang my solar panels from the passenger side upside down to angle them up to receive the sun better. I still may add the fold down outside bed platform if I can think of a way to still accommodate the solar panels. Well I just now figured it out so that will be a upcoming project. I keep my Jackery Explorer 1000 solar bank locked inside with heavy chains and paddle locks and my fridge is locked to the truck bed in the same manner. I am never out of sight of my truck and if I ever do, then I employ my 5th Ops perimeter trip alarm. Booby trapping the truck with Carolina Reaper pepper powder when it is detonated by would be theives. I have back ups for back ups living this way. That's how I roll. Hope y'all enjoy this creative setup and get some ideas to make your rigs better outfitted, if you don't have a camper. This enables me to get to very remote areas and enjoy creature comforts for long periods of time.
  19. Question for Rob, Chris or Steve. Do any of you know why Fisher's Gold Strike never took off and became popular? I got to test one out several years back and it seemed to be a worthy gold machine.
  20. You might look into frog togs. Very light weight, very breathable and effective at keeping you dry. Range of motion is excellent. You can probably get anywhere from half a season to two seasons out of a set if you use knee pads. They aren't really durable but they are cheap and unbeatable for keeping you dry. You can get a top and pants set for around $40-60 dollars. I wish I had them when I was in the Klamath river region detecting years ago. That place is always wet or at very least damp. It is all I use now for rain/wind protection.
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