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  1. I told y'all in June or July that a GPZ 8000 is in the testing phase. A friend of mine was in Australia and saw the thing in action. So he saysπŸ˜†.
  2. Starting today - Christmas Sale πŸŒ²β˜ƒοΈπŸŒ² through New Years day, on The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide $5.00 off per book. Coupon code: 5USD-NOV22 If you want to get more than one book for a friend, I would advise make it a separate order, other wise it might just give $5.00 total order. This will maximize your discount. These will be hand signed books. https://www.goldseekeradventures.com
  3. I have another video up with Aquachigger and I have a Montana video will be up today after 4:15 pm. You won't want to this this video. Each one is getting better and better. I know the cigs thing. I can't throw out good content just because of that. Coiltek review Gold Hawk
  4. Hey Gold Ryder, nice to see you on here buddy. Can't wait to get back up to Utopia. I miss our gold up at our claim. Don't you.
  5. To all, This is a learning process for me and I have had some setbacks and hurdles to jump over. I will have more! I wouldn't be me if I didn't have some kind of hurdles to conquer. That's the story of my life. Literally. I am aware of many things I can and will improve on with the videos. I am a perfectionist and I always strive for the best work I can put out. Remember how long it took to get my book to completion. This is a little different in the fact I can make changes along the way. The book I couldn't. But it turned out damn good. Thats the way I roll. I am not a person that will bend to advise if it means I have to change who I am. I am a smoker and thats fine. I choke up with nerves being in front of the camera. That will pass and then I will just keep striving for higher and higher heights. I do not care for scoops that have a gravity trap in the bottom. There are words I have to stop saying in my videos. That too will come to pass. I had an issue with one video having the wrong video but correct thumbnail. Just re-uploaded it this evening. Hopefully I got it right this time. I will see in the morning. It is my third attempt. Got alot of footage to get up. I will have some videos with Aquachigger as he is a friend of mine. He came down to Meadview to hang out with me and detect and shoot some joint videos. Oh and if any of you don't like something I am doing in my videos, that is fine. Just don't be a Karen. We all have had enough of those these last 6 years. To all who are subscribed to my channel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your following my channel will propel me to strive for perfection. Thank you.
  6. Bishop, I may be interested. I just purchased a GoPro Hero 11 Black. Don't have any of that camera footage up yet but soon. Very soon.
  7. Hey everyone, just a shout out to y'all that my YouTube channel is taking shape. Got a video up today on Gold Basin and I am uploading another this very moment. Check them out and leave a comment. I have a few things to work on and improve. Words to stop saying, nervousness to overcome, looking at camera more often, yada yada yada check it out and please like and subscribe. YouTube Channel: Gold Seeker Adventures
  8. Dig it, when you get down here get ahold of me and let me know you are here.
  9. I got one little nugget today and an old arrowhead I found while digging a bullet.
  10. I'm back in Meadview, Arizona and it is good to be back. My claims in Montana have treated me good with gold, but I am tired of having to dig, dig, dig to even get to the gold, and having to throw large slabs of rock out of my holes. And then having to fill these holes back in daily as stated by Forest Service. I am enjoying just walking and detecting for a change. I sold the Chuck wagon Taco and bought a 2003 Silverado 2500 to be able to pull my ATV trailer and gear and have more room to sleep in the back of the truck. At first I missed the taco but not anymore as it is nice not struggling on hills and passes. I bought this X7 tent canopy by Extreme Canopies and I am liking it alot. It is said to withstand 55-60 mph winds. Something you would not want to try with Ezup tents. This thing is heavy duty. If any of you end up in Arizona in this region, stop by and say hello and we can go swing the detectors.
  11. My training classes will have topics I cover in my book The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide as well as my new book I am currently writing, called Strategic Gold Detecting -The Art and Science of Gold Nugget Exploration and Recovery. There will be a lot of topics covered and will put guys on the path to finding gold consistently and will also benefit very experienced nugget hunters who have been doing this for years. You can go to my website https://goldseekeradventures.com to read more about it. Feel free to give me a call if you have questions. 1(406) 309-1009. -Reese Townes
  12. The nugget was around 18" deep. Deep downin a bedrock crack. It took him over an hour to get it broke out of the crack. He was using the 11" mono.
  13. My buddy and claim partner got a hell of a nice score yesterday on our 2nd claim that we just purchased last week. Both of our claims have big gold.
  14. Dealers can't be testers for Minelab anymore from what I was told. Conflict of interest.
  15. I will pass. Holding out for the 8000.😁. Oh by the way a friend up here in Montana is selling his claim. Very rich claim with big gold nuggets. Fairly close to my claim but way richer than my claim. I will be putting some pics and more info on the classified section next Friday. This will be only for the serious buyers. $110,000. It has never been worked, except detecting a little while by him. Old timers never found this deposit.
  16. That was a good story of what happened to you General Mayhem. I got a really good visual of the incident. Where abouts are you from north of me?
  17. Didn't go detecting today. Instead I sorted out an ounce of gold and got it cleaned up with CLR. Sure came out pretty. This ounce is paying for my share of our new claim we are buying. Had a hell of a hail, thunder, rain storm an hour ago or more. Did a number on the road into the gulch.
  18. Got 6 small ones today. I am liking this coil. It is sensitive for sure. EMI wasn't too bad today. Even with EMI you know when you have a target. Even when it doesn't repeat both directions, and is incredibly faint, it will get the tiniest pieces of gold. If Coiltek is reading this, you really should bevel the bottom edge of your coils. It makes a huge difference, preventing coil from catching on everything.
  19. I know what you mean with camping in the back yard. The back yard at my son's mom's place had a black bear and cubs a month or two ago, right in town. The high river prevented her from getting her cubs across so she just hung out in the neighborhood till the fish and game got them back across the river. I had a good day. Lots of iron and wire and 1 nugget.
  20. I had to move my camp 50 feet because a miner/rancher was complaining about me camped where I was since May 22 to the BLM cops, so the nice cops came back and said just move 50 ft towards the creek and you will be good til end of September. Well that flying squirrel moved with me. πŸ˜†πŸ€£. He is active at night and has big eyes. He reminds me of something you would see in Australia. Check out the heart on the big nugget I got yesterday. I just noticed it last night. Back up today to get some more yellow metal 😊πŸͺ™. Y'all be good and have a great day.
  21. Im looking forward to getting the 7"x12.5" Nugget Finder and 10x16. It is crunch time with getting the gold before I head south at end of October. I have a goal of another 1 - 1.5 oz. This camping in griz territory is stressful. I have been camping amonst them since May 22 and all the critters I have had to deal with is annoying and taking a toll on my moral. Fly's trying to get into your ear canal constantly, mosquitos, silk worms, millers, centipedes, other types of worms, mice, a northern flying squirrel woke me up last night. It was on top of my tent at the peak 10' high chewing and scratching. I first thought it was a bear outside my tent getting into something, until I realized the noise was coming from the top of the tent. Then I smacked the roof panel of the tent with the broom and a couple minutes later you could hear it walking down the fabric and jumping back onto the tree behind the tent. It ate the screen mesh of one of my tent windows a month ago or so.
  22. Well "Smaug's Gold" my claim, has alot of EMI and there is no avoiding it. Some days are better than others. I will need to observe it over the next several days detecting with it. There is alot of smoke in the air up in these mountains and alot of airplane traffic. Might be that, might be solar flares. I don't know, but it is getting gold on ground 2-3 of us have pounded with 3 6000's using the 11" and 17". I suppose each coil they make could vary on how hot each one is. Perhaps I have a hot πŸ”₯ coil. I don't know if that is possible but I am liking it. It feels almost twice as heavy as the 11". I really love the Minelab 17" coil. It's gotten me alot of gold. I'll let y'all know if coming days it quiets down.
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