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  1. Detect-ED have released an alloy Arm Cuff for the Nox. I very much disliked my plastic arm cuff for my Nox so I ordered a metal one from Ukraine. It's been great and a big improvement over the plastic one, it's probably not ideal for salt water use as it will eventually rust. Detect-ED being very much focused on water hunting as he's a water hunter himself has made an alloy version. It's looking very solid and good quality and they have a free worldwide shipping promo going at the moment for it that ends on the 2nd of February. https://www.detect-ed.com/collections/detecting-accessories/products/detect-ed-alloy-arm-cuff You can tell it will be nice and solid on the shaft. The Detect-Ed Alloy Arm Cuff is a high-quality CNC cut aluminium part, with smooth edges all round. It is designed primarily to replace the fragile plastic arm cuffs found on many metal detectors! The cuff is designed to be ergonomic as it hugs the arm rather than the sloppier fit of most modern machines. The placement is not dictated by the holes on your shaft, allowing you to bolt it in your preferred position. We designed the arm cuff without padding so that it's compatible with submerged and wet environments. However, the low profile button heads are essentially unnoticeable on your forearm and product testers have confirmed this. It also has rounded edges for comfort The arm strap points are lower than some standard cuffs meaning your arm is strapped down snugly in place rather than bouncing off the walls of the cuff. This product comes with everything included to easily install it on your detector! Fits Most Metal Detectors: - Fits on 7/8" or 22mm diameter shaft. - Fits Minelab Equinox 600 & 800, Excalibur & Gold Monster - Fits most Whites Detectors - Fits most Garrett Detectors (AT Pro, Gold, Max and Ace Series) What's In The Box? - Anodized Aluminium Arm Cup and Stand - 2 x Aluminium Tube Clamp sets - 4 x 316 Marine Grade Low-Profile Stainless Bolts - 4 x 316 Marine Grade Nyloc Nuts - 1 x Webbed Velcro Arm Strap - 1 x Hex Key Tool - 1 x Spanner Tool
  2. I would say yes it's worth it, even if it's main board dies in a few years we know the replacement cost of that is 3 grand, so that takes it up near the price of a new one but you still have the extra batteries and so on to go with it. We know a CTX screen is just under $100 to give us an idea of screen pricing so if the screen died on it you would expect the repair to cost about $300 from the service center 🙂 You could ring them and ask what a screen replacement would cost. Minelab do seem to build good quality circuit boards, my GPX is over 10 years old, works perfectly.
  3. I guess dedicated nugget detectors will go the way of the VCR one day, when the nuggets run out they have very little purpose. Fortunately for Minelab they've put a lot of effort into making great coin and jewellery machines so they will be fine and I can see a lot of focus going into this area from now on, just look how many of the Equinox they've sold.
  4. Have a good cruise Geof, and congratulations on the 50th Anniversary! 🏆 You know you're a catch when your wife can put up with you for 50 years. 🙂
  5. Yes, GPZ and X-coil is the combo for NZ that I feel is the best, mainly from seeing how well it works first hand regularly with JW. The 10" and 12" seem the best two GPZ coils for NZ so they're the two I'm getting. I wouldn't mind the 15x10" for the GPZ too... maybe one day 🙂 I found the last time I used my GPX with the 10" X-coil on it using Bogenes settings and my gain on 15 the GPX was absolutely killing it for smaller targets. I dug a stupid amount of shotgun pellets that day. I just think the GPZ gets a little bit more depth over the GPX on these tiny targets although I'm yet to use it due to my back injury. I still plan to spend more time on the GPX with 10", 12 and 15x10" X-coils as I really think that's a good combination too and I like using a variety of detectors. The QED with the 12x6" and 10" is a good combo too on the small gold. I'm spoilt for detectors now. I'm sorting out my GPZ cable. JW finds bit's this size, not just one either, quite regularly Too small for his scales!
  6. I always wanted a 3030, I missed out on one for sale nearby with both coils for cheaper than a new Equinox 600 about a year ago. I've always had regrets about not buying that but I have too many detectors anyway. The Chinese sell replacement screens for the 3030 if you need one, looks like a simple operation to replace it. There are a number of sellers with them
  7. I like the cover that allows you to put the battery beside the control box. I wish I had that. I found this post to be vital in my learning the GPX
  8. Sorry for your loss. I do however look forward to seeing your test results. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I would guess you'll keep the one of the two that performs the best in your tests so the modified machine may not be sold!
  9. I think it was sore from Sluice boxing, I had a friend encourage me to go to the doctors which was the right decision, I am now on a range of tablets and my back is feeling so much better. I slipped a disc and also pinched a nerve. I am going to physio next week too. I can't wait to use my new toy, I am hoping I can find some gold with it worthy of being posted on the X-coils gold found with an X-coil webpage... You're dominating the NZ section on there 🙂
  10. Yes, a Gold Monster Go-Find with a more solid better quality build design would be great. The idea was there they just didn't execute it well. The fold up design has it's uses.
  11. There are new QED manuals available now released a couple of days ago that have adjustments to suit the latest QED firmware. The quick start guide they offer is also very good for first time QED users to get the hang of it, it's very different to using a Minelab machine but once you know what you're doing it couldn't be simpler to use. http://www.qedmetaldetectors.com.au/qed-pl2
  12. A Vanquish in a Go-Find form factor would be an awesome machine to just keep in the car for if you stumble across something while driving. The Go-Find can even slide up under the seats in your car to hide away for whenever you need it. It folds so small you can keep it anywhere. A more powerful machine like a Vanquish in a Go-Find form factor would be excellent and they could have easily done it. Minelab had a good idea with the Go-Find design, it's just a shame they made it such a basic detector. Without Target ID's a detector is near useless in my opinion unless you want to dig nearly everything non-ferrous. I don't know why they are keeping the Go-Find, The Vanquish in a Go-Find body would be a killer seller. Why emulate the Ace design when the Go-Find design of their own in my opinion would be a better choice for an entry level machine. Just toughen up the build quality and put a Vanquish brain in it and you'd have a brilliant detector. Of course it'd need to use the Vanquish coils too, the Go-Find fixed coil isn't a good idea.
  13. I can't help wonder what's below the surface layer if you got a kilo with a detector! Very good job on the mapping.
  14. The Vanquish is in stock at the NZ Minelab dealer now and available for sale. He's filled the back orders and has left overs available. It's such a cheap detector for what it's capable of. ML need to get rid of the Go-Finds now or put something more powerful with Target ID's in the Go-Find form factor as it's pretty cool it folds up and can be put in a backpack easily. It works nicely but it's lack of target ID's with only 4 notch segments is very painful to use.
  15. So do I, I even looked it up for a fair few coins and what they'd buy at certain years, I feel sorry for the people who lost a lot of the silvers I've found... they lost a lot of money.
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