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  1. Thanks Walker, It's turned out to be a doozy of a thread. I'm so pleased people have contributed as I really didn't think it would work as people tend to be a bit shy when it comes to their gold finds πŸ™‚ Jrbeatty.... half a days wages in that, holy hell! hahaha I almost choked on my chicken leg when I heard that. Neurosurgeon by night, prospector by day! It's a shame you guys weren't as good using video cameras as you were detectors! πŸ‘
  2. I've spent a few hours reading up on Bogene’s settings and I like what I've read, I am intending to give it a go on my next outing with the GPX. It sounds like it would suit me, I go against the grain to most probably to my detriment as I do prefer no threshold. I love my Gold Monster for that reason, I also use my QED mostly with no threshold so why not give the GPX a shot. Thanks initially to Mxt_Sniper for suggesting them to me and JP for confirming they're worth giving a shot and kicking me into gear researching them, especially in a lot of my prospecting areas as unfortunately they're riddled with power lines zig zagging all over the place through them. Off prospecting tomorrow while waiting for my wife's' plane to land from Australia but this time with the Monster as this spot mostly only has tiny tiny gold and PI's haven't done the trick for me there.
  3. I turned down a used CTX for less than the price of an Equinox 600, it's one of my biggest regrets. It even had two coils and worked fine. What stopped me was the 6 hour drive return to pick it up and the seller wouldn't post it. I really wish I bought it.
  4. Two layers of the dual wall heat shink and you're good to go, one slighter bigger length one over the smaller length one would be best for added security. It glues itself as it shrinks. Any decent electronics store should have it. Steve gave excellent advice there, it's so easy to forget to put the heat shrink on before soldering, I've done it so many times it's not funny. Very nice of Steve to send you the plug end. As horrid as the sound is in this video it really describes well how to use the dual wall heat shrink, it's important if you want a water tight seal you follow the instructions in the video, and adding the second layer of it just helps if you have any tiny flaws in your first layers shrink. Your coil will be as good as new once you're done, you're so lucky to get a plug end for it so easily.
  5. I don't know if this will help you in any way but here is the length of the GPX 4500 Harness. I suspect it will be the same as the new Pro Swing's length, JW will no doubt confirm when he gets home. Looking at the latest photos of the new Pro swing it's belt is a sewn on belt too like with the GPX harness so not adjustable for length unless you're good with a sewing machine πŸ™‚ I didn't know where you'd want the measurements from probably the belt without the clips but here is the photos so you can work it out. I started at the end of the clips but you can easily subtract the length of the clip The actual belt length to me looks to be 110cm. 43" without including the clips. I have a Chinese knock off one too, it's different as unlike the stitched belt on the real one the Chinese one lets you use any belt, it's not part of the harness. The belt length it comes with is the same, 43" That's just the lower portion of the chinese one where the belt feeds through, it all comes apart. Here's a full photo, I can't find the other half of mine at the moment, I've never used it πŸ™‚ The chinese one gives more info on their specs and says Size: for waist: 77-90cm/30.3-35in Here is a seller on ebay selling the chinese one, I've seen them as cheap as 22NZD so about 15 USD with free shipping. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Universal-Metal-Detecting-Harness-Sling-Swing-Ground-Metal-Detector-Support-Belt/323845979486?hash=item4b66b97d5e:g:R5AAAOSwGbtcrDwW Just gives you another option if you can't find anything at all suitable as at least you can feed any belt you like through it.
  6. You are 100% correct, I've talked about clumps of soil stuck to copper coins quite a lot, I was amazed by it at first. You dig your plug and a clump of soil is not like the rest of it, you can often just pick it off and have this clump of soil in your hand with the coin in it. Thanks for your information and I guess confirmation of what I've been seeing.
  7. The Super D design doesn't lend itself well to making small elliptical coils JW has a 10x9" X-coil for the GPZ and there is also a 12x8" that exists that the manufacturer of the X-coils made for himself.
  8. Well, I had a really late start on my coin hunt today, It was 11am when I ended up leaving and I normally like to be back by 12.30 for lunch. I am a creature of habit πŸ™‚ In the afternoon I have to go help one of my nearby neighbours, he broke his ankle some time ago and asked that I help him do some stuff today so I was committed to that which I'd forgotten, fortunately he sent me a text message reminder while I was out detecting. I stuck with using the F2 mode on default 6 and the 11" coil, when I thought back I haven't used the 11" coil at either of the football fields until yesterday, the entire time I have used the 15x12". I wanted to go over ground I'd already done to see what the 11" coil do. I went to the most difficult ground right in front of the building. It's the trashy area of course so I think the 15x12" had some trash masking good stuff and I've always intended to take the 6" there for a try. I ended up just using the Gold Bug Pro with Nel Snake and the T2 with Mars Tiger in the trashy bit in the past. The 11' seemed to be doing a pretty good job. I like to hunt in all metal when I can, I'm not bothered by the extra noise as I get more annoyed by the blanking when you get a little flick of a good ID yet you can tell it's blocking out the rest of the information. I'm by no means a skilled operator of the detector so I like to give myself as much information as possible. I've gone back to using old pinky the shovel. I find it to be the best for my style of digging in these fields, I tend to do bigger holes as the grass doesn't die that way. A big deep dig with one side still attached and drop it back in and a few stomps and it's fine, come back in a week and you'd never know it was done. The new yellow model of it isn't as good as old pinky, it doesn't feel as tough, it flexes and when I lever out my big plug it just doesn't have the strength of the old model. The grass seems like it has been mowed again since I was last there, it finally seems like the local council is maintaining it a bit better. I don't have too much exciting to report, I was finding coins in this area, an area I have really hammered so I was pretty happy with that, unfortunately the coins were mostly all from the 1990's or so, nothing really special. The one thing I was noticing though is they were all the rather small coins. I wonder if they were being masked by all the junk with the bigger 15x12" coil. Or maybe the F2 mode was helping, I don't know. I was now digging the 15/16/17 ID's as if you recall I avoided any ID with a 17 due to pull tabs and hoping for more little threepences and I did manage to get one too. Here is a zoom in of it inside the hole before recovering it, I was lazy and didn't pinpoint, I just dug when I had the right ID's come up and the shovel collected it, the coin was in the side of my hole right at the bottom. A little bit of a dint in it, it's a 1934 silver threepence, not a rare date so doesn't overly matter. I had also somehow missed a NZ Penny, there was a nail in the hole with it, I wasn't thinking when I took the photo as I'd already put the nail in my trash pouch so it's not in the photo. I thought this one was going to be junk as it's ID's flew right up into the 30's, normally it should be around 24.. perhaps the nail caused that? Well, time to go home, lunch time! You can tell by my junk I was at Cointopia, it always has those offcuts of wire there for some reason. They're very annoying and can come up anywhere from 13 to 19 on the ID's, usually a good sounding target too but often very faint like they're deep even if they're not. And the coins, I guess not too bad for heavily hit ground and about an hours detecting. It's always nice to get home and be greeted by my little dog at the door, he's always there waiting for me so I figured I'd put his photo up that I took as I walked in the house yesterday seeing my coin hunt wasn't too great and I didn't get many photos πŸ™‚ Rambo! I'm going to have a break from coin hunting tomorrow and go prospecting, I've got to pickup my wife and daughter from the airport upon their return from Australia and it's right near a spot to find some gold so I may as well take advantage of that and give it a go.
  9. Very nice nuggets Bob, Thanks for contributing, this has been one of my favourite threads of all time πŸ™‚
  10. I figured I may as well just ask Nugget Finder to solve all the speculation on the cable, Rohan was very quick to reply, here is his reply. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Simon We are still looking at our options with regard to the plug. There will be more information released in 2020. Thank you for your interest. Regards Rohan Johnson
  11. It does seem when they mow these football fields they just use a tractor with a mulcher on it and leave the clippings behind. They're certainly not proper playing fields for big games, just small town practice fields where they have the little rural games take place. I can imagine 60 or 100 years ago or whenever he coins were lost the mowing would have been even more crude. Interesting the copper does seem to preserve the grass though somehow.
  12. Welcome, you live in a beautiful part of the world... I look forward to hearing about your adventures.
  13. It's one of the reason I've been a bit put off beach detecting is seeing all the corroded stuff people dig up, but the chance of jewellery is very real and a lot higher than any other form of detecting I guess. That Axe is pretty cool, I was going to say something like Fred, it looks like one of them hammers roofer guys use.
  14. Thanks Goef, I've only ever noticed it on pennys, pretty weird πŸ™‚ You're probably right about the mood thing Lacky, when in a good mood I would be more motivated, it happens when gold hunting too, if I find one I usually find a second one as I start getting all motivated.. If I'm struggling I mentally give up before the day is over πŸ™‚ I had a good look at the plug end and compared to photos of US plugs and it does appear to be a US plug. As far as I can see there was no US military here at any point. I found a cool map that shows where the US Military were in NZ, all the activity was on the North Island, I circled in red my area down the bottom of the South Island.
  15. I know nothing about the White's but good to know that it's up there with the CTX, thanks!
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