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  1. Sounds pretty exciting, now we just have to hope it's not cost prohibitive and Fisher learns from the Equinox that keeping prices reasonable can result in far more sales and higher profits.
  2. Interesting BetaGod, I wonder if others have noticed the same thing? My solution to this problem ended up being getting a QED detector. It's not bothered by EMI from residential areas or power lines and then I can continue on using my usual Mono coils.
  3. Yes that's correct, like Nugget Finder I guess, aren't the Nugget Finder coils all hand wound? The NF website indicates they are. It seems he can barely keep up with demand now so I guess marketing with a website would just make things harder 🙂
  4. So how do I know if the one I can purchase is an original one or this new copy of one? The one my dealer has in stock is the RIVER and BANK ROBBER sluice is made of light weight wear-resistant green plastic. 16 inches (407 mm) wide and 48 inches (1220 mm) long but weighs only 1.8 kg. He also has the Le Trap gold pan in stock, it's an interesting looking thing? what are peoples thoughts on it? It's a good price. Here is a video where my dealer shows how to cut the Le Trap for river use, it shows the model of Le Trap he has in stock in the video, I've been considering getting one for taking hiking as my Keene Sluice is just too arkward and heavy for hiking too far.
  5. Thanks Primento, excellent information in your posts. So the fireworks inside the GB2 coil are shielding wires. It just looks such a messy coil compared to the more modern coils. I remember in 2015 the GB2 coils had some improvements I don't know if anything internally and if stricks is an old or new one, would be nice to one day see a comparison between the old and new on an x-ray to see if they made internal changes. I think I'm getting a GB2, the owner is overseas but has agreed to a price which I was very happy with, only thing is I have to wait until he gets back at the end of the year, no rush for me anyway. I've just always wanted one.
  6. Something weird is wrong with your links, but thanks for the info on why the ferrite is in the coil. It seems Minelab have a patent on that so I wonder if it's possible the ferrite is in the X-coils? You need to buy one so you can X-ray it strick 🙂 A method for improving a sensitivity of a metal detector by reducing an unwanted magnetic field generated by at least one electrically conductive element of the metal detector, the metal detector transmitting a transmit magnetic field into a soil and a possible target within the soil which in response generate a response magnetic field, the method including the step of: redirecting at least a portion of the response magnetic field from entering the at least one electrically conductive element, wherein otherwise the at least one electrically conductive element within an influence of the response magnetic field generates the unwanted magnetic field due to a change in an intensity of the response magnetic field entering the at least one electrically conductive element, the redirecting adapted to reduce or eliminate the unwanted magnetic field generated by the at least one electrically conductive element thereby improving the sensitivity of the metal detector. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20130057286 https://www.geotech1.com/forums/showthread.php?20307-ML-patent-Application US20130057286A1_minelab.pdf
  7. Forgive my ignorance but is a kettle point a spear head? I tried a quick google but little was to be found other than other forums with people finding them too.
  8. I doubt it is there for FCC compliance as there is also one on the coil cables input going into the GPZ housing, very interesting development though... I've seen an X-ray before of a GPZ coil somewhere I think on a Russian site but didn't notice the ferrite on it. Maybe it was a cut off image. One of the coolest posts in a long time strick!
  9. Thanks stick, I'd love to see inside my X-coil, and the other GPZ X-coils! Looks like a ferrite choke inside the GPZ 14" stock coil too but the wires go into it tightly bunched and come out loose. Somethings going on in there 🙂 Very cool post! Animal name I now know why Mars backed out of making Gold Monster coils, look at that chip in there. Is the Gold Bug 2 coil the one with fireworks going off inside it?
  10. From what I've seen Minelab gear really holds its value, I wouldn't expect a massive fall in prices as then the GPX's would also need a fall in price. For all anybody knows the GPZ v2 may end up being even more expensive than the GPZ now and the GPZ stay stable in price. They may just continue to sell it as a cheaper option into the technology line. The problem is, nobody knows. There may not even be a new GPZ for a long time. So now you're back to where you were before I replied, nobody can answer 🙂 If you can afford it and not have to worry about it, I'd just buy one, at least you can use it and enjoy it and even if a new one comes out sometime you've still got an absolutely brilliant detector.....
  11. And you'll have a full message box when you wake up in the morning 🙂
  12. It's hard to explain what I mean as I don't have photos of the exact adapter but this is an example of what I'm trying to say with a very similar connection. You solder the five wires onto five pins like this, then you put the external metal cover over top, its a very small area. Once soldered liquid tape will ensure no wires move and touch another wire they shouldn't or touch the external metal adapter housing. An added safeguard but really makes your adapter a much higher quality adapter. It's not difficult to do but why not make the best adapter you can for the extra few bucks the liquid tape costs and make your adapter stand up to the test of time. Just some friendly advice.
  13. I highly recommend people making a coil adapter consider using liquid electrical tape over their solder joints on the adapter, there is no way to use heat shrink. Once you're sure they're correct a little brush on of this stuff will really do a good job on stopping shorting on the external adapter housing if your soldering isn't quite neat enough or if a joint breaks (it's a pretty tight fit with no room for messy soldering) and keep the joint free of moisture and salt damage (corrosion), provide insulation and prevent issues in the future. If you need to remove it you can peel it off. There are many brands, I find this one the best https://plastidip.com/our-products/liquid-tape/
  14. Well there you go, JW summed up my lack of interest lately in the SDC, I at one point was set on that as my only PI detector. My QED seems similar in performance to an SDC and I really like my VLF's for small gold. I am yet to get a Sadie coil but my EVO seems to do the job of it and now the X-coil 12x6" is taking over as my primary coil on my PI's. I can only have so many detectors, I wish I was an octopus so I could swing them all at once, I'd probably catch up to JW on my gold count then. 😁 I guess my definition of small gold is skewed, when I meant JW uses VLF's for small gold I meant microscopic to Aussies... Gold pan type stuff. Aussie small gold that an SDC is used for in Australia is our big gold 🙂
  15. Awesome nugget! You've got to be happy with that 🙂
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