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  1. phrunt

    A Quick Afternoon Detect

    wow, you'd think it would be impossible for any detector to get that nugget at that depth being that tiny, incredible. I bet you had your hopes up for a biggin' with that depth. Skiing was brilliant, perfect snow and the nicest day. My daughter and I made it to the top of the mountain for the first time ever so pretty proud of ourselves. Here are a couple of photos from up near the top, look at all that gold country down below!! How I'd love to roam those mountains with my detector. If your eyes are good enough you could probably see John's house in that photo 🙂
  2. phrunt

    Do You Remember Your Old Detectors?

    I really like the look of the Red Barron!
  3. I was out detecting with my Equinox and had a solid 21-22 on the VDI numbers, it never flicked off those numbers, it was down about 15 cm's. I dug it up expecting a NZ $1 or $2 coin, both come up the same numbers. I was puzzled when what I ended up finding was a rock looking object This is it next to an older NZ 10c coin I found only minutes before hand To me it looks more like a rock than a bit of metal, I tried to hit it as hard as I could with a hammer to see if it was a chunk of lead or something thinking that would flatten it, it didn't make a mark on it. I then hit it with the back flat end of my Log splitter thinking this will surely do some damage to it, but no, it didn't leave a mark, all it did is cracked the concrete under the mystery object. This thing is extremely tough. It weighs 17 grams and feels quite heavy for it's size and not magnetic. What could it possibly be?
  4. I'd like one but I can only assume the postage cost to NZ would make it not viable. They look good.
  5. Well today out detecting with my Nox I found an old school 10c piece, this one rang up a very stable 13, it was down about 15cm and on edge, but the 13 was certainly stable, so the older coins are easier to detect. I also found some sort of rock looking thing that rings up a very stable 21-22, I dug this thinking it was going to be a $1 or $2 coin as they are also stable 21's I'm unsure what it is, it's 17 grams though so very heavy for it's size, it's also not magnetic. Tried it on my funky new super strong magnet I ordered for my pick. This 10c is dated 2003 so before the change I mentioned in 2006 on the composition. So it seems old coins will be simple to find. Well the mystery rock things plot deepens, I hit it as hard as I could with a hammer thinking maybe its lead, I assume that would flatten it, no go... So I hit it as hard as I could with the back flat end of my log splitter, all it did is cracked the concrete below it 🙂 No damage to the mystery rock at all.
  6. phrunt

    Aftermarket Coils For Gm1000??

    Update from Mars about the Gold Monster 1000 coils. It's happening 🙂 Waiting for the announcement!!! I'll be buying the 7" and possibly the Sniper. I don't think the larger coils like Tiger will be much good on such a high frequency machine looking for tiny nuggets? I could be wrong, I guess the Nox proves otherwise. We are currently looking into and working on this issue. As soon as we have some info in this regard, there will be an announcement on our website. Follow our news and stay informed!Best regards,MarsMD
  7. I wouldn't pay more than $300 unless it had extra accessory coils, but just stock standard as you buy $300 is more than reasonable for a $449 machine. Warranty of course has to be considered by the seller, it's a portion of the value. I've heard of a few instances of people buying second hand out of warranty machines only to find they were sold as they just don't work as well as they should. It's even happened to me. There is one for sale on here but I guess the same issue, the price.
  8. phrunt

    4 More White's 24K Nuggets

    I wish you the best John! Sorry to hear about your hospitalization.
  9. Hey Hey Hey! I just want to find Fat Albert, although I hear he's in Australia. Maybe Nurse Paul will find him. John's cleaned out all the local areas you can easily get to by foot, now along come the E-bikes so he can clean out further out of reach areas 😄 I'm going to have to be adventurous and find some new ground. 🙂 -- today's metal detecting adventure only got me junk!!
  10. phrunt

    Hello All

    Hi John, Well you have a good detector for the job. Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you have some good locations in mind to hunt. You'll find an endless supply of information here and a great bunch of people to answer any questions you have. Simon
  11. Mrs JW is going to be super happy to see her bike when she gets home! Very well done on those bits, you're getting bigger ones lately.
  12. Yep, they're only stable held at a distance, when you get closer they go crazy. Oddly the T2 gets a much more stable reading on them even closer to it's coil so I guess if I go coin hunting for 10c, 20c and 50c coins which is unlikely I'll use the T2 🙂 I could probably fiddle around with the Nox and find a setting or frequency that works I guess.
  13. I have the exact same batteries, mine came with the love heart kids torches too, i think they do that to hide the battery to get it on a plane, if its in an object its ok, if its loose its not, funny thing is the torch uses AA batteries not 9v 🙂 The batteries are very light and have a cool charging light on them, I've had mine almost a year, still work well.
  14. Have you beat me to it? 🙂 Awesome, well done. Good idea putting the switch on the bottom, I like that, like my T2. I will copy that idea.