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  1. I have little Wifi Antennas that would suit perfectly, I might give that a try if I send it in for warranty and they say nothing is wrong with it as at the moment I'm not happy using it. I could place that antenna well away from the metal speaker. I also knocked up a curly cable for the audio to go from any detector to SP01 Audio enhancer, this isn't going to be my primary cable as I've got a little short right angle one that suits well going between the Quest and the SP01 but it lets me plug in any detector into the SP01 to use the SP01 with it along with the external speaker
  2. I went down behind my house to the river away from my house's EMI to the area at the river where the power lines are to test the Quest setup out, I wanted to test at the power lines as I had the most trouble with my WM12 near power lines. It's been snowing on and off today and sub zero but I got down there before the worst of the snow hit. Here is the Quest running on the GPZ, I can get a fair distance from the detector, where I spin around that's to demonstrate my body not blocking the signal. I'm not sure what other people's WM12 performance is like but I sure can't do this with the W
  3. I have found this location the worst for EMI with the Quest. Up where the coil cable passes into the detector is OK and at the back where the battery is there is no problems. This certain area where the electronic is doesn't seem good, you can tune it out considering it causes EMI in some tune numbers I'd not want to use it there when I can use it in other spots that have no issues.
  4. They made a booboo, either the Time Ranger Pro is 7.69 KHz or the box lies!!! Check the bottom right corner of that photo, that's a screenshot from the video. Operating Frequency 7.69 KHz.
  5. All good, I am pretty certain the T2 Classic has DST, even if they don't market it as having it, the EMI handling is much better on the classic than the early model T2. I'm glad you're happy, the T2 is a good detector, like every detector it has it's flaws but it's a powerful beast and that Cors Shrew is a killer little coil. Just remember the T2 has a frequency shift function and it really works, you may find you need to use it.
  6. Did you turn the wireless transmitter in the GPZ off from the GPZ menu system? Could be causing issues as it's sending out the signal to a non-existing WM12 using 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth also uses 2.4GHz, also a waste of GPZ battery power leaving wireless switched on with the GPZ if you're using a 3rd party transmitter on it from it's headphone socket. I have my Quest Wirefree mate as my GPZ wireless transmitter now after being dissatisfied with my WM12 and I of course have the GPZ's Wifi signal turned off now I'm using it. The WiFi would consume a reasonable amount of power so yo
  7. They had fuel left in the tank, they came out with the 24k and GMX which potentially is the best VLF prospecting unit on the market due to features more than performance, they all perform relatively similar, it's just a saturated market for that style of detector and most who need one already have one, the 24k came out 5 years too late at least, if it came out earlier it'd own the market. They needed something new, something different, and they were unable to deliver that. I personally would have either a 24k or GMX, probably the GMX if they were easily accessible for purchase where I live
  8. It's lucky, or unlucky for me I don't live in the US or I'd be writing a list of them that I want to get.
  9. yea, that haul is incredible. I am jealous and to think everyone keeps saying golds getting harder to find, yet you go and find that! Crazy. Once you find detectors that are compatible with your brain it's amazing what you can find. Unfortunately my brain must have some weird non-standard Wi-Fi protocol as very few detectors get along with it. You didn't like your GPX but the SDC and GM seem to suit you perfectly.
  10. The T2 and I would guess F75 are deep detectors, and if this new coil is 750 grams INCLUDING the coil cover which we don't know yet it has potential for newer T2's and I assume newer F75's. They seem to have done a lot to fix the severe EMI issues early model T2's had and the newer ones are much better and I guess they did the same to the F75's. I'd only seriously attempted to use my 15" on my old T2 and the EMI was just driving it nuts with the larger coil so I had to run my gain quite low which of course would make it perform much worse than if I could wind it right up. The odd thing
  11. It appears you have to be careful though, a guy in the US died eating too much licorice, and I didn't even think what he ate was too much. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/09/24/us/man-dies-eating-too-much-licorice-trnd/index.html
  12. That's why I said detector I actively use, I don't use those detectors much, I'd see buying a another coil for them as a waste of money. 🙂 I have four aftermarket coil for the GBP's, two for my T2. Coils can quickly add up to more than the detector is worth. I'd rather have a new detector and get the 7" Mars for that. I've got my eyes on Nokta but knowing they maybe coming out with a multi has me holding off. If they take to long I've got my heart set on a Gold Kruzer. It's a shame you didn't warranty it Rick as now you tar all Tigers with the same brush because you've likely got a f
  13. I have two T2's, an old one and a T2 classic (new version) and both ground grab with the Mars Tiger fine, so I do believe you've got a faulty Tiger. There just has to be something wrong with it, It does say for Teknetics T2 on the coil doesn't it? Here is mine using the ground grab in my front yard tonight just before it got dark. I did the ground grab twice to prove it wasn't fluke 🙂 Settled on the same number. This is using my T2 Classic. You'll see it goes from default 90 down to 64, then I do it again after a little swing and again 64.
  14. It's good to see everyone's rig, it gives ideas, I see Norvic's Mini-Monster in the background, I copied that idea, it was a good one. I like the purpose of the hip stick, it's just another thing hanging off me though and I have allergies to things hanging off me. I like the idea of a comfortable backpack more than a harness, the harness sole purpose is to hold up your heavy detector and all the attached things and cords and more cords....... a backpack at least has other uses.
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