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  1. I managed to clean up my metal rock a bit using an angle grinder, it becomes a nice silver colour after doing that, also, I did a very basic specific gravity test on it and it came out at 19.12 The grinder didn't change the shape of it but it cleaned the outer layer of dark stuff off
  2. phrunt

    Mining In Film

    Thanks, that "making of" was pretty neat, I can't believe they built 90 buildings for the set...
  3. you've got to feel sorry for whoever lost that one, geez! great find though.
  4. phrunt

    A Quick Afternoon Detect

    Of course I'd be there. It would be great fun! and you just never know what you'll find! It will take a few trips in with the gear but I have a feeling it would be worth doing and we know the spot certainly has good size bits to be found. Lock it in for a mission once the temperature warms up.
  5. phrunt

    Mining In Film

    Illustrious Energy is by far my favourite, based on local Chinese gold mining, means a lot to me as I believe I've found one of the old gold miners rings. Thanks for the tips on the other movies though I'll be sure to get them and watch them, keep 'em coming. https://www.nzonscreen.com/title/illustrious-energy-1988 It's a really good movie based locally and highly recommended
  6. phrunt

    Detecting Around A Surfaced Area

    I know what you mean about that rattle in the jar, I struggle to get it but I sure am happy when I do. I really like that prickly gold you get in Australia, thanks for the post.
  7. I have no idea, it's an unusual shape too, it looks natural. I'm going to do all the tests on it, hopefully tomorrow if I can get the time, lifes been busy the past week, Jim Hemmingway sent me a good field guide that will help with that also. I'm just interested to see what it is, I know its not of any value but its the mystery that has me. We had visitors today and the guy was baffled by it and was surprised how heavy it is for the size of it, he thought it looked natural too. I was showing him how hard it is and I had a stainless steel nail and got him to hit the nail into it, the nail had no hope. On the smooth spots it reflects light. I did get growled at as it was our path 🙂, I seem to get in trouble a lot lately... this new hobby of mine is a trouble maker 😄 I hit it with a log splitter, even a girl can do damage with that thing!!! The gold chance indicator on the Gold Monster 1000 slams right over to positive. I know it's not gold but that means its a strong non-ferrous I guess. I think it's tungsten as a guess, I found this article which indicates tungsten maybe found in my area https://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/104465700/potential-for-rare-earth-minerals-in-southland
  8. I dug a couple of plugs in my backyard when I was practicing digging up various things, the grass where I dug them died, maybe I did them too shallow, I have no idea.
  9. phrunt

    A Quick Afternoon Detect

    I did think you were chasing a ghost which is why my eyes popped out of my head when you got that big bit out of there, the Gold Bug just was able to get close enough I guess with its tiny little coil. The signal I have found in rock there is most certainly a good one in the Monsters meter, the rock is just too hard for my little pick to break, or I'm not strong enough 🙂 Maybe you didn't go where it was, I had to slide down a cliff on my butt to get to it, right near the start where the bridge is and some idiot has dumped a couch, I was fuming when I saw that. Nothing makes me more angry than rubbish dumpers in such a beautiful place. I don't understand why anyone would think that's ok. For anyone that's interested, here is a ride up to the top of Coronet Peak ski lift with my daughter and I on our first ever time to the top yesterday. It's a stunning view and a nice ride. KiwiJw's house is just down below this.... I'm sure he could pick out where his house is in this video.
  10. wow! lucky bugger, he'll be able to afford to buy a new hat now!! Strange to find that nugget in the gardens, the most unlikely of place. I think you'd be very frowned upon digging up Hagley Park, you'd probably get beaten to death with a stick if you tried to detect in Queenstown Gardens digging holes everywhere by the gardeners.
  11. phrunt

    A Quick Afternoon Detect

    Yes, it sure is cold... all snow melt at the moment after that recent snow storm too I bet, it takes a bit to be motivated in there at the moment, I struggled to want to stay when I went purple but I have extra motivation as its over a 2 hour drive round trip so I had to stay 🙂 It wasn't me that cleaned that area out, so someone's been there very recently. Probably saw the posts on it and went for an explore. Should have a go at moving the big rock, a giant big metal pole I guess....? ? I'm not finished with that creek yet, but I think I'll leave it until it warms up 😄 At least you had a nice day for it, it was overcast the day I went. I would of taken the Nox and 6" though, at least if you drop it in the water you're safe! There is another rock there I know of that sounds off on a detector in a tiny spot on it, it's a wonder you didn't find that as it's got my pick hit marks all over it from trying to break it out. It's a shame you didn't get anything though, but I was only just there a couple of weeks ago and found nothing and I was there quite a few hours. I checked your hole the last time I was there, I didn't even get a signal in it. Simon
  12. phrunt

    A Quick Afternoon Detect

    I would of jumped at it JW but we have visitors for the day 😞 If you were going up the creek tomorrow I'd be there!
  13. That's similar to the factory reset on the T2, There are a lot of rumours floating around it never needs a reset and the reset procedure is the same as the F75. I do it after changing coils on it, not sure if I'm meant to but it seems the right thing to do. It's seems its a misconception that the T2 factory resets every time it's turned on. I've read about people doing factory resets on T2's and it fixing issues they've been having. To factory reset a T2 you hold the menu button down while holding the trigger forward and it will reset.
  14. phrunt

    A Quick Afternoon Detect

    Ahh this photo, this is where John lives, lucky bugger! Nah, the lift we were doing took us about 1/3 of the way up. We were adventurous yesterday and took the lift that goes smack to the top.
  15. phrunt

    A Quick Afternoon Detect

    wow, you'd think it would be impossible for any detector to get that nugget at that depth being that tiny, incredible. I bet you had your hopes up for a biggin' with that depth. Skiing was brilliant, perfect snow and the nicest day. My daughter and I made it to the top of the mountain for the first time ever so pretty proud of ourselves. Here are a couple of photos from up near the top, look at all that gold country down below!! How I'd love to roam those mountains with my detector. If your eyes are good enough you could probably see John's house in that photo 🙂