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  1. There is a manual ground balance mod you can do to the Ace and now that I have two of them I may attempt it on my Euroace seeing it's now my least favourite, and if it works out I'll do it to both, the feedback on the mod is a bit mixed so I've been a bit uncertain if I should do it, now with two I can throw caution to the wind and do it 🙂 http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/metal-detector-modifications/374163-garrett-ace-350-euroace-manual-ground-balance-mod.html The Ace models I would consider super deep in mild soils with the Tornado, in my testing so far they do very well for depth
  2. It's nice to see some of the early brands still around, quite often the pioneers as you could call them do the hard yards, get the products to market then once other more financial companies see the profits they can make with the product they come in and take over by buying them out and attaching their bigger name to it or just releasing better product with all the money they can throw at R&D and just swallow up the early pioneers. I guess metal detectors being obscure stayed under the radar of the big guys. A lot of the early names appear to be long gone, a few survived. I think in 10
  3. I wish I was around for all this stuff, I missed out on the glory days.
  4. You need a Coiltek AI coil 🙂 The 11" is discontinued so get in quick before they're gone as the other sizes aren't ideal unless you're hunting gold in salt lakes! I can't help you too much with your question on that as I don't have a size for size comparison on what I think about EMI. I don't have an X-coil the same size and shape as a Commander, or any other brand of coil in fact. Nobody wants to buy two of the same size coil 🙂 I can say the 15x10" X-Coil appeared slightly better for EMI than the 14x9" Nugget Finder EVO coil, I really struggled with my GPX at one gold location t
  5. I think the GPX 6000 will cost about the amount that I could possibly buy an Ace for everyone in my street and still have some change for KFC 😛 I'm looking forward to taking the Ace out hopefully on Monday, I am confident it will find me silver coins on it's first outing, now that I've got target ID's on it I'm all set. I'll throw it in my car today as I'm off looking for gold just in case I find a spot for it and have some spare time. Thanks for the trademarked Iron Audio information Goldpick, I'm not at all worried I don't have that now, I'd never use it anyway so for me the 300i
  6. I don't know about you guys but the weight of swinging the GPZ for days on end has given me the only guns I need.
  7. I started out detecting not all that long ago, I think it's about 2 years now, boy has time gone quickly though. I've tried many detectors and own many detectors but I've always had a soft spot for my first detector, the Garrett Ace 350 which in NZ is sold as the Garrett Euroace with a few small modifications to make it not so American, I believe it has a bigger iron range suitable for UK and it has the US currency stuff removed off it which is pointless of course anywhere else other than the US, they called it a Euroace I guess as at the time the main Internaitonal market was Europe, perhaps
  8. I had to google what a fable is 🙂 No they're not fables. they're sometimes over exaggerated is probably what you mean. Hahaha Con the Fruiterer, love that guy. He was more relevant when I lived in Melbourne than in Brisbane as Melbourne has a massive Greek and Italian community.
  9. I believe as it's a preexisting well documented issue Minelab in Australia and NZ will be forced to replace flooded units outside of warranty to Au/NZ residents due to our consumer protection laws. It is strange even newer built machines still have the same problem as early ones, surely they'd work out the cause and resolve it as every unit that leaks costs them money.
  10. You're kidding me, right when I decide not to get an Apex the Ultimate comes out for it! The competition really has something to worry about when Garrett comes out with their second generation high end Multi Frequency machine as with all these aftermarket coil options for the Garrett's there is a big incentive for people to jump ship.
  11. Gold Monster 1000 found me my first gold, and my most gold in one outing on my first day using it until very recently where the GPZ took over quite quickly. The GM was the perfect beginner detector for me, has no threshold which makes it far easier to understand for someone new and works as well as the best of them when it comes to VLF's. I'm very grateful to the GM for helping me find those first nuggets which started a fun hobby. I can completely understand JasonG and his Ace250, If I liked coin hunting as much as I do Gold prospecting I'd be saying my Ace 350 as it started me on the coi
  12. I can not wait to see what the new ones are 🙂 Gold Catcher meet Ilya Yalanzhi,, Ilya meet Gold Catcher. Elijah runs the Russian X-coils website, hes also very good at finding ancient artifacts.
  13. Some time ago I requested X-Coils look into making coils for the Equinox which they did do, it involved them buying an Equinox and they had a way to deal with the chip but it turned out not viable, Equinox coils are priced too low to justify hand making coils to suit it, by the time you've got shipping costs from Russia to the world included in the price if they were to sell them at the price of the original coils or near to it they'd run at a loss, they couldn't hand make them for the price they sell for. A lot of work goes into making a coil. It is a damn shame as I'd love to be swinging X-
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