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  1. phrunt

    New Gold Detecting Book Nearing Completion

    Sounds like a book I'd be interested in, particularly your secret formula. 🙂
  2. I guess trying to find a good non-ferrous target among millions of tiny little bits of something that has the characteristics of metal is hard work for any detector. That was good information and well explained TNSS. I appreciate it.
  3. phrunt

    Help I.d

    Some history there, but I wonder what it is?
  4. Turns out my Euroace is a clone. Oh well, it works reasonably well and it's just for an 8 year old to muck around with. It appears the dodgy people who make the fakes can't make coils as it's terrible with the stock coil, very unstable, I'm pretty impressed with it and the Nel Tornado coil. Lesson learned about buying second hand.
  5. phrunt

    Booster Speaker Information

    Ahh thanks, so yes it is a normal POT volume control, just by the way the sticker was it looked like it was stepped and I was wondering why it would be done that way as normally the stickers would look like this for a POT volume control and like this for a stepped one I was just thinking perhaps JP had found a benefit to having it stepped, like quickly getting you to your favorite volume level without having to fine tune it like on a more detailed POT volume knob.
  6. phrunt

    Booster Speaker Information

    I'm curious Fred, from an owner of several boosters what makes you like JP's the best? What set it apart from the others? A lot of people swear by it so it's clearly a good product and I'm not trying to say otherwise, as I believe it must be by JW using it. The only time I've seen one is with KiwiJW and he loves his and has the results to prove it is a good product. It's been around a long time though and there seems to be no new version which is quite unusual for an electronic product not to try improve on itself over the years unless it was just done right the first time so maybe it was 🙂 The reason I went with the SP01 is it isn't just an amplifier and I liked that it attempted to do something beyond boosting audio, some people may like that, others may hate it. Maybe in the SP01 version 2 Steelphase could put another mode of just simply boosting the audio volume with no filtering or sound modification to keep some people happy, that would be an easy thing to do 🙂 On that photo of a B&Z it shows the sticker doesn't quite fit, maybe that's been fixed up. Is that a stepped attenuator for the volume control, as in are there just 4 or 8 volume levels or something instead of fine volume control, not like a normal potentiometer volume knob or just the sticker just make it look like that? You just see so many posts on these boosters being a type of snake oil product but I don't think they are. What made you stop using Boosters Norvic? what made you think they're of little use? Or were they just annoying with another thing to charge and extra wires and so on. You don't hear much about all the other brands of boosters anymore...
  7. phrunt

    Xterra 705 Prospecting

    I was told when buying my Gold Bug Pro's which I purchased in Australia they work in the mineralized soil over there, they particularly said they will work in the Golden Triangle fine but they said use the smallest coil. I would guess your X-terra would work similar to the GBP, but you have a GBP so I guess you could just take it, hopefully someone who's used either in OZ gives you some information 🙂 You'll have to be hunting for shallow gold using a VLF in Australian soils.
  8. phrunt

    Tiny Tiny Zed Gold

    Both are pests and shouldn't be here, if you see them on the road you're meant to try run them down 🙂 The are the big reason I spend my life detecting for shotgun pellets instead of gold. How was the Nel on the GPX John?, I didn't even know they did coils for the GPX. Good job as always on the tiny minuscule gold, I don't know how you do it.
  9. phrunt

    Booster Speaker Information

    I saw that line and wondered if it was about me 🙂 At least I can't drive you nuts, you've been there a long time already
  10. phrunt

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    Yup, JW's right there, it seems to depend a lot on airline, here is a basic guide from Airsafe.com http://www.airsafe.com/issues/baggage/rechargeable-batteries.htm Batteries are best left in the device, which is an issue for something like a GPX 🙂
  11. phrunt

    Headed For The Land Down Under

    From what I've seen flying to Australia they're allowed if they're in the device, they can't be batteries just sitting there. It doesn't seem to matter if they're checked in or carry on as long as they're inside the device. I had 3 packs of 9v batteries just sitting there in my bag on a previous trip to Australia and customs opened by bag and took them out and left a sticker saying my bag was inspected by customs. I guess they were confiscated as they disappeared out of my bag. I think it happened at the NZ side before the flight even took off.
  12. phrunt

    Booster Speaker Information

    I like my SP01 audio enhancer, it's good quality although it's housing made of alloy, I'm not worried about a booster being made of plastic to lessen the metal on my body. The booster even if made of plastic would set my detector off anyway, the circuit board, switches and batteries are enough to do that. Some may say these boosters/audio enhancers are a pointless gadget, some may say they're great.... I know mine does something as without it a faint signal barely stands out (buried shotgun pellet in my testing), with it the signal is much more obvious I know that for a fact, it's easy to compare. I'm not a purist, I don't care if my audio is just a louder version of the audio the detector is putting out, if somehow someone with a lot of audio knowledge has made a way to make target signals stand out more I'm happy to give it a shot. I wasn't overly keen spending a lot of money on something that just cleanly boosts audio volume, that I could get for around $25 with a guitar amplifier which was why I chose to get the SP01, it doesn't just amplify audio, that's proven by it's mode switch and how modes sound different. I'm not a good enough detectorist to know if it works as promoted but I feel it does. By the looks of it there is 10 or more different brands of these boosters and some just use portable guitar amplifiers, whatever works for the user is all that matters but I'll always use one. My main reason for getting one was JW loves his B&Z booster and I wanted a booster also so may as well get a different one to compare them at some point. JW's B&Z must work well, he never leaves home without it and we've all seen the tiny gold he can find.
  13. Hey John, No problems, I thought I'd clear it up and explain it to you as you obviously had the situation confused around the purchase. All I did that could be considered shady is convince the guy I was the best buyer by offering him $100 more than the other guy who he was in talks with privately to sell it to but the other guy wanted that proof so I jumped in and said I'd pay $100 more with no proof as I was confident it was genuine from the work I did in the background, I left him with the doubt in his mind it was possibly fake by my wording such as saying if it's fake it's my problem as I'm taking that risk. I'm taking my Ace on an all day hunt today to work it out, I've not used it much as I quickly upgraded so going for a full day coin hunt will work out if it's good or not, if not I'll put my daughter back on her Go-Find but the Ace has more VDI information than the Go-Find which I find very important for coin cherry picking. You can't expect an 8 year old to dig 100 holes 🙂 It has to be a coin she digs or she'd lose interest quickly All day hunt cancelled for rain 🙂 will try the next sunny day. That day I found and lost that faint signal was disappointing as the Zed screamed on it even when the 4500 lost it. I was worried about the 4500 at that point as the halo effect allowed me to find that nugget but it disappeared as soon as the soil was disturbed at all. It was completely gone. I needed a GM 1000 or a Zed at that point to find it, or a gold pan 🙂 Luckily the Zed recovered it. I am wondering if the Evo could would of lost it as it's more sensitive than the Advantage I was using on that day. I have had my share of disappearing targets with it though.
  14. Thanks, I think if your soil is very mild like here Auto + and Manual 10 run about the same in my opinion. Auto modes sense how bad the ground is and up or lower the sensitivity accordingly so if your soil is genuinely mild then the Auto settings should get up to the highest manual settings, I think I read somewhere once the Auto+ mode can go higher than Manual 10 but that maybe wrong. The Monster and GB2 are great for creeks, they each have their benefits, the coil on the GB2 being a better shape for example, it's a shame neither are properly waterproof.
  15. Thanks, I like Bill Southerns videos! You've gotta love the Equinox.