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  1. That's massive for three and a half hours, awesome! Well done. I wish we had parks that loaded around here πŸ™‚
  2. phrunt

    Fisher Gold Bug 2 Price Decrease

    Fixed, put up the wrong link πŸ™‚ There are many brands, that was just an example.
  3. phrunt

    3 Beach Hunts

    That sounds like an absolute ball to me, I like the idea of beach hunting, soft easy sand to dig in, I remember walking around at the beaches in OZ and my feet sunk about 15 cm's into the sand with every step, here at the beaches I've been to the sand is rock solid, everyone just drives their normal cars onto it, great shock to our visitors when we suggest they go for a drive on the beach in their little hatch back rental car, the other problem is so few people go to the beaches here, the inland lakes and rivers down this way are far more popular for swimmers than the sea. I am looking forward to a trip back to Australia just so I can detect on the beaches of the Gold Coast, prior to that idea I never wanted to go back πŸ™‚ except I miss my Red Rooster (chicken fast food shop ) I'm glad the new Nox coil is serving you well, I sure like it. You did very well. Thanks for the post.
  4. phrunt

    Fisher Gold Bug 2 Price Decrease

    If that's the case you should seriously consider getting some Lithium or Lipo batteries for it rather than using normal alkaline 9v batteries. Something like these https://www.amazon.com/Batteries-Rechargeable-Li-ion-800mAh-Packs/dp/B07BT2B6PP/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1544493091&sr=8-4-fkmr1&keywords=tenergy+lithium+ion+9v+battery I have used Tenergy before, they seem pretty good. Plenty of brands to choose from. They tend to output full power until they run low, they don't do less and less power as they get flat like traditional batteries. I run lithium in my Garrett Carrot, It's still on it's first charge from when I got it almost a year ago, I don't use it that often but it's holding up well. I use them also in my GBP's and they last a few days of use.
  5. phrunt

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Just watch Gold Rush Uncut, otherwise known as the Australian broadcast, you'll get all the swear words then πŸ™‚ If it didn't have the swear words in it, Australians wouldn't understand what they're saying.
  6. phrunt

    Australia 2019

    Link gives me the same result as JW, so does the new link you've posted below, even from my US and UK VPN and they're 30 years ahead of Australia so it can't be that πŸ™‚ Strange, might need to be signed in with an account which I don't have.
  7. phrunt

    Show Us Your Favorite Ring Find From 2018

    Geez, either my 18k 15 gram Lord of the Rings One Ring Or my Minelab Find of the Month ring which I didn't get to keep as I found it for someone who lost it. I don't count that one generally as it's not mine πŸ™‚ I think I'm at 9 rings for 2018, most appear to be junkers but my other favourite is the Silver/Irovy chinese gold miners ring I found while prospecting.
  8. Well my Detech 13" Ultimate coil arrived today for my Gold Bug Pro, and to say I'm impressed is an understatement, it is so very light, its sensitivity to small nuggets seems great, I personally can hardly tell the difference between it and the 5x10" elliptical coil on my small test nuggets, hopefully it works as well in the field. It's Target ID's on coins and rings and so on seem very good, it's stable right under high voltage power lines with only a little more chatter when in all metal but silent in discriminate mode, I always generally run my GBP maxed out on sensitivity and it handles that no differently to my other GBP coils. A good addition to my GBP family. I never expected I'd be using it for nugget hunting as I just got it to be a larger footprint coil for coin shooting but I may end up trying it out on nuggets now I've seen how well it handles the smaller stuff. It makes the Nel Tornado I have for my Garrett Euroace seem very heavy even though they're the same size. . This is my unmodded Gold Bug Pro, the other one I have the Discriminate/All metal switch on, I haven't got around to doing it on this one yet. The guy I got the coil from seems a nice guy, he threw in a couple of freebies for me, he was going to throw in a Tshirt but didn't have my size so he threw in a Nokta hat, pen and some wrap stuff which I assume is to wrap around the detector handle? It looks quite good so I might throw it on my Equinox handle to soften it up. It appears he's a local dealer Teknetics, Nokta and Cors coils. I do like Cors (Nel) coils. Took me a while to work out what the camo tape stuff was, turns out people use it to make their detectors look cool, and protect them I guess. I found it at a Gun shop in NZ https://www.guncity.com/camo-form-universal-digital-camo-wrap-231480
  9. damn that's a good buy! I'd snap that up if I didn't live in a different country.
  10. Mixed domain? two or more methods of transmission? This will be interesting.
  11. phrunt

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    ahha yea, I don't seem to swear, I don't know why, just never have really... I didn't even notice I don't swear, it's only when you pointed it out. I do same bugger sometimes. I was probably a rebel, rebelling against the norm in Australia. I've had an absolute c**t of a day is a Kevin Bloody Wilson song, you should look it up on youtube, it's quite funny.
  12. phrunt

    Fisher Gold Bug Pro

    Very light weight, easy to swing for hours on end, an entire day causes no arm fatigue. It has super loud audio from it's onboard speaker so can be heard even in noisy environments like fast flowing creeks which I appreciate as I'm not one to enjoy using headphones, although it's equipped with both size headphone jacks. It's sensitive to small gold especially with a small coil such as the 5" stock coil or an aftermarket coil like the Nel Snake which I prefer but it's not quite as sensitive as the higher frequency machines, losing depth quickly on very tiny quarter gram and below pieces where other higher frequency machines I own retain depth. On bigger bits half gram and over it has very good depth. Battery life is good and I've come to appreciate just using a single 9v lithium battery in it. It can also be used as a good coin shooter and jewellery machine and has a very good accuracy with coins on it's Target ID's at reasonable depth. Not quite as deep as some other machines but as it's a dual purpose that can be forgiven. If I had my time again would I buy it? Yes, if the price was right but I think it's a bit overpriced in the current marketplace in New Zealand, will likely be more competitively priced in some other countries.
  13. Good answer! You seem a great detectorist to me, always have good answers and seem very knowledgeable. There is no license to swing a detector, no exams to pass... you're only as good as you think you are, so stop doubting yourself πŸ™‚ Now me, I'm not good, not good at all so I've taken a different approach lately, for gold prospecting I dig everything, for coin shooting I dig everything... you'd be surprised what good targets pop up when you had it in your head this target has to be junk, numbers bouncing around everywhere. It seems the best way to learn, I've got a lot of catching up to do being only on early days of my second year. The more I dig everything the more I'm learning about my detector that's for sure. I haven't noticed any difference with the new Nox firmware except the depth meter seems better but I never really used it anyway, I've never really bothered with depth meters as I don't try dig a hole the exact depth of my target, I dig a deeper hole to start with about the depth of my mini shovels head, ends up a faster recovery. I don't detect on grass much if at all so I don't have to make tidy holes, its always lakefront gravels and the gold is usually in dry lifeless soil type ground. I think a new firmware comes out and people over analyze it, trying to find problems or differences. The more time people spend sending "unsure" bug reports to Minelab, the longer it will be until we see a new firmware with genuine problems solved.. I don't envy a detector engineers job but I do think they're brilliant people.
  14. phrunt

    Dumb Question

    I've never owned an old detector, never had a peep inside one, I'd sure like to. I've been keeping my eye out but there isn't even that many people using modern detectors in this country, so the chances of finding an old classic are probably none. I've never even seen a Tesoro for sale here. I've tested all my detectors without a coil, all fine. I don't know why anyone would ever not want a coil connected, my worry was if I ever forgot to tighten the coil up and it was wobbling in there could the poor connection damage the detector, and no, it can't, and won't. The reason I was hoping Geotech would notice this thread is he'll know a lot more about older detectors and their workings.
  15. phrunt

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Well, If Kevin Bloody Wilson won't work in America, I don't think Rodney Rude will cut it either...πŸ™‚ It's not unusual in Australia to go to a business and talk to a staff person who has at least two swear words in every sentence, usually a variation of the same word, f**k. Very relaxed country when it comes to that sort of thing. It just becomes normal after a while πŸ™‚