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  1. Yes, last time I needed a product I ordered it from Phasetech in OZ as this guy never got back to me on it. Phasetech was perfect, I wish I could same the same about our countries dealer.
  2. Thanks Dilek, I brought this situation up as it's the 3rd time I've had this same problem with him and as I want Nokta to succeed, you're clearly making good products and I would like to buy a Simplex but this dealer if you could call him that has made this process into a challenge. Usually you have to try escape sales people trying their hardest to sell you their wares, it's the opposite with this guy as you have to chase him to try buy something 🙂 If every customer experiences such treatment you'll never sell a detector in this country, and turn people off the brand. Nokta the brand doesn't deserve this treatment either. Our time zones are really out of sync, I'm asleep when you're awake 🙂
  3. I forwarded my email to him again this morning from a different email address (my gmail) just to be sure he's getting it thinking surely he'll reply now that I've tried again, it might jog his memory about my first email, but no.... nothing, try it, send the guy an email I bet he won't reply. I doubt he checks the email address at all. atomic79ltd@gmail.com Even if he eventually replies I could never give my money to this guy and trust him to deliver the goods, this is the 3rd time I've had the same experience of either not getting a reply at all or getting one months later just trying to buy a product from this outfit. I would have tried to phone him but of course his partially working website doesn't provide a phone number to contact, only an email address at Gmail. No street address either as it's run out of his house I guess. I sent you an email about it yesterday Dilek under the name Simon. Last time I emailed him in May, finally got a reply in August. This entire thing is very disappointing, I realize it's not Nokta's fault however it sure reflects badly on the brand when this is our only place to attempt to buy Nokta in New Zealand. I bet NZ sales numbers are VERY low.
  4. I think you're equally hard on every manufacturer, it's in everybody's interest they listen to their enthusiast users, the ones that do are likely to end up with a better end product. After all the talk of rehashes and detectors with new paint jobs and so on I nearly fell off my chair to see Whites has done it again with their TDI. I guess this has been going on forever and I'm new to the party, I do however find it shocking. I have great tolerance for innovators that screw up like Minelab did with their Equinox shafts and Nokta have now done with their Simplex coils and I applaud them for giving it a good go and coming out with new products everyone is talking about and are actually good new products. I have zero tolerance for a rehash and every time I see one it puts me off the companies that are doing it to try bring in an extra few dollars off their old gear at the expense of their often unaware customers. When was the TDI released? more than 10 years ago? and as an unaware new to detecting customer I could go out and buy this fancy new TDI High Q thinking I'm getting the latest and greatest, not realizing it's older than any other electronic product in my house. In all those years they've not bothered to try come out with an actual new model. Sure this is a bash on Whites but First Texas is just as guilty.... and so was Tesoro, see what I'm getting at. I think their higher end models are low sellers and they ride off the money they make on the mass consumer market at entry level, but now two new detectors from the Innovators are coming with the Simplex and Vanquish and they look like they'll be competing at a much higher level than entry at an entry price so that's something they should be shaking in their boots over.
  5. What I see above is a prime example of how a company should operate, outstanding and thanks for being honest and upfront and not trying to hide the facts. The company has turned what could of been a real public relations disaster into a massive positive, no potential customer could be unhappy after reading how that issue is being dealt with.
  6. I like how you say it how it is Steve, you are no doubt becoming a real thorn in the side of the manufacturers 🙂 I suspect their lack of innovation over the years is about to come back to bite them and it might be a bit hard to make a comeback now, it doesn't pay to be complacent in a world market. The T2 is still my favourite detector for comfort levels. I never took to the stock coil though, it felt weird to me, I prefer center mounted coils so once changed to a normal mounted coil position for me it's hard to beat. If I had to swing for days straight I'd pick it over any other detector just to save my arm... Arm fatigue starts to kick in after a full day swinging the Nox and 15" coil and the second day is a real challenge for me. That statement is completely incorrect if the stock 15" T2 coil is used in comparison to the Nox 15", The Teknetics 15" is the worst coil ever made, It's darn heavy.
  7. These things seem to happen to every manufacturer, I guess when mass producing anything there are bound to be some defects in production runs, hopefully they sort it out quickly. I guess that's what warranty is for, it's certainly not something that would stop me buying one and they'd replace the coil anyway if it were faulty. I've tried, the local dealer still hasn't got back to me about it, I doubt he will
  8. I left F2 at 6 and in Field 2 I believe FE is 0? I was just on defaults, I didn't mess with it but I was so disappointed to see a deep silver coin ID was all over the place in F2 and stable as can be without F2 so I turned it off, I would not of dug that silver coin in F2. It's lucky I was testing all targets with it on and off or I'd never know I missed a silver. As I said if a place was riddled with bottle top's I may try it to save me the effort of digging them all but in a place with very few I'd rather dig them than miss good targets. It's the compromise with any extra filtering I guess.... you can filter out things you want.
  9. yes, it looks like slag See this site http://meteorites.wustl.edu/id/slag.htm Is it heavy for it's size?
  10. How did this all pan out Jason, did you get your gear back? I wish you the best...
  11. As I understand it that's a fantastic haul from Rye Patch. Well done! Decent size nuggets too, and to think you traveled all the way to Australia in search of a nugget and you have them a few hours drive away from home 🙂
  12. Thanks, there is plenty more to go in the area, I can't detect a large undetected portion of it at the moment as sheep and their babies are grazing it. They'll be out in a couple of weeks and I'll go attack it. I believe it was the car park to the football field in the early days. I had fun today though and I was there under 3 hours in ground I'd done so I think I did OK.
  13. Thank you so much PimentoUK, it's amazing how good you are at identifying finds. It's very obvious we are a British colony 🙂 I went back for another hour or so, I was without my Carrot which makes for difficult detecting, I'm so used to having it. It made life too hard for me so I called it quits early. I just didn't have the energy either..... I've been so busy skiing lately. I found a little Love heart thing, I assume junk jewellery but no doubt quite old Now, this happens often but it this time I caught it on camera, unfortunately it's not as obvious in the photo as it is in person. When I dug out my blob of soil I could clearly see a discoloured patch on it, a roundish clump, I knew before touching it that was the coin, and sure enough it was. A silver The coins seem to get a clump of soil around them, you often can pick it up as a blob about the size of a golf ball, break it apart and it's the coin. An old 50 cent, I don't find many of these, they come up 16. And as I walked back to my car, the usual, a coin right at where I parked 🙂 If you look hard you'll see it in the clump after I sliced some off to find it. A modern $1 coin from the 90's, still usable. and my afternoon hunt, nothing special, at least there was a silver though. I've been wandering around the field a bit and it's impossible to tell where I've been previously, all my dig holes have healed over with no death to the grass, it seems my big holes in soft ground method is working well as I've likely dug over 1000 holes, I've probably got that many coins by now.
  14. Well, ski season is over... most certainly not from the lack of snow, the main ski field I've been going to still has absolutely tonnes of snow. I took a short video at the top of the ski field looking down over town about a week ago, you'll get an idea from it the area JW and I hunt for gold. The towns down in the valley below and the mountains around are the areas with the gold. So now ski season is over which has been consuming a lot of my time I figured I'd get stuck back into my coin hunting at the football field for something to keep me occupied on free time during weekdays and try get stuck back into prospecting on the weekends. I went to the football field after dropping my daughter at school all fired up for a day of coin hunting. I'd set my Nox to Field 2 for the first time to give it a shot and take Steve's advice and try out 50 tones, seeing Field 2 is in 50 tones by default I figured it makes sense to try it out. I went back over ground I'd done on purpose to see what else I'd pull up. Remember I'm terrible at walking a straight line so there is no guarantee the ground is ground I've covered well. I only spent an hour and a half as my Carrot went flat on me, first time it's happened to me, I've charged it twice since owning it but it's never got flat before. I wasn't quite sure what the weird sound it was making was when it was telling me it's flat 🙂 I took to 50 tones like a duck to water, I really liked it, I hated DP mode (99 tones) on the T2, it just made a racket but 50 tones seemed good. I'm not overly a fan of the new F2 mode, I tried it out and it just seemed to make good Targets at depth get worse ID's so I switched it off, there isn't many bottle tops here anyway and maybe I'll try it again if I'm ever in a spot with lots of them but until that day I'm not fussed using it. The soil was really wet, we've had a bit of a rainy past couple of weeks, it caused a lot of snow on the mountains however it made the ground all soggy down in the valley. This silver was the one that gave a really iffy target with F2 enabled and numbers bouncing a lot, and a nice 18/19 with it disabled. I love how nice these silvers come out of the ground. The field was being kind to me again with the morning dew leaving a trail where I walked, it makes it much easier for me to stay on track. Another silver! not too bad for ground I've covered. Check that indent out in the soil. These florins come up a 16 and rock solid. They're never in good condition though, it's a shame as I like the look of them with the Kiwi bird on them.😞 I also found a 1961 threepence, for some reason I forgot to take a photo of it's hole but they come up really low ID's, about 4 to 5 and it's only the second one I've ever found of the more modern cupro-nickel ones as I avoided those numbers due to it always being foil. That's it on the bottom right, the photo is all the better finds for the 1.5 hours. And the other stuff. The key looks quite old. Field 2 seems to hit better on the cupro-nickel coins than Park 1 does. I always felt the T2 did better on them but maybe the Nox in Field 2 is better than Park 1 and more in line with the T2. I'll keep experimenting. I hope to go back in the afternoon, I've got the 9v Carrot battery on charge now.
  15. Thanks, will do, he's still yet to contact me and I'm not holding my breath, I doubt he will. I'd love to get a Simplex.
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