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  1. ahhh ok, yes neither are permanent modifications though, you can set the back to normal in no time and they can't tell it was done 🙂 Sorry for not making sense, busy morning
  2. It's Minelab's policy not to repair any detector under warranty for no cost to the customer if the coils damage the detector, they will however repair any detector when the customer pays for the repair, they're not evil 🙂 All they're saying is if you damage your detector using the coils the warranty will be void, not that they won't fix it at your cost.
  3. Yup, they're the Remarkables, here's the Winter view from my place just along the street a bit from the one JW is building.
  4. If you take Minelab's SDC stance as an example, it voids the entire machine if something goes wrong that they can find a way to associate with the aftermarket coils. The cut coil is void without question. A totally normal position for a company in this situation.
  5. Thanks for the post Deborah, keep me updating as mine will take about 2 months to get to NZ, it's coming with my dealers next Keene order which isn't for a while. Yes, my idea was taking out the middle man might speed up my recovery. Thanks again but please report back when you've got more miles on it. I currently have an A52 so I'm hoping this will be a significant upgrade.
  6. Well done John, I had a feeling those coils were going to do something like that for you. The bigger coil seems great, why not get the bigger deeper gold the 14" missed, much better than chasing the tiny bits, I think I know a place that big coil might do well, and it involves a big hike and a path that keeps on giving 🙂 That 3.3 gram piece is a nice looking bit, unusual looking for our gold and a very abnormal size for our gold It's going to keep you busy for a while now, going over all the old stomping grounds again! You'll be going to work today with a smile on your dial. What I know about JW is he covers ground insanely well, he spends a full day in a 20 foot by 20 foot area, going over it slowly from all directions, so for him to be shocked about getting gold out of ground he's flogged really shows the difference in these coils, especially when it's this much gold and a bit that big.
  7. I'm surprised Minelab don't own Nugget Finder and Coiltek by now. Normal business practice for the big guy is to buy out smaller companies producing good complementary products. That would be in the customers interest too, who owning a GPZ wouldn't like to slap a range of NF or Coiltek coils on it produced by the brands with ownership by Minelab.
  8. Thanks for the post! My dealer told me the same thing as in this Minelab statement when the coils first hit the market, it sounded like they encouraged him not to sell them. This statement from their product notice clearly sets out their point of view The SDC 2300 is not designed for changing coils nor for use with other coil sizes and specifically any damage which is assessed by Minelab or its Authorised Service Centres (ASCs) as having resulted from such modification will not be covered by the Minelab warranty. I wonder how much damage this has done with the Minelab/Coiltek relationship. Although I think that died some time ago, they were never allowed to do GPZ coils, or other detectors like the Equinox. Minelab went to extreme lengths to prevent them making GPZ coils by putting that encrypted protection chip in the upper end of the coil cable. My point of view on this is if you stop 3rd party manufacturers at least provide your own in house coil solutions, the GPZ being such an expensive detector with only two coil options is just unfair on the customers, especially after the massive range of coils on the GPX series. No wonder the Russians have come to the party making aftermarket coils for the GPZ bypassing the chip protection by using the chip and a bit of a haircut of the coil cable 🙂 The Equinox being a small fraction of the price of the GPZ already has more coils and hopefully more are coming like a small elliptical. As a guy that was the service manager in a computer manufacturer and service center, I fully respect Minelabs position on this, we used to put warranty void if removed stickers on everything trying to stop people messing around as it caused us a nightmare, legally they weren't binding but it stops some people screwing up their equipment.
  9. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said.
  10. That's such a good deal, i like the LED flashlight on it and the vibrating handle and the backlight for the buttons too. I like Nokta detectors and I've never owned one, I like the way the company operates and they're pushing the other companies to get their act together with their innovation and pricing. First Texas and Whites better watch their backs as they'll be the obvious targets.
  11. White's have lost the plot, first they up the price of the 24k making it far less competitive with other options which to me made it no longer a viable option when it wasn't a good seller in the first place. They then they come out with a waterproof version in the form of a rehash. Why not leave the price of the 24k where it was and make the waterproof option the new 24k price point? Perhaps they should have just made the 24k waterproof in the first place, it's the way detectors are heading anyway. I'm new to detecting and I've already lost patience with all this rehash rubbish, I feel sorry for you folks that have been in the game for a long time, at least they went beyond a paint job I guess If I was a 24k buyer I'd be angry now. 🤬 Thanks for the official news though Jeff, I had heard tidbits about it but nothing completely official like at a gold show 🙂
  12. He made it worse by coming back, giving people hope then doing the same thing all over again to them. We almost need a give a little page for Moe victims!
  13. Welcome aboard, good choice on detector! you'll have a ball with it.
  14. I'm glad I woke this thread up, it sounds like one many of us needed to read.
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