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  1. My theory is buy the best you can afford as you'll just want to upgrade it to the better one until you eventually do anyway, then it costs you more as you've got both. That's just me, as if I haven't got the better one I'd always be thinking about it 🙂
  2. Yup, I'm sure in my ground nothing will change 🙂 The GPZ handles ground exceptionally well and hitting #9 pellets is really a big achievement for a PI detector even just touching the coil, so the ZVT on the GPZ is obviously capable of doing it. The coils aren't submersible but I'd not be game to use my GPZ as a creek detector. I wouldn't take a Ferrari bush bashing, I'll leave that job to the beaten up old 4x4 🙂 If I tripped and drowned the GPZ $#@$@#^! I've already fell over and drowned my Gold Monster in the creek, it survived a dunking.
  3. These shotgun pellets are ones I've found with my Equinox or Gold Monster so could be any age, they look dark brown now, I keep a stash of junk targets... never know when you'll need them. I'll check the 10" on that pellet and see how it goes, I've not done that before. Geotech is sending me some sample pellets of various sizes on sticks for testing but they'll take a while coming from USA so until they arrive I've only got what I've found. My 12x8" is stuck with shipping difficulties, a lot of EMS parcels were held up in the post, it appears some have to transferred over to ship for their journey so I'm hoping that my 12x8 is on a ship on its slow journey over here. NZ and Australia don't have many planes coming in as their borders are closed to everyone except returning citizens on repatriation flights to keep the virus out, then they have to go in quarantine for 2 weeks and get tested twice during that time before they're released into the wild 🙂 It's causing big shipping problems but it seems the shipping problems are everywhere. I have a warranty replacement Sampson T-Handle coming from the US on USPS priority International mail which is meant to take 9 days that's almost at 2 months now. I hope to get the 12x8" eventually. The 8" came via DHL express and they use their own planes and have cargo planes coming into NZ so it only took about a week.
  4. This 8" coil is getting pretty similar performance to the Gold Monster 1000 on depth on this little #9 shot. To me that is amazing the GPZ is virtually keeping up with a high frequency VLF on such a small target. The GM has very loud boosted audio which makes it seem like it's hitting on the target harder but when it comes to depth both are getting pretty similar results with possibly a small edge to the GM. Both only get around 1.5 to 2cm on the #9 shot. Here's a video I did with the GM on the exact same pellet, with the GM maxed out on sensitivity. I have also noticed actual bits of gold seem to hit harder than pellets, I think it's due to the round ball shape of the pellet.
  5. The GPZ feels light with the little 8" on it, I won't be using my harness with this little coil. I think it would be wise to follow JP's advice and get a CTX 3030 battery for the GPZ too at some point to make the back end lighter as the front of the detector is so light now the back feels heavy, with the 8" and smaller battery the GPZ will be quite light 🙂 It has rained heavy all day so I've not been able to go out and try the coil out much, I did have a primary goal though and that was to see if it would hit #9 birdshot. Geotech/Carl Moreland has me focused on #9 shot now after we discussed it over on this thread. So I made a little video using a #9 birdshot which is 0.75 grains (0.048 of a gram) which Carl told me roughly emulates a 0.5 grain gold nugget which is 0.032 of a gram. I also tested a 0.213g birdshot which is 3.3 grains, a #4 birdshot and another size which I don't know what birdshot it is, I know nothing about shotgun pellets, Carl told me he likes to use shot because it's consistent, real nuggets are not. I just did it behind my house due to the rain so there was plenty of EMI around but it handled 20 gain OK considering the EMI. The little coil seems really good for EMI. I was pretty happy with the result, it did detect the #9 birdshot, just.... but it got it, and that's inside the little jar which keeps the coil at least 1.5cm away from the shot due to the thickness of the jar. I think this means with concentration I'll be able to hit .5 of a grain gold nuggets on bedrock. Pretty happy with that. The Steelphase SP01 might give the signal a bit more of a boost too as this was just the WM12 speaker. I think this little 8" is going to stay glued to my detector for a while now 🙂 I really like it's size too.
  6. I've only used my larger coil a few times, I cracked it and got it replaced some time ago and have never used the replacement, I prefer the smaller coil. He had an interesting way of doing his air tests. It's a shame he didn't also compare it with manual 10. I watched this video a couple of days ago.
  7. Its like Christmas 😛 Today is the day, I woke up and checked the tracking number, it hadn't changed!! made myself breakfast and then looked out the door in anticipation of a courier, no joy.... ate my breakfast and while eating my phone went nuts with dings, DHL text messages saying my coil was onboard for delivery with my local courier. I know the local courier well and she drove directly from the depot to my house, I had it a few minutes after she'd scanned it in at the depot! Needless to say I was waiting at the door for her 🙂 It came with the usual spare coil cover. Look at it next to the stock coil, incredibly small, it feels tiny on the GPZ, I absolutely love its size. It feels like it weighs nothing, I didn't put it on the scales yet as I was too excited to get it on the detector. I'll have to pull it off later and weigh it. This is it next to my 10" coil, the usual coil I've had on lately. It's a nice looking coil! I cant wait to try it out, it's raining outside so I'm waiting for that to stop then I'll head away from my house and give it a bit of a turn, so far I've just turned on my detector to have a little turn with it in my front yard. It seems less affected by EMI than the bigger coils but I guess you expect that being smaller. Very cool!
  8. I feel a bit bad I turned this thread into a scoop thread. I do like the scoop though and the traditional design is rubbish 🙂 This was a kick in the boulders, I found Nenad sells the same scoop for $20 AUD with shipping from OZ being reasonable pricing. http://phasetechnical.com.au/product/nugget-scoop/
  9. Thanks, ordered one, as per usual shipping cost far more than the scoop from the US 😞 I was after a flat fronted scoop as I think the round ones are just weird, scraping along the ground the surface is usually quite flat, so a rounded scoop just doesn't work. The rounded scoops are what you buy at the pet store for your chicken food 😛 I think they just rebranded them prospecting scoops. It's lucky I didn't accidentally click UPS Worldwide shipping, 302 USD 😛
  10. Thanks for that, very interesting. It shows if Tarsacci wanted to make a gold prospecting detector based off that technology they could. I also very much like your scoop, that's very similar to the perfect design scoop I want to get.
  11. ahh yes, this happens in NZ all the time. In my gold found posts right from when I started detecting I've talked about it, even all of my biggest nuggets have NEVER been found on bedrock. Last latest 4 gram nugget was up high in soil with no bedrock around and I went back with a shovel and got the 8 grams out of that spot, no need for a pick. I think that's why I find these nuggets, they're in obscure locations others don't bother with 🙂 I found a 1.2 gram nugget in a bunch of topsoil on the side of a road probably piled up there when they leveled out the ground to make the road 😛 I've noticed often in videos from that part of the world a shovel is the standard tool for prospecting.
  12. The ground in the photos Dave showed above with scattered rocks everywhere and a location with small gold like that is absolutely an ideal 8" detecting location, especially with 20 nuggets to a gram. If the soil wasn't red I'd think it must be NZ, you'd just need to draw some mountains on the horizon 🙂
  13. This was me for quite a while, I only found the larger gold nuggets too 🙂 I have kept this "beginner" flaw going and it's paid off over time as I dig bigger screaming targets others walk past dismissing them! Fortunately now after learning to have some patience I can now find the smaller stuff too but it took me quite a while getting my head around the ground noise confusing signals to filter out the gold... it sure is a learned skill. The same could be said for very experienced people only in reverse, look in their junk pouch and they only have very small junk 😉
  14. I made this video some time ago as I wanted to know how well my QED performed against my GPX on a buried 1.2 gram gold nugget in very mild soils. I had the settings cranked up pretty high on everything, I'm pretty sure the video says my settings, everything was as maxed out as it could be given the EMI around. I threw in the Equinox and T2 just as a baseline for my own benefit as I always preferred using my Equinox for gold over my GPX (Pulse Induction) when I first got the GPX and had better results using the Nox at the time.... it took me quite a while to take to the GPX, once I got the hang of it I started getting good results with it but the Equinox was just easier and found more gold as it found smaller gold which we have more of, and because I used it more I found more with it. I'd not had the QED (Pulse Induction) for long so was comparing it. I did this video for my own benefit but posted it here at the time. The PI's took over once I got into gold country and encountered hot rocks. 🙂 The Equinox performance surprised me, it was showing both PI's how capable it is in mild soils. I should add you get the Equinox away from EMI and running max gain and the target ID clears up perfectly to a 14/15 on the nugget even at deeper depths.
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