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  1. that doesn't matter, it'll just help wash the red dust off your detector. time is ticking Mitchel... I'm about to head out for a swing myself... results pending, this will be my last swing pre X-coil 🙂
  2. I've been considering a 12x8" for some time due to it's sensitivity to small gold, seeing I've got the 14x9" EVO I stalled on that decision being so close in size. I believe this 12x6" X-coil will diminish my desire for the 12x8" EVO. The X-coil package is in Christchurch at the moment according to the courier tracking number, only a 6 hour drive away. If I could I'd tell them to leave it there and I'd drive and pick it up I want it that badly. I think it will appear at my door Wednesday so I'll be going out for a swing with it very soon. I am sure it's going to be a nice coil after seeing the X-coils on the GPZ in action. My smallest GPX coil at the moment is the 10x5" Coiltek Joey which is bundle wound but judging by my shotgun pellet digging the 14x9 EVO and it's flat winding is more sensitive to small targets than the Joey. I've considered a Nugget Finder 8x6" Sadie for some time but I have a feeling the 14x9" EVO is about as sensitive if not more so, keeping in mind we have our detectors cranked up pretty high due to our mild soils here. Another thing that gives me this opinion is KiwiJW used his Sadie on his 4500 on a rare occasion the same day I used my 14x9 EVO on my 4500 at the same location, I came back with a pocket load of shotgun pellets, he had a small number of them. He is by far the superior detectorist with thousands more hours behind the wheel yet I found more pellets..... It was a confidence boost for me that's for sure and confirmed to me the flat wound coils are more sensitive to small targets. There is another story no doubt to come from JW about him going to a spot a couple of days ago I was certain I'd cleaned out with my VLF's and 4500 and he had gone over with everything he owns. My GPX with 14x9, Joey, GM1000 and Nox had given it a beating, he found 4 bits of gold in MY digging area, the exact spot under a big rock I moved with his X-coil on his GPZ and also almost 50 pellets in the nearby area I'd missed. He HAD to be getting these tiny targets deeper. I wouldn't of believed him unless I'd been there to see the other finds he'd made in hammered ground. For my own sanity I wanted to disbelieve him but I know it's true. Seeing NZ mostly has small gold sensitivity to small gold is pretty vital here, and the holy grail is a coil that detects deep small gold as most of the shallow stuff has been found. That's where the benefits of the GPZ X-coils are really shining here, getting those smaller bits out of other peoples reach. The X-coil 12x6" seems perfect for me, ground coverage plus small gold sensitivity.
  3. I completely understand the bribery thing, I had to bribe my daughter into letting her buy a tablet with the money we found detecting to get her even remotely interested in it 🙂 See this post Fortunately I was very successful that time.
  4. Very nice, good to see another Kiwi posting gold finds 🙂 I've tried the same stunt with my 8yr old daughter, she didn't have the patience to sit around while I detected for gold... she handles coin shooting as she gets to keep the coins and they're a lot easier to find. It seems you have a pretty productive claim. Thanks for the post.
  5. I'd still like a Multi IQ gold prospecting machine, with more suitable coils than the Equinox like sold elliptical coils in maybe a 6.5x3.5", 8"x4.5" 10x5". 11x8" and a 14x11" and I'd be happy. Options for concentrics in some coils would be a bonus too. Also with 15/20/40/60/70 as it's frequencies, maybe throw in 80khz too seeing it's a wish 🙂 I know they can get away with larger coils as the 11" round on the Nox is brilliant for small gold. Stick with the VDI numbers, and the notching of target ID's but add on the GM1000's boosted audio. It even needs a super destruct button that you can press and it blows up any nearby detector within 100 foot range by sending out a sonic blast that the nearby detector picks up and amplifies which in turn blows its speakers or headphones thereby making all other detectors obsolete. Although I did hear from some guy that heard from another guy that saw on another forum that some guys wife's sisters cousins friend works at Minelab and he said they were going to be making a very similar detector ready for a December release priced at $2109.95, make of it what you will...
  6. Thanks, I've only used my 4500 once on the beach and I left my Nugget Finder 14x9 EVO on it but I'm thinking I probably should have put my 15x12 DD Commander coil on it. I should give it another go.
  7. That's pretty cool, seeing all those bobby pins makes beach hunting seem a lot like gold hunting, instead of bobby pins I dig shotgun pellets 🙂 Do you use a DD on the beach on the GPX?
  8. You won't find gold sitting on the forum 😐
  9. Welcome to the forum PeaEye. Gerry is a regular here on the forum, You should do a search for some of his posts, he's very successful at finding some pretty amazing things with his detectors.
  10. The day you do an ebook is the day it spread over the internet like wildfire as a pirated copy. With a hard copy it's far less likely as there is more effort involved in making the copy. 🙂
  11. Well, it was quite depressing watching that video..... It looks like they didn't run a well oiled ship, what a messy factory and office area, stuff all over the place. Seeing the video just shows what a small family operation they were and it's very sad to see them fall. I don't know why the video zoomed in on someones addressed parcel sitting on the ground, probably somebodies warranty returned control box they'll never see again. I did notice at the 1 minute 15 second mark they had stolen my detector holder design, which I stole off KiwiJW who informed me he had a copyright on 🙂 I hope all the staff got their entitlements. I was hoping one of the big guys would buy them out but I guess their product line just wasn't viable in the current marketplace. A few dedicated fans can't keep a business alive, especially when they have lifetime warranty so never need to buy a new machine. They would have to make a fantastic new model every year or so to sustain enough sales. I hope nobody else falls as I'm sure a few are at risk.
  12. It's a shame you threw it out as it was a fake and didn't work properly, hard to return something that went in the bin 🙂
  13. Hang in there, good things take time... If it's getting too close to the end of your trip and you haven't got a nugget it's never to late to get an x-coil 🙂 It's nice following your story though.
  14. It looks like you don't need to go to Australia to find some big gold 🙂 Very nice.
  15. It's only a big nugget to me, to anyone else it's probably a little tiddler 🙂
  16. That was indeed a good day. Some days I struggle mentally, I go thinking I'm not going to find anything, other days it's different and strangely the days I go all typed up thinking I'm going to find something I do. It's happened a few times now. The crazy green hot rocks at this spot seem to be a sign gold is nearby. I've only been to one other place with a number of them and it's my favourite sluicing creek which also obviously has gold. These green hot rocks and gold appear to live near each other. If I ever see green rocks anywhere I know it's worthy of a nosy with my detectors. I'm trying to take Reg's advice and learn the land and tie things all together. Long way to go but a start 🙂 JW and his double digit nugget scores, it's become very regular lately. Sometimes I feel like I'm driving a VW beatle and JW's driving a Ferrari though but I'm sure a lot of it is down to operator skill levels. I've been to that spot 3 times now, and found 3 nuggets there, although all on one day. I prefer to average it out to one nugget a day 🙂
  17. That's very unlikely to happen, the whole point of cutting the cord is the security chip is inside the cord, if they start cloning that chip they'd get themselves in trouble. Even though you cut the cord you can still use your stock coil by just adding another end piece on it that then attaches to the adapter you've made. JW has a 10x9" elliptical X-coil. They've gone to 10" round now but if demand was there they may start pumping out a few more 10x9's? What I would consider ideal is if Minelab accept the X-coils are here to stay and start selling the chipped adapters as a genuine accessory. I'm sure people would be happy to pay decent money for them.
  18. My Copper tape arrived today so I'll give that a shot instead of the paint this time to see the difference, I have two Gold Bug Pro's, one of which I'll paint, the other can have the copper tape... then I will be able to do side by side comparisons. According to the manufacturer these are the benefits of it ●EMI shielding of plastic enclosure parts ●EMI shielding tape/gasket ●Shielding of all non-conductive materials ●Ground plane ●Antistatic floors (ESD floors) ●Electrical connection between surfaces ●Shielding in housings and Faraday cages ●Temporary shielding during tests ●Mounting transparent foils, windows for EMI/RFI shielding ●Cable shielding (tape wrapped around cable) ●Temporary shielding during emissions and immunity tests ●The tape has Dual conductivity so current will flow through both sides and the adhesive. ●Tape is resistant to oxidization and discoloration. ●Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  19. I couldn't help but notice you're detecting in and around gum tree forests, be careful of drop bears. Also check your engine bay before driving off, giant snakes like to go in there to warm up this time of year
  20. The pot's don't appear to be grounded, my best bet might be the Headphone sockets It has two headphone sockets, would that metal surrounding the the little 3.5mm be a grounded do you think?
  21. Yup, we're all rooting for you! I'm just waiting for the day you come back with a photo of your first OZ gold. 🙂
  22. Thanks Pat, I can always rely on your electronics expertise. I'm not seeing a big light area like you sometimes see on boards for the ground plane.
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