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  1. Awesome Norm, I'm very happy for you, that's a massive haul. Well done. It looks like somebody missed an opportunity.
  2. I know exactly how it feels, one certain spot here is my nemesis, I've been there for a total of about 15 days, the first time I went there I found gold with my Gold Bug Pro, it encouraged me to keep going, I then found another bit with the QED right after getting it after a fair few attempts with the GPX driving me mad there on hotrocks and since I've never found another piece. JW on the other hand regularly finds gold there with his GPZ / 10" X-coil, the bugger found another 10 bits there last weekend. Sometimes you've just gotta keep trooping along, it's all part of the fun.... šŸ™‚
  3. Thanks for the post Redneck, I hope your wife is now doing well! I look forward to more posts from you on the Simplex once going outside is a viable option. The Equinox is a mighty deep detector in snow, maybe the Simplex is too šŸ™‚ I have a ball a the ski fields detecting in the snow getting all the coins out.
  4. Well, I went back to the local football field today as I only had 2 hours and it wasn't worth the drive to Pennytopia however when I arrived a big roller machine was driving around it in circles, I guess fixing up the damage the pony club did with their ponys. Their hooves put holes all over the place. I guess it also means any of my holes evidence will be long gone too with the grass all crushed back down. I wonder if it means the soil will now be more compressed giving me a tiny bit more depth? Even an inch may make a difference to get some deeper coins as the coins I'm getting now are often the depth of my Carrot, I was wondering if coins were ever too deep for me to detect. It is in a majority of the places very soft soil. I took a stealthy photo from a distance zoomed in of the guy driving around and around doing laps of the field šŸ™‚ I then was desperate for a detect being such a nice day so I drove to Pennytopia only to find the local school there was using it, just not my luck today. I guess there is always another day.
  5. I've decided against reading his posts on that other forum, the Classified's is a free service and it's a privilege for people to be able to use it to tell their gear not a right and without any sort of commissions like Ebay and others charge. The rules are there to protect buyers from dodgy sellers, and even with the rules in place people have been burnt. You do what you have to do to keep the classifieds a safe place to buy / sell and trade Steve, if people don't like it, tough. Last thing we want is someone selling fake gear on there, if they don't want to be scrutinized before selling then so be it, it's their problem, they're the ones trying to sell something. If a site like Ebay for example has rules someones sad story isn't going to change them. This guy may have a true story and if it is it's very unfortunate for him, still doesn't change the need for the scrutiny, what if his Dad's detector was fake and he doesn't know it?
  6. Thanks for your report on the QED Smithobx, I found the exact same thing with my QED. You should put your impressions of the QED in a it's own thread so more people get to read it as it's good information to get out to people who are considering a cheaper lightweight detector. You must be one of the first in the USA with one.
  7. A lot of people buy a GPX and never use the coils that come with it, straight away buying a aftermarket coils. I've used my stock GPX coils once šŸ˜„. I bought my QED without any coils as I already had a range, it's not a bad idea to have an option with no coil to keep costs down. I like the way QED is doing it where it can come with a coil but you get a choice of the coil you'd like with it out of their range of available coils or you can do no coil at all. It'd just need the detector and coils in separate boxes to make this possible from a dealers point of view I guess. They may end up getting stuck with a bunch of coils though as people opt for aftermarket coils.
  8. Waterproof isn't vital, rainproof is. A built in speaker with good volume is a must! The less I have to take with me the better. I will say it again support for Minelab GPX coils is vital. There is absolutely no point starting all over again with coils when the GPX probably has the biggest range of coils ever made for any detector and now X-coils has also started to make and sell excellent GPX coils there is an even bigger range coming to market. A lot of the people wanting a light weight PI maybe coming off a heavy GPX so will already have a collection of coils they'd like to use, having GPX coil support would attract these customers too. If it's going to be a great seller, I believe support for GPX coils is a must. Buying a whole new range of coils because a new PI detector comes out doesn't appeal to me at all.
  9. Now that Nokta have confirmed they intend to make a PI machine and we know they listen to their customers, why don't we help out and let them have a list of features that we would like in their PI machine. Clearly a lightweight PI is vital these days and can obviously be done. I'd personally think it would be best to have compatibility with Minelab coils, why start all over on coils when there is the biggest range of coils available already, other manufacturers have done this with the Whites and QED both supporting them. That's basically vital to me unless their machine is a miracle machine far better than any other. Wireless for audio is a given and amplified audio built it would be nice, like the GPX has with it's battery. A lot of the bells and whistles they've put into their VLF's would be good, waterproof would be a bonus, backlight in the screen and so on What else have people wished for in a PI?
  10. I had absolutely no idea what that was or why you'd buy one so I googled the video on it I first noticed a guy using one on a post Steve did about the Equinox Vs the Simplex.... It will be interesting to see what you think of it, I don't think it's something I need as if it ain't broke I don't need to fix it. I've never noticed an issue. I love my Equinox handle.
  11. It's absolutely poor programming, It's hard to describe another consumer electronic item with such a flaw. It's almost like picking a HDMI or AV input on your TV yet still having all the old analog TV channels available so you have to select the right channel for the HDMI/AV input to come though and display the signal. I can't think of a better why to describe it. I was stuck on this when I first used my GPX and thought it had some kind of problem. I didn't know why I could be in normal or enhance and still select special timings. I honestly thought I had a faulty unit. I had a very depressed drive home from one of my first prospecting trips thinking I'd bought a lemon. I guess that's why "modern" detectors have USB updating as it's a problem that would be relatively easy to remedy. I put up with it until this thread appeared still not knowing if my GPX had an unusual problem. I would think it's reasonable in a $20 Chinese electronic toy gadget, it's certainly not acceptable in such a high priced item.
  12. I have to admit I thought mine was faulty when I first got it due to this oddball problem.
  13. It sounds a bit like what most manufacturers are doing now, sitting on their old tech for years not really doing anything with it. Even simple improvements like wireless and waterproofing and so on. I guess it's a death cycle we will probably see more of. It's a real shame. They can't pretend they didn't see it coming.
  14. That video really makes me want a concentric coil on a prospecting VLF for my mild soils, the Whites 24k springs to mind again and again. A really good video though, it explains it all well.
  15. That come up in good nick. You're getting lots of good finds lately.
  16. I would of bought it off you but getting it to NZ is likely going to cost more than buying it šŸ˜ž
  17. Yes, the 600 would serve you well, It still does very well on tiny gold and as you're using it most as a beach detector it's virtually the same as the 800. A majority of the differences between the 600 and 800 won't matter too much to you at all, it also comes with wireless headphones on the 800 which you can live without. The 600 is also waterproof so can be used in the water. It's a shame you haven't had any of the regular beach hunters come onto your thread as they would give you an idea of why hunting in the water can be so good. Perhaps start a thread asking about the benefits of beach hunting in the water over the dry sand and they'll surely reply to that and give you the advice you need. Here is a thread on the 600 being very capable of finding tiny gold The cloned Gold Bug is likely to be more enjoyable to use than a GoFind, at least it has target ID's. Due to the Chinese inability to make good coils it'll probably just be a bit more jumpy on the target ID's than a real one and the gain need run a little lower to keep it stable but other that than as long as it keeps working for you there is no reason to stop using it until you get something else, you can build up your skills on it and I'm sure it will still make a lot of good finds. The reason I think the Equinox would be a better buy for you over the Simplex which will be a much cheaper waterproof option is it has multi frequency so it should work much better in the salt water even though the Simplex is also waterproof and the fact that you're also interested in finding gold at the 12khz of the Simplex is a bit too low to be a really good prospecting unit. It will find gold but not be as sensitive to the smaller / deeper stuff as the Equinox which usually there is much more of šŸ™‚ Most detectors will find a bigger nugget. Those beaches around Cairns I think would be awesome places to detect. Same with Green Island. You and your son both appear to live idyllic lifestyles.
  18. Sounds like that $1 is pretty special, that horse is pretty good, I'm surprised it's in one piece as everything I find like that is broken! What are the things that look like a washer with writing on it? Some sort of token?
  19. I guess it was failed business venture as it never went any further? It's disappointing nobody wanted to take them over, surely at the final point it would have been a cheap purchase to take over the business... perhaps the warranty put them all off, that's a huge liability to take on.
  20. Great post Lunk, what a chunk! Great video, for a while there I thought the dog was operating the camera from the panting when you went down to first show the nugget The GPZ sure is a weapon.
  21. Highly unlikely, unless we are in 2013 and I'm somehow confused by the current date? I've been known to bump buttons on my watch and set the time and date wrong. It happens a lot šŸ™‚ That webpage was last modified Friday, 31 May 2013, 7:59:55 am
  22. It's a shame your Gold Bug Pro turned out to be a fake, so many people get caught up in the fakes, buying them not knowing.... after all who would even think they would exist? In my opinion Fisher should stop selling them, cut them from the lineup so people don't keep falling for it. They're such an old detector now anyway they should have a good replacement by now, the F19 I guess would do in the mean time at least it doesn't have fakes yet. I guess if they did that it wouldn't be long and there would be fake F19's flooding the market but maybe not, it's worth a shot. I'm sure in International markets outside the USA more fakes are sold than genuine units. The last guy that bought a fake just ended up having to run his gain a fair bit lower than a real one and it worked OK for him, especially when he got a new real coil for it. No point doing that through with these new competitive entry level machines like the Vanquish and Simplex hitting the market. Sorry I brought you bad news, I feel bad revealing to people when they buy a fake but I just can't not let them know as they end up with a worse detector and possibly have a bad experience detecting and then think it's the Gold Bug Pro that is a bad detector when it's not. It may even unnecessarily put them off the hobby due to the bad experience with the detector.
  23. I took a photo with my USB microscope of the date area with the mint mark It's too light to be real, unless a coin can go on a diet šŸ™‚ It doesn't matter, there is always another day, I'll keep looking! I'll try Pimento's test to see, maybe its a 9k or 14k fake so that'd be Ok. Some better photos from the Microscope, I forgot to take the lens cap off on the one above, I thought it looked weird. It's got a pretty big scratch. Still a fair bit of dirt on it too, I don't clean the coins well, just a rinse in water.
  24. Thanks, around the edges some of the dots have worn off and it's still gold where they were so I don't think it's just plated in gold.
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