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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply. I am quite the fan of the Ultimate coil, fortunately mine has yet to fail. I believe the early ones weren't waterproof so maybe you had one of them and it got wet? I have a number of Nel/Cors coils but I don't have the Scout. I haven't heard much about it so it's good to hear a positive report. My T2 was terribly noisy with the stock coil, the Mars Tiger calmed it right down, a different machine. I really didn't like the stock coil on the T2, the 5" is pretty good though.
  2. Wouldn't Cobalt be magnetic? Have you tried to put a magnet to it?
  3. Sure, no problems, postage to Jim Hemmingway in Canada was surprisingly cheap. I thought it'd be terrible as I know that direction to here can be a killer but it wasn't bad at all, under 2 USD, I found that just on one stroll across the field to pay for it πŸ™‚
  4. Well, Day 11 had it's ups and downs, first, I arrived at 9 and left at 11 so a shorter than usual day, I still didn't have much stream left after yesterdays dig it all effort and I have lawn mowing to do all afternoon. It started off like every other, coins in short order although on this occasion mostly worthless semi modern coins, maybe they're finally starting to run out. Undeterred I kept at it. And stumbled across a silver, 1933 sixpence. It was stupidly deep, deeper than my carrot, the VDI number was bang on too but very faint Next decent find was a bit of a heart stopper, I couldn't believe my eyes! At first I thought it was a NZ $1 coin as it looks about the same size, same colour and same feel to it, although as I cleaned it off it clearly wasn't a $1 coin. A 1910 Gold Sovereign...... doesn't look that great in the photo as the dirt and sun on it made it look rather bland. Next up a 1965 One Shilling, unfortunately not of the silver age group. Then a nice penny, in good condition too. I don't understand why some go bad and get green growths on them and others stay quite good. It was pretty deep too and lucky last as I was walking back to my car to leave, another old penny.... I now made the drive to JW's house to show him my sovereign. We examined it and I was starting to question it's authenticity as it just seemed to good to be true, it also didn't feel as heavy as I expected it would. Mr's JW pointed out the colour didn't look like that of a gold nugget, not as dark yellowish and more pale, I tended to agree. JW said I should weigh it and compare it to the weight on the internet, he had no scales as he was just at his rental so I took off home to weigh it, unless my scales are out it weighs a little bit less than it should, you would think it's weight would be exact.... so I think it's a fake, I just don't understand why a fake would be there..... The usual semi modern stuff, still fun to find but of no real value. The good stuff and possible fake sovereign. I also realized just how crap I am at walking a straight line, first up in the morning there was dew on the grass, when I got to the end and turned around to go back I saw my walk line...... embarrassing πŸ™‚
  5. Yes, I have a feeling I can hit any field within about 60 miles of here and it will be fresh raw undetected ground. That gives a lot of opportunities. It's a whole lot of fun but it just doesn't match the feeling of finding a little nugget. It's been great practice for me on my detectors though, I am really comfortable on the Equinox now... learning it's language. I've settled on it as my primary VLF, with the T2 as the backup. I really love the Equinox, I just wish they let the aftermarket coil guys make coils for it. I'll probably go back this morning and detect until lunch time, afterwards I have to mow the lawns, one of the disadvantages of winter ending.... the grass starts to grow 😞 I now know two gold sovereigns were lost in the local area many years ago as the old dude who lost them approached me yesterday while I was detecting, he hopes I find them, he doesn't expect me to give them to him if I do but he said he'd be happy for me If I did find them.
  6. Welcome Jerry! Good to have you here. Out of interest, what's your favourite T2 coil? πŸ™‚
  7. Does insurance sort you out Jason? I really hope so. Sorry to hear this happened to you.
  8. I had a bit of different day for day 10, I decided I'd try the "dig it all" method and dug everything that beeped. I purposefully went over ground I had already covered to see what I've missed by cherry picking. The ground I went over was the same ground I went over on my very first day at the spot and on that day I was doing extreme cherry picking and not even digging the 13/14/15 range much at all as it's mostly old pull tabs and I got sick of digging them but it's also the threepence silvers. Well, it turns out I missed quite a bit..... some of them may have been missed as I can never tell where I've walked already so I just try to keep a straight line but I suspect I walk along like a guy that's just drunk a bottle of gin and I'm all over the place. I did manage to miss quite a few silvers which is disappointing I suspect I thought this one was a pull tab as it was a really solid 15, it wasn't that deep this time. Again, a pull tab silver πŸ™‚ now this one is different, these UK silvers come up as a higher number, right up in the high 20's, there is no way i wouldn't dig it, so I just didn't walk where it was I guess Another silver, for some reason this end of the football field has a gravel layer not even at the depth of my shovel, you'll see the gravel showing in the dig hole, it stops anything from sinking past it so most things are quite shallow here compared to out in the open part of the field. This was another UK silver, I should not of missed two of these, I was a bit disappointed as it meant I did pretty bad detecting that first day. A real amateur. This one even though they're 92.5% silver has gone a bit weird, and when I took it home and washed it, it got worse.... it's my first silver that doesn't look near new. I scored an NZ half penny, I haven't found many of these ones. Pretty happy with that, from memory they come up 26. And another silver, still haven't found that elusive rare 1935 date, every date around it but not the best one yet πŸ™‚ While I was detecting a herd of cows come for a mosey through the football field, they must have escaped a paddock somewhere.... I just let them cruise past. So, seeing I was doing a dig it all day I dug a bucket load of junk, I also ran out of steam. I'm exhausted so I called it quits early, I have sore everything. Damn junk! Then the semi modern worthless coins The good stuff! Not too bad seeing it was ground I'd been over. You'll notice all the threepence, the coins I didn't even attempt to dig on Day 1 due to coming up as pulltabs, I didn't get one that day. Yes Mitchell JW knows you miss him, I've been trying to get him to come back, I stopped in and saw him on my lunch break from detecting today, he was busy doing yard work at his new house. He made a hell of a great new garage door for it yesterday out of some left over cedar, very nice, I wish I could do stuff like that πŸ™‚
  9. Built in LiPo rechargeable battery – Up to 3 days use on a single charge. = VLF especially when you see the size of the unit. Gotta be a small battery, not to mention pinpoint.
  10. No, it made absolutely no difference to the stock coil by having the Tornado on first in an air test, tested the same as it always does. It does say in the Ace manual to factory reset after changing coil so I thought maybe it would give the same results as you are getting but it didn't. The Tornado is WAY deeper than the stock coil too.
  11. Wow, that's a crazy variation, I consider it bad here when a coin that should come up 18 comes up 16 to 19 or so bouncing between those numbers. I'm so lucky to have this mild soil. What detector holds their ID's best in bad soil? a CTX3030?
  12. I never really looked for coins much before I installed the update but I've taken up a bit of coin hunting lately, I've had no trouble at all finding small silver coins on edge at the depth of my Garrett Carrot with it giving the same ID as if it were flat, all I do notice when they're on edge my ability to pinpoint the target goes downhill πŸ™‚ I've found over 50 silvers in the past couple of weeks
  13. Wow, you live in a place with lots of really shallow near surface gold, what a good time that'd be snagging all those bits. Well done.
  14. I am truly puzzled by people saying the Nox doesn't have a solid target ID, I'm constantly amazed by how rock solid it's target ID's are especially on coins even at extreme depth.... maybe it's just my mild soil although I've found the same thing on the beaches here too. I guess I'm lucky πŸ™‚ I don't doubt people do have the issue I'm just surprised in comparison to my experience.
  15. 1.2 grams is pretty impressive still... sounds like you've had a good time and that's all that matters. Great post.
  16. Well, I'm up to day 9 now at this spot and no sign of the coins drying up. It's pretty crazy really. I know I can go back over ground I've done and pull more silvers out too as I've been doing that already. I was originally being too fussy with the Target ID's. I arrived at 9am and started work. First up was a solid 13, more often than not 13 is an old style NZ 10 cent coin so I got digging It felt deep, but bugger, it was a big iron bit of junk, deeper than my carrot. This is one flaw I've found with the Nox and it is deep iron can come up in the non-ferrous range, like this thing... the most common number for me it comes up is 13 too, the unlucky number πŸ™‚ there is a rumor of a version 2 firmware coming out for the Equinox that addresses this flaw, I hope it's true. This dirty great big iron target, once out on the ground it no longer comes up as a 13 and is blanked out as Iron. I encountered this twice today with deep iron junk. Moving along, as always there are finds of semi modern 1, 2 and 5 cent coins in between the good finds, I don't bother reporting on them, and only include them on the total. Next was a really nice 14/15 which can be either a old style pull tab..... or a threepence silver.... and it was Stupidly deep, a 1933 threepence. These things only weigh 1.41 grams and are 50% silver. It's hard to believe how deep the Nox can lock onto them. You'll see in the photo above I dug the depth of my shovel and used the pinpointer to keep going deeper to get to the coin. Almost straight away, another silver. This time a UK 1922 threepence.... before NZ had it's own version of a threepence. I accidentally murdered a worm digging this one up. Next was a solid 18, turned out to be a ring, just a junker by the looks of it. \ Looks like a skull. This next find was another silver. it's a One shilling, they come up a solid 21 on the VDI's, same as a modern $1 and $2 coin, I'll never miss one of these. 1934 One Shilling, I do like finding these, I know nothing about coin grading but they can have a bit of value like all of the silver coins. I assume the values below are USD 1934 New Zealand Shilling value VG F VF EF aUnc Unc $3.55 $7.40 $21 $77 $237 $497+ This is an example of a good value silver 1935 New Zealand Threepence value VG F VF EF aUnc Unc $120 $281 $444 $1,230 $1,820 $2,982+ \ I was on a real silver roll today, another one. 1933 threepence! It seems the most common date I find. Another old penny from 1908. it has a big green growth on it, not sure how to get rid of that. And another penny being guarded by a worm.... I could see this one before digging it up, the green tinge coming through under the worm Got it out, the worm didn't want to leave it. Next up was a 1949 Florin, I don't find too many of these Florins. I like they have a Kiwi on them. Another Sixpence! \ It was quite shallow for an old silver, usually they're much deeper. I guess being 1945 it wasn't in the ground as long as some of the others. And another, this one wasn't much deeper. Then I got this funny little old kids watch, the glass popped off the front when I touched it, it didn't have any way to attach a band. Time to head back to the car to go home for lunch, as per usual I detected on my walk back to the car and as always, right near the car, another coin, this time just a 1 cent. Mr and Mr's JW are in town today as they have purchased a house near me they're going to be renting out so they were doing a few things to it before dropping some tenants in there, I'd only just left for my lunch break when JW appeared and checked if I was at the field, he just arrived a few minutes after I left. I got a message from him so popped in to his house to see the JW's after my lunch break. He did well with the house, it's very nice. The mornings semi modern coinage, the only spendable one is the $1 which my daugher gets for her moneybox. The semi good old coins and ring The mornings silvers πŸ™‚ After visiting JW at his house I only had about an hour and a half before I had to pick my daughter up at school so I went back for another quick hunt. An old penny It was a 1929 UK coin with the old girl in a wheelchair again, I should get around to looking up who she is one day. Another coin guarded by a worm, this time it was a threepence but no longer a silver one, so from the late 1940's onwards. It was quite deep. I think this is one of the oldest coins I've found, an 1866 UK penny It was really smooth, the image almost gone. Not a bad find when the first real European settlement was in 1840 and that was on the North Island, a long way from here at the bottom of the South Island. In 1840 Britain formally annexed the islands and established New Zealand's first permanent European settlement at Wellington. Another sixpence from the post-silver era, they were originally silver in colour like the older real silver coins but they go brown in the ground. The semi modern coins from the afternoon with only the gold NZ $1 coin still current currency. The good stuff, the key is pretty cool, from a Nissan ZX 280, I wasn't exactly sure what that was so I googled it, for an old 1983 model with a lot of miles on it the car is for sale for $12,000 AUD Sure holds it's value, I wonder if it's like a lot of old cars where the same key can open them all, my wife once owned an old Toyota Corolla, and I jumped in it and started it up and went to reverse at a shop and then realized I was in the wrong car when I saw a baby seat in the back and we didn't have a baby πŸ™‚ And lucky last, the junk. I'll be back there tomorrow. This is the total coin weight, minus a few silver coins I sent to Jim Hemmingway as a little gift and all the modern $1 and $2 coins that I've given to my daughter, there must be at least 30 of them so far. 1693 grams, I am aiming for at least the 2KG mark, 2000 grams. I hope to get 1000 coins from this spot, I'm not sure what I'm up to so far. 55 Coins today, on par πŸ™‚
  17. I've had a lot of trouble with this lately but after a fair bit of experimenting I've found it does this most if there is discriminated out iron under the coil when you press the pinpoint button. If I am in all metal horse shoe mode and the ground is clear under the coil when I press the button it never seems to happen. Try it out.
  18. Well as much as a lot of people think the marketing Minelab do is really cheesy and hate the way they drip feed their new release information it works, and it works well, have you ever seen so much hype about a new beginners machine coming out? The Vanquish may as well of been a new flagship with all the attention it's had even by the most experienced detectorists that normally would never buy a beginners machine, yet some are considering buying one anyway. If White's has something in the works, instead of being silent about it letting it's loyal customer base build up anger towards them for being stagnant for a long period perhaps they should start drip feeding information.... like dropping little fish food flakes into a fish tank.. start the frenzy. I understand it's hard to come out with new VLF's now when the limitations of the technology are there but there are two areas they can work on.. modernisation and price. Most Whites detectors still look like they're from the 80's. The MX Sport could become a nice competitor to the Simplex, drop the price to compete, you can bet a lot of people would consider the MX Sport over the Simplex. At today's pricing, would they? I know from the computer industry a high end unit doesn't cost much more to produce than a low end unit, the more high end the unit is, the more markup there is. The entry level gear is generally sold at a much tighter margin but they sell a lot more of it.
  19. I tried my Nel Tornado on my Ace 350, did a factory reset with it on, used it for a bit then without doing the factory reset put on the stock coil, I didn't get the same extra depth result you're getting off the AT Pro, the stock coil gave it's normal results. I didn't do a reset with the stock coil back on obviously, maybe it's just a quirk with the AT Pro.
  20. I've certainly experienced big iron giving ID's up around 13, so if they're fixing that, excellent. I'm sure 600 users will appreciate the lower light backlight.
  21. I needed one as I cracked mine and cheapest I could find was $160 NZD + Shipping so I gave up on that quick smart, extremely over priced so I found an after market one, it worked fine. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32919840873.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.64672e0ee76xkQ Only $40 NZD ($25 USD for the entire handle assembly with free shipping) I realize this is supporting a manufacturer selling fake items and considered criminal but I felt it was criminal to charge me $160 NZD + Shipping of $25 for a handle I could buy for $40 and I felt that was all it was worth πŸ™‚ I guess it's not really stealing IP as it''s just a switch on a handle, not the same as buying a fake detector.
  22. That's pretty cool, I found a silver in my front yard, no match for your finds πŸ™‚
  23. Where did you find that picture? A google image search comes up empty. You maybe onto something though, as the marketing material in the picture there is different to the original Equinox update document. Someones gone to a lot of effort to make a fake picture if it's not real They indicate the new firmware will be out next week.
  24. I'm pleased you managed to make your patch lead and all credit to you for giving it another go, it must of been scary doing the snip again! Great to see you back in action... fingers crossed you find a big nugget to pay for the misadventure. Gotta love those Davsgold picks, looks like you'd need it for that ground.
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