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  1. Here is my little guy, his name is Rambo, and if you get on his bad side he'll show you why he's got that name. He maybe small but he is fearless πŸ™‚
  2. I'm new to this game but I've quickly learnt what works for you is what's best for you but not necessarily for somebody else, What is best for somebody else isn't necessarily what is best for me and that's where a lot of the conflict in metal detecting comes from. Same goes for detectors I guess. Just use what you want to and enjoy the hobby πŸ™‚
  3. If the magnets are weakening rub a strong magnet over them in one direction multiple times, it will fix them up. Maybe if you have a rare earth magnet on your pick if you prospect for gold. I do it all the time to screw drivers. I rub a magnet out of an old dead computer hard drive over them to magnetize them so I don't lose the tiny little screws when repairing laptops.
  4. Yea, those 20 degree Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) winters days are an absolute killer.... I remember driving from my work in Australia to get lunch and having to have my car window wound up to prevent the cool breeze blowing in. Nothing is worse than having your petrol station mystery meat pie going cold on the drive back to work.
  5. It appears tourists don't think we even have toilets in NZ as they like to turd anywhere they feel like πŸ™‚ Probably not the sort of thing that would make the mainstream news in many countries I'm a savage, you put me in front of a bucket of KFC and I'll show you!
  6. Incredible, thanks for the pictures! I envy you being able to find such old relics and treasures.
  7. Yes, a ground tracking QED would be an absolute dream.... It appears he's working on it, if he succeeds he gets a big pat on the back from me. So far I'm very happy with my QED. I don't know much about this stuff but watching the video it seems the sound of the target only happens over the very center of the coil on the inner loop unless in mono mode, does that mean the inner loop has to pass over the target and the outside loop barely helps at all except for depth??? I might be wrong but that's what it looked like to my uneducated eyes. It was hard to see properly as he swings so fast. Keep in mind I have no idea what I'm talking about. Be gentle πŸ™‚
  8. It's similar to a Lambs ear, I have a Lambs ear in my garden, it's leaves although very similar are much bigger. Thats a lambs ear in the photo below, maybe it's a Camel's ear... what other giant animals have nice soft ears? πŸ™‚ If you tried to wipe your backdoor with a Lamb's ear leaf you'd get dirty fingers.
  9. haha yes, it's quite possible, he's been on almost every sluicing adventure.
  10. I tried to kick him out of it but he kept going back in so I just let him, he no doubt tried to kill the courier who dropped it at the door as I wasn't home when it took place. He HATES couriers and goes absolutely nuts at them.
  11. They now have a competition to win an Vanquish, but you have to be a social media user to enter, so I'm out To celebrate the upcoming launch of our new VANQUISH, we’re giving away a VANQUISH detector! For your chance to win, you must: 1. Share this image on social media (Facebook, Instagram or both). Download here. 2. Tell us where you would take the VANQUISH first if you won. 3. Tag @MinelabMetalDetectors (Facebook) or @minelabdetecting (Instagram) or @Minelab (Twitter) and use the hashtag #WhereWillYouVANQUISH. Competition ends Friday, August 16, 5:00pm, 2019. T&Cs apply.
  12. Well, I was out on a scouting mission for new ground to detect today and discovered the toilet paper plant I was talking about earlier in the thread so I thought I'd take a picture and put it up, this particular plant appears to be the new environmentally friendly wet wipe version, it won't clog up any sewers. The plant is quite big, I guess this one was about 10 inches across. You just pick a few leaves off and wipe your clacker with them after a dump.
  13. Well, my Keene A52S arrived today, I also got the screen to upgrade my A52 to an A52S so now I have two, I'm just going to leave one with the original matting as I don't know much about this new miracle mat stuff and It is nice to have two different ones to compare them.. The screen on my standard A52 just allows me to not need to classify which to me is good, classifying is damn hard work πŸ™‚ I also got a LeTrap Gold Pan to go with it, figured I'd try one out, it looks interesting. My dealer looks after me with exceptional prices.
  14. Were you running it on the QED Reg or your GPX 4000, or both? It must be painful to only have a 10oz small tiddler nugget to test it on πŸ˜‰
  15. Yea, I'm not too sure about that ad, it was a bit on the weird side, I thought their first one was better. It does look a bit like a Red Ace 350. I don't know about swinging a Red detector, I like the darker colours of the Equinox, the Red would stand out like dogs nuts.
  16. Hey! What's the difference between the Classic 3K Twill Black and the Red Belly Black? just the colour of the carbon fibre?
  17. No wonder you Aussies laugh at our NZ gold flakes! We work very hard to get them though πŸ™‚ Well done Norvic, thanks for doing some posts with photos, I do enjoy a good gold found post... Hopefully your pick turns up, I lost my scoop once and went back to try find it, thought it was gone forever but it turned up on another mission, if anything it gives you an excuse to go back!
  18. Here is a story on the largest gold coin https://www.news.com.au/finance/colossal-aussie-gold-coin-sent-to-new-york-stock-exchange/news-story/e30c2c821f319a293b3076458d99572c
  19. JW always gets far less pellets, he does kick them away if they're on the surface and I'm trying to do that too but maybe I just go around cleaning his kicked away ones up that fall down in cracks or something I won't for a second pretend I can use a detector as well as JW though but he himself said the GPZ 14" coil found nothing more which I witnessed and we stopped going to this spot and went further afield and now his current 10x9 rig is bringing home the bacon again in this spot.
  20. It was my first full day with the QED, I didn't know the batteries I bought for it wouldn't last a full day, I've since bought higher powered batteries πŸ™‚ The QED with 12x6" X-coil was doing well for me though, finding plenty of pellets but unfortunately no gold. It was finding the smallest size shotgun pellets, tiny little fellas. When I switched over to JW's GM1000 it felt no different than swinging my QED and hardly any lighter, my pellet tally continued to grow at about the same pace πŸ™‚ I found no gold at all, and JW got all those bits. There is no denying the small X-coil is a dream in our environment. I also want to point out this spot we went to we have really done to death and for both of us the gold had ran out, I didn't have any hope of getting anything here as I haven't for some time in this particular area using my GPX, Equinox, GM1000 and I even attempted to get some with my Gold Bug Pro so I was hoping the QED with it's higher sensitivity may help me out but I lucked out there. It's riddled with pellets though so it's a numbers game for me, If I dig enough pellets maybe one day I'll stumble across a bit of gold. As for JW and his X-coil I don't know how it happens but he gets gold and a lot of it. A very good day in this spot with the stock GPZ would be 4 bits until it ran out so that's what baffles me, it ran out... the X-coils come along and he gets 8 bits one weekend and 11 bits the next, crazy.
  21. That's a nice photo Steve, loving the pooch πŸ™‚ I doubt you could handle it better, all you can do is delete anything that causes conflict and all the replies to that post, there is no other way. A fair number of people including myself got very worked up over something that is after all just a hobby for a majority of us and we perhaps didn't handle the situation the best ourselves causing you all this extra grief. I would love for the prior arguments be put to rest, everyone is very aware of the possible flaws that have been mentioned, they're out there in the public arena. People who have bought the things are probably too scared to say anything due to backlash and we don't want that at all, let the people talk, let them have their opinion even if it's "technically" wrong or differing from others opinions. I'd like to hear a fresh perspective from the new users like Andyy and soon to be Jasong and anyone else who has taken the plunge and I'd like them not to feel intimidated to speak their views. It's becoming an us vs them, if you buy an x-coil you become one of them! I'm trying my hardest to get a GPZ and If I achieve it the day after getting it I'll be cutting the coil cable. I know they work well around here and to me, that's all that matters, I don't care if they work well in Timbuktu and that's why the threads need to keep running, everyone lives in different places, people will judge by people living in the same or similar environment as them. Every product has it's positives and negatives You're doing a fantastic job Steve. It's impossible to keep everyone happy and if deleting one of their posts upsets them, it's not your problem.
  22. Thanks for the guts of the X-coil photo, It makes the guts of the Minelab Commanders look terrible but I agree the stock GPZ coils look much nicer πŸ™‚ Looks aren't everything though I don't think it's a chip in the stock GPZ coils, just a way to connect the wires.
  23. It can be a bit difficult at times this X-coils thing, it's caused a bit of grief for a lot of us. Mainly the arguments are all over the same thing over and over again that's why I was hoping that would settle down as people would get sick of the same old things, it reminds me of Lamb Chops, both sides of the conversation just looping over and over. Now you'll all be stuck with that in your heads for the next few weeks, trying to lighten up the situation, queue the kiwi sheep jokes πŸ˜€ There are very real risks in the x-coils but the risks aren't the coils themselves, they're the cable people make themselves, if they screw it up then yes, they have a big problem. Everyone's very aware of that risk and it's the risk you take using them. I don't think anyone who cuts a cable and has to solder up a new end would do so thinking it's a risk free exercise, common sense would say otherwise. I was hoping the conversation on the x-coils could now move on to the people using them and reporting how they go with them rather than an endless cycle of the same old same old going over and over again about the same things which usually ends in disagreements. I hope the conversation can move on to actual results good or bad from now on and leave all the personal stuff and looping of the same old same old. If there are another brand of aftermarket ones coming like suggested it may start all over again
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