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  1. I will give an example of where this method pays off. A location I hunt has a lot of pellets, they're everywhere. So the Nox is doing 1, 2 ID's all over the place. The vast majority of the pellets are on or near the surface. You actually get more excited when you get a target that's going -6, -2, -1, 1, -4, 1, -3, 1, -7, -4, -2 than you do a target that's going 1, 2, 1, 1, 1 ,2, 1, 2 as it's far more likely to be a tiny bit of gold with a little bit of depth on it, as you bring it to the surface the numbers dramatically improve to 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2... When I didn't know this I spent
  2. I don't often risk it but I would say yes. It does not take much to do a few scrapes of the pick and see if the number changes. If the Nox is getting a solid ID it's got a pretty good idea, it's the bouncy ones you worry about.
  3. I resisted buying a Gold Bug 2 forever, I didn't want to buy a detector that was 25 years on the market and virtually unchanged, it just seemed wrong any electronic device of that age could possibly be competitive with a current product. Well, I eventually gave in and bought one which you can read about here. To say I was impressed was a bit of an understatement, I am in mild soils which gives detectors an unfair advantage but for me the Gold Bug 2 turned out to be quite the success, I really like it. It has loud audio like the Gold Bug Pro which is something I appreciate. The sec
  4. This really needs bumped back to the top, the information in it is vital and it's a must read for everyone attempting to nugget hunt with the Equinox. The only thing I know for sure is DO NOT trust the target ID numbers on small gold size targets, any target bouncing around a lot from -7 and up can be a nugget in my experience on small gold. Once in a closer range to the coil they improve to 1, 2 but when in situ in their native location they can vary a lot on ID and bounce around. Investigate all bouncy target ID's in the low iron range. It doesn't take long to work it out. I g
  5. I almost choked on my coffee. It's easy to blame the tools when you're new to prospecting, I did it πŸ™‚ Try use some lead shot if you have access to some, otherwise go buy some fishing sinkers/weights and chop them up to various sizes, test it out on them, lead and gold behave VERY similar on a detector. If you can pick up the little bits of lead the reason you're not finding gold isn't your detector. This is a vital read. I also found this book helpful, not related to the Equinox but all good information. https://www.detectorprospector.com/files/file/53-gold-prospecting-with-
  6. You missed the Garrett and White's forum sections, they've been running hot for a couple of days since it happened πŸ™‚
  7. If people didn't show their finds forums would struggle to be interesting, you can only talk about detectors so much when manufacturers release one every 10 years or so and even then it's usually just a rehash of an older model πŸ™‚ I just wish more people would show their finds, no matter how small.
  8. That's true El Nino, the first thing that come to mind when I saw it was Garrett was YAY! now I can buy White's products locally. Garrett is more accessible, White's made their gear hard to buy in other countries and even in the US they seemed to have a weird way of selling. They'd rather their products sell by some guy calling himself a dealer out of his garage that opens by appointment only or on Saturday mornings than out of a big shop that gets thousands of people walk it's isles every day, or via the Internet, a worldwide shopping platform. What they can sell locally if they had goo
  9. That must be why they were such good sellers πŸ™‚ Maybe the purchase was just at a price that was too good to refuse, it took a long time for the sale to take place it's not like they jumped on it. Maybe they played hardball and let Whites think nobody wanted them and took them out for a bargain price at the end. Really the only likely purchasers were First Texas and Garrett, and First Texas didn't seem overly interested. The next few months will be quite telling if Garrett start selling any of the White's models. I can't see any big metal box machines surviving it. If the only mac
  10. yup, that's the next software, it's been talked about coming for a bit, and a new battery method with USB. Same performance as a PL3 updated to PL4 though when it comes out.
  11. Minelab's hold their value like crazy, so do QED's I guess so second hand prices are usually still pretty high, Gumtree in Australia usually has a few GPX's for sale second hand, I wouldn't go one of the older GP series just purely for buying old electronics that they no longer repair. The PL3 is the current QED and even people who bought a PL1 can have their PL1 run as a PL3 for free as all the software updates are free for 5 years from purchase, I'm sure they'll not cost much if anything after the 5 years as the guy that makes the QED seems a really nice guy. A Pl4 If comes out at some
  12. It's pretty daunting using a 6" coil in big open country like that looking for gold, so you really need to know ideally the best locations to look, here it's a bit different, we have obvious bedrock all over the place so finding a first nugget can be a bit easier as you just zero in on bedrock. I'd be lost in open country like that with a 6" coil and it's where PI detectors help a lot as you can use a much bigger coil to cover ground better and go exploring. If there is still lots of junk around those old gold mines you're finding perhaps they haven't been overly detected, remember the G
  13. I didn't bring it home with me, it's still sitting on that rock, it was hard, very much a rock. I smashed it with the pointy end of my pick to see inside it. I'll have to go back as I accidentally left my little box I found there too, I left it on a rock and was intending to collect it on my way out and forgot. I think I'm now done at that spot too though, I'll have to explore further afield, like JW yesterday, he was in the same general area but further away and he managed 2 nuggets. His biggest one at 1.38 grams looks like a sausage πŸ™‚
  14. It was election day in NZ yesterday and it was already well known we were going to have a landslide victory to the current government due to their Covid handling more than anything, it was the Covid election rather than a political one so rather than staying home seeing that on TV all day I decided to go for an afternoon hunt. Mitchel drove the other day 4 hours for one nugget, while I can't match that I was going to drive an hour for similar results only if I found a nugget it would likely be smaller than his πŸ™‚ I was going back to a place right near JW's house mainly because it's the s
  15. Well, they went from having an AT Gold to now having one of if not the best gold prospecting VLF detectors on the market in both a land and waterproof version so I hope they continue with it and even develop it further with some of their technologies like their wireless audio. I hope they keep the TRX as it complements the Carrot being more sensitive to small targets but as Geotech said it's difficult to manufacturer so they may dump it. Difficult gear to make has to cut into profitability. I think the reason the aftermarket guys never bothered to make Gold Bug 2 coils was how diffi
  16. Do you find once people put it on they leave it on or do they chop and change between it and the stock coil?
  17. I find in normal detecting scenarios for coins the Vanquish basically replicates the performance of the Equinox, so what you're seeing there in your mild soil test garden is exactly that, the Vanquish performing similar to the Equinox. It's a shame you couldn't crank it's sensitivity right up on the day as that top notch sensitivity is amazing for depth but I guess you didn't need to, it destroyed the Apex anyway. It is a shame you didn't use jewellery mode, I don't know why but for me it's the secret weapon of the Vanquish, I understand you picked Relic mode as you were trying to get depth,
  18. YAY YAY YAY! That means NZ now has a White's distributor! YAY YAY! I really hope they continue with the 24k line, I'm sure they will they didn't have a good high frequency gold VLF!
  19. YAY! I may get a GMX and new TRX (to replace my bad one) after all! Especially if they have been taken over by a brand that makes it more accessible internationally.
  20. No, he has the traditional adapter like yours, he puts the coil on he wants to use for the day. I can easily chop and change which I see as the major benefit to Chet's method. I can start with the bigger coil and if I find bit quickly switch to the 8" to check for more in the spot.
  21. The same as me as far as I'm aware πŸ™‚ We do a noise cancel when we detect together as we can be within 20-30 feet of each other detecting the sides of gully's and they do tend to argue a bit if we don't. Once we noise cancel they play remarkably nicely together. When I was using my GPX his GPZ chased me away, his detector was nice and quiet and mine went wild, now we are both on the GPZ all is good.
  22. I only do the EMI if it's needed, more often than not it's not necessary. I don't do anything to GB just start detecting, we have really mild soils and I use semi auto. When I am chasing the really small stuff I go to manual and then I GB. I maybe doing things technically wrong, but it seems to make no difference as I've found 0.02 of a gram doing it this way. I'm not someone you'd replicate methods from, I'm no expert.
  23. I don't change anything, I use the GPZ as a switch on and go detector. I like that about it.
  24. Its the 17th here, so... what's the news! Is the TRX and 24K/GMX alive and kicking? πŸ™‚
  25. Yup, I have lower shafts for all of my coils. I was not going to pay crazy Minelab prices for them so I bought aftermarket ones from China for $18 USD each, While they may not have the quality of the Minelab ones which is unknown at the moment they do the job fine. Its just a bit of plastic.
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