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  1. That's pretty cool, I'm sure it won't be the last!
  2. I'm not a fan of notching other than in groups anyway, in fact it drives me mad as you get broken signals of half notched out targets. It would take some severe trash for me to bother notching. It's nice to have, but not nice to often use, I'd rather hear all the targets except obvious iron 😉 The Equinox notching is a nice feature but not something I use much. I'm happy enough with the T2's method of a range that you block out... that seems to work well for me. Good targets often seem to get a solid ID, bad targets often get a big range of random numbers... makes notching them out hard and as we all know the bad targets that get a good ID like pull tabs are super risky to notch out, I prefer to let my brain make the decision on what to dig than the detector.
  3. yea, that's some nice spaghetti gold.
  4. Interesting, 2.4Khz operating frequency, also comes stock with what looks to be a Nel Tornado coil. Is that really low frequency there to operate well in salt water?
  5. You don't have a USB microscope do you? Ivory has lines on it under a microscope, bone has pores, little holes. I found an ivory ring and it had yellowed with age, and under my daughters blacklight it was bright white... I read that's also a way to tell if it's a fake like bakelite or or ivory/bone. The blacklight will help narrow it down then the microscope or good magnifying glass should sort out if it's bone or ivory.
  6. That's brilliant for an hour, well done! You're hooked now 🙂
  7. I felt it went small enough, in saying that I'm not a scuba hunter.... This maybe an option, it goes tiny.
  8. I would say yes, the Detect Ed shaft is perfect for underwater use. It's very sturdy and also has a neat little drain hole at the bottom to let any water out. I believe Ed is a regular water hunter and one of the reasons he made the shaft is he needed a better shaft for water hunting as the stock shaft didn't cut it. This is a capture of Ed's page showing he's a water hunter He's the neat little drain hole, it works well, I had my detector dunked in my Spa overnight using it, I could see the water coming out the little hole. You'll also see the little gap between my shaft and the coil ears due to Ed's new washers to prevent coil ear wear. The locking mechanism on it is tough and makes a strong connection between the two lengths of shaft. I doubt a water hunter would be disappointed in it.
  9. I am like you Edwardaskis, I am very comfortable with the target ID's on the Equinox, I've read some people saying it isn't good at target ID's, I honestly don't know how it could be any better, it locks on and leaves me without a doubt on coins even at depth. One of the things that impressed me the most about it is just how good it's target ID's were. Maybe it's just my soils. There is a reason a lot of people are swinging Equinox's, they're mighty fine detectors.
  10. I think it would be a very wrong decision for them to ignore the fact multi frequency is likely to become the norm for detectors from some other leading manufacturers from now on. As a user of one of those machines I rarely turn multi frequency off as it just works. I then have the benefit on a range of single frequencies also, it's an invaluable feature set. Any manufacturer not doing it risks their detectors sitting at or near entry level. The Screw (Snake) it a great little coil. I have the stock 5" Teknetics coil and I have a Snake coil. I've found the Snake to be much better than the 5". I always thought there was some correlation between the width of a coil and it's depth. I've even read the width of the coil = the depth of the coil? I don't understand that as the Snake is 3.5" wide and I can assure you it goes at least twice that depth on a coin. I bought it for prospecting in creeks mostly, and it's perfect for that, ideal shape at 6.5x3.5" to get in the little gaps and crevices and it's a tough solid little coil at only 300 grams. I wish every manufacturer allowed aftermarket coils, they're often better than genuine coils in my opinion. The thing I don't like about my T2 is the flimsy screen on it, it's this little sheet of clear plastic but it's so thin it bends when you touch it, why didn't they make it a solid firm bit of plastic or perspex or something... It's the only thing that to me makes the T2 feel cheap. It's the same with the Gold Bug Pro so I wonder if it's how all their detectors are.... Pretty shocking design.
  11. As long as it lasts the warranty period I guess...
  12. Well done, nothing like digging some silvers. I never took to the stock T2 coil, I much prefer aftermarket coils on it. My favourite T2 coil by far is the Mars Tiger. I do have the Nel Snake (Shrew) for my GBP and it is indeed a very fine coil but certainly lacks the depth of the Tiger. The Snake(Shrew) is outstanding in trashy sites though and for such a tiny coil it does go deep. I'm not at all surprised by your 7 inches, as my Snake has hit coins at 8 inches and kept a good ID. I also agree on the T2, it is a beast. 🙂 I hope First Texas comes out with a newer model at some point, a real newer model with the same great ergonomics and ease of use but up to date modern detector technology. In saying that for such an old detector it really holds up well. It's still right up there in my opinion. I don't know if we both have faulty stock coils Rob but we both think they suck 🙂 I'm pleased you're getting over your accident 😞
  13. Yes, he's having a bit of a break from forums, I hope he comes back at some point. His posts were great reading for me especially as they were very informative for me learning prospecting in the same area he hunts and entertaining, the most regular gold finder posting them on here by far. This is just him on one day, he has many days like this lately! He's doing very well.... makes me jealous. The little 10" X-coil seems the perfect match for NZ conditions.
  14. Hi Reg, My 12x6" Semi Spiral wound X-coil also runs Mode 1 with a Gain of 10 on the QED nice and quietly. I thought it was just the QED in my soils but by the sounds of it there maybe more to that as some coils do run better at such high gains. The Coiltek Joey ran at Mode 1 gain 10 fine I had to run my NF EVO on mode 3 or higher. I didn't really find the Minelab Commander 11" mono to run well in mode 1 either so I ran it in mode 3+ also. That's all the mono coils I own 🙂 For those not familiar with the QED mode 1 is the highest sensitivity and really finds tiny gold and pellets the GPX misses for me. It sounds like when my QED arrives back from it's Australian holiday with the new firmware I maybe able to run mode 1 on every coil 🙂 As for gold the QED see's the GPX misses, I can confirm that too using my 12x6" Xcoil..... The QED saw my bit the GPX didn't see at all and better than JW's GPZ in his crazy powerful settings as for him it had to touch the coil where as the QED got it with a little bit of depth.. It's good you enjoyed your X-coil experience.
  15. An ounce a day.... nice to be some, it's good to see some little bits there in with it all.... perhaps they just look small as everything else is huge. JW's been killing it with his 10" X-coil lately too.
  16. Thanks! It's been a ball detecting this place and there will be many more days there to get it all. Hopefully JW comes to give it a go.... I thought I'd have to drag him kicking and screaming away from the gold fields but I maybe able to convince him to try it out... with two going at it we may end up with 100 coins in a day. I wonder what the record is
  17. It's probably an easy fix, a bad contact to the control board from age, a bad solder joint or something.... I doubt it's a major problem. Just follow the wires to the control board and reflow their solder at both ends. A fun project for someone. You're too kind adding a coin to an already free gift 😉 By the way my post here isn't to add me to the list 🙂 I could buy a house cheaper than shipping that sucker from the USA
  18. I dislike detector arguments about what's best and what's not..... what's best is the one you enjoy using the most it's that simple. I find the videos informative and have no problem with them at all, I'd never base a purchase on one person doing a video but there are usually good tips and information about detectors in the videos and the nail test was showing an interesting shortfall which I went out and verified is also an issue with my Ace. By the way I really like my Ace, nobody can tell me it's junk as I know I like it. I'd never try tell people it's better than something else although it's found a silver coin my Equinox missed buried deep in my front yard , the most hammered patch of soil this side of the Equator 🙂 It is irrelevant the Garrett is a 10 year old detector, it's not a 10 year old detector if I went out and bought it today from my Garrett Dealer, it's a one day old detector. If Garrett are still selling old technology maybe it's about time they got their act together... spend a little less on marketing and a little more on R&D. No amount of marketing will save them if their products fall too far behind.
  19. That's a good point, I didn't even notice that. Fortunately I rarely go into salt water....too cold 🙂 It should handle the freshwater I go into fine.
  20. Thanks, I did look into that one but the US is about the only country in the world I won't buy from, crazy shipping costs. It'd be would cheaper to get a shaft from the Congo, Sahara Desert or a small village in the Amazon.
  21. Thanks, I already have citric acid, it goes in my clone KFC seasoning recipe I'll give all my silvers a clean.
  22. Yes, we used British and Australian coins until we had our own 🙂 We did use British Crowns and Sovereigns. I'm yet lucky enough to find either. I have found a more modern 1950 NZ Crown but I doubt it's of much value. Thanks for the tip on the ID's, I'll dig higher, it's not like I ever find many over 30 anyway but it just seems every time it's junk. I'll dig 'em from now on. I appreciate the lemon juice tip too. I hope I find a 1935 threepence as they're worth a decent amount of money by the looks of it but some of the other silvers I'm finding are reasonably valuable. I believe this is US dollars too. 1935 New Zealand Threepence value VG F VF EF aUnc Unc $120 $281 $444 $1,230 $1,820 $2,982+
  23. I am quite enjoying using the 15x12", it's covering ground well, my pinpoint issues happen with all 3 Nox coils and I've just accepted it's how the Nox is. It's quite possible there just happens to be a target under my coil when it happens and I'm thinking this is more and more likely as my testing today whenever I made sure the ground was 100% clean before turning pinpoint on it always worked fine. I'm always blanking out iron so maybe every time it happens there is just some iron junk under my coil when I turn it on. I went again to my football field this morning, I only had a couple of hours as my wife told me I'm not allowed to spend the day there as I need to save up some energy for skiing tomorrow and last time before skiing I spent the entire day before at this field then lacked energy on the ski field, I fell over twice and stumbled a few times due to my lack of energy. They were my first two falls of the season and there is only a few weeks left of the season. One was quite a decent one too 🙂 I came out alive. Seeing I was having a more restful detect I decided I'd detect along the fence line, I've always disliked the fence line as there seems to be off cuts of wire everywhere and it's not the normal wire that seems to blank out as iron that I've been finding further out on the field, this is a gold colour wire from an old fence they had there I guess. The wire can come up with a Target ID between 7 and 19 depending on the size and shape so it's a real nightmare. It's usually a pretty good ID too. I've tried going to single frequencies to try work out how to distinguish the wire from other targets but have yet to work out a way to do so. Previously I was blocking out targets below 12 on the ID's and that blocked out smaller bits of wire. Now I've realized because of that I was missing some coins. The fence is a bit of a pain to detect under with the 15x12" coil as the fence wire sets the detector off when I go under it, I'm going to have to go back and detect directly under it with the 6" coil I guess. I decided I'd dig everything between 7 and 30 that had a reasonably solid ID, the only thing's Ive ever found over 30 are huge bits of copper pipe and can lids and various other large junk. Please let me know if I am doing the wrong thing ignoring over 30's. I scored a nice 1936 Half penny in good condition, I don't find many half pennies so I was happy with that find. I find these silver One Shillings occasionally, they come up a 21/22 like the NZ $1 and $2 coins but their target ID isn't as solid and bounces around a little where as the NZ $1 and $2 coins are usually a solid lock on the ID. Another silver sixpence, I'm starting to get a nice collection of these. They come up as 18/19 on the ID's And the threepence silvers, for some time I wasn't digging these as they come up 14/15 on the ID's. This is also the bits of alloy pull tabs, not the ring part, it comes up as 17 mostly but the little tab bit. I've started digging that ID now all the time and today it paid off, 3 of them in no time. Another one And another one, all different dates. This next find was rather interesting, a solid 12 on the ID's and it was a 10 cent stuck hard onto a 5 cent, the 5 cent's ID is normally 9 and the 10c is 12 The thing that surprised me is they hadn't gone brown on the side that was stuck together, both coins when in circulation were silver in colour but in the ground they turn brown. The cool thing about these two is they are silver on one side brown on the other, unfortunately as they're dirty the silver colour doesn't show as well in the photo 🙂 I haven't seen silver ones of these old coins since I was a young child. Next up was a Florin from the 1960's, I don't get many of these, their ID is 16. I wasn't born when these were in circulation. Next up, penny time! Still in the soil where it was, my dig was the exact depth (the depth of my little shovel) When I flipped out my dig hole there it was looking at me 🙂 My junk, see all that damn goldish colour wire, so frustrating. It looks brown there because of the dirt but I assure you it's gold coloured. The good stuff The usual's... old 1 cent, 2 cent and 5 cent coins, none of which are in circulation now.... all discontinued coin denominations. The two original silver colour 5 and 10 cent coins, I'm pretty happy to see some old silver looking ones, brings back childhood memories. My new total collection from the football field, missing all the current $1 and $2 coins as my daughter has taken all 20 or so of them. 1193 grams of coins so far... still plenty more to go, I am sure I'll break the 2 kilo mark. My swing arm doesn't feel as tired today after using my Detect ED Carbon Fiber shaft for the first time.
  24. I really like the build look of this detector, I love the shaft, the good sized feet on the arm cuff and the tough quality look. A real game changer for the entry level. I think Minelab may need to discontinue the Go Find if this is on the same shop shelves. Nokta/Makro Simplex+ Waterproof Metal Detector
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