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  1. Thanks I learnt something from that, I was hitting a coin with my 11" the other day and couldn't work out why I was so off on my dig hole as I'm usually pretty good with that, obviously it was on edge.
  2. Dave's the man, he pops in as often as he can at the moment as he is out swinging but when he pops in he gets things organized. I'm sure if you've sent him a message it won't be too long and he'll get back to you.
  3. That's what I thought, two hundred bucks for a good quality Minelab adapter wouldn't be out of the question for most people. Most would pay it for peace of mind knowing they're not risking their detector.
  4. Happy Birthday Condor, nice post.... you don't want to blow your gear up on that shambles power rig you're using there.
  5. You buy it, I try it 🙂
  6. If you're that desperate 🙂 https://web.archive.org/web/20160320231329/http://www.minelab.com/
  7. It's fixed already, they were on it quick smart once it was pointed out to them, I won't stand for them saying the Equinox is less than what it is, Multi IQ is gold modes secret to success! 🙂 I do love my Equinox. As for the new website..... if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  8. Fits in with this thread Everyone should have a can of spray on electronics contact cleaner in their kit.
  9. I let Minelab know, they're going to get the website fixed.
  10. I think that's a question only Minelab can answer, I suspect it won't be long and Nugget Finder, Detech and Coiltek will be coming out with coils too, why wouldn't they? Basically Minelab missed a massive opportunity.... If the manufacturer won't do it people will find a way. Maybe the other coil manufacturers thought nobody would be interested in cutting their coil cable to use aftermarket coils. Now so many people have done so they'll see how desperate people were for other coil options. The X-coils however aren't just giving people other size coils, they're actually performing better too.
  11. It's a brand new website, they only put up their new website last week.
  12. I was looking around the new Minelab website and I noticed they now say the Equinox is single frequency on Gold Modes, is this some sort of error or are new Equinox 800's coming without multi-IQ on their gold modes? I found nothing wrong with MultiIQ Gold modes so I don't see why they'd change it. https://www.minelab.com/metal-detectors/equinox-800 Detect Modes Equally adaptable for all target types and ground conditions: Park Field Beach Gold: Gold Mode operates the high single frequencies of either 20 kHz or 40 kHz to detect gold nuggets in mineralised soils.
  13. She'll probably be buying her partner a detector for his birthday now 🙂 Good post, a nice read, thanks.
  14. Thanks for the post Peg, a good read and some very good chunks of yellow.
  15. GPX 12x6" X-coil is better on hot rocks and possibly because of that mineralised ground, I cant know that but you would think so. It's very sensitive to small gold. It runs nice and quiet and is good with EMI but the differences won't be as profound as with the GPZ as it severely lacked options, the GPX has hundreds of options. I'm finding the 12x6" a perfect match for a QED, it almost turns that into a high frequency VLF for nugget sizes. But I have to admit, the changes the X-coils have made to the GPZ are far more dramatic. That's a klller combination. If I had a GPZ I'd be rushing to be in the queue to buy that 10" and the 15" round. The GPX X-coils are most certainly a good viable option and I'd consider them right up there with Nugget Finder, at the moment my X-coil is my favourite coil so my previous favorite the Nugget Finder 14x9" EVO is feeling rejected. I do really want to get a larger size GPX X-coil like a 12" round or maybe bigger and it will certainly be my next coil so that says something. I do love my X-coil, I've not taken it off since getting it. Don't take my smaller gold take than JW as any form of indication on the GPX X-Coil, it's completely normal, he's a far more experienced prospector than me. He knows where to look and how to find it, I'm still in the early learning phase. I am sure if he was the one with the GPX and X-coil the gold take would be very different. 🙂 Even if we go to a place both swinging the same detector and coil he's likely to come out with 5+ nuggets to my 1. Every time he takes me detecting I learn something though 🙂
  16. Good luck with the operation! Hopefully it all works out well..
  17. Awesome Thanks Geotech!!!! I appreciate your information.
  18. You should get yourself one of these, I've got this exact one, it's absolutely brilliant, had it for about a year now... you can charge all your devices at once and it automatically adjusts the power for the device to give each their best charging speed. It also displays on the screen what device is charging at what speed... how many amps its drawing. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6-USB-Port-Type-C-QC3-0-LCD-Digital-Display-Smart-Fast-Charger-For-PC-Tablet/362676379179?hash=item5471325e2b:m:mxcb-hR2tBr8J2pCH104qDw It has a protection circuit too to protect your devices from overcharge and all the other nasties that can go wrong charging. That seller doesn't have it with the AU plug but you can get them at Jarcar in Oz if you don't; have one already, it is just a 2 pin figure 8 plug, lots of stuff use them https://www.jaycar.com.au/2pin-fig-8-mains-plug-to-iec-c7-female-1-8m-figure-8/p/PS4115 Another seller may have it with the AU plug.
  19. I doubt it's going to show a noticeable improvement on any detector, the GPZ doesn't need one from what I can see as it's got one built in. For 40 cents to put one on a cable it can't hurt, it certainly won't cause any negative performance and they just clip on and off... Anything for an edge 🙂 I do find it interesting Minelab considered them worthwhile to put one on the GPZ and CTX. Their two high end detectors.
  20. 🐛 🦅 = I was a bit late to the party... JW's been everywhere 🙂 ⛵ Times ticking I best get out there tomorrow searching for my next piece.
  21. haha yes, you can have some, I got way too many 🙂
  22. Completely different concept, the ferrite ring that you go over on the ground is to help balance out the ferrite signal to the detector (ferrite is an iron oxide compound). The one internally is there to help reduce EMI interference traveling along the coil cable, remember the coil is like a big antenna so any EMI the detector creates would be passed along the coil cable and out from the coil, also the same, interference into the coil along the cable into the detector. The ferrite around the coil cable wires is there to reduce high frequency EMI, it goes into the ferrite and is dissipated as heat, although it would take some extreme EMI for a ferrite to ever get warm enough to even feel it taking place, the heat is absolutely minute.
  23. Good one Phoenix. Are you sure the cable you were using was the one that came with it? It's easy to get them mixed up. Normal older USB cables are 28 gauge and are capable of about 0.5 Amps of power so are quite slow at charging. The fatter cable you're describing will be 24 gauge and can handle about 2 Amps so they can charge much faster. Cable length matters too, shorter cables can charge faster than longer cables. I'm glad you got it sorted!! In the photo it comes with a short fat cable, that'll looks like a fast charging cable to me.
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