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  1. Completely different concept, the ferrite ring that you go over on the ground is to help balance out the ferrite signal to the detector (ferrite is an iron oxide compound). The one internally is there to help reduce EMI interference traveling along the coil cable, remember the coil is like a big antenna so any EMI the detector creates would be passed along the coil cable and out from the coil, also the same, interference into the coil along the cable into the detector. The ferrite around the coil cable wires is there to reduce high frequency EMI, it goes into the ferrite and is dissipated as heat, although it would take some extreme EMI for a ferrite to ever get warm enough to even feel it taking place, the heat is absolutely minute.
  2. Good one Phoenix. Are you sure the cable you were using was the one that came with it? It's easy to get them mixed up. Normal older USB cables are 28 gauge and are capable of about 0.5 Amps of power so are quite slow at charging. The fatter cable you're describing will be 24 gauge and can handle about 2 Amps so they can charge much faster. Cable length matters too, shorter cables can charge faster than longer cables. I'm glad you got it sorted!! In the photo it comes with a short fat cable, that'll looks like a fast charging cable to me.
  3. I wouldn't think the GPZ would benefit from adding one as it's already got one internally inside the detector and it's done in the best way possible with the looping of the coil wires around it doing a lap around the ferite. A GPX may benefit though as I've had mine opened up and there is no sign of any ferrite. I just don't know how well they'd work over an already shielded coil cable, can't hurt though I guess. They're on a lot of power cords and they're either 110v or 240v and you can bet your life they're shielded. Mine were 2 NZD including shipping for 5 from China, well I lie, I bought 15 of them so $6.... I wanted to have spares in case I get more coils. 🙂
  4. Well, you could spend 10 minutes in a local park with your VLF of choice, find the $2 then buy them.... then the transaction doesn't even need to pass through your wallet 🙂
  5. $2 NZD for 5 of 'em? as an Aussie would say, crikey! What's that, about $1.60 American! I guess with the price of them being so cheap, it can't hurt to run them, if they do nothing its only about 50 cents a coil to have them on. If they're good enough for Minelab to put on their gear at the factory, they're good enough for me.
  6. I thought I did well to find a creek, although it was the wrong one and was 50 meters down in a gorge. I used software to find that creek and I thought it was the one I'll start exploring the map again. I do need to try be more observant but it takes time with me, I can now get to your house without GPS! I need to take a packed lunch if I walk anywhere in case I get lost 🙂
  7. When are you sending it in for the PL2 update? I'm sure that will resolve any issues. Have you done a factory reset and also fiddled with the SMR. When I was under the powerlines I played around with that, felt a bit like the manual tune on the GPX, moving it around either made the EMI better or worse. I had a play for my experimenting. I was easily able to eliminate the powerline EMI using it. I don't know if that's what it's for but it works for it 😉
  8. Thanks Reg, perfect answer... that's what I was thinking too, they'd stop emissions from the detector more than into it. I just had a bit of hope they help with EMI into a detector too as I was wanting to put one on everything I own 🙂
  9. Looks brand new, you'll be out for a swing soon then 😉
  10. What are peoples thoughts on Ferrite Choke's/Core Filters on coil cables? I noticed that with my QED detector a Ferrite Filter came with it to clip onto my coil right up the end where it plugs into the control box. As I have a few coils I clipped one on each of them as I had a few of them laying around, I was a couple short so I'll have to buy some more to do every coil. Seeing the QED uses them I was wondering why other detectors don't so I googled images of coils, Well it turns out they do... Above is a picture of a CTX 3030 coil, note at the end where the cable plugs into the detector is the Ferrite. And then the GPZ 7000 also has one, but Minelab did it the better way by putting it on the wires inside the control box. This method would work better as the wires there aren't already shielded so the ferrite can work its magic better. Above is the Wiring Loom, C-Box Coil Connector for the GPZ. This is the perfect method in my opinion, the wires loop around the ferrite to give the best results and there is a shield wire going down onto the connector. This could possibly be a method the QED could use in future upgrades to give the best results as putting it over an already shielded wire would limit its effectiveness I would think. The filters probably do a better job at helping prevent EMI out of the detector than coming into it, but it would be interesting to know peoples thoughts on them. I'm going to order a few more clip on ones to put on my coils I use on the QED anyway as it must need them, these are the ones I'll get, simple clip ons... 5 for $2 🙂
  11. I was teasing 😉 I know you can't resist a new toy. I've seen JW's 10x9 X-coil, the thing can find tiny specs you'd think only a Gold Monster or GB2 would find, pretty incredible. It makes the GPZ a very versatile machine now there is a good range of coils. Genuine 19" coil sales may go down but GPZ sales will surely go up. People waited years for a range of coils, especially a small coil... well, they're here now 🙂 👍
  12. They'll probably pay for themselves in no time 🙂 I've been waiting for you to do a bit of a review on how you're going with them! You might have to get a GPX X-coil soon when you get your QED
  13. It's a USB microscope, so it connects directly to your computer and stores the photo on the computer, I've got one too, they're pretty cool...
  14. if you do find it's the button and out of warranty you could possibly wire up a new switch or button to the side or somewhere to turn it on or off. That's what I'd have to do here as I'd have to send it to USA to be repaired, never worth it so fixing yourself it often the better option.
  15. Well now you know where to start looking 🙂
  16. Yes, you should X-coil it, power lines are obviously the issue there though so how well the Zed with X-coil will handle them would be the question, the cleared ground is all down towards the water, a huge area that was by the looks of it covered in scrub. I accidentally found this spot trying to find the other spot you took me to where the American tourists talked to you and you got a few bits with the Zed and it had a creek and I had to keep dunking in the creek to cool down. I've never been able to find that spot again 🙂 I hope to make it back there very soon for all that cleared ground.
  17. You just know everywhere don't you! Amazing 🙂 I didn't cross the bridge, I stayed on the big rock area and all the bedrock around it. I didn't notice any dig holes so I thought I was possibly on a winner. The landowner came up and chatted to me, he was tending to his grapes. Nice guy and didn't care I was there. A digger has been though and cleared all the bush below the big rock bit below the power lines, its all leveled out, Don't know what they plan to do there but I was hoping to detect that ground as you just never know but ran out of time. I only had half a day due to the doctor visit in the morning. Also they've cut down all the broom and rubbish that was all around the area, there will be a lot more exposed ground than when you were last there I am sure. It looks a brilliant spot but all I got was pellets and 22 shells.
  18. Thanks Reg, it's very easy to use, I just need to get my audio sorted out, my Sony speaker on a cord was annoying me I'll have it sorted by next weekend I hope. Howard and Steelphase should team up and make a QED with built in SP01 amplifier and a speaker in it's battery box and it'd be a dream. I wasn't sure if my Auto ground balance worked as every time I try it nothing happens, but I found a big green hot rock and did it on top of that and it shot up from 76 to 148 so obviously it does work and I just don't need to use it. It seems to be anywhere in the 70's to 110 is balanced and if I am at the lower end towards 70 it's more sensitive to small gold.
  19. So I took the QED out today with the X-coil 12x6". I first went to a spot I've been to a number of times and only ever found 2 bits there, one a long time ago with my Gold Bug Pro, the other a few weeks ago with the X-coil. My reason for going there wasn't so much to find gold as I don't think there is much left there but to test it around power lines as this spot is terrible with the GPX, The X-coil improved the GPX there but i still had to dumb it down a bit to make it even close to stable and even then it still made a UFO noise every few minutes and you just had to wait until the UFO landed to be able to detect again. I ran the QED in Mode 1 most of the time which is it's most sensitive mode and I had the gain on 10 which is max gain. It ran pretty well, the odd little EMI glitch but certainly nothing I'd be worried about especially considering I was running it flat out. I then went up on a rock, this rock took me up over half the height of the power line, it felt quite weird as I was standing really close to the power wires. So close I could see the individual strands of wire, they're bundle wound by the way The photos have a bit of glare as it was a fog clearing and really bright sun behind it. The photos don't do it justice either, it seems further away than it is in the photo, I could of easily thrown my pick and hit the wires. I took this photo from further away with my pick up where I was standing, you'll see how close to the power lines I was and even here the QED ran well, I had my gain on 10 (max) in Mode 5 (slightly less sensitive to tiny gold). In mode 1 it was getting some EMI but dropping down the modes to mode pretty much solved it. Mode 5 is still very sensitive to tiny stuff, there are 16 modes, mode 1 the most sensitive for mild soils up to mode 15 for highly mineralised soils and mode 16 for the beach. I put a little .22 of a gram test nugget on the ground to show in this video how well the QED worked right at the power lines. In my videos sometimes you'll see I get my phone too close to the coil and it goes wild 🙂 It's because I try get closer to show in more detail, hear it scream and back away You'll see I show option 4 which is gain, and it's on 10 which is maximum gain. I even channeled my inner mountain goat at this spot checking all the bedrock, all it ended up having was pellets 🙂 It's a LONG way down from there. I didn't find any gold at this location today, plenty of shotgun pellets and 22 shells..... I then jumped in the car and moved on to the other spot I've been to a few times lately where I found the 1.2 gram nugget with the Equinox, I wanted to run it over the same bit of hillside I found that nugget to see if the Equinox and GPX missed anything, I wasn't hopeful but it was worth a try. I was getting 22 shells pretty deep, they were annoying as they were pretty quiet signals on the surface but as you got down you got your hopes up of another 1 gram nugget only to find a deep 22 bullet, weird they get down there. The depth I got a 22 shell... how they get this deep I'll never know. I did find one bit of gold for the day, my first QED gold. 🙂 It was near the spot I got my 1 gram Nox nugget but not in the exact same area... a bit further along. That was the depth of it, just over 2 inches. I'm a very slow and careful digger especially when I think it's a small target as too many times with my GPX I've dug a target and lost it in the process. I do a little scrape at a time until it comes up, so this hole is pretty accurate for my find depth. I put a rock to hold up my carrot and a stick over the hole to show the depth line as it's hard to judge hole depths in photos. After recovering it I dropped it back in the hole and took a video to show the target noise on it. You'll see my settings here, gain 10 (max) mode 1 (most sensitive) and ground balance of 76. JW was right too, running my threshold at about 60 instead of the pure silent default 30 appears to give a louder target signal on tiny bits. So far I'm happy with my QED, it does what I wanted it to do.... finds tiny gold and works near perfectly at and under power lines. Here is my first QED gold 🙂 And my massive junk haul for the day, look at all them pellets.... I'm exhausted.
  20. Here is the QED for sale, its a package deal with the 11" coil, this coil is meant to be very good on the QED from what I have read. http://www.detech-metaldetectorsaustralia.com.au/qed-detech-complete-package So about $1280 USD for the package including the coil. I didn't get that as I didn't want the coil. I agree Jason, I think the ultimate is a silent detector that just sounds off on a target but has the power to reveal targets as well as a threshold would be great.
  21. Time will tell if I need to run it with a threshold, the default setting is no threshold. Just a few button presses and I have a threshold and it's easy to get it nice and smooth as it is so resistant to EMI. What I've found so far like the Gold Monster even though it's silent if there is a tiny target on the edge of detection you get a little bit of a crackle noise. I think good quality audio is vital on the QED as these little faint crackles are important to hear. Headphones are probably best but I have an allergy to them so I'll be running my speaker setup 🙂 It's nice to see a civil discussion on the QED. I had trouble finding one of them when I was researching if I should get one. 🙂
  22. Thanks John, yup the GPX most certainly finds the bigger bits at depth the VLF's appear to often miss. I am hoping the QED can do the same as it's got the ability to find the tiny bits too and there are a lot more of them, the GPX tends to just go straight past a lot of them with my skill levels and then you hoover them up with your GPZ and X-coils 🙂 I'm the first to admit I'm not great at finding faint signals in a threshold, I guess that's what excited me about the QED. I can run it silent only making sound when there is a target like my Gold Monster. Someone skilled at the GPX probably can find the tiny bits I miss with it or the deeper bits I walk right past on it. I'm certainly not writing it off, I'm just going to have to get better at using it and I'm sure that's going to take time. To me the QED seems FAR easier to use.
  23. I'm not that great at finding gold either, JW probably gets 10 to my 1 on average. I for some reason tend to do better on my VLF's than my GPX, probably as I use them more often as I'm more comfortable on them. Quite often though my biggest bits are with the GPX. I doubt your troubles finding gold in OZ were your skill level, you just didn't find the right places. Don't let it get you down. That's the perfect situation for a QED you describe above, someone that can't detect for gold as often as they would like to, it's price point makes it viable for that situation, the GPZ price point on the other hand.....
  24. Hi Steve, I didn't even realise there was some crazy history of it until very recently, but that's none of my business, I'm just a consumer buying a detector to look for gold 🙂 I know people seem to have arguments over the QED all the time, I haven't looked into why and frankly I don't care, if it works for me that's all I care about. I don't have any history at all with detecting or prospecting in any form, I'm only on my second year detecting. I hope people don't attack me over my views, they're just honest assessments of how it works for me in our mild soil which again I try point out as often as I can (so does JW) so people don't think they will get the same results in hotter soils. In the past people have said detectors can't do things or couldn't possibly find this size at that depth and so on, but that's in their soil, everyone's soil is different so you can't take those reviews as a definite guideline to results. I went to another forum about a week or two ago when I was deciding if I should get a QED and just saw a bunch of adults behaving like children calling each other names as they disagreed with things about the QED, some were wanting to meet up to punch each others lights out I didn't read the mess long before I closed that window. I didn't go there to read that, I wanted info on the QED which it lacked. I'm probably super brave, like Hero type stuff along the lines of Superman as I run the QED with an X-coil, now that's pushing the limits! People didn't agree with X-coils either as they had some beliefs there was intellectual property rights issues with the coils. I bought my QED, I'm in no way obligated to say nice things about it. What attracted me to it is it's ability to handle EMI as a lot of the gold places around here have big giant power lines in them, which is why I've asked lots of EMI questions and also queried about the Anti interference coils. This EMI ability has been proven to me already and it's ability to find small gold well and it sure sees small gold better than my GPX in air testing.. I also like having no wires joining me to my detector as I get tangled up all the time 🙂 and it's weight is impressive. I can't buy a ZED as my wife would leave me if I did 🙂 and I would struggle to justify that sort of money on a detector unless I lived in a place with lots of gold to be able to find with it to at least try justify the cost, I have just as much fun on my less expensive detectors. The QED is very reasonably priced and a great way for someone to get into the world of high performance PI's without having to sell a kidney. I'm looking forward to giving it a good workout.
  25. The NF EVO 14x9 was the only coil that didn't run on gain 10 easily (this was inside my house), it required a bit more fiddling with the THS B and SMR to get rid of the EMI, the 12x6" X-coil and Coiltek Joey ran on 10 just fine. I only took the X-Coil out of the house and used it property but yes, Gain of 10 ran perfectly with no falsing or EMI issues. I never ran my bias at null, I ran 4 below all the time, I'm a tiny gold hunter by nature 🙂 It's almost all I ever find so that's what I'll be trying to find. I'll play a bit more with ground balance tomorrow but in that big range I couldn't get any ground noise lowering the coil. I did however notice the lower end of the ground balance range gave me the best sensitivity to small gold. I'll probably take the QED out for a spin tomorrow so I'll grab a video or two if I do. (weather dependent) I'll test it Vs my GPX at some point soon and against the Equinox, JW's pretty busy at the moment so I doubt a test Vs GPZ + X-coil is likely in the very near future. The Nox does pretty damn well in our mild soil.
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