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  1. Very cool, I would be more than happy with 1.2 grams 🙂 I like the specimen.
  2. Thanks strick, that's more my style with the seperate legs. I had a look on Aussie Ebay as that's the one we need to use here and Nel coils are selling that one shipped free from the Ukraine for a reasonable price. It maybe the winner for me by the looks of it. I've now ordered it. I'm committing to my Equinox now, it's going to be my primary VLF detector so I'm getting it how I want it with the carbon fiber shaft and better arm cuff. I've got the neoprene cover for it also and I've got all 3 coils and hoping for more. For a VLF to replace it as my primary it would need to be something pretty special. No longer is single frequency worth considering for me and it needs to do everything or I'm not interested. A VLF for me now has to be able to find tiny gold and be equally as good at the beach and for coins and so on. At the moment that's the Equinox and I can't see anything replacing that any time soon but I'd be happy if something did. I was looking into the Gold Kruizer and Whites 24k but the more I thought about it the more I decided they'd be a waste of money, I want multi purpose and then I can master one machine rather than many.
  3. Have you done a ground balance? I sometimes get knock sensitivity in some rare locations if I don't manually ground balance. In my experience knock sensitivity doesn't hurt the performance but can cause you fatigue 🙂 I am sure you've tried lowering the gain.
  4. Thanks for the tip on the Herke, With the 6" coil on does it give good stability?, The stock arm cuff and small coil make my Nox topple over all the time on the hilly terrain around here. I'd probably rather one with two legs and not the flat bit on the ground for better hillside balance on rough ground though.
  5. Geez, you get a lot of house for your money there. If you bought one of them you'd need staff to maintain it or you'd have to give up detecting.
  6. What a find! life changing for sure. The Nox on the S shaft looks kinda good to me.
  7. The washers stick out past the shaft just enough that the shaft and coil ears don't touch each other. Seems like it would stop wear. I had a look before using them and I could see minor wear on my old shaft and inside of my 11" coil ears. I wanted the black also, I don't want to stand out.
  8. I haven't verified it but the website indicates it's 40% lighter than the stock shaft. - 40% Lighter Then the full stock Equinox shaft (170g vs 286g) It feels lighter to me with the 12x15" on, although it appears how long you have the shaft can affect how heavy it feels so after reading kac describe that I've now shortened it even more so I detect much closer to my feet. I'll have to see how I go next time I hit my football field. I'm having a weekend break from that and doing some skiing tomorrow as I prefer to stay away from the field on weekends as there are more likely to be people around.
  9. Thanks for the 5khz silver tip, I know just the place to take advantage of that 🙂 Good video. I went out and tested my Garrett Ace 350, it seems it suffers the exact same as the ATP when an iron nail is on the ground next to a buried coin.
  10. Yes, my Garrett Euroae (Ace350) with Nel Tornado coil sounds off on the shaft too. At first I thought it was falsing until I worked out it was detecting the shaft. Only problem is a Carbon Fiber shaft for it would likely be worth more than the detector 🙂 I will give a shot at running the Nox closer to my feet, didn't realise that would help.
  11. Very nice! Thanks for the post. It's always enjoyable to read a ring find story.
  12. I have a very early Equinox, after buying the 15x12" coil mine rapidly developed the dreaded shaft wobble, the bottom cam lock just wouldn't tighten enough to stop the shaft wobbling and swinging the big coil really made it obvious, then going back to the little 6" and the problem went away. I contacted Minelab about it and they were great and sent me out a new shaft pronto which was nice. They used international express from OZ so it arrived within a few days. I then started paying attention to the aftermarket shafts and saw a few people were enjoying using various carbon fiber shafts so I thought i'd try one out. I went with a Detect-ED shaft, the Classic 3k Twill It arrived today, the local courier was kind and delivered it on a Saturday for me seeing I know her, saved me waiting for Monday when it would normally arrive. I also purchased some of the Coil saver washers he's selling. The washers are interesting, two sizes that you mix and match to get your coil so you don't need to over tighten the bolt to help keep the coil in place nicely. They seem to do as described, one red and one black on each side of my shaft seemed to do the trick, I can have my bolt just slightly turned and my coil is nice and tight but still moves when I want it to with ease like when I put my detector down. 4 Red's (thicker) and 4 blacks to mix and match with. The shaft is lighter, it's more noticeable with the big coil as anything to take a bit of weight off when swinging that thing is nice You'll see I have a ferrite choke on my coil cable, not sure if it does anything but I've got plenty of them so why not 🙂 It took about 5 minutes to put the Nox on the shaft and it came with the tool required to remove the control pod off the old shaft. The clip that lets you shrink/expand the shaft is nice quality, it's quick and easy to reduce the size of my Nox for transport now. So far I really like it, I can't see any negatives to the upgrade and my Nox now feels much higher quality, I really felt the stock shaft made the Nox feel cheap. I think it's far too good of a detector to run off that basic cheap junky shaft. I now just want to source a better quality arm cuff.
  13. Thanks strick, if it's normal I won't worry about it, it just gets annoying. I love the pinpoint on my T2, I pull the trigger back and off it goes, I'm quite the master with it and pinpoint targets well. I guess when you've got something you're comparing it to that you feel is so much better you're more critical on it. Sometimes the pinpoint volume corrects itself quickly, other times it's stuck like that and my only solution is to turn pinpoint off and on again. Maybe by chance there is some iron target I've got discriminated out under the coil when I turn pinpoint on when it happens. I'll have to experiment. I'm really loving the spot, I've never found anything like it... and the funny bit is it's in a town of 400 or so people. The least likely place I'd think would be a very productive football field for coins.... I only walked across the field and back 3 times yesterday and got 55 coins. It's amazing people lost so many coins. All the first bit of the field I detected I wasn't digging 15's as they were always pull tabs, now I've found the little silver threepence and no doubt rings fall into that area so I'm going to have to go back over it. I planned to anyway. I like the old style pull tabs, I wish they still used them, nice and big to get your finger into, the new ones I struggle to open as I keep my finger nails short to stop detecting dirt going under them, it also means cans are harder to open. I hope I can come across a ring, that would just top this spot off.
  14. I'd like to know if anyone else gets this same audio issue with their Equinox, or if it even is an issue before I consider sending it in for a health check.
  15. Now that's just WEIRD. I sent Minelab the email a few days ago now, shortly after this post above I received an email reply from Minelab about it. I am sure it's not EMI or ground balance though. It happens everywhere I go. Hello Simon, Thank you for your enquiry, sometimes the pinpoint feature on the detector can act similar to this when it picks up noise either from the soil or electrical interference in the air. Please try doing a noise cancel and a ground balance on your detector. I have attached the Equinox instruction manual for your convenience. Ground balance procedure is on page 40 (run the ground balance in Tracking mode) Noise cancel procedure is on page 39 Please feel free to contact your local service centre to send your detector to be checked for any faults. You can find a list of all of our service centres by clicking on the below link to our website. https://www.minelab.com/support/service-support Kind Regards, Minelab Service Australia I replied and gave them my Youtube links, they've said I should send it in to be checked. I think I'll just buy another one at some point and have it as my backup unit and send it in once I've got a new one. Parting with my Equinox is just too much 😞
  16. I seem pretty consistent, 50 or so coins a day when I spend a good part of a day here. Today was no different. I took my Nox along to test it out after it spent the night in the Spa pool.... still working a treat, no issues. The older the coin the deeper they seem to be.... The old pennies are regularly Carrot depth. I got quite a few pennies today, this one had a bit of wire it's hole as you'll see to the left of the coin. It rules out my theory I missed a coin with the Nox and got it with the T2 due to masking caused by wire, I just missed it because I missed it I guess 🙂 A nice silver, depth shown on the carrot. Someone dropped this $2 coin right near the goal post.... I hope they got a goal as they obviously lost their lunch money doing the dive for it 🙂 This little silver had a solid ID even at the depth of the Carrot. Very impressive, the Nox seems to love silvers. \ I found this dog collar, shortly after I found the latch thing for it's lead. I hope it didn't escape... I first thought maybe it was a doggy grave site 😞 I was having a good silver day. I like getting these shillings, they come up the exact same 21 target ID as modern $1 coins, impossible to miss. I found an Aussie $2 coin, I'm no follower of football but I believe an Aussie doesn't belong on a NZ Rugby field..... I heard something on the news the other night about it.... I had to google it but this is what they were talking about The Wallabies' (Australia) victory over the All Blacks (New Zealand) at Eden Park in 1986 is etched into rugby folklore, for no Australian team has managed to replicate the feat in 33 disheartening years, nor any side since France in 1994. Eden Park is NZ's main rugby field in the biggest city Auckland where most these games seem to go on. I'm going to have to detect the area outside of the football field too, almost every time I go back to my car I leave the detector on, rarely do I not find another coin in the process. These little threepence silvers are really small and light but the Nox loves them. They land right at 14/15 where pull tabs sit, the only way I have any idea if it's going to be one is to judge by the depth meter... The pull tabs seem to be closer to the surface while the coins are ALWAYS deep. The depth I get these little silvers never ceases to amaze me. Such good ID's too This 1942 penny has a bit of a bend in it. These coins were odd, they were completely stuck together, I had to pry them apart, they came up an ID of 20, the little 1 cent is a 20 ID, the 2 cent it was stuck to should be a 23/24 so it's very odd the little coins ID is the one the Nox locked onto. I haven't found too many of these, they come up a 13 on the ID's, they're a more modern shilling once they stopped making them of silver, it's a shame they stopped with the silvers, these 1960's ones don't stay nice in the ground. Now the two lots of junk... one from this morning and the other from after lunch 🙂 \ Morning junk Afternoon junk. I would have never dug that big can lid looking thing with the T2, it would of overloaded and I'd know to avoid it. I know there are ways to work it out with the Nox, they're just not as convenient as it overloading. And the total for day 6 I put the little fishing thing in there I found as it was a very odd thing to find on a football field..... although it's only about 100 meters from the river I guess. And the silvers and 1960's shillings up top. Also, I told Lacky I'd take a video of my weird pinpoint issue with my Nox where about every 2nd time I use it the volume on the pinpoint is very muffled and weird sounding.... after a bit of time and swinging over ground it comes right or I can turn pinpoint off and on again and it comes right straight away..... It's very annoying but I'm not sure it's a fault. I emailed Minelab asking and they never replied...... odd as normally their service has been great. Maybe they don't want to open a can of worms 🙂 In this second video it was refusing to come right so I waved the coil a long way from the target and then when I went back it came right. Such a weird problem. Here's another photo of just how close that bit of wire was to the coin yet the coin had a good ID, In day 5 I thought the T2 got a target the Nox missed by being masked by a nearby bit of wire, this really proves otherwise. Missing it was my fault, not the detectors. I look forward to day 7, I think I'm going to use the T2. I wish prospecting was this easy.
  17. Thanks, The F75 would an Ultimate would be a joy to swing. When I was coin hunting yesterday I had an elderly gentleman in his car drove onto the field to come talk to me, he was walking his dog, or driving along with his dog following 🙂 He suggested some very good areas for me to try next as he lived here back in the 1940's and knows spots no longer used today that used to be showground type areas and spots people gathered for various things. Now they're just paddocks so I'll hit those spots up next. He was very interested in detecting but said his age would be his barrier taking it up.
  18. I have the TRX on max gain, the Carrot on the default gain. The Carrot is quite noticeably deeper but the TRX is easier to find the targets lacking the edge detection. It's a shame they couldn't drive more power into the TRX tip. Maybe I need to try a Fisher F Pulse. I'm going to go back after lunch today, I'm torn between using the Nox or the T2. I'm certain both do equally well on coins so it comes down to enjoyment of use and comfort levels.... That pinpoint trigger and ergonomics are hard to beat but the Nox has the bigger coil and I need the ground coverage.
  19. Day 5 wasn't as exciting as the others, I only had about an hour and a half as the morning was rain, after lunch it cleared up so I decided I'd take my T2 with Mars Tiger coil. My Nox is currently soaking in my Spa pool as I'm testing if it will leak after a couple of people have reported leaks. It's spent 2 days already in my bathroom's bath underwater, no issues there so I went for the Spa pool so it can be deeper under. I only made it across the football field and back once in this time. I was covering a bit of the same ground I covered the other day with my Nox, I wasn't sure exactly where I left off so I just did the entire row again. I am glad I did as it turns out I missed a few coins... Not sure why, if I ignored them with the Nox due to their VDI's being iffy and junk sounding or just using a different detector helped find them, I have no idea. I really love the T2's pinpoint trigger. I much prefer it's pinpointing over the Nox. The other thing I love about the T2 is the Overload on big shallow targets, never do I dig burried cans like I do with the Nox. First coin of the day is one I missed with the Nox, I KNOW I covered this ground. I'm also trying out my new TRX pinpointer and using my Carrot at the same time to compare them. I prefer the TRX for it's sensitive tip, easier to exactly locate targets. The downside to it was it's not near as deep, the Carrot would pickup coins in the hole the TRX was missing entirely until my hole got closer to them. The second coin was a similar situation, I know I missed it with the Nox, I was using the 15x12 on the Nox so maybe it was masked as once I dug it up I also found a bit of wire in the hole. Here is a short Youtube video of me when I found the coin showing just how accurate it's Target ID was. the Discrimination I had running must have blocked out the wire. This is my new T2 in the video which I believe has DST, runs very quiet and stable even on this field that has underground power for it's spotlights and power lines next to it. This coin was about 6 to 8 inches and the T2 locked on it even with the wire in the same hole. I first took a photo of the coin not noticing the wire, I thought it was just a root, you'll see it in the clump of soil at the top of the photo. I noticed it when I went to go fill my hole back in. The Nox must of had a wild target ID for me not to dig a $1 coin, they come up a 21/22 on the Nox, no way would I not dig that. Now I'm on the fresh ground, no more signs of any dig holes from the other day and I found another Penny 🙂 These Pennys come up 21/22 on the Target ID on the Nox the exact same numbers as NZ $1 and $2 coins, on the T2 they come up 81/82.... I'm seeing the bonus of having the 99 Target ID range as I know if it's a penny or a $1 or $2 coin before digging with the T2. NZ $1 and $2 coins come up 78/79 on the T2. The extended ID range helps ID targets better. More coins, I love when they leave their imprint in the soil. This one left a great imprint. This tiny little 1 cent coin was really deep. The total for my short hour and a half or so T2 and TRX detect. My coin pile from the Football field so far, still plenty of area to go 🙂 Thank you Jim for your great feedback above, I must of been typing up this update as you typed your comment. I will take your advice, once I'm done with coins I'll keep going back and dig the target's I've ignored thus far. There just has to be a ring there somewhere.
  20. Right, I'm going hardcore on the testing of mine, if It's going to fail I'm going to help it on it's way.... I'm going to fill up my Spa pool, its over a 1.3 meters deep, my bathroom bath is not deep enough to get it a good test, it's already spent 2 nights in there underwater no problems. I will heat the water in it to the normal summer water temperature to ensure it's real world conditions. Then I'll leave it in there overnight.
  21. I checked that too and yes, same answer.... they don't sell the control pod separately. I checked through my dealer to see if he had access to them.
  22. I absolutely loved reading this Q&A with the brains behind the detectors.... https://www.tekneticsdirect.com/k2-extra-fields/blog/the-tek-files/195-question-and-answer-session-with-ft-fisher-engineers-david-johnson-and-john-gardiner It annoyed me slightly that even though they make them they don't detect themselves..... I truly don't understand that. If I was an engineer designing and making detectors I would be an extreme user of them...... The love of using them would fuel my desire to make them. I'm absolutely puzzled they both said they don't detect. Even though I own an Equinox 800 which most people would consider better I really struggle to put my T2 and GBP down, I enjoy using them..... I guess the same goes for my EuroAce to an extent. 🙂 As for ergonomics I completely agree with you Steve, the T2 is my favourite by far........... nothing comes close and this Q&A explains why. DS: How difficult was it walking the line between superb ergonomics and weight vs. structural durability (on the T-2 and F-75)? Dave: "It took a lot of attention to detail. I was originally shooting for even lower weight. I’ve been studying the physiology of metal detector ergonomics for my whole career and on this product I had a blank check to get it right. There were things we had to do to get the ergonomics right that added weight. We were all betting that good ergonomics was more important than shaving every ounce, and the T2 and F75 proved us right. Nobody is saying we should have made it lighter."
  23. What a great video, a step by step guide... They don't make molds in the size I'd need to melt down my gold 🙂
  24. I am really enjoying this new T2, Teknetics has done something magical with it's EMI immunity. 80+ on the gain is fine in high EMI city areas right near power lines, no chatter at all. 99 all the way once a little bit away from any EMI source. If I lived in USA and had an older T2 I'd be contacting First Texas about getting it upgraded. It's worth it. It seems like it's all done with software by looking at the old T2 and the new T2's insides, strange the firmware version is the same number though.
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