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  1. Will

    Why Would You Want The Equinox?

    Why I want the Equinox is the waterproof and for more depth for small silver coins ( < 1gram) I'm very curious what the 11"coil will do at 40Khz in that matter.
  2. Will

    Equinox In Wet Salt Sand. By Neil Jones.

    He used een 50 Euro cent. Which is 24,5 mm - 7.80 grams - 1 metal
  3. On a Dutch forum a well known dealer expected the first small bunch Equinoxen at the end of this month.
  4. Steve, I'm very interested in the response en depth to very small targets as halve hammered coins, sceatt's en Roman minimissimi. Weighting mostly between 0,5 and 1 grams. Can you anything tell about depth and separation for these small items with the 11 inch coil, especially using the high frequentie?