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  1. Just wanted to give an update on the Nugget Finder coil cover for the 7000. It lasted about 26-30 days detecting before I noticed the front 1/3 of it, right at the corner, is now worn right through. I think I'm going to start duck taping a couple layers on the perimeter of the under side every 2-3 trips. Let the tape wear through and then re tape. Thanks all for the suggestions.
  2. Liquid Nails is not as tough as it sounds and wore off basically within a few hours. Ordering the Nugget Finder from Rob Allison tonight. Duck tape on the inner corners protected the coil and managed to pick up 55 grams. Heck of a trip
  3. Hey thanks guys. So far I have reinforced the original with some Duct Tape inside and Liquid Nails around the outer edges and overlapped underneath like in the video. If that does not provide enough durability I will give the Nugget Finder a go.
  4. SPP 101 , 5shot , ..on the right hip..don't even know it's there. But it's there when you need it
  5. Well I have now gone through a second GPZ stock coil cover. Has anyone tried out the Nugget Finder coil cover for the 14x13 and if so how have you liked it? I am either looking at one of these or somehow modifying my stock cover to extend the life. If the stock covers were only $10 I could justify the reoccurring cost but at almost $50 ..not really. Thanks
  6. Any update on the Minor John skid plate vs stock? I know this is a real old thread but I am in the market for a new cover. Wore the stock cover out in a little over 2 years.
  7. Here is my 2003 Tacoma with a tent extension I made for it. It is made out of canvas so if it rains you need to add a tarp over the top. We put 2 single inflatable sleeping pads side by side, then a couple sleeping bags on top of those for extra cushion. There's a zipper that runs down the middle I purchased on ebay for $6.50. You also need a couple supports to keep the hatch propped up. I just cut some 1/2'' wood dowels to size. One downside to this setup is that everything must be removed from the bed in order to sleep.
  8. Good stuff here. I like to say "Gold is where I find it"? And doc ..want to tell you that my favorite piece of gear so far is my scoop pouch. Simple, effective, well designed, and of quality material. Every time I go for my scoop I am thankful for that simple piece of gear.
  9. Thanks guys! I did speak with Minelab this morning. They told me that they are definitely aware of the 5000 counterfeit but I was surprised that they told me that they do not know of any confirmed 7000 fakes. I will however go through the 5 step online verification process. Will also be calling Minelab to verify authenticity while with the seller if this goes forward. I'm in Southern California. Does anyone have a good dealer recomendation within a few hours drive? Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated.
  10. I have read of the GPX 4800/5000 counterfeits. Are there any known cases of the GPZ 7000 being fake? Thanks as I am currently in the market for a 7000
  11. First post here on the forum. There is a gold prospecting store/gold prospectors museum in Red Mountain (Right on hwy 395, 20-30 min. north of Kramer Junction). Opened about 6 months ago. Really neat little place. Mostly a museum but he sells a bunch of stuff including dry washers, pans, picks, books. Free organic coffee, donations welcome. I made the guy a sign for the highway. His name is Dan. You could spend a couple hours in there just looking around. It's called the Owl Cafe but it is not a food establishment.
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