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  1. Sorry this happened to you Jason. Hope LE finds them.
  2. Looking forward to an update if and when it’s available. Hopefully it will improve target ID at the beach.
  3. Sometimes “old school” is the best solution.
  4. This may seem strange but try using a flashlight at night placed horizontally to the ground and see if you get a glint or shine from the earring. Good luck!
  5. Welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you guys are going through the loss of her grandmother’s earring. Maybe try raising the sensitivity on the Equinox and try again. Good luck!
  6. Welcome History Surfer from SoCal. Paddled into few myself. When I was in the line up, I would see the older guys (dudes, lol!) on the sand MDing. Back then I thought to myself, when I get old and can no longer surf, I’m going to try metal detecting. Boy did old come fast! Lol! May you find the gold and the “Green Room” many times over. Good luck!
  7. Got my 800 in 2018 and was a fairly early one. With that being said, I just submerged mine for the first time for several minutes, shook off the water and set it in the warm shade to dry out. No issues so far but will keep checking it though for diminished speaker volume and leaks.
  8. It may be but the reset (null) time will cause you to sweep by a good target. The Nox smacks it better because of this.
  9. Welcome to the forum from Southern California. Good luck!
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