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  1. My wife and I moved to Oregon once upon a time. That lasted one winter and we were over it. So back to warm beautiful SoCal and never was so happy to see the congestion lol!
  2. Here’s another great tip with the screen savers. My apologies if already posted.
  3. Congratulations on those seated beauties. Excellent hunt!
  4. Welcome to the forum from SoCal. Best of luck!
  5. Welcome to the forum Erik. The guys above know what their talking about. Good luck!
  6. Welcome aboard and good luck out there from SoCal!
  7. That is cool not having to tape your coins to a painter’s paddle so you can wave it in front of the coil. Lol! Target tones are much better through the headphones. There are subtle ways to hear those bottle caps. Sometimes they have an edginess to the tone as the coil passes over the target. I’m not sure about the difficulty in depressing the buttons on the HP’s but I’ll check them and get back to you on that.
  8. Rob, excellent feedback! So one thing I see is that a solid copper penny and an older wheat penny TID as the same. Same on the nicks. That’s good so it’s not as confusing with different numbers. I would think an exploded clad memorial would have a different number. So you could pick and choose what to dig. Good luck!
  9. Interesting thread but it just leads me to staying with what I have with the XP Deus and HF Coils.
  10. That’s what I was thinking as well. The coil should be open for the water.
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