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    Metal detecting for coins and jewelry in the sand and water.
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  1. Welcome aboard from SoCal. You can get most if not all the same info from the internet these days. Good luck!
  2. Welcome aboard from SoCal! Good luck!
  3. Thanks everyone! All this time I never tried changing the target tones and I was too lazy to look it up in my manual. Lol!
  4. Cool finds! Not so cool on the cuff. Under warranty maybe?
  5. Good luck Bolo on the detector choice and purchase.
  6. Welcome aboard. Wow that’s a lot of gold! Good work!
  7. Welcome to the forum Bolo from SoCal.
  8. BeachHunter

    Hi All

    Good luck tomorrow Busho. It’s great to see that the Wife supports the hobby. Bring her home some gold!
  9. Awesome hunt and finds. Thanks for the pics!
  10. BeachHunter

    Hi All

    Welcome aboard Busho! Good luck with the finds!
  11. Glad to read PayPal is going to refund your money ADigs. Awesome of phrunt to help like that. Good eye on his part.
  12. Welcome aboard. Best of luck with the new gear! Awesome bike!
  13. Welcome to the forum Lone Star!
  14. Welcome to the forum from SoCal. Good Luck!
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