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    Metal detecting for coins and jewelry in the sand and water.
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    XP Deus with HF coils, Equinox 800

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  1. BeachHunter

    Hi From Socal!

    Welcome Julie to the forum from SoCal.
  2. BeachHunter

    Hello From Alaska

    Welcome to the forum! It’s cool where you live. ;-{>
  3. BeachHunter

    Hello From Long Island Ny

    Welcome to the forum from SoCal.
  4. BeachHunter

    Greetings From The Great White North

    Welcome to the forum Drew from SoCal. Great first (or 2nd) post. Best of luck!
  5. I like the Eclipse suggestion. It could be the Eclipse EC. (EC stands for Equinox Crusher).
  6. BeachHunter

    Anyone Know Sourdough Moe ?

    Definitely give it some time. If you never receive it then PayPal has your back. Good luck!
  7. BeachHunter

    Thank You For Accepting Me

    Welcome to the forum Dino. You have an awesome history to dig up in your area of the world. Best of luck!
  8. BeachHunter

    Hi From Northwest Indiana

    Welcome to the forum from SoCal. Your avatar takes me back to when I had a 1963 VW Bus that looked just like it. Best of luck!
  9. BeachHunter

    Hello From Reno, Nv

    Jeff, Welcome to the forum from Southern California.
  10. BeachHunter

    A Bucket Lister With The Nox 800!!

    Boy that’s a nice coin! Congratulations!
  11. BeachHunter

    Old Jewelry

    Beautiful gold color. Very nice Tudor ring!
  12. BeachHunter

    Hey From Colorado!

    Welcome to the forum moseng! Glad you found your way back to metal detecting. I’d have a look at the Minelab Equinox 800 if interested in nugget hunting. It’s reasonably priced and has all the features for the beach and saltwater. It’s also waterproof. Good luck! BH
  13. Ordered the “An Advanced Guide” book. Order number 2228. Thanks Again Clive!
  14. BeachHunter

    Stunning Find With Equinox & 15" Coil

    Congratulations! Awesome hunt and finds! Wow!