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  1. Welcome aboard Dig. Good luck!
  2. Welcome to the forum from SoCal. Sorry I’m so late to the party Jason. Good luck!
  3. Welcome to the forum Uncle! Lol about the grass. Good luck!
  4. Welcome aboard Jay. Good luck on the hunt!
  5. Welcome from SoCal. Good luck!
  6. Welcome James to the forum. That was a kind thing you did giving your time to people of all ages. Your time is the real treasure. You are a great ambassador for our hobby/sport. Best of luck!
  7. Thanks Noah. I was surprised by how it can disc out bottle caps (with the foil on them) and still ring loud and clear on a gold ring. Can’t wait to do some beach time with it.
  8. Good Job protecting your family. Its always a team effort.
  9. I think that the retailers need to change some of their advertising for available stock concerning the “lifetime warranty” since it’s non existent. I’ve noticed on eBay, used Tesoros are selling fairly well. People are bidding on them. I just picked up a Mojave which I’m pretty happy about.
  10. Holy Moly! That’s scary. Glad you made it.
  11. And if that doesn’t work then it’s time to call Minelab. Good luck!
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