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  1. Welcome to DP! Possibly just a mix up. Good luck!
  2. Welcome to the forum. Best of luck!
  3. Welcome to the forum Steven. Good luck on the hunt!
  4. Welcome to the forum Keith. Good luck on the hunt!
  5. Welcome to the forum Popeye. Good luck on the hunt! Remember, “I ams what I ams!”
  6. Welcome to the forum Charlie. Good luck on the hunt!
  7. Welcome to the forum. Very nice finds. Good luck on the hunt!
  8. Welcome to the forum. Good luck on the hunt!
  9. Welcome Paul to the forum. A lot of helpful folks on this forum. Best of luck!
  10. Welcome aboard! It’s ok to be a Californian because we know it’s “crazy” to live in snow. Best of luck on the hunt and choice of detectors!
  11. Do consider a long handle scoop for the dry sand as well as the wet sand or you will be bending up and down. Stainless steel is the way to go. I’ve used mine as a shovel and just to do a quick grab for surface items. The hand wire basket types sometimes will allow smaller items to pass through. I’ve owned both types and the hex holes are my preference after hundreds of hours of sifting sand both wet and dry. Best of luck out there!
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