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  1. My ORX came with the 9” X35. I already had on hand both HF Coils. So my three choices would be the above, 9” X35, and both HF Coils.
  2. I have the ORX but really haven’t used it much. After reading your posts I’m inspired to take it out to the beach and see what it can do. Good luck guys!
  3. Congrats on the silver ring. Very nice! I also really like the ORX. Great detector.
  4. Welcome to the forum Dave. Very cool vehicle. Best of luck!
  5. BeachHunter

    I'm Back...

    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you back. Good luck on the hunt!
  6. Welcome to the forum RJ. Good luck with the new detector!
  7. How about a PI coupled to a multi frequency design with discrimination?
  8. I have one of Doc’s arm cuff covers for my Equinox 800. Super comfortable and very nicely made. Great addition to the Minelab cuff.
  9. I’m primarily a beach hunter and at the end of the hunt I peel off the coil cover and dump the sand, tap it and reinstall. Never any problems.
  10. So I’m assuming (I haven’t tried it yet) that on start up of the Simplex, one will see the software version on the lower part of the screen. Good to know thanks.
  11. Welcome to the forum Erik. Good luck on the hunt!
  12. The rubber eraser is a good tip. I use them to polish guitar frets while doing a restring. Works great.
  13. Amen brother! Thank you to all our veterans and those vets who paid the ultimate price.
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