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  1. Welcome to the forum from Southern California. Good Luck!
  2. Welcome aboard Wowtec. Best of luck!
  3. I have some in its natural untreated/stabilized state where one is about 350 carats as well as some cabs for setting in silver. I made a lot of silver jewelry in the 70’s/80’s and set the polished cabs into those creations.
  4. Welcome to the forum Anthony. This post got by us. Your work and background with a special interest in collecting minerals is a very cool thing. My interest was in turquoise. Good luck!
  5. Welcome to the forum from Southern California. Good luck!
  6. Welcome to the forum Moe. Good luck!
  7. Welcome aboard Coilpower and good luck!
  8. Welcome aboard. Best of luck!
  9. Welcome aboard Sam! Good luck!
  10. Welcome to the forum Ken. Good luck!
  11. Merry Christmas To all from SoCal!
  12. Beautiful photo of the falls. Thanks for showing us!
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