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    Metal detecting for coins and jewelry in the sand and water.
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    XP Deus with HF coils, Equinox 800

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  1. BeachHunter

    Hello Fellow Beach Hunters !

    Welcome to the forum Domenico from Southern California. Best of luck!
  2. BeachHunter

    New Member, New 800

    Welcome to the forum Sas! You have a great detector there. I sure do love mine. Best of luck!
  3. BeachHunter

    6" Coil Making Me Happy

    Excellent finds! Beautiful ‘42.
  4. BeachHunter

    Storing And Displaying Our Finds

    I think I would display them all but in categories. Maybe good to fine condition so one could see what the different conditions of the coin would look like. Or the differences in their monetary values and years produced. i like the lit, standing cabinet the best followed with several matching table tray displays. i would not however, display any of the junk. Best of luck Andy!
  5. BeachHunter

    Equinox 6" Coil

    Alright! Mine is being shipped today. I can’t wait to take it to the beach. Good luck guys!
  6. BeachHunter

    Equinox 800????

    I prefer the 800 over the 3 at Pros I’ve owned. I’m one that likes the 50 segments. At our beaches the TID’s are reliable. I can usually ID the target before I dig. Great machine.
  7. BeachHunter

    Equinox 800 6 Inch Coil Gold Hunting

    I was just going to recommend Bill’s YouTube channel.
  8. BeachHunter

    Anderson Nox Shaft Question

    Excellent design on the stand NCT!
  9. Thanks for posting this comparison. I’m surprised the 6” didn’t test deeper. Best of luck!
  10. I think contacting Minelab would be a good idea. Best of luck!
  11. BeachHunter


    Welcome to the forum Jim. Best of luck!
  12. Welcome to the forum Leighton. Best of luck in your choice of a new detector.
  13. Welcome to the forum BTW!
  14. Try a factory reset and then do a noise cancel to see if that helps.
  15. BeachHunter

    Minelab Did 24 Hour Turnaround On My Nox 800!

    I’ve read nothing but great reviews on Minelab’s customer service and turnarounds this past year.