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  1. Welcome aboard xlbsa. Good luck on the hunt!
  2. Welcome Mark to the forum. Good to see you over here. Good luck with the new AQ!
  3. BeachHunter


    Welcome to the forum. Good luck out there!
  4. Welcome to the forum Machineman. Good luck!
  5. I loved my Bus. I had 3 of them over the years. Don’t look for the yellow bus because it will look like a Tacoma. Lol!
  6. Welcome back George. See you at the beach. Good luck!
  7. Welcome to DP Jay. Thanks for joining up. Good luck out there!
  8. Welcome to DP Badger. Good luck!
  9. Welcome to DP! Good luck!
  10. Welcome to DP! Glad you joined up. Good luck!
  11. As mentioned before, Excal for diving, Equinox for the wet and dry sand and very shallow water. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
  12. Congrats on the gold and other great finds!
  13. Welcome to DP Kevin. Glad you joined up. Good luck!
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