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  1. Please be a waterproof, multi-frequency, balanced detector that can handle the salt, highly mineralized soil and screams on gold nuggets, chains and jewelry. Not so much to ask!
  2. So I guess during the quarantine I’ll work on the science fiction novel I’m writing. It’s called Coronus! 3rd planet from the Sun....“Captain! Coronus is in view..Thank you Commander! Put her up on the view screen.Aye, aye Captain.Holy crap! What happened to this planet?”Viral wipe Sir! Only animals survived and it’s like a zoo down there.The gentle thrum and whir of the retros were slowing the behemoth, hospital/Explorer ship “Deus” down to orbital status.First Officer Somat! Scan the surface for human life forms.Ay, aye Captain came First Officer Somat’s response.I detect no Human life forms Captain....Wait! Shouted the First Officer. I’m detecting two human life forms on the coast near the sea!Can we get a closer look First Officer?Yes Sir. Bringing it up on the View Screen Captain.As the Garrett Scanners, on the Deus, focused on the two Carbon Units, what the Captain and flight deck crew saw next was simply mind blowing!There were two old guys metal detecting the white sands of Coronus!
  3. Congrats on the interesting and unusual finds. Excellent photos by the way. Good luck!
  4. The Equinox is a great all around detector. Good luck with your choices!
  5. Reg that is the best laugh I’ve had all week! Too funny!
  6. Welcome to the forum MT! The Minelab Equinox 800 is good choice that will allow you to grow with it. Good luck and thanks for joining up!
  7. Yes.. the beach is easier to dig. Just my view from the scoop!
  8. Tell her you’ll be able to find it if you lose it while detecting.
  9. Welcome to the forum and thanks for the video. Good luck!
  10. Welcome to the forum! Plus 1 on the Garrett’s Stow Away HP.
  11. Welcome aboard Rob. Thanks for joining up. Good luck with the new detector!
  12. Same here. Great complement to the ORX and Deus.
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