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  1. Welcome from SoCal. Good luck!
  2. Welcome to the forum from SoCal. Good luck!
  3. Welcome to the forum pdunc. Best of luck with the new detector!
  4. Welcome to DP from SoCal. Good luck with the new detectors!
  5. Welcome to DP! Glad to have you aboard. Best of luck to you and your wife.
  6. Hi Paul and Welcome aboard! I watch your videos on YouTube and really enjoy them. I’m a subscriber. Hope you enjoy your time here. Good luck!
  7. Welcome aboard! Great suggestions by all. You may want to investigate the XP Deus metal detector. It’s super light weight and won’t mess with your bad back. It also has, as an extra, a waterproof kit so you would be able to hunt the water. I use mine primarily at the beach. Good luck!
  8. Welcome to the forum. Best of luck out there!
  9. Welcome to the forum RR. Good luck!
  10. Welcome to the forum. I bought my first oz. of gold when it was $35/oz. Good luck!
  11. Just received my order for the Blue Carbon Fiber Lower rod. Wow is it nice! Beautiful color that will make it stand out in the crowd of Nox owners. It’s so nice I want to hang it on the wall as art. Thank you Steve for the awesome product. Good luck!
  12. Thanks for the update Steve. I just ordered the complete shaft setup. The lower rods I’ve already ordered will work perfectly for my three coils. Steve, thank you for your time on the phone with me to hammer out the details. I’m so stoked that products like this are available. Your engineering and craftsmanship are excellent. Best of Luck! BH
  13. Welcome to DP! Possibly just a mix up. Good luck!
  14. Welcome to the forum. Best of luck!
  15. Welcome to the forum Steven. Good luck on the hunt!
  16. Welcome to the forum Keith. Good luck on the hunt!
  17. Welcome to the forum Popeye. Good luck on the hunt! Remember, “I ams what I ams!”
  18. Welcome to the forum Charlie. Good luck on the hunt!
  19. Welcome to the forum. Very nice finds. Good luck on the hunt!
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