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  1. BeachHunter

    Equinox 800 Fanboy/ Man Here, Hello All

    Welcome to the forum Andy. Best of luck!
  2. BeachHunter

    Newbie From Cali

    Welcome aboard Ray. Best of luck to you and your wife.
  3. Really nice find! I’m a Big fan of seated coins. Congratulations!
  4. BeachHunter

    My 800 Is Here!

    Congratulations on your first child Cal. I wish you and your wife all the best on this awesome event!
  5. Awesome find Judy! Happy 45th Anniversary! Here is a rendition of Little Wing by Larry Hutcherson to enjoy on your anniversary.
  6. BeachHunter

    4th Equinox Beach Hunt

    Awesome hunt. Awesome finds!
  7. BeachHunter

    Weak Spot In Ml80 Headphones?

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll check mine out today and see how it’s holding up.
  8. BeachHunter

    1st Time At Beach With E-800

    Research how to recognize bottle caps and you’re good to go. Good luck!
  9. BeachHunter

    My First Detector Issue

    I hope this is not the case with the cellular watches. Just picked up the AW so I don’t have to carry the iPhone.
  10. BeachHunter

    Calabash In Depth Video Review Of Equinox

    Thanks Dusty for the link. Good read. This is an excellent thread for more in-depth thought on the Equinox.
  11. Way to sniff Steve. Some super nice coins!
  12. BeachHunter

    Equinox 800 Finds Lost 14k Wedding Band

    Thanks for your kind words everyone.
  13. I really hadn’t got a chance to use my new EQ much as I’ve been doing some spring construction at the house. So yesterday, I took it out to the backyard where the Gardner removed some bushes and plants in the garden/flower beds and tried the new Equinox out. After all of one minute, I got a repeatable signal and numbers and thought it might be a coin. When I dug it up, it looked like an aluminum twist cap with a gold foil wrapped around it. On closer inspection I was floored with what I was holding in my hand. My gold wedding band that I lost over two years ago while in the garden. This last time was the third time it was lost (loose fit) and not being able to find it with the detectors I had then, I’d given up. I never did replace that lost ring with a gold band but instead purchased a gold plated stainless steel one to wear while I saved up for a nice wedding band. Finding that band goes a long way in offsetting the cost of the 800. Very Happy!
  14. BeachHunter

    3rd Beach Hunt With The 800

    Congratulations on a great hunt. Thanks for giving us a look!
  15. BeachHunter

    Cheap Carbon Fiber Shaft

    Excellent tutorial NSC. Great job on the CF shaft.
  16. BeachHunter

    Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Hi Bill, I see Steve provided a link to find a dealer. Thanks
  17. Any runner ups or 2nd place winners lol. I missed it by 5! Great game. Congrats MontAmmie!
  18. BeachHunter

    Equinox Golden Mask Shaft Conversion

    Great job on the new shaft. Thanks for the photos.
  19. BeachHunter

    First Gold Ring Ever!

    Congratulations on the gold. That’s awesome!
  20. BeachHunter

    Armrest, Power Bank And Carbon Tube

    Cool design. Well done!
  21. BeachHunter

    Anderson Shafts Available Soon For Equinox

    Interesting about the EQ’s shaft problems. I get wet and so will my EQ so to avoid the wet wobbles and blistering I went ahead and ordered the Anderson CF replacement. I will give an update on it when it arrives and I’ve had a chance to put it into service. Next headphones and 6” coil.
  22. BeachHunter

    I Paid For The 800 Tonight

    Awesome score. Congratulations! Very cute baby.
  23. BeachHunter

    2nd Beach Hunt With The 800

    Congratulations on the gold!
  24. A one man shop who wears all the hats running a business can be tough but it seems you’re doing an excellent job Gerry. Congratulations on the Silver! Best of luck!