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  1. 5 hours ago, Doc Bach said:

    You and I seem to have very similar hunting practices.What I mean is that we sometimes at least do our research with our imagination and legs and of course a lot of hard work.Very nice relic with a lot of history and I'm envious of your early and prolific site.

    I go there now more for nostalgia than expecting finds other than small iron. I dream of the day I stumble onto another such site. They’re there, but it’s rough terrain and homesites were somewhat scarce throughout that period. Good thing is if you do find a site with no cellar hole or anything obvious, it’s more likely to be untouched, so that’s all the more reason to look for them. There is no LiDAR available and sat photog doesn’t show much due to the tree density. 
      Another special find from this site is this gold open thimble, engraved Germany. IMG_6379.thumb.jpeg.8b6bf25b9c1a128af512bdef3da597fc.jpeg

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  2. 1 minute ago, rvpopeye said:

    Oh my goshk , that's older than I yam !

    Good detecting spot , what brought it to your attention ?

    Random detecting very old area woods listening for telltale iron targets that led me to this virgin homesite a number of years ago. I still go to this site but it’s Rare to pull up any non ferrous target these days. Still searching the woods in hope of wandering onto another hidden homesite like this one. 

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  3. Forgot to mention that I have a 1/2” wide large rubber band that goes around the coil and covers edge and the rubber band is covered with black electrical tape which keeps the band from slipping off. The rubber band is good cushioning against rocks. I got the bands ( like 7” diameter) off eBay. I suppose they come in other sizes as well. I don’t have one for my 11” coil. With silicone fusion tape it probably provides enough cushioning alone. 

  4. I just use a few times around with electrical tape and change it when it starts getting ragged. I have used the silicone self fusing tape on other things with benefit, so I might upgrade to this at some point. I find it to be fairly expensive otherwise I’d find even more uses for it. I think it would be superior in terms of cushioning against rocks. 

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  5. I’m pretty well covered on the pinpointer front:          
    XP Mi6,        XP Mi4,

     Garrett pp AT   ( AKA Garrett Carrot)

    Garrett pro pointer II

    old original Garrett propointer

    always keep a spare in the car glove compartment. They all get used but my favorites are the XP and Carrot. 

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  6. Might give it a go later in August when my wife will be away for a week and I’ll have lots of time to myself. I did the .71 update with my work laptop and it went ok- this one I’ll do at home on my Chromebook and I haven’t heard about too many updating issues. I do like the idea of the new audio features.  


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  7. Mi6 and Mi4 pinpointers, I have both but don’t pair the Mi6 bc I don’t like that it shuts off the detector while using it. I almost got Steve’s shaft but held off bc I already have separate shafts , one for 11” coil and one for 9” which I keep in separate backpacks, although it’s still on my wish list. I like the very well made 3-D printed remote holder available thru eBay. You can’t lose the remote and enables you to easily remove the remote to put in a wrist ban holder ( i modded a remote holder myself which works great). I also just put glass screen protectors on the remote and WS6

    ( which also has a wristband made from the commercial XP one but I improved on with an elastic wristband)

    I like all the options you have in how you configure your Deus 2. I’ve had A couple other detectors since getting the D2 but they were just being passed by in favor of the  D2 so now they are all I have

    (I consider it two detectors- remote D2 and WS6 D2, or 9” and 11” ) because of the 2nd shaft- which is also an add-on accessory. It’s the lighter Orx shaft. 

      Like many I’m waiting for a small elliptical coil, and wouldn’t an 8” concentric be a great accessory to try?

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  8. 9 hours ago, bigtim1973 said:

    XP has the best units for being portable with the smallest footprint


    On your xterra pro.....it isnt going to be very handy breaking it down but there is a thing you could buy that does allow you to have a folding handle. But you could just take the coil and lower stem off and just put them side by side and it will slip down into a backpack.

    I modified an f75 and an Equinox with the folding mechanism you are referring to- they do work very well and make detectors small enough to fit in a backpack easily without removing anything, and they fold and unfold very easily. I tried the Xterra pro but wasn’t thrilled partly because its too big collapsed for a backpack, and I didn’t consider it worthwhile to modify. Can’t beat the XP for weight and max portability - it’s all I use now. Hardly a need for any other. 

  9. I wish these things bugged me more as it would imply I’m getting more detecting time in and therefore recharging more. Anyway it’s an interesting topic and if a magnetic quick connection for charging the remote were available, I’d buy one. For the past few months I’ve been using the WS6 as master most often, but lately it’s been more like 50-50 with the remote. 

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  10. Thanks Chase, thanks ghostlight. 
    I’ll check it out. I’m not a big watcher of MD videos but I’ve been watching The Scottish Detectorist (who By the way uses a Deus 2) and I’m ready to pack up my belongings and move to the land of my grandparents, great aunts and uncles. Well, maybe 🤔 I’ll just go for a week or two. I will hit full retirement age this October- and even though I’m not retiring for another 10 years ( assuming my good health continues) I intend to actually use my bloody vacation time for actual vacations, lol

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  11. I have slim fingers and see fine as long as I’m wearing my 3.0 diopter reading glasses so I like using my ws6 as master ( with my 9” coil ) for my 11 “ I just got a remote holder that attached into the shaft end and the remote sits in it with a screwed on top with thumbscrews which can’t fall off.  So I can use my remote worn on my arm or use it shaft mounted - same with WS6 I can use it on the stem or worn like a watch. I have only used the deus2 in the water once so not much experience to tell. 

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