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  1. You sir are brave for your self repair. Glad it worked for you.
  2. Like just coils just not a priority until backlog of preorders is fulfilled. When coils are finally available, I’ll buy one and then sell the 2nd detector. I think separate parts will start being sold mid-late summer but it’s a guess.
  3. I waited a long time before doing any updates due to the myriad problems but finally did V .71 on the 9” machine I just got and having satisfied myself it’s good, I’ll do the 11” machine this week. I haven’t noticed any performance problems with my Mi6 when paired and it definitely connects better since the update ( like XP states in listing the features in the latest update).I’ll sell one unit when I can get a coil separately but as long as I have it I’ll be doing updates first on one detector.
  4. I agree yours does not seem to be working right.
  5. If I see no reason not to I plan on updating my other Deus 2 ( with 11” coil) from 0.6 to 0.71 because it’s pretty obviously better. I’m happy to have the 2nd Deus because it’s the only way to have both 11” an 9” coils, but once coils are available alone I’ll almost certainly sell one of the units. It’s too costly to have as a backup only.
  6. I’m using V 0.71 and everything seems fine. No problem hitting deep targets. I’ve only used sensitive full tones since update and noticed the tones are better than 0.6. Mi6 connects much faster now is another thing I noticed.
  7. As I just got a second deus2 ( this one 9”) I went ahead and did 0.71 on the 9” one if everything seems ok I’ll do the other next week. I had no problem with the update.
  8. Did the update today- went well - had no problems just had to re-pair the WS6 since I was updating from V0.6 I’ll have a chance to try it this afternoon . The whole weekend looks good for detecting in fact.
  9. I’m not risking it until posts like yours stop happening. I’ve heard of it freezing on and one other that won’t turn on like yours. He sent his remote in and will report on his return experience. good luck
  10. This is a fascinating thread to follow.
  11. I’m ready to update from 0,6 to V 0.7. I’m going to do one unit and leave the other at 0.6 for time being which will enable me to make comparisons directly.
  12. Upgraded my coil only order to Deus 2 9” coil package at the discount I requested and effective January 2 order date. Friday ( 3 days after placing order) I got the tracking number and will have by Wednesday. I certainly never planned to have two D2’s but will have now. I could keep both, or perhaps sell one of the remotes , or even sell the full 11” package-but after using the 11” coil I definitely do want it for fields and large open spaces.
  13. Right I wouldn’t worry about it, I’ve had my card linked in eBay for years with no problems whatsoever. Also, when I sell something eBay sends payout ( minus fees) directly to account.
  14. I wish the D2 was like an iPhone , plug in to charge and automatically via WiFi updates all on its own. No? Too bad
  15. Can you tell me at what dealers? (via PM if you don’t want to say openly) I ordered my spare coil on January 2.
  16. I can’t believe I’m even considering it but if my dealer agrees to keep my place in shipping queue for 9” coil, I may upgrade order to complete Deus 2 w/9” coil which is obviously more $ but I’d receive in few weeks max. As I got rid of all my other detectors having 2 Deus II’s (9” and 11”) doesn’t seem too overkill as I’d then have backup if anything fails, as well as more total run time w/o needing to recharge if I ever need that. Also extra custom programs slots. Waiting to hear back from my dealer guy. Heard stand alone coils might not hit the dealers until the fall- a big reason I’m considering this option.
  17. I noticed in general the USB to device end connectors are not snug and can lose contact if moved. Check LEDs and WS6 moon icon shows charging and don’t disturb. Someone said to pinch connector ends for more snug fit. Might be worth a try. I noticed the WS6 contact is especially loose.
  18. Wondering why So many botched update results happening. It either goes perfect or it’s a mess. I find it curious and frustrating and I’m apprehensive about doing it.
  19. Looking at post from another forum, at least one reported they didn’t like the delay in the target ID which as you know folks here wanted a longer dwell of the TID, so XP lengthened the TID delay and now there’s complaint that they acquire multiple targets before the old target ID times Out. This sounds like a problem to me as I often have a rapid swing. I like that with 0.6 the TID refreshes quickly. What do you think? Did they overcompensate? Could someone estimate how much the TID dwell is with 0.7 versus 0.6.? Is it longer by 50%? 100% ? 200%. Maybe someone can swing back and forth between 2 targets and see if the TID dwell makes you have to slow down your swing to ID each ? maybe for TID dwell there should be user choice between V0.6 speed and V0.7 speed?
  20. I will have to wait until at least Monday to do the V 0.7 update- I must say it looks like an awesome update with a lot of the improvements that were discussed right here. I have detecting opportunities this weekend on V 0.6 but I’ll be watching for 0.7 user comments all weekend HH and Happy Easter
  21. Never considered rotational torque, and it’s another point of weakness. I will rephrase my nose heavy as compared to equinox it’s easier to swing. I tried a counterweight at the arm cuff and it felt better swinging it. I’ve decided not to pursue the coil centering idea. Wouldn’t even have brought it up if I had my dang 9” coil already.
  22. So I have the 11” Deus 2 coil and I must say I’m doing quite well with it even in dense iron and target rich areas. I only extend the lower stem 4” or 5” which keeps it fairly light and balanced. I’m wondering if the use of a coil centering device would be worth getting only for the 11” coil- I wouldn’t bother on the 9” coil which I’m anxious to receive. If anyone has one or tried one can you give me your opinion if it helps or not really worth it? The Deus 2 with 11” coil is absolutely not nose heavy, but I’d consider the centering device worthwhile if it makes it notably more balanced. Thanks
  23. Have a great break. I also bought the 280 which I got for excursions, but I use a smaller backpack for regular use. The 280 holds much more and is almost too much for little treks. Packed to the gills it’s still very comfortable to have on while hiking. It’s not hard even detecting with it on because it’s a bit lighter then.
  24. Thanks for the sad update, I’m going to rely on forced optimism and irrational exuberance and see if that gets me my 9” coil before then!
  25. Carolina, Did you say stand alone coils for Deus 2 won’t be available until late October? I ordered a 9” in January and last update from my dealer stated they’re not certain but expect a few to come with their next batch of detectors. October would be 10 month wait if that’s correct. I’m doing well with the 11” but really want the 9”.
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