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  1. I got curious about the dd vs concentric question with respect to the Equinox and looked into that question with respect to xp deus, and I could'nt find any examples of a concentric coil on the deus, which I find rather curious. If anyone knows why that is I'd like to know. Has one even been tried and is one even available ?
  2. Thank You Steve, I don't know why it hasn't been commented on before this. I know the Nox has not even been released but I hope Minelab offers up a 9" or 10" concentric coil like the one the x terra 705 came with as its stock coil ( although I really preferred the 10.5" dd on the 705) i think for the equinox I'd rather get a concentric coil before I got a small or large dd as an accessory coil, unless I had very expansive fields to detect. i am often confused by the multiple signals that dd coils give on shallow targets. I think I will try the 5"x10" concentric coil from my Omega on my f75-I've already tried the 5"x10" dd from the Omega and it worked well.
  3. I'm wondering how the Equinox would perform with a concentric coil, as compared to dd coils , assuming one is offered as an accessory in the future. ?
  4. Not a mention of it by anyone on minelab owners Equinox forum. I think we all by now expect Equinox news when the website comes back online hopefully sometime before the end of the weekend
  5. I couldn't get onto minelab.com Friday night and also couldn't help thinking they were updating the site with equinox announcement ( hope hope)
  6. I think what Steve is saying is that if it didn't come from minelab it shouldnt be trusted
  7. Only makes me even more anxious to get mine. Pretty impressive demo, even without the comments.
  8. I pre-ordered my Equinox 800 on October 8 and paid for it up front. I knew I wanted to get one from the start, but had to first sell another machine in order to make ordering the Nox possible. I'm anxious to get one in my hands like everyone else that has one on pre-order, but right now I'd be happy if minelab put out a firm delivery date.
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