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  1. Surprisingly no emi problems with all that juice running under foot?
  2. Thanks, I’ll download what you linked to, thanks for that, phrunt I will make sure I can get it opened up with that then standby for a while again as in the update thread I see there are still some that claim loss of depth. I’m thinking maybe they didn’t use the version of 0.6 with March date but the earlier one.
  3. I want to do the V0.6 update now that it appears to be safe to do so. Now, I apologize for my utter lack of computer skills but I need some help. I don’t have a PC but can use a windows based laptop at work, or my wife’s laptop. I’ve updated my equinox a couple of times but when I go to XP update page and download I get a program updaterdeusIIupdate.zip and cannot open it. The video instruction by Gary says it will ask if you want to have it on your home screen but I don’t get that prompt. The zip file does not open. What am I doing wrong? Help would be appreciated. Thsnks
  4. I’m not having any problems with the charging clip, but I’m curious to compare it to the older version as you say it’s different.
  5. I Love the WS6 phones, and as I stated on another thread, I just attach them with 4 small zip-ties to a baseball cap so they stay put but you can move the earpieces away when you want and feel very comfortable to use. It’s still amazing to me you can control the detector by them.
  6. Might have to switch to something more secure. Simple small pinch buckles are never going to fail.
  7. I agree- I do have non glare protector but the environmental cover is glare inducing so I might cut the plastic where the screen is so I can benefit from the anti glare of the protector.
  8. Oval coil may not be in the cards for technical reasons, unless it’s a 7 x 10 or so like vanquish 440 has. But as Palzinsky says about the lightweight upper, I’m going to get one to use with WS6 and 9” coil as Deus 2-Lite. I agree the lower shaft flex is not as bad as stated, but I’m only extending the coil stem 6” with 11” coil and maybe 8” with the 9” ( when I get that) so any flex would be minimized. Some enterprising outfit will surely introduce a stiffer option or a remedy to improve stiffness. Maybe it just needs a little blue pill?
  9. I wish it would be an audio book narrated by the one, the only Gary B.
  10. If a small elliptical is a non starter, then whats the minimum coil size that would not have the manufacturing issues and yet provide enough of an advantage in trashy areas and around obstacles to be worthwhile? How about a 7” round for instance?
  11. I’m holding off for time being also. Who knows, maybe yet another update will be released in near future
  12. Sometimes there is a slight delay in connecting. When ready you hear a sound pulse which indicates connection. Sometimes when that sound doesn’t come I point the pp toward metal and it will be functional. Only rarely do I have to turn it off and on again to connect.
  13. So, I assume I should wait for the bug fix then it’s Ok to do the update? When bug is fixed will it result in V 0.6 date later than all other updates?
  14. Would a round carbon fiber tube inserted into Deus 2 lower stem add stiffness without any noticeable added weight? In other words strengthen it rather than trying to make non- round fiber stem replacement? Just thinkin
  15. Do the Deus 2 lower stems fit into the Orx telescoping shaft?and is the remote snap-on mount the same? They are or were not long ago only $99 and excellent quality. Could be used for second setup along lines of Deus 2 lite. Might exhibit less flexure combined with D2 lower stem?
  16. I thought XP was going to offer a sturdier lower stem particularly for diving ( but could be used inland as well). I have the 11” and being 5’ 8” and because it’s the 11” coil I only extend the lower stem about 6-7 “ ( I don’t know what mark that would be ) and at that length I do not notice any wobble or feel it’s flimsy.
  17. What I don’t find ( or understand) in the manual, I usually will find here in the postings of this forums very knowledgeable members. I’m sure I’ll get an XP Deus 2 book as soon as it’s published. I can’t imagine one not being written.
  18. I take it you’re a satisfied camper? I got that from your subtle descriptions, lol.
  19. I’ve not done any updates so what’s the consensus among everyone? is doing the update recommended now or hold off ?
  20. Excellent summary, Alain im stuck with the 11” coil until I can get my 9” which is on preorder. It’s funny, though. I’m really getting used to the 11” coil having no trouble centering on targets or in trashy areas. Instead of worrying about when I’ll get the 9”coil, I’m just looking forward to it while enjoying the 11”. There are still programs I haven’t tried yet, but weather here is allowing me to get out more often now so I can get up to speed. when do you expect to have your own Deus II ? I enjoy your comments and observations.
  21. I’m still going to hold off on the big number update. If that’s and a slight tone change in one setting, it’s not worth the risk until they provide the roll back feature. They really better stick to proper software version management since multiple updates are anticipated. B
  22. By the way Gerry has some 9” D2 units right now that are not spoken for.
  23. I just watched a video by Grif-finds where he went over targets he tested before the large TID V0.6 update, and after. He concludes there is no noticeable depth reduction between before and after. I’m aware others ARE finding depth reduced with the new update. We’ll see where else this leads.
  24. GRIF-Finds mini tutorials are really helpful. I have a special playlist on my YouTube just for tutorials on Deus 2 by Calabash, XP/Gary Blackwell and a couple others including Grif-finds. Even though I’ve read the manual, these tutorial videos are incredibly helpful. Kudos to all who take the time to make them.
  25. Something went awry that’s for sure. All I know for sure is that between this and the 9” scarcity, XP got some ‘splainin to do! Gary, if you’re here can you shed any light on this ?
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