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  1. Chase, thanks for doing this thread. It will no doubt be added to quite a bit as the D2 makes its way into more hands. Hopefully software controlled complaints like the way the T.ID number reverts back to program mode too quickly will be easily fixed in a software update. The sooner these concerns are related to XP- the sooner that will occur.
  2. 9” with unit, 11” purchased separately- based upon my type of detecting the usage ratio will favor the 9” at 75%\25%. I do hope to have more fields to detect in the near future though. I did tell my dealer if an 11” coil unit is available first I’ll take it and get the 9” coil as accessory.
  3. Got an update today from my dealer stating that the few in the first shipment are now enroute to the early birds. Also that they expect that most of the present preorders to be satisfied with the larger second shipment ( which XP said would follow the first by a matter of weeks). For the dealer to state that knowing how many are on preorder now they must be expecting enough in the second batch to cover that or close to it. In any case Having put my order in almost 2 months ago, I’m now fairly optimistic I’ll get mine when the 2nd batch gets here.
  4. And possibly the end of the bottleneck of product? You Start with a Tiny then steadily increasing but regular shipments- slow enough to jack up demand but not so slow that folks get angry enough to cancel orders? 🤔
  5. A fellow that prepaid for his a week after I did (same dealer) was told by them his should be among 2nd shipment, so if he’s in second batch, I should surely be. Problem is I get a bit obsessed with checking for hints and clues regarding shipments- and I bet I’m not alone.
  6. Oh where oh where has my Deus II gone, oh where oh where can it be…?
  7. XP indicated “ several weeks” after first small batch when I inquired last weeks. Mid March is what I now expect. Late Feb seems too optimistic if it’s to be a hefty one.
  8. I have a pair on preorder- I don’t plan on using them for diving ( maybe someday) but I’ve always wanted to try bone conduction headphones and although I’d carry the remote on my arm or around my neck ( or hip) it will help in the woods where I need to hear my surroundings for safety. I don’t expect to use them exclusively- will use the WS6 most of the time I expect.
  9. I assumed a potential 5.5”x9” for the Deus II would have the internal battery and not the external battery of the hf coil. Perhaps there is a problem fitting the internal battery on the smaller coil? If that’s the case, maybe they could entertain the idea of a different size altogether, like a 7” round? Which would think would still be desirable.
  10. Very sneaky of you, Chase, but I agree that coil would be highly desired by many of us, at least on this side of the Atlantic ( I hate the pond reference)
  11. While I’m waiting , I’ve been working on my custom Deus II backpack made from a Prince multi-racket tennis bag. I had the new XP backpack, but prefer this style.
  12. Welcome, Gary. I see version 0.6 is ready, and hopefully helps get more units out to us impatient Americans. My question to you Gary, the recent shipping status update said the units coming have version 0.6 installed, so it should not need the software update, is that correct? Only the units shipped prior to the version 0.6 notice need to be updated?
  13. If they add another coil my guess would be the 5.5”xx 9” elliptical, only as a FMF coil. I thought that would have been the logical accessory coil instead of the 11” X 13” they plan to offer.
  14. Gonna study this over the weekend. Appreciate your posting it. I’m very weak in this area and need the step by step help.
  15. The only thing you might be able to do is count on the stability of the T.ID and if you’re willing to accept possibility of losing similar T.ID good targets - you can employ a small notch.
  16. There are some in France and uK don’t know how many. Without basis I’m gonna say that Western Europe start getting to buyers this week and next and by 3rd and 4th week of January we in the States will get them( those who pre-ordered in the first few weeks, before all the Calabash videos really hit hard. Im sticking with this prognostication so take of leave it.
  17. After watching Gary’s latest video, I commented on it and how highly we regard him , and how anxious I am to have my Deus II. Then I shamelessly asked if he thought they’d be in the states within the month of January. He thanked me for my support but told me sorry, but he knows nothing related to sales and shipments. He always replies to comments- he’s just a class act.
  18. Not all healings are religious based. Some believe that it is dud to the consciousness tapping into quantum reality.
  19. A similar phenomenon is faith healing. Can’t be supported or explained in scientific terms, but it is happening without a doubt. The placebo effect is strong, but I don’t get think it can account for some of the cases. They are just too dramatic.
  20. Dowsing rods can be bought cheap on Amazon or made yourself, so lacking evidence I’d just like to get some tips from a so called dowser and give it a try for the fun of it. Not for finding water, but an underground cache maybe.
  21. I do agree that facts don’t care about your opinions or your feelings ( unlike many who do these days) so many who “follow the science” but only the science that lines up with their belief system. I will say there is a lot going on in the world that science ( as currently understood) says cannot be. That’s what makes the world so interesting. Happy New Year
  22. I have some unused phone glass protectors which I will practice cutting at my work ( I’m a precision optics specialist) with a diamond scribe to see if I can cut them into size and even grind on Plano diamond grinding tool. If it works I’ll be happy to send protectors to anyone here that wants a glass cover for their Deus II screen.
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