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  1. The EMI filter has about a %10 success rate on my 600. So, yesterday I was at one of my favorite parks under real noisy powerlines. I have never had success with the Nox's filter here and usually hunt in single frequency. Being an optimist l hit the filter button and it worked! Zero noise, and it netted me a 1953 QEII quarter. So, now that the filter is set l am going to leave it there and try it in other areas where powerlines are a noise maker...
  2. I thought that my EMI filter was faulty until I read this topic. Occasionally my filter will work flawlessly and filter all emi out. This is extremely rare that this happens and was going to request warranty for this fault. Lols...
  3. No problems updating sw here. Can't wait to go try it out. If there was one thing... could they turn down the backlight on the 600. Still way too bright. All in all a good job, Thanks Minelab
  4. Also, if you are detecting anywhere with black sand make sure "beach 1 mode" is used. I learned this on a river hunt where there was a lot of black sand. Quieted the detector right up. Made all those "1s" disappear! ?
  5. Don't know if anyone else has noticed that: Solid targets like coins and pull tabs are usually bang on with pinpointer. Targets like folded foil or ketchup packets can be up to three inches off center. Have not noticed other targets pulling pinpointer off target. I always sweep over target area after replacing plug. Coin spills taught me to always recheck!
  6. Contemplating getting the Garrett Zlink module, since it has the same latency as the WM module. Anyone using it? If so so, any compatibility issues? TIA
  7. I'm with SittingElf on this one. Only use single to interrogate target... If you follow manual instructions you'd be noise canceling and ground balancing every minute or so when using single frequencies. I find ground pump in multi works rather well. Also tid shift in 10khz as another tool keeps me from digging those pesky bottle caps...
  8. Here's a new one. Factory reset my 600 today. Park 1,2 and Field 1 started in 10khz. Park 2 and Field 1 kept previous disc settings. Each time I factory reset less memory would get recalled from previous settings. I had to reset 4 time before previous settings were completely wiped. I have not checked after my 1.5 hour hunt this afternoon to see if any old settings have returned. Sure am hoping this instability is not indicative of bigger issues!
  9. Panning would definatley be a step in the right direction. But save your slurry in case you need another test.
  10. Hmmm... You got me thinking about my Mpow earbuds. They connect with no + sign but seem to work fine. So I set up a test with 6 items to see if definition and separation were an issue. I was unable to determine any signal lag between wired headphones and wireless earbuds. The main differences were lack of bass response on earbuds, and the silver 5c piece was crisper sounding. All I can say is try a test between the wired and wireless. Hope that helps, a bit.
  11. Sounds like our town park. Lots of foil, crown caps and pennies. I recovered over 500 pennies there last year with my Cibola. Couldn't wait to try the new Nox 600 there this year. Like you, I believe there is more silver there then the one piece I found there last year. Besides being overwhelmed with the amount of foil and unmasked pennies this year. I am staying positive that there is silver there to be uncovered. Thanks for the report. Very similar to my findings...
  12. Great finds! Thanks for the info on P2 and F2 lighting up tiny can slaw and foil. (And here I thought I was doing something wrong!) ?
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