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  1. Champ Ferguson

    Kco Only Received Six

    George in SC expressed those same thoughts to me last week. He worked not only in retail, but in overseas shipping and is well versed in how the shipping container deliveries work/cost/etc. I think you guys may be onto something.
  2. Champ Ferguson

    Equinox 600 Versus Equinox 800

    Steve, Thanks for posting your thoughts on 50 tone. I have long struggled to understand why seemingly everyone 'dumbs down' their machines to 4 or 5 tone mode and deprived themselves of information. You are the first of the elite level detectorists (don't be modest) I have seen state what I thought was obvious. I've even asked on forums for someone to tell me why a few tones would be the preferred hunting setting (I understand why you would use it in some specific cases). Seriously, I've had myself wondering if I didn't misunderstand something important by preferring 50 tones.
  3. Champ Ferguson

    The Consequence Of Equinox

    Hey John! I grew up nearby to JC. Still lots of family in the area. Best advice I can give you is to eat at Pals.
  4. Champ Ferguson

    The Consequence Of Equinox

    Well, I knew it had to be a big target.
  5. Champ Ferguson

    The Consequence Of Equinox

    If any of you found a 1/4-20 washer with your old Radio Shack detector, you did WAY better than I ever did with mine. That thing put me off the hobby for a decade.
  6. Holy Crap! A CTX locally for $800?!!??? Please tell me it followed you home. I'd be all over that as a spare if I could test it before buying. And congratulations on the way you've made the hobby work for you!
  7. Champ Ferguson

    Just Called Kellyco

    What was it SH said a bit back? Something like 'If you didn't hear it from Minelab, don't treat it as a Fact'.......
  8. Champ Ferguson

    Wow Minelab!! Simply Amazing!!!

    I was very pleasantly surprised at the Eq manual. Its well beyond what I have come to expect in a ML manual. I think they may be listening to their customers. And I absolutely agree with Tiftaat in that the information at this site is better than any book that will hit the market.
  9. Champ Ferguson

    Equinox Product Release Info Update

    Why does a picture of a bunch of People of Walmart at Xmas standing around a pallet fighting over a product keep coming to mind? Good thing most initial Eq sales aren't walk-ins, I guess!
  10. Champ Ferguson

    Wall Charger?

    I'd bet even grade schoolers have a pile of those laying around. I think some people spend their lives looking for something to complain about.
  11. Champ Ferguson

    Minelab Partners Conference Starts Tomorrow

    I don't think there's going to be many beginners buying in the first wave, or even second wave for that matter. Too many experienced detectorists wanting one. This IS going to be an interesting rollout, for sure.
  12. Champ Ferguson

    Survey: Whats Your Main Detecting Environment

    Will you adopt me? I can bring my own detectors.
  13. Champ Ferguson

    Detector Market

    I've seen common date counterfeit US silver dimes for sale on Chinese websites. They'll ripoff anything.
  14. Champ Ferguson

    Why Do You Want An Equinox?

    - Lightweight (shoulder isn't improving with age- go figure. also wife can use more easily) - Waterproof to my required depths - Can force a single high freq
  15. Champ Ferguson

    Mercury Dime Teaser

    Steve, you really ought to put out a manual on the Equinox after it comes out. Even if it was just a compilation of your posts here, it would be a best seller. I feel like I already know almost as much about the workings of a detector that I haven't even seen yet as I do about the ones I have used for years.