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  1. Hi just bought a new Nokta Impact and wondering if Makro Racer 2 wireless phones will work on it ?
  2. Hi got a chance of a s/h racer gold but can’t find anyone who’s used it in salt water or sand ? my Racer 2 is great but what’s the gold like ?
  3. Thank both Steve and John....I have contacted seller but he says he can’t find the serial number ?? Also When was the mx sport first introduced ?
  4. Hi all I have a Macro Racer 2 .When I use the stock coil in salt water I have no issues ,it runs really smooth with no falsing,but when I change to the Mars 13 inch Discovery coil inch it runs very erratically and falsing....does any one else have this issue?
  5. Hi all Just joined and would like some help.I detect in Cornwall UK and Spain’s Costa Blanca. Owned quite a few detectors over the years inc CTX 3030. The old Whites Spectrum (great detector) Thinking of buying a used MX Sport but really want to know if all the bugs have been sorted re the firmware upgrades,and is the warranty (2yrs ? )Transferable. Would appreciate any help
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