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  1. Damn I was looking forward to that this year, will be in Rye Patch in couple days for a couple months.....
  2. These 2 were detected with my Nox 800 in a hole with approx. 1ft water & 5 inches muck. Trying to dwn load short video of session but keeps getting kicked back even after trimming. On my way south in morning maybe figure it out and post later.
  3. Nice Finds, gonna start my slow roll south from the Great State of AK. in a few days need temps to drop a bit.... 🥵
  4. The parks people were very clear, No Keeping of Anything of Value, New or Old !!! But as always one should check out the rules themselves.
  5. Nice job !!! you found what I missed !!!!! Haha !!!!!!!
  6. Lake Havasu has a good club, Havasu Gold Seekers, rumor is they have some good claims. Also I was driving around Havasu yesterday waiting on my truck appointment and drove up to the state park entrance and asked if mental detecting was allowed, it is but believe it or not you can only keep the trash, not any of the good finds they have to be put back. Yes you read that right, anything of value I was told by state park employee has to be left, the Stupid must be leaching over from California !!!! Haha !!!!
  7. The only people you have to watch when their lip's are flopping, Fishermen & Miner's !!!!! Haha !!!!
  8. I know what I want when I Fish !!!!! Haha !!!!!
  9. Nice knife, had one of those back in the 60's, lost it on my grandparents farm, wish I still had it ... Nice coins as well, Good hunt !!!!!!
  10. Nice Outing, I like what you guys think is cold......🤭
  11. If they are legit claims then it would be Mineral Trespass, unless something has changed. I use to put my cameras up high and pointed them dwn with a wedge made from 2x4's then secured them with a Python Cable, worked Great, after a few photos of claims jumper's posted at local coffee shop's this Shit Stopped !!!!!! Good Luck !!!!
  12. Very, Very Nice !!!! Came upon a wash with raw black beautiful obsidian yesterday myself... That was great in itself But I was Looking for Gold !!!!! Lol !!!!!
  13. Nice outing Mitchell !!!! Do It Again !!!!!
  14. Great Find !!! Makes me want to swing my 7000 more !!!!
  15. I'll stop by and say Hi !!!! Missed meeting you at our W.S.P.A . Gold Basin outing.....
  16. Did end up detecting a bit of Shiny out of thawed ground under rock.
  17. Did that, Got tired of That, Gave into AK. in summers lower forty 48 in winter, always swinging somewhere...
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