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  1. I'll stop by and say Hi !!!! Missed meeting you at our W.S.P.A . Gold Basin outing.....
  2. Did end up detecting a bit of Shiny out of thawed ground under rock.
  3. Did that, Got tired of That, Gave into AK. in summers lower forty 48 in winter, always swinging somewhere...
  4. I've been towing a 30ft tow behind toy hauler with a Ford F-150 Lariat tow package, using a Curtis weight distribution & sway bar, back & forth from Alaska to as far as Yuma Arizona, mainly detecting & SxS rides. Proper weight distribution & correct speed make for a smoother ride....
  5. I'm gonna copy rvpopeye.... #1 Concentrate on Recovery #2 Everything Else
  6. Looks Good, been trying to reach Doc last couple days to put order in, but no one is answering or returning calls. Everyone OK I Hope ?? Maybe just out on a trip ??
  7. Clark you should post that on our site ... Maybe get some conversation going ??? Once again Nice Hunting !!!!
  8. Nice finds Mitchell, I'll be in Gold Basin for a month & ahalf, starting this Sat. If your around look me up, let's Dig It !!!!
  9. Getting my 2nd shot 7th of April, will not be sitting in Alaska another winter..... Newly retired myself, got spoiled last winter dwn in the lower 48.....
  10. I thought congress and Only Congress can change the status of these right of way's. And I have fought for use of these trails and Won, which of course helped me with access to claims ( mine & claims up & dwn Stream of mine ) and owner's of claims in my area. I Didn't Give Up and Go Away which they would have preferred......
  11. When it comes to easements you should check and make sure they are or are not RS2477 Right of Ways....
  12. That's a Sweet way to bring in the New Year !!!!!!
  13. Very nice work beatup, it's great when hard work pays off !!!!
  14. They remind me of some glass beads that I would buy to trout fish with, especially the ones with red in them. The size's cover dolly eggs 6mm all the way up to king eggs 14mm. But as others have mentioned hard to tell from photos.
  15. Depending on area and or state that I am detecting, I'll take at least 2 detectors and 2 pin pointers with me. ( As well as 2 scoops ) Lol !!!! I feel if you have the equipment and the room to carry them it's a no brainer.....
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