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  1. Getting my 2nd shot 7th of April, will not be sitting in Alaska another winter..... Newly retired myself, got spoiled last winter dwn in the lower 48.....
  2. I thought congress and Only Congress can change the status of these right of way's. And I have fought for use of these trails and Won, which of course helped me with access to claims ( mine & claims up & dwn Stream of mine ) and owner's of claims in my area. I Didn't Give Up and Go Away which they would have preferred......
  3. When it comes to easements you should check and make sure they are or are not RS2477 Right of Ways....
  4. That's a Sweet way to bring in the New Year !!!!!!
  5. Very nice work beatup, it's great when hard work pays off !!!!
  6. They remind me of some glass beads that I would buy to trout fish with, especially the ones with red in them. The size's cover dolly eggs 6mm all the way up to king eggs 14mm. But as others have mentioned hard to tell from photos.
  7. Depending on area and or state that I am detecting, I'll take at least 2 detectors and 2 pin pointers with me. ( As well as 2 scoops ) Lol !!!! I feel if you have the equipment and the room to carry them it's a no brainer.....
  8. Been a Danner guy for years myself. Hope they work for you as well as they have been for me.... Hope to meet up with you in Rye Patch this coming fall. Winter in the Great State of Alaska isn't as fun as it use to be !!!! Lol !!!!!!
  9. I've been wearing Danner Stronghold Wellington 10" Brown Slip On, only metal is a little tag on side of boot that I cut off with a pair of diagonal cutters. ( Dikes ) Good snug fit, not crippled by end of day !!!!
  10. I don't know what happened here, I thought photo was right side up when I posted it. Just trying to show high water in lake. Trying to give you successful lake beach hunters ( for jewelry ) as much info as I can to see if there is something I'm missing. Besides me not getting my coil over this type of target..... Lol !!!!! Isn't that part of what this site is about ??? But if this gave some of you a chuckle, that works for me in these times....
  11. Thanks Joe D. / Johnny Crunch, on the inside of the tree line there are RV camp site's and during the summer the lake water is up to the trees, so a lot of folks brave the cold glacier fed lake water and go for a swim. And I know some must have forgotten to take their jewelry off, But for the life of me I'm just not getting my coil over any of It !!! It's driving me Mad !!! LOL !!!! I've been hunting this beach since the 800 NOX came out, been pretty much the only detector out there with the occasionally friend that I have talk into buying one coming along, but mostly just me. Have found 100 or so coins, toys, and lot's of trash. So what the heck am I doing wrong ??? I do my Noise Cancellation / Ground Balance & start in Park 1 & mess with my sensitivity & threshold a bit, then I might switch to Field 1 doing same setup. Normally using stock coil, gonna swing the 15" coil over same beach area that I have already gone over as soon as weather breaks. Is it that old saying It's Better To Be Lucky Then Good Any Day ??? Is it just that simple ??? Haha !!!!!!!!
  12. Hey Joe D. , nice outing even without finding any jewelry. Been detecting my local lake beach looking for jewelry but only finding coins ( a few silvers ) & toys and a Lot of melted aluminum from firepits. What coil were U swinging ? Weather permitting today ( It's warmed up into the 30's ) I'm going to put my 15" coil on & give it a shot for some Bling. Water has finally come down so I can get to where swimmers would be losing their bling in the Cold Lake Water. Photo shows finds from last detect outing before temps dropped. I have taken a hundred or so coins from same beach can't believe I haven't found any jewelry YET !!!! LOL !!!!!!!!
  13. Maybe Mitchell !!! 😃 If I'm seeing right, looks like a couple very nice Chevron Pc's. Again Very Nice !!!!!!!!!!
  14. Very Nice Lunk !!! Keep those photos & stories coming, gonna be a long winter..... P.S. Nice job by the other Detectorist as Well !!!!!
  15. Very Nice Gerry, unless you have more of them in your poke I'd Keep It !!!!!
  16. Welcome Larry, and a big WOW on your finds so far. I'm a upstate N.Y. boy myself, been wanting to go back and do some detecting some day. Good Luck and keep posting those finds !!!!!!
  17. Black Lighting at night in your SxS looks fun !!! Finding Gold even better !!!!! Wish I was coming down this winter but border, covid, and election year just didn't need extra stress.... Even sold my 6x6 while in Quartzite last winter & bought a new 2020 Can-Am Commander 800R just for navigating deserts. Seats 2 really comfortable & has a decent size dump bed for gear or glow in the dark rocks.... Fits on all 4x4 trails ( so far ) So if you stop in at Gold Diggers tell everyone Hi !!! for me & I look forward to seeing all next fall !!!! I'm already getting bored at home !!!!! Gonna be a long 6 months !!!!! Lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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