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  1. May be specular hematite, limonite, or magnetite. If you have a porcelain streak plate a simple test will help to narrow down the mineral. Simply drag the speciment across the plate, forming a "streak" of fine powder from the mineral. The color of the streak, believe it or not, is oftern different from the bulk color of the specimen. A few possibilities; Red-brown streak = specular hematite Yellow-brown = limonite black = pyrite or magnetite (magnetite will be attracted to a magnet) Hope this helps.
  2. I would like to see XGB-type ground balance. I think the currently excellent ability to handle mineralization could be made even better by factoring in variability of the mineralization. XGB gives the White's/Garrett Goldmaster 24K the ability to handle hot rocks and bad ground. According to Tom Boykin, who headed up the 24k project at White's, the technology is not patented. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/17797-is-there-something-special-about-the-garrett-24k-ground-balance/#comment-185656
  3. As a coin/relic/jewelry hunter in an area with mostly moderate mineralization, my list would be: 1. Equinox 800 2. Tarsacci MDT 8000 3. Deeptech Vista X (have used it only a handful of times, but looks promising) 4. SeaHunter M2 5. Excal I know, none of these were introduced in 2022, but they will be the machines I use in 2022! For higher mineralization sites with relatively low iron content I will use the MDT, high iron sites the Vista X, and for moderate mineralization moderate iron sites the Equinox. Finally, the Excal, SeaHunter and MDT for water hunting, with the choice depending on mineralization (I don't trust the Equinox in the water).
  4. George, How does the Q30 handle mineral in your area? Does the Q30+ overload on cans like the Q60? Thank you
  5. What I like about the TRX is it picks up foil! Also turns on/off quickly.
  6. Interesting that the cartridge is a Henry, but it does not have the double square hammer marks typical of the Henry rifle. I have not seen the single circular hammer mark on a Henry before. I have heard that some 44 caliber revolvers could accept the Henry.
  7. Does it get better depth than the stock coil? If so, by how much? Thanks. Appreciate the advice.
  8. Sven, I ordered the Super 6, which I believe is a 6x8" butterfly. I may consider the Demon if I like the machine. Kent
  9. JCR; I will let you know how it works for me, but it will be awhile. The ground is frozen here and will likely not thaw until spring. Kac; Is it the high salinity of the wet muck that causes problems at high frequency? I have a site that is flood irrigated and the salinity causes problems with all of my detectors except the Nox in Beach mode (have not tried the Tarsacci there yet).
  10. I believe the first detector that had target ID, or the first one that I saw, was a Teknetics. The ID was displayed on an analog meter. I was using a White's 6DB at the time.
  11. I just ordered a Vista X (I was on the fence, but JCR helped me decide). Richard a Backwoods just got in an order of the new 6 pin design.
  12. Strick, Love the old tools and pad locks. Here are a few things I have accumulated. The small spikes I believe to be ore cart rail spikes. The item in the middle, next to the ox shoe, is a mystery. It looks like half of a cannon ball with a groove through the middle.
  13. It was 1976, I was 12. My dad bought me a detector with green stamps. In 1977 I was able to upgrade to a White's 5000-D using money I had saved doing odd jobs.
  14. Do you have to take out the 10 screws each time the batteries need to be charged? How does battery life compare to the stock batteries? thank you
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