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  1. Yes, the plug/connector is defective. The headphone have 0% volume at maximum setting when plugged into the Equinox. When Plugged into WM08 they only produce 5 to 10% volume. I do not recommend these headphones and regret ordering them. I will wait and get a pair from Minelab.
  2. I received a pair of these headphones and they are indeed defective. The problem is with the connector. The seller send me a photo on how to repair them, but it seems Mickey Mouse to me. I'm sending them back.
  3. Well, I've read this thread and my Equinox shaft is still solid. I must be immune to the power of suggestion. Strange, I just noticed one of the legs of the chair I'm sitting on is wobbly.
  4. I really appreciate the gesture, but there is no need to worry about postage or material costs for the cards. It's nice doing something for others, that's payment enough.
  5. Post the Aussie numbers and currency names, and I will edit the US template and post the PDF on this thread. I can easily edit the template for other currencies as well. If someone can provide Civil War common relic target Ids, I will make a PDF for those too.
  6. Thanks, but that's really not nessesary, I've found where my wife hides the stamps.
  7. I use plain water to clean coins. A 10x Nikon loupe for identification if coins are in really worn condition.
  8. I still have some laminated cards if anyone is interested. If you want to print your own, the PDF is below. idcardfinal.pdf
  9. I'm guessing the Equinox is calibrated to quarter sized coins, in neutral soil by what it says in the manual. The arrows on the Equinox scale = 2" (approximately) for each arrow. I started counting the arrows on the depth gauge as 1" for targets falling in the penny/dime ID range. This seems to be effective so far, and more accurate in my highly mineralized soil. I'm still very new to this machine and learning everyday.
  10. I checked my wife's 2 diamond platinum rings. 1 was a 10, and the other a 12, in air testing. She wouldn't let me bury them.
  11. Yes. I kind of went overboard today and made a bunch of these cards, so it might be a while before I run out.
  12. Now they are 2 sided. VID on the front, with settings on the back.
  13. I've only had my 800 for about a week, so I made some simple ID cards using Steve's graphic, to get familiar with the machine. I have extras, and with Steve's permission, I'm offering 1 to the first 50 interested. These are simple, pocket size, laminated cards, with large bold font. Target IDs on the front, detector settings menu on the back. Edit 2/19/19 by Steve Herschbach. The offer to mail you one of these free is long past. Just download the pdf, print, and laminate your own. idcardfinal.pdf
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