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    All types of metal detecting.
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    T2 Classic, G2+, Omega 8500, F44, Patriot - and many others tested and reviewed.
  1. So if somebody hands me non-repayable cash (a grant).....that is the same as using my own money to R&D a project?
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    @goldrat Thank you for the warm welcome. I absolutely consider myself a coin shooter 1st....relic hunter 2nd...gold prospector 3rd. Gold prospecting is by far the most difficult aspect of this hobby in my humble opinion - 2.2oz being our best year ever in Colorado. All flour gold with a sluice and a private claim owned by a friend of a friend of a friend. I signed a NDA for the new stuff...so sorry I can't speak about it. @Steve Herschbach Thank you for the warm welcome as well. You run a great forum here. I make no bones (or apologies) about it - I am a First Texas guy at heart. Glad you enjoyed the video!
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    Hello, I am new here. I think this is a great forum filled with some very intelligent people. The latest change to only allow 6 thread views has me a registered member now instead of an anonymous guest. I dabble in gold prospecting from time to time with my wife. We both are dedicated First Texas users (they sponsor my YouTube channel) but have used many other detectors for many hours (XP - Garrett - Nokta/Makro - Minelab). Anyways...don't want to bore anybody with a huge introduction...so hello and thanks for having me.
  4. These work quite well in most applications I have found. Have had very good luck with them. http://amzn.to/2jHCub8