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  1. Chase…. Yes I was talking wher the majority of the gold rings hit. When I said notch ….can pass most iron. Then in the upper numbers say above 13 I Pass on those. On the days I’m doing this pattern I watching for pretty solid targets from 1 to 10. I will likely do it more during recent drop times trying to cover as much water as possible. In the winter I slow way down concentrating more on deep targets. Where does foil hit I’d say 2 to 4. Deep foil like pull tabs if they are real deep can upscale into the 23 or little higher …oddly above a quarter… but during your slow checking that target may pop a 6 or 7 …. Pull tab just like deep iron which can wrap around to 27ish BUT will show you some neg 26s in there. I can normally get pretty accurate neck deep where I can’t see the screen …. Just by high vs low tones as well on iron.
  2. I did some testing when i first started out as you can see. This tight gold notch has some advantage .... targets like DEEP pull tabs/aluminum and iron that wraps around jump to around 27. A quarter comes in around 20ish. So if you want to pass coins and pattern hunt in the gold range occasionally its pretty easy to do. Ive been using it a good while now beach hunting and have to say ive not found a gold ring that read iron. YOu do get jitter screen..... not so much when the coil is underwater OR passing over a target. This crude sheet shows 106 gold rings i was using 9khz.
  3. Thanks for that info. That iron piece must weigh 2 ounces. Ya never know….. I had one day I dug 5 knives.
  4. Yes TU on the ring. Brass on the bracelet. Most nickels that been out there on this beach are pretty black. It turns them and silver a gold color at first. Wished they would throw a few more my way. As you can tell I like to check some of the deep iron … but I’ve yet to have one turn into a gold ring.
  5. The guys really cleaned the beach this Summer so it a matter of slow hunting for moved targets. This is photos of my last two hunts. I’ve not hunted a lot … been picking and choosing my days waiting on the winds to change. Couple of smalls….. angle is 8.8 grams of 10k and the crazy looking girl is 2.8 grams of 14k. Waters filling down it’s about 70 so there have been fewer people in the water. Getting some good low tides. Thou there are advantages to hunting high tides. Puts you in places you wouldn’t hunt and it seems salt water activates the target better. This time of the year thou beach rotation should be considered… you have to find those target concentrations that been push or pulled all winter and buried. Big shoutout to SteveG on his shaft. I really like it. I’ve gotten NO movement at those locks or wear. I’v been surprised that I’ve not had to change the coil rubbers yet the coil has stayed tight. Thumbs up Steve. Note that Buffalo nickel. Someone has been dropping them along the beach. They are not common and have not been there long. I’m wondering if maybe it was someone wish along with their ashes. We get a lot of that here.
  6. So this is the Production model Joe? I saw Thomas posted about Eric doing several coils for him.
  7. Nice find. Aaron when you going to take a trip to England with one of the groups to get some goodies? Seems more are group hunting there now.
  8. Again something I questioned from the beginning. I was hunting sometimes 10 hours and the answer buy and carry another battery made no sense. Joe did it shortly after getting his. I chalked it up to …. This wasn’t the production model.
  9. I said that from the start as a beach hunter. Many PIs had an 8” coil. I talked to Bill Crabtree several years back his preferred coil size was 9 or 10”. Having swung the Xcal I just like that side.
  10. Great finds Joe. You have that Yoda thing going with this machine just like the Xcal buddy. What coils working best for you?
  11. He’s great with repairs. He genuinely wants you to have a great experience with this machine. Mines been in salt water now nearly 3 years I bet I’ve not used the PP button but a couple of times.
  12. A lot may depend on how deep you think good targets are too. I’ve found lower freqs tend to pick up a bit more EMI but get you the better depth. I’ve hunted in areas like that, not with this machine, but way to many times hunters run to much power. Back it off and hunt the area several times one day maybe better.
  13. Which coil are you using? So what do you think of the depth compared to other machines you have used? Would they have found this really nags?
  14. I have to agree about the tones, id like to have had those Nox tones on this machine. The ping pongs are good for me coming out of AM to check a target. We like it pretty simple in the water. Expanding the digital range beyond 30 for dirt hunters might be an advantage as well .... but then he have to work on having more than one notch lol. Its definitely a deep machine especially for harsh conditions.
  15. The last thing i heard with the battery box upgrade Dimitar will waterproof it..... but i believe you have to ask for it. I believe hes also offering it with either coil..... and you can get SteveGs lower shaft as an option which ive really liked. Aaron seems to be the guys in the know to answer your question.
  16. Great average..... and that one ring is a killer you been crushing it. Got a couple of guys with AQ issues constantly. I know Fisher said they are making improvements but it doesnt seem reflected by the repairs in the limited..... and the down time not so good. Id like to have one of the production models..... but id have to see if these issues are resolved and repair times improved.
  17. Cliff …. Yes it was heavy… I’m short so getting it in was a strain. Hindsight I should have taken the shelf out. What added to it …. I had to clean up the shattered glass right away. Wisdom is gained from our mistakes I guess. Off to Indy the 18th for a week with my parents 90s now. But absolutely…. You need to put me on some gold 😂. Last couple of times I’ve been your good luck charm.
  18. Or just how stupid I am 😂. Doesn’t seem like the swelling wants to go down but not much they can do with it. So ya just hope ya don’t stub that toe. Got to keep it moving
  19. Some knows I broke a couple of toes a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday is was attempting to put a TV stand with a very heavy thick glass top on it in a dumpster. That glass came off…. and dropped straight down on those toes. Man that hurts like heck. Well I was determined to do a little hunting anyway. Long slow walk tot the water. It was really moving pushing me a round. Managed to check the transition points with some success. If you get there at low tide you can clearly see what the beach has been doing and where the deep cuts are made. Wend was out of the SW and pushing the waves. Good many coins considering the guys hit it last night. One SS, a silver earring marked Jordan and the small 14k gold 3.9 grams. After today …. Man I’m taking a few days off again
  20. Oh… oh was that a short joke??? Cliff ya the tide kept people near shore …. But on one end they were on the sand bar. Targets definitely were best on one end. Fun day …. I just need to be about 6” taller
  21. Tony Eisenhower’s phones work well in the water. I do a couple of things…. I put a nylon sticker over the exterior speaker….. and a bit of Teflon tape on the threads of the headphone connector. Occasionally take the box off the shaft and check for cracks where those screws connect. My friend had 2 boxes break off from the torque in the water. When I pulled mine to return it for dead battery it to had cracks.
  22. 😂…. At my age ya can’t tell if it was the running…. Detecting….. honey dew list …. Or just old age. Felt good enough to do my morning run. Here are my few finds. Note those black quarters I was talking about they were really down there. All those were silver. I guess the gold was deeper or one of the guy got it. We kept saying man there has to be some gold down there
  23. I was at Clearwater yesterday with a hunting buddy. We did about 10 hours in the water. No gold …. Several hunters as usual on the weekend. Not many targets but I dug some black coins I don’t believe the others heard… hunting buddy couldnt with his Xcal. I always hunt behind him doing cleanup hitting high or low depending on his line. He got a heavy silver necklace and a silver ring. I got 4 rings and some junk jewelry along with the coins. Long time in the water …. but I feel good today….. not much you can do about broken toes 😂
  24. Thanks buddy. How ya doing up there at your lake?
  25. Funny you should mention that …. unfortunately it fit my SO 😂. Thanks Steve…. makes it very fun. How’s your raw gold hunting? I enjoyed the guys who did it when we used to Winter in AZ.
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