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  1. Cliff can ya post that video that Aaron posted on the new tones. I think a lot of people will like it.
  2. Here’s my coil ear adjustment. I noted someone mentioned the coil cover. They can be a bear to get off. If that standard is as tuff as the 12” you don’t need that cover. This com from a guy that can distroy a cove in about 6 mos. if I don’t put loctite marine epoxy on it.
  3. I dont know that i need that ...."i got a guy" lol, who made me a few industrial grade coil ear strengtheners. I also have my ears moved to the center of the coil similar to the 12". This is very balanced and took away a lot of coil flip.
  4. I don’t believe you can go wrong with the standard. I’ve switched back using the standard for winter hunting. In the water it’s quieter does well on smaller gold like this earring (1.4 grams 14k) IN the water. Not crazy where the coil ears are located in the surf you get a little more coil flip. Don’t discount the depth this coil gets and PPing is very good. I highly recommend SteveGs shaft…. Those locks are crazy good and it fits the upper well. Less displacement in the water.
  5. Thought I’d post this one since these heavy PLT 950s are hard to come by. Beautiful day here yesterday 82 and the water was 65 windy but not really a lot of waves. The beaches were packed but not to many crazies in the water. I was chest deep for this one and I’m guessing it was 6” down. Pull tabs solid ring up as a 7 ….. so do these as do a lot of gold rings but they give a much richer and very solid 7. One of those I could raise the detector enough to see the digits. Little over 4 hours in the water I bet I didn’t dig a dozen targets. But I got this one and a tung. Neither were targets anyone would miss. I was hunting in AM, full sensitivity, -1 thresh, 30 salt balance, BS off, 560 GB. I love the round coil…. But for the winter I swapped back to the standard. I was pretty surprised… it’s really a quiet coil and very sensitive. You gain some coverage with the round coil… but I’d say that standard coil is a really good one for in the water. This was a $500 day.
  6. Yes I reverse disc because I can’t see the screen. If I can see the screen no need. This machines reacts very much the way an Xcal does in PP mode. I ignore a good many of those Coronas when I can read the screen. I know Tony very well and got the first pair he made for sell for the Nox to test. I gave him the type of connector on the MDT so he could do me a pair. I have like 4 pairs and even traded one to a friend. Iv NEVER had a problem with them either. there’s a big advantage hunting in AM especially if you can see the screen.
  7. Geezer I hunt in AM. I run -30 disc when I reverse disc to check targets. I first tried to notch +27 which broke up the iron that wrapped around. -30 tended to bring most back into the ferr range. There are days I ignore iron and any targets 13 and above. On some machine I’ve noticed the size of the ring affected the TID but the MDT seems to read the metal better I think. What I also like is bottle caps. There seems to be 3 types … iron, those in the 10 range and this above a quarter with copper. Pretty easy to figure out once you ignore two of um and the other will give you a high and some iron chirp tones.
  8. This is why I say all things become very equal in the salt water. Most of the water machines have to be adjusted thus a loss of sensitivity. Im going to assume dive mod salt balance is set to its depths so it will likely loose its sensitivity to much smaller gold…. as do other machines. Clive it’s not in the realm of the Xcal or CZ dive depth but 30’ is plenty deep.
  9. JCR….. it’s simply going from AM which I hunt in into disc. I have disc set at -30 so there is less iron wrap around so I get a better read on deep targets. I tried disc at 0 with a notch at 27 but it simply didn’t work as well
  10. As a water hunter i appreciate you observations as diver. As a diver id say you are are smooth and move with the water. As a wader we have a lot more torque than you in the nearshore drift and waves. The screen .....like you i like it simple. With more of these machines being multi use they tend to squeeze it all on one screen.... thats a lot of info most of which i dont need. In the water i first want to hit a target..... any target, then i need to know the tones are reliable or give me the info i need, IF im lucky i can see the screen. So durability is still an issue with me. EVERYONE has a wish list and they cant please us all. Even the Nox..... half the stuff i dont use and it takes me a min to get past it if i have to do any adjustments. Most of the time once we get our machines set to our liking ..... we have to do very little adjustment. Is that what you found during your diving? Thanks for the threat im working my way thru it all. For me that antenna will have to be taped down a little differently. I noticed yours didnt move much while diving but wading it will. If the shaft has much movement it will wear. Nice to see it wont twist thou. Did you feel the dive mode reduced your sensitivity to the point you may have lost targets. But then you dont know what you dont know unless someone is comparing targets for a bit. I dont see your opinion as anything other than that thanks.
  11. Some gold will bounce but for the most part the numbers are pretty good from 4 to 10. I’ve yet to have one fall out of the no ferr range. I dig weak some weak ferr just to check. Pull tabs and aluminum after the 8” range can read above a quarter. I find this to be an advantage others may not. When I can’t see the screen deep iron you may hear both iron and a high tone…. Pull tabs can do the same … and a lot of times I’ll pass those. I completely understand what you are saying about backing off the power. With most machines it cuts the chatter a lot. But here the MDT runs fairly quiet. It’s like hot rocks … back off a bit and they can go away on some sensitive machines. Odd you should mention the coils. I just put my standard back on for the winter. Not quite as deep… but it’s sensitive to pretty small gold at better depth I believe than the 12. Since the machine was designed around the coil adjustment and both salt and GB seems more straight forward. I hadn’t realized I had chatter with thw 12 until i put it back on. Coverage not as good but it does well.
  12. There are advantages to tweaking machines on found targets especially if you can compare these targets with other people who are skilled with their machines. Term comes to mind…. Ya don’t know what ya don’t know. People hunt all the time with the wrong settings or really bad techniques ….. they find a few pieces of gold and think all is well.
  13. Thank you Chase. We all appreciate your extra effort. That 5 year warranty is super sweet if repairs are here.
  14. Very good observation. Deus has a crazy good warranty if it all can be done here in the states. You can dive with it as well. The MDT is made like a tank though with few repairs to my knowledge and it works in the water very well. Something at this point we don’t know about the Deus or how well it will hold up to the torque. I’m with you on those tones. I’m lucky it runs like an Xcal in PP in the water. It’s very much like a relic machine. With the wrap around and just one notch I’d find using it for coin shooting in a park difficult.
  15. Add my 2 cents. Headphones differ. Those with Piezos like Tony Eisenhowers give you a better modulation and sizing. Where as those with Audiosear speakers are louder and most targets sounds the same even weak ones. The is a difference between the standard and 12" coil on the beach how they like to be ran. The standard you can increase the SB from say 23 to silence it..... but the 12" seems to like to go the other way...... with a setting of say 18. So it can make a difference how you set them up. I run AM 9Khz in the water. Ive tried 12.... but by time i got it stable (standard coil) i was at like 43. What i noticed was 12 wasnt quit as deep as 9 AND the tones were faster choppy which means you could miss stuff. That changes in the wet sand where 12khz had the edge for depth..... and obviously 18khz was good in the dry sand and volleyball courts to pick up more sensitive targets. Im always in AM if i can see the screen. Yes the screen is jumpy running hot the way i do but if you go over targets you know it.... and of course you dont hear all those ping and pongs from falsing....... very much like running and Xcal in PP mode. Sensitivity 9 threshold -1, full volume, black sand off (because it doesnt seem to help much in the water HOWEVER with a lot of EMI it did seem to help cut that out of the water) SB i adjust on the fly with the standard coil i run 27ish with the 12" 30 to 33. 27 is always a pretty good starting point with these freqs. Our sand dont GB well with low mineralization. You can do it then a few feet away it might change so i normally run 560. I run tracking off. I run Disc -30. I do this because im using reverse disc hunting.... meaning im switching to disc when i want to check to see if a target is Ferr or Non Ferr. Im not really looking for coins or even silver which give those high digits..... thou i will dig them if i get a good repeatable read. Anything with iron thats deep like some bottle caps when you flip to disc you can get a high tone with some low tone. Pull tabs and can slaw can bounce when its deep say 8" and read well above a quarter which is 20. WHERE THAT TARGET HITS ON THE COIL CAN GIVE YOU DIFFERENT READINGS. Try to get it a couple of inches back on the tip of the coil ..... then BARELY move the coil you will get a much better read.
  16. "For what you cannot see through, there is disc, good recovery speed, and excellent separation on the Tarsacci." I see one issue with what you said....... disc. With one notch which knocks out about 5 digits and the only other is a continuous upward disc this can be tricky depending on what you want to find.
  17. Well it took some time for the 12” to get out impart because he’s not a big company like ML. BUT he gave us a really good coil…. To the point I think most prefer it. I’ve hunted a local beach pretty hard so I’m going to experiment a bit and switched coils to see what if any the difference is out there. I likely won’t be competing to much since the water was 55 degrees. I think I’d do the same as you Steve in parks if I was coin shooting. With iron wrap around and some foil/aluminum doing strange things at depth that would have to be learned. Try and keep Dimitars ear man
  18. I hunt in AM Steve the ping and pings drive me nuts unless I’m reverse disc to locate a found target. It does really well once you learn those bounces and what light targets may do when a little deeper.
  19. I kind of get stuck on 9khz in the water and 12 otherwise. But places like these volleyball courts where it actually fairly clean ya just never know. I’ll have to bring a rake next time….. I’ll get a work out but who knows a chain might pop up or I could get close enough to other gold.
  20. Hard start for a new year seems company, Drs, and now COVID in the house has kept me chasing my tail. Today I needed to get out for a couple of hours. Didn’t feel like hunting in the water so I did something a bit different and hit a couple of volleyball courts. Picked up these two …. Both 14k. The earrings stone tested good. Total weight for them were 2.3 grams. No sunshine… but at 62 it was pretty nice out there. Got these using 18khz cranked up in AM. You do get a lot more EMI and jumpy screen not being in the water.
  21. It can be a bear out there especially with a deep machine making you dig deep holes. Throw in some waves and ya got a party. side note …. Steve, I heard you became a dealer? If so great. I know we had a bit of a discussion about you and Dimitars dealings. Hey still love this lower shaft you did. I’ve gotten NO coil twist since… locks are great.
  22. I think Steve’s right ….. Aaron has opted for privacy. Tom D said he’s not heard from him in about 18 mos. These last two year have affected us all in many ways. I know Dimitar could interact here or on Toms site but doesn’t. It’s obvious he reads um because we talked the other day. He’s been on Treasure Talk and made a few detecting shows as well as hunted with some of the new buyers. Aaron kind of kept us up to date as to what Dimitar was doing and how improvements were going.
  23. That’s what I like to see, Cliff with money in hand asking questions 😂. To go along with that …. 5 years warranty is crazy good …. But if you have issues with that coil where does it go for repairs. I know there is a guy in MA that can swap a battery but I don’t think he’s their authorized repair shop. We get a little spoiled with most detector companies having a full service repair shop. We both clean and try to care for our equipment…. but we put in out time out there. So what are these connections made of? That antenna is still the item I’m curious about …. Like how’s it work out there, seems to be thin wire and why so much of it?
  24. Lucky to be the first there I believe. Most anyone would have found it…. But after today’s waves it would have different.
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