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  1. I happen to see a post from a young lady on vacation looking for a lost ring yesterday. One of the local guys was going to look so I contacted him and said I’d look too. He was a little under the weather so I ended up getting there first. I got lucky and found it pretty fast about a foot above the wave line. I wasn’t going to go and let some of the others find it…. But the tide chart said real high was tomorrow. So I did the right thing. 5 others showed up for the party 😂. I’ve got to start finding keeper 😂
  2. Even the more popular beaches are very quiet. A year or more with fewer people and more active hunters have really worked um over. You don’t get it all but you that many hunters and you don’t leave much. That makes the better hunters have to put in more hours…. another stress on finds. We did get a few more people…. But now here we go again with this new virus.
  3. Ha…. Tell him to stick around and you’d give him enough of them for his whole tent 😂
  4. I got another one ill be looking for tomorrow. She posted it on one of the Shark Teeth FB pages here in Venice. I picked it up off of SouthWest Fl Detecting FB page Christmas Eve and contacted her that id try find it for her since i live in Venice. 17 year old whos a been a bee keeper for year lost a custom made silver been ring that she really wants back. The MDT should pick this one up well..... the only problem with this one is she was near shore and we just had some really high waves. Silver had a tendancy to move with the sand if it didnt get buried quickly. The movement was hard enough to move two buoys N. We will see what happens.
  5. Well this has turned into my second Christmas Eve miracle. I managed to contact the owner yesterday. He was one happy guy. He lives in Ohio so I’ll send it out this week. He never thought he’d ever see that ring since it’s been lost so long. I like these kind of give backs where the owners are shocked and grateful someone took the time.
  6. I decide to hit the beach for a few hours today to see what the bit of a storm we had did. First thing…. Two of the buoys had been moved a good bit North. I ended up getting 3 rings. The one is a nice copper ring the other is silver. That one in the middle after I posted it to my FB page one of the guys recognized it from someone back in Sept 2020 having lost it. At the time it was near the sand bar and no one could get out that deep. I found it straight in…. But now in knee deep water. So the sands doing something. I contacted the owner. It’s TI with what appears to be SS band with junk stones. That one necklace piece isn’t marked gold and is incased in SS.
  7. It will be interesting to see what you think about hunting in AM with this machine. I’ve not really noticed the weak signals you may get with disc. Little different than the Xcal that in AM seems to reflect the target SIZE. I hunted with this machine for a few years now…. I’ve not found any deep gold that read as iron
  8. A S shaft work well. I noticed Chuck is introducing a new stork leg for the lower. Steve has done some really great shafts as well …. He’s got the locks down.
  9. There are bottle caps that read iron period..... then there are those that like on the Nox hit right there in the gold range..... AND others in the upper range like corona or WRAP AROUND on some machines. So i wonder which is being disc and how it will read those deep ones EVERYONE digs? Im not a fan of disc for non-ferr..... id rater learn what the machine is telling me over time. As a gold hunter...... a miss can cost you a really nice yellow sparkler. I seen a short dive video too..... but it was fresh water not the same. Soooo when one of you guys in Fl Gulf gets one let me know. Id like to see it work and bring a few gold items and see if it does the same to my gold chains. Im from MO when it comes to a VLF hitting a gold chain at 12" in salt water.
  10. I just watched the beach video Tenn posted. Wet sand hunting but I was impressed. I’ve ran the Nox and that seemed a fair out of the box test at waters edge on that gold ring…. Maybe 11”. But the Deus was killing it and the chain. I’d liked to have seen the swing with the gran to rule out black sand. AND that was in dive mode which I assume which I assume is tuned down. That’s a lot of antenna wire. Hope that clip holding it on is well made with a good SS spring that won’t rust. I’m hoping someone who hunts the gulf gets their hands on one since we can get in the water year round for testing. You can get a good bit of air over a chain that can be picked up by your machine with it on the sand…. But it doesn’t take much sand over it and thing change. Anyone know if it has true AM?
  11. I some what agree that there should be more videos of beach testing. I’m assuming that’s the reason for the higher price tag? Deus has proven to be a very good dirt machine but now they want to jump in the water. Then they need to show more on how it handles salt water and gold out there not just the wet sand. Equaling the Nox in the wet won’t sell more machines at the current price tag. We need to know just how much sensitivity and depth is lost with reduced settings. We know the Nox uses beach 2, less recover and sensitivity can be run…. all of which changed the sensitivity and depth on gold. We are also curious as to how the phones sound and how that antenna works and just how its attached? So what happens as the battery drains feeding that antenna?
  12. I agree on that Nox depth…. However things change once in the water. You loose 2” and sensitive just because of the settings required. In the wash some targets will disappear on you or like a nickel at 10” turn to iron. So at what point will this machine have to be run in dive mod? I assume someone will run that antenna thru the shaft as well
  13. Im kind of with you on the wait and see for it’s use in the salt water. Not certain how that antenna will work. It appears to clip on the box .. and the piece that holds the box to the shaft…. Will it hold up to the real wear and tear of serious water hunters in waves, long shore current, and taking it all apart? It obviously is worth watching. Does it have a salt balance like the MDT to adjust for minerals at various depth? I’ve never owned a Deus so I want to hear more from guys who get it wet. The warranty says …. Trust me it’s been tested well.
  14. I’m aware of what 750 is. I’ve got some nice 22k as well. Marked out of country because you rarely see any jewelry made here that’s not marked using the K.
  15. Apparently they make this one as is and others one side white gold the other yellow. Those would not come apart.
  16. I found this one to be an odd ring. It appeared at first to me to be one of those wave rings. But I’m lucky I can see up close pretty well. First guess also….. SS. It’s marked 750 Denmark and tested 18K. Weight was 5.6 grams. I’m hoping there wasn’t a second part to it … but clearly there could be. I’m also hoping the other one wasn’t the one with a 3 C diamond 😂. Deep ring with a lot of pushed in sand over it. Waist deep. So it looks like some sand is moving. My buddy Joe grabbed a nice delicate 14k ID bracelet he didn’t think was real. 2 people in and out of the water. I could get out fairly deep….. but from waist out to neck …. No heavies.
  17. Chase…. Yes I was talking wher the majority of the gold rings hit. When I said notch ….can pass most iron. Then in the upper numbers say above 13 I Pass on those. On the days I’m doing this pattern I watching for pretty solid targets from 1 to 10. I will likely do it more during recent drop times trying to cover as much water as possible. In the winter I slow way down concentrating more on deep targets. Where does foil hit I’d say 2 to 4. Deep foil like pull tabs if they are real deep can upscale into the 23 or little higher …oddly above a quarter… but during your slow checking that target may pop a 6 or 7 …. Pull tab just like deep iron which can wrap around to 27ish BUT will show you some neg 26s in there. I can normally get pretty accurate neck deep where I can’t see the screen …. Just by high vs low tones as well on iron.
  18. I did some testing when i first started out as you can see. This tight gold notch has some advantage .... targets like DEEP pull tabs/aluminum and iron that wraps around jump to around 27. A quarter comes in around 20ish. So if you want to pass coins and pattern hunt in the gold range occasionally its pretty easy to do. Ive been using it a good while now beach hunting and have to say ive not found a gold ring that read iron. YOu do get jitter screen..... not so much when the coil is underwater OR passing over a target. This crude sheet shows 106 gold rings i was using 9khz.
  19. Thanks for that info. That iron piece must weigh 2 ounces. Ya never know….. I had one day I dug 5 knives.
  20. Yes TU on the ring. Brass on the bracelet. Most nickels that been out there on this beach are pretty black. It turns them and silver a gold color at first. Wished they would throw a few more my way. As you can tell I like to check some of the deep iron … but I’ve yet to have one turn into a gold ring.
  21. The guys really cleaned the beach this Summer so it a matter of slow hunting for moved targets. This is photos of my last two hunts. I’ve not hunted a lot … been picking and choosing my days waiting on the winds to change. Couple of smalls….. angle is 8.8 grams of 10k and the crazy looking girl is 2.8 grams of 14k. Waters filling down it’s about 70 so there have been fewer people in the water. Getting some good low tides. Thou there are advantages to hunting high tides. Puts you in places you wouldn’t hunt and it seems salt water activates the target better. This time of the year thou beach rotation should be considered… you have to find those target concentrations that been push or pulled all winter and buried. Big shoutout to SteveG on his shaft. I really like it. I’ve gotten NO movement at those locks or wear. I’v been surprised that I’ve not had to change the coil rubbers yet the coil has stayed tight. Thumbs up Steve. Note that Buffalo nickel. Someone has been dropping them along the beach. They are not common and have not been there long. I’m wondering if maybe it was someone wish along with their ashes. We get a lot of that here.
  22. So this is the Production model Joe? I saw Thomas posted about Eric doing several coils for him.
  23. Nice find. Aaron when you going to take a trip to England with one of the groups to get some goodies? Seems more are group hunting there now.
  24. Again something I questioned from the beginning. I was hunting sometimes 10 hours and the answer buy and carry another battery made no sense. Joe did it shortly after getting his. I chalked it up to …. This wasn’t the production model.
  25. I said that from the start as a beach hunter. Many PIs had an 8” coil. I talked to Bill Crabtree several years back his preferred coil size was 9 or 10”. Having swung the Xcal I just like that side.
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