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  1. Thanks for the posts, I just was not sure if the depth meter was functional in pinpoint mode as opposed to motion mode. I do wish it was a bit more accurate. well you can't have everything. Lol
  2. Does the Nox give the correct depth on it's meter when in pipoint mode?
  3. Hey guys, do the ground balance numbers indicate mineralization? And if so how do the numbers correlate.
  4. Yes, I downloaded the update, so if i do a factory reset will it erase the download?
  5. Does anyone know if a factory reset affects the update?
  6. I want to detect in 50 tones, i hear you get the best feel for what the target is with the 50 tones.
  7. Thank you, i think it will take time as you said steveg. Great advice
  8. I'm coming from the at pro and i'm having a bit of trouble getting use to the flutie tones of the equinox.
  9. Thanks for the reply dewcon4414. It sure would be cool to hear nickels as a high tone with most other U.S. coins. I'm used to mid tones with the AT Pro.
  10. Can you change the pitch of nickels or just the whole segment?
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