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  1. I missed my daily DP Equinox fix. 😉
  2. This may seem silly but have you tried cleaning out the crud from the coil cover? Yeah, don't ask me how I know that....🤪
  3. The vast majority of the time, I use the supplied wireless headphones and absolutely love them. They're warm in cooler weather and are very effective at keeping mosquitoes and blackflies out of my ears when they are around. However, on hot humid days, wearing the headphones isn't very comfortable so I use earbuds connected to the WM08 module. If I had to give a number, let's say 97% headphones and the other 3% with the buds. May not be the perfect solution but it works for me...
  4. The ground is almost completely thawed in my neck of the Great White North and I managed to get out a couple of times to kick start my second season with the Equinox!! The sweetest sound in the world has to be when silver rings loud and clear through your headphones and you just know it's gonna be great!! My very first silver of the year was a 1942 quarter that had to be pried from a clod of frozen dirt while the 1944 dime and 1902 5 cent coin (fishscale or fishie) came out of rather soggy holes. The fishies are quite hard to come by and this one is my first. I have only ever seen two other fishies come out of the ground. The Equinox 800 is certainly proving it's worth when I detected an absolutely pounded waterfront park and I was rewarded with two of the sweetest coppers around. The large cent almost looks like it was dropped the day it was minted....but we're a long way from the mint. ? Temps will be well into the double digits (Celsius) tomorrow and I can feel a great year coming on!!!! All the best to everyone this year!!!! Duke
  5. Much like GB, I use an Excel spreadsheet to record date, location, amount and types of coins as well as notable finds. I also take pics of everything and store them in folders by year, date and location. I also store that Excel file within the applicable annual photo folder and it's easy enought to cross reference when I need to locate a pic of that 1850 coin I dug.....good luck!!!!
  6. Yup...all you need in bear country is a .22 ..... if you encounter a hungry bruin or a nasty momma bear, just shoot you ex-buddy in the knee and calmly stroll away. LMAO!!!!
  7. For the rare times that you need an emergency comms capability, perhaps a sat phone rental may be a cheaper option..... https://www.canadasatellite.ca/Iridium-9555-Satellite-Phone-Rental-Canada-AK-p/iridium-9555-phone-rental-can.htm
  8. SUCCESS!!!! Seeing as I had no pencil eraser to clean the contacts, I turned the machine on and plugged it in. I ran the MUU in WinXP compatibility mode also. Started updating in seconds. Why it works like that is beyond me..... Thanks everyone for the ideas and hints. JohnnySalami, I salute you!!! ?
  9. And where do I get an eraser at this time of night? LOL!!!! Looks like I'm gonna have to go to a school yard and find that aluminum eraser tip of a pencil..... Thanks for the tip!!!!
  10. When did you purchase you detector? Gonna try your method tomorrow.
  11. And nothing happens..... So, maybe as Chase has suggested it already is up to date. But wouldn't one think you should get a message saying that the detector is up to date....otherwise I would assume that there is a fault. Or here is my other thought. One the WM08, there are only two contact point for the recharging cable. The detector has four so we can assume that two are for power and two are for USB updates. Perhaps one of the USB update contacts is faulty or internally disconnected somehow..... Regardless, time to put it away and see what tomorrow brings. Thanks fellas!!!
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