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  1. Dream finds right there ! Congrats getting a gold coin . Buckles are beauties .
  2. I have not detected a snake yet , and hope i do not . But i have detected many sand crabs with the Nox while beach hunting . They give a bumpy 2 to 7 signal that is similar to some of my small gold jewellery finds so i have to dig them .
  3. Great machine isn't it ?! My personal feeling is that recovery speed of 4 is a bit of a sweet spot in my settings for many areas , combining good depth , and separation if you slow down your swing . Interested in other opinions on this .
  4. Two ripping answers from Chase that are worth reading again . If you are missing silvers with the Nox then you are doing something wrong . Many here in Aust. consider the Nox to be a silver slayer , in particular of small silvers like our 3 and 6 pence coins . My personal experience has been that anywhere that i have covered with other machines in the past , the Nox can find a little more . Have faith in your Nox , learn it's ways and you will do well .
  5. Horse reins guide , called a terret ring . Most likely had a threaded shaft where the broken spot is . Found a few here , mostly turn up on older sites .
  6. Great achievement finding the other half . If nobody claims it then i think you deserve to keep it for your hard work , skill , and perseverance . Congrats .
  7. Congrats ! Enjoy the buzz that comes with finding a gold coin . Now you have broken the seal you may find more .
  8. Glad they are working well for you KDOCAC . I have been using a pair of them with my Nox for more than two years , with complete satisfaction . While i wouldn't recommend it to anyone else i have worn them in fairly heavy rain without a problem . They have also had some heavy knocks when dropped on rocks and cement , and still going . I wore out the studs that the Miccus cups rotate on to the point where the cups snapped off the headband . Minelab did replace them but by then i had found the Avantree and have not gone back . Good hunting .
  9. Like phrunt i also note with interest the similar numbers of some of your US coins to our British style gold coins . Half Sovereign = 15 . Full Sovereign = 18 out of ground , but can be a bit flakey in ground with 17's showing at times . And the Guinea = 18 solid in ground and out .
  10. Saw a beauty a few years ago up here in Northern Tasmania . Driving home late at night in a country area , no lighting to lessen the effect of the meteor's brightness . It appeared from my RHS passing high above the car , disappearing low over the horizon to my left . A dazzling bright green light that lit the countryside so brightly that i could see like it was daylight ! Nearly ran off the road as i had never seen anything like it . It's an awesome experience if your ever lucky enough to see one .
  11. I know little about American coinage but the Half and Full Dollar coins in your first photo sure are beautiful coins ! Congrats , and good luck with finding a gold coin , they seem to turn up when you least expect one .
  12. Garrett lovers sure will be haters when Calabash's name comes up . But , in his ground , on his test targets , there was no doubt about what he was showing us . Well done Calabash Digger .
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