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  1. Keep looking for that other half , it's working a treat ! Congrats .
  2. Now that's an interesting idea ! Will be giving that some thought , thank you .
  3. Thanks for that GB . I have seen it . A couple of years ago i molded up a snap on one . Worked ok but collected rocks and dirt on top of the coil . Was also a bit brittle , when i hit a rock it cracked up . A thin solid coil would have me handing over my cash quickly !
  4. Yes the 11 inch is my bush coil . Drives me nuts with all the sticks that get caught in it but there is no real alternative . I use the 15" in open grassed areas . The 6" drives me nuts , just takes to long to cover any ground . Wish they made a solid 10" for the Nox .
  5. Thanks Tom . This one makes four now with three of them inside the last twelve months . I have had an amazing run of luck with my mates giving me some funny looks !
  6. Good play on words ! No i have not had it appraised and don't think i ever will . I cannot bear to sell any of my finds , my wife and child will deal with that when i am gone . To me all my finds are a story i can hold in my hand , and they represent many hard hours in the bush .
  7. Thanks Geof-junk , the Guinea must have been carried as a memento or insurance policy as it has not been circulated . Minted at 8.4 grams and still weighs that . Note though the 4 little centre pop marks on the neck line and one on top of the head that have been done with something like a sharp awl . This coin has been personalized , probably in case of theft . By luck and many hard yards i have now found 4 gold coins in 9 years of detecting , 3 of those in the last 12 months with the wonderful , if leaky , Nox ! Reckon i have used all my luck now .
  8. Turned out it was a broken teapot . If i find a lot of pieces of a pottery item i sometimes take them home and glue them together . I found i hadn't picked up enough of this one to bother . Maybe the old miner smashed it in temper when he realized he had lost his Guinea ! There is a ring there and it is stamped 18k , but must have only been plated as it's all brass now . May have been tossed when the owner found out he had been duped .
  9. No wonder you're happy , those jugs are beauty's . I would love to find any of those finds but would give it a miss if it included dodging gators !
  10. A short window of luck has given me another gold coin . Eleven days ago while on an organized field day with many prospectors i came across an old miners camp site . Being a relic focused detectorist i worked the site hard . The other coins from the site point to occupation between 1870 - 1890 so finding a 1798 gold Spade Guinea created quite a stir ! Minting of this coin stopped in 1799 . In 1798 my state was not populated by the English and was only just being found to be a separate land mass from mainland Australia . I still get a smile on my face when i think of finding this coin ! 2
  11. A wonderful find . The translator on the other hand , should be burned at the stake !
  12. Yep , you can cover miles of country here that has been mined . Much has a cover of bracken fern which ensures it's never hunted out .
  13. Crazy country , crazier bridge and road . Great photo's ! You deserve more gold just for putting your life at risk .
  14. Had some luck during the week finding my 3rd gold coin in 9 years of detecting , so i am feeling the buzz again . This one is an 1853 Half Sovereign , 22ct , 19mm diameter . Came from a well hunted spot where virtually every target over 20 on the Nox has been cleaned up by the high tone hunters . This was 15 in all directions at around the 5 inch mark . Found a nice brooch and pendant as well . The hunt area is a well known gold mining town dating back to the 1870's .
  15. Great to see a powder flask posted up , they are one of my favorite finds no matter what condition . There never seems to be two the same and are art works in brass and copper . I have long wondered why there are so few posted here . I have thought about posting up a powder flask topic that everybody could contribute to but wonder if there would be any interest ? I hope your bridge / ford area continues to give up finds like this .
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