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  1. FlyFish

    My First Equinox Silvers

    Thank you and your friend. Very good story. Waiting for sequels...
  2. I think if 600 Hardware processed three channels. 800 five channels . 600 will work slightly faster
  3. For Equinox Wrong the notion of frequency. The device processes the harmonics of frequencies 5, 10, 15, 20, 40khz. Components of a complex multi-frequency pulse signal. (Frequency spectrum)
  4. 3Fx3 and 5Fx5 - That this is a hardware or software feature
  5. Equinox 600 and 800 models are identical transmitter signals or different
  6. Deer, Scythians 5-4 century BC - history
  7. FlyFish

    Patent - Minelab Equinox

    Perhaps some kind of intermediate option
  8. FlyFish

    Patent - Minelab Equinox

    FBS uses multiple channelled Sigma-Delta analogue-to-digital converter technology to digitise the analogue signals received by the search coil. This ultra-fast processing, using a digital reference (1 bit DAC), provides the microcontroller (MCU) with detailed information about the ground conditions and targets. This gives FBS the ability to precisely separate target signals from ground signals for maximum detection depth. It also provides Smartfind with the necessary high resolution target data to accurately plot targets. In the scheme of the patent is not visible FBS
  9. Minelab Electronics Pty Limited Method and Apparatus for Metal Detection Employing Digital Signal Processing US 20070296415 A1 This invention relates to a metal detector using multiple frequency signals generated and processed digitally. The detector transmits sinusoidal signals using a multiple frequency resonator or square waves, with optional modulation. The operation of the transmitter is continuously monitored to allow for tuning, detection of abnormal conditions and correction of phase shifts.
  10. FlyFish


    The CTX 3030 machine transmitting device - the same 5:30 The Noise Cancel function Offset
  11. FlyFish


    The Noise Cancel function GPX 7:16 Video
  12. FlyFish


    The detuning from interference, changes the reference frequency, which determines all temporal components of the main signal.
  13. FlyFish

    Equinox Internal Photos

    Electronics on Board is only the tip of the iceberg of all the interesting stuff is hidden in the coil