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  1. Scuba-10gr Software-defined Metal Detector Using its hardware by changing the software the device can be implemented with any principle of multi-frequency pulse, or combination
  2. Technical detail Metal Detector Scuba-10gr There is no analog part in the device at all except for the pre amplifier The device adapts to REALTIME, in fact, the platform is universal, the transmitting circuit does not have rigid bindings to any output amplifiers and capacitances, which will be set programmatically and will be on the transmitting winding. Any waveform can be generated from meander to sawtooth and any frequency from 500 Hertz to 176 kilohertz The sensor has 2 independent receiving and 1 transmitting circuits. thanks to this configuration, it is possible to calculate the depth of the target, the size of the target, and the volume of the medium. Also, in the future, we plan to configure each of the receiving circuits for specific needs. The device is configured by the PC program The plans include PC software where the user can interact with the platform completely, change the system parameters, change the main processing algorithms, and configure the platform for certain particularly complex search areas.
  3. The question is not clear, what does the volume of the wide open mean
  4. This is the first and only fully digital, intelligent, UB-powered,hybrid underwater metal detector of its kind. Hybrid technology involves combining the inductive balance principle and the pulse. The technology is fully developed by the Novaton Engineering team. The name of this technology is IBIMF.
  5. www.novatoneng.ru Тел: + 7 (831) 283 10 60 +7 (930) 807-00-00 E-mail: novatoneng@yandex.ru
  6. Vanquish cannot iron from a brick not to sound. The coin under the brick sounds very well
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